Thursday, July 27, 2017

Bow WOW!

Even by the warped standards of Clallam County...This is a strange one:

Recently the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office received a Public Records Act (PRA- RCW 42.56) request from Port Angeles resident Adam Chamberlin as follows:
----Please provide me with a CD containing all of the licensed pets in Clallam County, including license numbers, owner information, and all other pertinent information. Please provide me an invoice for the compilation of these records and I will pay upon pickup.---

First Steve Markwell, now this. What the..? Why, why would Adam Chamberlin, the thrice convicted felon, be requesting this information? Can anyone offer any insights into this bizarre - and now, apparently withdrawn - request?
Lassie, what is it? Is Cherie Kidd down in the old well? Is Pat Downie trapped in the old mine? Did Glenn Cutler fall into the old Turd Tank? What the..?

Woof! Woof! Watch out! Madam likes to fetch
sawed-off shotguns! Woof! Woof!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Don't Call City Employees Hacks...

...But you might be on the money - quite literally - if you were call some of them "hack enablers."

City officials will hire a computer forensics company by noon today to investigate reports by residents this week that information on credit cards they used online to pay utility bills was hacked, City Manager Dan McKeen said Tuesday.

McKeen said the firm will investigate an “abnormality” that was discovered Monday on a city server that prompted 20 reports Monday and Tuesday from residents who said their credit card information had been hacked and fraudulent purchases made.

Ah, yes. The ease and convenience of paying your outrageous City utility bills online. Alas, it seems that there was some other form of ease and convenience involved that folks aren't going to be too happy with. I guess some enterprising folks working in "economic development" found a way to switch City Hall to City Haul...

Firewall? Jeepers, we thought you said we
needed a fire extinguisher!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Turn Back the Clock, Turn Your Back on the Future

Port Angeles and Clallam County are pretty badly dysfunctional, yes?

I'm not hearing anyone disputing that fact - and therefore we'll treat it as a fact - so let me proceed.

One of the main features of this dysfunction is denial. This can take the form of trying to deny that the causes of problems are causing problems, or, it can be as simple as just denying there are problems at all. The first one is a combo of displace and deny, while the second is, again, simply deny, deny, deny. (Repeat as necessary!)

Denial, in its various forms, is also one of the things that unites many (many, many) of the people who are doing wrong by their community. It's a common thread between the chaotic idiocy of, say, Cherie Kidd, and the just plain vicious idiocy of, say, the "Our Town" clowns. Cherie denies the validity of her detractors; denies the many lies she has told ("Motivational Speaker"? Please.); and denies her own glaringly obvious inadequacies. The "Our Town" clowns, on the other hand, deny the real root causes of the drug abuse they so obviously hate; deny that idiotic politicians (like Cherie Kidd) are often one of those very root causes; and, of course, they deny that they have done the many vicious and illegal things they have in fact done.

They deny reality. They deny the world that surrounds them as it is, and try their mightiest to cling to some mythical past, to turn back the clock to a supposedly better, more innocent, purer time.

So, mush-mouthed Cherie the hypocrite can get herself all worked up over cussing. Jeepers! And the supposedly clean-living Christians who are all a-lather over drug users getting high, instead get their own twisted kicks from bullying and violence. Hallelujah! Never mind that Cherie cusses a fair amount when the mike isn't on. Never mind that some of the "Our Town" clowns have substance abuse issues of their own in the past (and probably the present). No, never mind all that hypocrisy. Just do as they say, and not as they do, and turn that clock back, damn...I mean darn it.

Are there problems with this approach to life? Uh, yeah, just a few.

For one thing, the past wasn't as pure and sweet and simple as it's often made out to be.

For another, you very much risk (as mentioned above) totally missing and/or ignoring the actual, causative factors driving whatever problem you are supposedly so concerned with. Drug abuse is a symptom, for example, not a cause of dysfunction. I just read a great new study showing how as unemployment goes up, so does drug abuse. Gee, got any unemployment problems in Clallam County? Hmmm...How often do the "Our Town" clowns focus their efforts to push for more sensible, local, accountable economic development? Hmmm...

Related to that last point, by trying to turn back to an unattainable past, you also risk missing out on a little thing called the future. Here's a line by the fake psychic Criswell, from the movie Plan 9 from Outer Space: "Future events such as these will affect us all in the future, for that is where we will all spend the rest of our lives!" Get it? If not, here's the title of my favorite Johnny Thunders song: You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory. Criswell was a charlatan and Johnny was a junkie, but even they knew that you can't live in the past.

Finally, by taking this approach, you risk opening yourself up to charges of being a hypocrite. Because in this dream world, 1950s Port Angeles that folks like Cherie and the "Our Town" clowns like to pretend they live in, how do you explain the existence of something like this?

Have the "Our Town" clowns protested this place? Has Cherie gotten in their face over their profane and juvenile sign? That would be "no" and "no." Because they're hypocrites. Because they're liars. And because, in their own ways, they're absolutely just as dysfunctional and fractured as the customers seeking beer, bongs and bullshit. That they pretend otherwise is the biggest load of bullshit of all.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Don't Sell Them the Steak, Sell Them the Fizzle

I really, really don't want to step on the toes of the previous post, which is extremely revealing and important. But, I just can't help but take a quick moment to mock the latest from the Composites Technology Money Laundering Center. It makes so clear how bold they are - not in their thinking - but in being upfront about how much of a ripoff it is, and how incompetent they are.


The CRTC, which created the world’s first scrap aerospace-quality carbon fiber pickleball paddle, is preparing for another “breakthrough” sporting product he said.

The pickleball paddle hasn’t sold as expected, he said, adding it is competing against 150 other paddles on the market.

Do I remember a booster or two of this lame, toxic waste receptacle of a scam taking issue with this blog taking issue with the wisdom of trying to market yet another pickleball paddle? One with a bigger than usual price tag? Don't I remember the sensible commenters on this blog saying that it wouldn't work? That it wouldn't fly off the shelves? In short, didn't many commenters here say that what has come to pass would come to pass?

AND YET...Here we are today, with one failed, high priced sporting good under the belt - and under the radar - and the bozos at the Composites Center are confidently trotting out...Another "breakthrough" sporting product.

Surely, yes surely, great days must lie ahead! Well, anyway, there's something or somebody lying...

Pixie Bob Larsen...
...and an X-Ray of Pixie Bob's head.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged Unfit to Judge Anything At All - Now with 100% LESS Radio Silence

Back in black (and white)...Read it and weep...

According to a Clallam County (Washington) District Court Judge (pro tem) it is now an offense to publish the news and to post anonymously on a local public interest blog. He considers it harassment.

Port O Call publisher Dale Wilson was subpoenaed to District Court on a petition signed by Chelsea Ward, founder of a local domestic terrorist group called "Our Town." "Our Town's" stated goal is to "clean up the city" by harassing the homeless population until they leave town. On the other hand, Port O Call has, for the past four years, reported on local government, concentrating on waste, fraud and corruption.

It was only after a homeless family got pepper-sprayed that Port O Call delved into the activities of this virulent vigilante group.

Ward filed the petition under the Domestic Violence statute which, when successfully deployed, prohibits the respondent-publisher from reporting the news. She did not say Wilson has ever been in her presence nor ever contacted her personally nor electronically.

Her entire case before the ironically named Judge (pro tem) Laurence Freedman centered on news articles published by Wilson on the activities of the vigilante wing of her Facebook-centric group, "Our Town." 

Reports included armed vigilantes intruding on homeless camps and harassing them. One of the leaders of "Our Town" is a thrice convicted felon (Madam Chamberlin) recently charged with possessing of "a sack full" of stolen data chips from cell phones stolen from homeless individuals

This same felon was charged by the local sheriff's department with pepper-spraying a family in their car. Recently he was convicted of his third felony, possession of a sawed off shotgun. From one of the stolen data cards this felon found a video of an intimate act between the owner of the cell phone and her lover. This he posted online with salacious comments. Because, really, that's what Jesus would do, right?

Coverage of these news stories are the sum total of Ward's complaint for harassment. Said coverage has been limited almost exclusively to the Port O Call; the Peninsula Daily News has been (not so) strangely quiet about their activities.

Additionally, she read into the court’s record from a series of anonymous posts to a local blog, Port Angeles Unearthed. Without any attempt at proving Wilson posted the comments, the judge allowed her to present her case of harassment, found it credible, and issued a restraining order on Wilson and ordered he not “defame” her. Because, as we all know, facts can be so defaming.

Despite the judge pro tem allowing her to ignore all the rules of evidence and allowing her to represent a third party, "Our Town," the order went out and could cause the arrest of the publisher if he finds himself within 200 feet of Ward. She did not even suggest that the publisher had ever been in her presence. All of her "harassment" was from news reports and anonymous blog posts which she attributed to the publisher, Dale Wilson.

The anti-harassment statutes are intended to provide a safe process for domestic-violence victims to get protection orders from abusive domestic partners. In a broad stretch of the statutes Freedman now says one does not have to have ever seen or been in the company of a “victim” to be guilty of harassment.

The hijacking of this statute to muzzle legitimate news reporting is something every newspaper publisher in the country should take very seriously. Freedman just gutted the Supreme Court decision in New York Times v United States where the court overturned a previous order prohibiting the Times from reporting on The Pentagon Papers. The Supreme Court, in 1971, called this "Prior Restraint" and forbids it.

The Supreme Court rightly concluded there are torts available to those who feel they have been maligned by published articles. These include causes of action for libel, slander or defamation.

Of course when one brings such a tort case they must engage an attorney, file a complaint with a local court and pay court costs to initiate an action in court. They must also pay for service of process to notify the respondent of the action. Not so under the domestic violence statute. Taxpayers cover it.

By hijacking the domestic violence statute the "victim" does not have to pay a filing fee and the sheriff’s department must serve the summons on the "harasser" for free. Then it is up to a pro tem judge, usually a lawyer who plays golf with the elected judge, to make a ruling in the case without any allegiance to the rules of evidence nor even matching the statute with the charges alleged.

The court has allowed itself to become a tool of the harassment it is supposed to extinguish.

Yet to be told is the full story about how these vigilantes infiltrated the local police department and judicial system...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Not at All...Honest

Usually, of course, the slimeballs and sleazebags of the world do everything they can to obscure their true intentions, their true nature. But every so often, something comes out unintentionally that really sums up and crystalizes what they're all about. Today offers a twofer in this department, courtesy of a recent City Council candidates debate:

Jake Oppelt, asking out loud if he has conflicts of interest, said, “not at all.”

He said he “is fully vested in the community,” pointing to ongoing projects such as renovation of the Lincoln Theater.

In politics, I have often found that when Politician A accuses Politician B of something, it's likely that it's really Politician A who is actually doing the deed in question. It's a pretty basic form of guilt displacement. The flip side to that is, when someone just spontaneously denies they're doing something, well, it's pretty much an admission.

"Is my photo upside down? Absolutely not!"

Thus, we have ambitious and ethically-challenged Jake Oppelt - he of the secret, mysterious moneyman partner(s), and proud bearer of numerous obvious conflicts of interest - taking the bull(shit) by the horns to declare that...He has no conflicts of interest.

Translation: Watch out!

The fact that this fact is then glossed over, ignored, unremarked upon in the Peninsula Daily News article about the debate tells you everything you need to know about their approach to news and the truth. It also probably tells you who they will be pulling for in the election.

Translation: Watch out!

Monday, July 10, 2017

We Are Fully (Dys)Functional! - AKA - Up, Up and Away...From Reality

File under, "Yes, But...":

The work this weekend ”allows us to regain full use of the airport,” said John Nutter, director of finance and administration for the port.

What is full use for an airport with no airlines flying into it? Does this mean the empty, unused building will sit there more fully and efficiently? What?

Do these people even think before they speak? Do they hear the nonsense that comes pouring out of their mouths? I mean, with this one short statement, John Nutter more than lives up to his name.

Breaking news! Now that this heavy gravestone that was sitting
on top of him has been removed, soon Jolson will sing again!
Please stay tuned for further developments in this exciting story!

Friday, July 7, 2017

He Said, She Said...He Did, But He Didn't?

How's this for some bullshit, crazy-making only-in-Clallam County thinking?

Nielsen concluded that Nichols likely “made overtures of romantic interest to Ms. Hendrickson for a period of several months in 2015, that he occasionally made indirect actions thereafter that Ms. Hendrickson could reasonably interpret as suggesting a continued romantic interest, and that some of Mr. Nichols’ attention was likely unwelcome to Ms. Hendrickson, but that Mr. Nichols did not create an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment for Ms. Hendrickson.”

So he did "make overtures of romantic interest." He did "make indirect actions." And what he absolutely did was "unwelcome." AND YET...This ongoing, improper behavior somehow did not create an intimidating or hostile work environment???

Thanks for the handshake, but...
Mark would really prefer a hug.

Boy, Mark Nichols sure got his money's worth out of that "independent" "investigation."

It is insanity like this that helps breed mistrust in government, and, on a larger scale, leads to things like people voting for Donald Trump. If the local Democrats had two brain cells to rub together, they'd be all over this issue.

But of course, the Clallam County Democrats do not have two brain cells to rub together. Hell, they'll probably praise Nichols for his steadfast perseverance or something "balanced" like that.

And the cynicism and dysfunction continues to fester...Just another great day in Port Angeles, to be sure.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fireworks...But Not All Brains Do

Just in time for the 4th of July, here are some screenshots from those pathetic patriots from Our Town. These clowns are amazing. Who would Jesus harass next, right? Here's hoping that, in addition to shooting off their mouths, some of them blow off their hands in the next few days. (That might minimize the damage they can cause in the future...)

In the meantime, please note the NAMES of those involved, and feel free to share ANY AND ALL information about them you have. As a starter, here's a link to Scott Jensen's Facebook page...He's the owner of Angeles Communications...

P.S. - Hope you're doing well, Adam Chamberlin, you convicted felon and well-documented bully. Still sleeping with illegal guns in your bed, Adam? What's the matter - can't you find a human to sleep with? Or can you only get it up for a gun with a big, long, hard barrel? 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Twenty Times THIS???

Oh my stars and garters...

How could you make the terrible idea to cut down a bunch of trees in Lincoln Park potentially a little more terrible? Hmmm...

How about by cutting down all the trees, except for twenty, which you just top, then allow them to become...Chainsaw carvings. This is, in fact, Sissi Bruch's big vision for Lincoln Park. Why do I get the feeling that if you loved the rusty Bob Stokes art downtown, you'll love the chainsaw creations that would result from such an approach.

Or, putting it another way: I have no doubt that enabling a chainsaw sculpture section of Lincoln Park would create a local "draw" that would easily be twenty times more popular than Nathan West's Boondoggle Beach. Easily.

A bear necessity? Probably not.
A necessity and tourist temptation? Probably not.

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Boy Scouts Say to Leave the Land Better Than You Found It...Dan Morrison is No Boy Scout ***UPDATED!***

Thanks for the tip...

The PDN must not want CK to know about the sprint boat track shutting down. It was in Sunday's paper but online......Nah.

I got this photo by looking up
"sleazebag" in the dictionary...
See also: "lawbreaker" and "macho creep."
Just a quick note to point out that this story is just now, today, being covered in the Peninsula Daily News - nearly a week after we had it here. This is just one of many instances where Unearthed has scooped the PDN, or possibly even forced/embarrassed them into finally covering a local story of importance. They are, of course, also regularly scooped by the Port O Call, and let's not forget that once they were even scooped by Peter Ripley's blog.
In your face, PDN. You are as shameless as you are clueless as you are hopeless. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

He Who Laughs Last...Is at Least Honest

Don't you just love it when the bad people admit defeat? Especially when said defeat was driven by them being (repeatedly!) hoist on their own petard?

I could go into a summation of what I'm talking about here, but, instead, I'll just cut and paste the response to this story on the PDN's own website:

Let's see...the city council completely tossed out ethic codes that are used state wide and made up their own to punish a fellow council member for using foul language and actually putting some thought into the city council's popular opinion about "issues" relating to Nippon Paper. LOL. And how well did the council's decision, about those issues, relating to Nippon, work out for the city? Cherie? Anybody? No wonder former council member Max Mania used foul language. I am surprised he could speak without screaming.

Ah, it's good to be home...And to have that home not be Port Angeles. Still, progress is progress. Congratulations to the City Council for, at least in this one instance, doing something that makes sense - even if it does simultaneously show them to be the idiots that they are for having done what they have now undone in the first place.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm Away From My Desk Right Now

Just a quick FYI here folks...I'll be out of town at a work conference for the next couple of days, and thus, away from this here blog for the most part. Feel free to keep commenting, but know that there may be a little delay in my getting comments posted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Management

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Just Downie the Road a Bit...

Brad Collins. What a big, fat disappointment he has been as a City Council member. The thinking used to be that Brad had been done wrong by City Hall, and therefore would come in with some sort of cleansing, spirit of vengeance kinda thing, and help drive the Evil Ones from their dwelling places.

Of course, it turns out that Brad was not quite up to that at all, and further, he seemed to think that the knives that had been stuck in his back before were some sort of acupuncture treatment that had been "for his own good." Because he got with the corrupt program right quick, as it turns out.

Now, how did Brad Collins get on the City Council in the first place? He was appointed. Larry Little ran for office, won, asked to be sworn in early, then resigned two days later. (All of which still makes me shake my head in confusion...) That left an open seat, and the new City Council filled it. And the results have not been pretty. Or honest. Or successful. Or...Well, you get the idea.

I'm going over all of this history to try and get you thinking about the near-term future. From all accounts, Pat Downie is very sick, and not doing well at all. The best, most upbeat term I have heard used to describe him in the past few months is "frail." So, it seems almost certain that Pat will not be able to last the year, at least not as a legitimate member - whatever that means in this context - of the Port Angeles City Council.

Even in photos in the PDN, Pat is
just sort of fading away...

And if Pat does die or step down, then the current City Council will get to pick his replacement. Obviously, some of the people you might expect to apply for such an opening are themselves running for City Council, and would be unlikely to be picked if they applied. (Though, in Port Angeles, you can't rule anything out.) Which leads us to the question I would ask you to consider: Who would you want to see apply for an open seat? And, as a different matter, who do you think could get the votes to be appointed to an open seat?

OUTRAGE ANTICIPATOR RESPONSE: Yes, it could be seen as kind of grim to be broaching this subject. But I'm not wishing Pat Downie dead, or anything of the sort. I'm just looking at the facts as they exist, and drawing what seems to be a reasonable conclusion. Anyone wishing to waste their time being outraged over my suggesting Pat Downie might not be around forever is just, well, gosh, wasting their time. Those who start thinking and planning for that eventuality, well, they're going to be ahead of the game, aren't they?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

File Under: Shocking News (Simply Shocking)

Wow. I could NEVER have seen this one coming...

Entrepreneur tells of delays in rehabilitating Lincoln Theater

Jake Oppelt: The Donald Trump of Port Angeles!

Friday, June 9, 2017

At What Cost?

Yep, just another day in Clallam County...

Just another day when the Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney, Mark Nichols, is being sued for sexual harassment. She says it went on for years. Now she's suing. Which raises the question: What does it cost to have a creep like Mark Nichols around?

It's also just another day in little ol' Port Angeles...

Just another day, another person jumping to their death from the Eighth Street bridge. Said jump being made easier, downright facilitated, by the lack of modern preventative barriers. Because said barriers  were deemed, jeepers, just a little too expensive.

Who did this deeming? Dimwits on the City Council. Which raises the same question, but in even grimmer terms: What does it cost to have a moron like Cherie Kidd around?

I wonder who's out there overdosing right now, on yet "another GREAT day in Port Angeles"?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fed Up! Feds Down! Play Ball! - AKA - None if by Water, None if by Air, and None if by Land

What's the lesson here? Or, more specifically, what's the lesson for people who use one hand to beg the Feds for money, and the other to give 'em the bird for not doing enough...

Port Angeles approves more money for water facilities legal dispute

A Seattle law firm's contract has been boosted to $407,500 to represent the City of Port Angeles in an industrial water facilities dispute with the National Park Service. On Tuesday, City Council members unanimously approved increasing the budget for the legal services agreement...nearly doubling a contract...approved June 7th, 2016.

Hmmm...What will the outcome of PA vs. Big Bad Feds be? Could there be a clue in yet another headline...

Officials: Federal program for air service unlikely for Port Angeles

It would take either an act of God or an act of Congress for commercial air service to return to Port Angeles...

Well, there's a little more to it than that, but I think you get the point. Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

Obviously, there's no shortage of hubris and what might be called a twisted form of hope in City Hall, but the reality remains that Port Angeles is a proud, scrappy, bootstraps kind of town...That is only too happy to wait for some other outside agency to come in and rescue them. (Barring that, blaming said outside agency for your woes is always a good fallback plan, right?)

Yes, despite its lack of anything much to be proud of, Port Angeles is...Ever so proud. They keep banging their head against the wall and thinking they're driving in nails...

LEFTIES: Huge ninth inning rally comes up just shy

A huge ninth inning rally by the Lefties came up just short...It was the second straight close, exciting loss for the Lefties, who have already shown they can hold their own with the rest of the West Coast League.

Note that ALL CAPS team name in the headline. Notice how their loss isn't really pitched as a loss - it's just an almost win. And notice the editorializing about how the Lefties are "exciting" and have proved they can "hold their own"...Yes, the Losing Lefties are a perfect representation of the mindset in City Hall. Confused, a little sad, a little desperate, and not really successful...But big believers in their own delusional PR.

So, take me out to the ballgame...But not in a plane.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Coming Soon! A Big, Black Hole Downtown! (Or is That a Bigger, Blacker Hole?)

Summer is, if not quite here, near, and that's the time of year when the hotel occupancy rate in Port Angeles reaches its - you should pardon the expression - peak. In theory, this will be the last "status quo" year for downtown Port Angeles. The Trump administration is working hard to crash the economy, but that hasn't hit yet. And the Elwha Hotel and Totally Not a Casino hasn't opened yet.

However, both promise to hit sometime next year. In the meantime, the biggest, most impossible to miss place to stay in downtown Port Angeles is still the Red Lion. Its footprint in downtown and on the waterfront are huge.

But what is its footprint online like? What sort of profile does this white elephant of a Red Lion have visible to the world?

To explore that, let's spend a few minutes perusing the Red Lion's reviews on Yelp, shall we? Currently, the Red Lion has a three (out of five) star rating overall, but that's mostly due to what you could call the great Yelp smoothing effect, or, the make no waves approach to "reviewing" businesses.

Anyway, here's the most recent Yelp review, from 5/28/2017: (ONE star) All I've got to say is it's the2nd worst hotel I've ever been to. Dropped a lid on the (floor) and went to pick it up. What do I find? A bunch of toe nails...everywhere. All I wanted to do was pretty much vomit. I moved the table next to the bed and there was more behind it. I will neverrrrr ever ever as long as I live on this earth stay here again. That review came from Sara B., from Everett.

Next, we've got Lea C. from Kent, who wrote her brief review on 5/10/2017: (ONE star) The hotel is run down and very old...Room stinks like wet dog. I will not revisit.

Next is Doug D. from Boise, with his (TWO star) review from 4/4/2017. He tells of getting a room with no heat, which prompted him to request a new room - a request the staff only grudgingly responded to. When he got to his new room, he discovered it was filthy, and so he "went to call the front desk - phone didn't work." Cue the laugh track, Doug - you've been punked Port Angeles-style!

The month before Doug, Victoria S. from Bellevue also gave it a TWO star rating, and spoke about the filth she found. And there was no respite from the dirty room because, oops, her room didn't have hot water.

Please note that all these examples I've cited are from people who live in the greater Northwest. In other words, they could be said to represent the regional reputation of the Red Lion (and to some extent, Port Angeles itself). In further other words, the Red Lion is a big, filthy pit, and I'd think that any downtown competition - Hello, Elwha! - will really put it in a tough spot.

What? And give up luxury like this?

Let's say the Elwha Hotel and No, Really, Not Even a Casino opens as planned, and is, if nothing else, clean and new. Let's say they don't have toenails in the carpet and used syringes under their mattresses (remember those reviews?) and do somehow manage to have, say, hot, running water. It would stand to reason that such a place would steal business first and foremost from the nearest and shabbiest lodging establishment - the Red Lion.

It would not seem unlikely that, in such a trying economic situation, the Red Lion might respond by cutting even more corners and becoming even more of a pigsty. Which would lead to one of two outcomes: Port Angeles would have an even scummier anchor business downtown (and on the waterfront), or, Port Angeles will be saddled with a closed scummy former hotel downtown. Either way you'd, at the very least, have more visual blight, and another reputational black eye for PA. That's at the very least. At worst? How about hello, shooting gallery and homeless hangout! Maybe with a side of graffiti showroom? Hey, need a place to dump your old tires and appliances?

Do you think anyone in City Hall is thinking about these possibilities? Do you get a sense that anyone is clocking anything? Do you think anyone in a position of authority cares? Now, again, this is all a hypothetical, but it's not a far-fetched one. Pretty much all of downtown Port Angeles fears competition (Hi, Edna!) and the Red Lion absolutely has good reason to worry. Right now they have location, location, location, but soon enough, there'll be more location right across the street. And, it should be added, that it won't be difficult at all for the Elwha place to have a restaurant that's better than the widely-derided Crab House (which has its own Yelp problems).

Of course, even if all this comes to pass, I have no doubt that the people at City Hall won't break a sweat. Heck, maybe they could get a grant, raze the place, and Nathan West could put in a second chapter of his expensive, artificial Boondoggle Beach. (Hollywood Division, doncha know?)

Or, maybe Nathan would once again move Heaven and Earth to get the Red Lion fixed up and back in business. After all, he put in a lot of work to get the old abandoned Chinook turned into the open for business Holiday Lodge.

The Holiday Lodge which, currently, has an even more dismal one-and-a-half (out of five) star rating on Yelp. Another Port Angeles success story...

Monday, May 29, 2017

What Does a Holiday Weekend in Port Angeles Look Like?

In case you're wondering what a sunny holiday weekend looks like on Nathan West's Million Dollar Boondoggle Beach...Well, it looks like this:

Where's Waldo? Where are Susie and Dick and Spot? Where's Vincent Price, the last man on Earth? Where is ANYONE? Not here. Maybe if Nathan had taken that million dollars in silver dollars, and spread them out on this desolate stretch of nowhere, maybe then someone would be here. But instead all a million bucks bought was a people-repeller.
Anyway, here are a few comments from our intrepid photographer who braved the hordes to capture this inspiring image...
As you see, once again.. still...the place is vacant. Not a person to be seen. I went down last weekend at 4:30, which was admittedly after the glorious "Waterfront Day," but the place looked EXACTLY like it does in this picture. Not a sign of anyone, or that any popular and well attended event had just occurred.

 If, even on a sunny, hot, holiday weekend afternoon NO ONE is interested in using the facility, when will it be used? Does this not, once again, show the importance of doing an honest "needs" study, before building these public projects? What is the point of  building multi-million dollar public projects, if nobody uses them? 
Oh, that's right. Grants, and the salaries they pay. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Is This Place sdrawkcaB Or What???

You gotta love it...The period for signing up to run for elected positions closes, and they haven't got enough candidates to go around. So, they extend the filing period, only to have some of the people who already signed up drop out.

Clallam County am strange place! It am perfect...For Cherie Kidd.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Let the Games Begin...Or Should That Be "Lames"?

The filing period is over, which means the worrying period has begun. So let's start the process of "getting to know" the candidates for the Port Angeles City Council.

In the Aug. 1 primary, James “Jim” Moran, Todd Negus and Marolee Smith will face off for the Position 1 seat and incumbent Lee Whetham and challengers Mike French and Jake Oppelt will vie for the Position 2 seat.

In the general election, Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin and Artur Wojnowski will go for the Port Angeles City Council Position 3 seat while Travis Berglund and Kate Dexter will vie for Position 4.

Now, I don't want to unduly influence anyone's opinion, but, I do feel I should point out that Moran is just one letter off from moron. That's all I'm gonna say. Really.

But you all should feel free to speak up with whatever you know about this crew of familiar faces, newbies, and unknowns. (And near morons.)

Get offa my lawn, you damned kids!

Friday, May 19, 2017

High, Everybody!

How many people are there in Clallam County?

North Olympic Healthcare Network plans to nearly triple the capacity of a program that provides medication for addicts trying to get off opioids after being awarded $250,000 in funding from the Salish Behavioral Health Organization. NOHN will transition over the next couple months into having a nurse care manager model for its medicine-assisted treatment program and has hired more providers, allowing it to increase its current capacity of about 120 Suboxone patients up to about 300, said CEO Dr. Michael Maxwell.

How many people are there in Clallam County? And how many of them are addicts? The way things keep "developing" there, you'd think all the local elected officials own stock in the company that manufactures Suboxone. That would at least be one explanation for the chaos and dysfunction they've created.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Rolling in Her Grave...Under the Elwhaphant in the Conferencearts Center

Well, of course.

Michael Peters, the tribe's CEO, said that though the tribe doesn't know exactly what the partnership will look like yet, it's excited to be part of the project.

Monday, May 8, 2017


Hey, give credit where credit is due. It's not a bad idea at all, really, especially by the standards of Port Angeles ideas...

The City Parks and Recreation Department is providing $10,000 in seed money for a pilot project with the Composite Recycling Technology Center to build a first-of-its-kind park bench.

Park benches have to be pretty durable, so this seems at least like a seed of a good idea - even though the whole "tax dollars from the Parks Department to try putting on a show" angle is, of course, classic Port Angeles and very suspect. (What, the City hasn't got any "clean" economic development dollars? Nathan's getting stingy in his old age? What?)

Ah, but this is still Port Angeles we're talking about, where success is not exactly King. And this is the taxpayer-funded boondoggle called the CRTC that we're talking about, after all. So what does their track record look like?

CTRC Chief Operations Officer Dave Walter said that, if successful, production of benches...could add 10 jobs to the fledgling nonprofit's employee roster, almost doubling its current staff list. Walter said it would be the CRTC's second manufactured product, following the recent production startup of a $99 pickleball paddle, about 100 of which have been sold...

A whole 100 pickleball paddles? Wow! They must have someone running off to the Post Office or UPS for shipping every day! Well, every week. Okay, okay, once a month. But still "about 100" is a lot more than "about a dozen" so...

We all know Port Angeles is already capable
of supplying at least half of what you see here...

Needless to say, pickleball paddles are also lighter than, say, a park bench. Which would keep said shipping costs down. I know from my experience trying to get the City to put one bench in Jessie Webster Park how expensive (regular) benches are, and how many standards they have to meet - and how many roadblocks the City itself kept putting up rather than putting up a bench.

My point being, any new composite benches will have to overcome the distance/shipping/expensive hurdle, the headaches of meeting all sorts of (varied) codes and standards, as well as just the general bureaucratic inertia and fear of doing something new or different that is endemic in City Halls across the country.

In other words, though this at first glance might seem like a good idea, I suspect it has a low chance of hitting the field, and is instead more likely to just get...Benched.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ask, and You Shall Perceive...

A reader has made what I consider to be a reasonable, and doable, request:

Donna Morris died in 2014, and she stipulated that the $9M be used "specifically for the design, construction, and maintenance of a performing arts center to be located in Port Angeles, Washington,"

The gift was left to the Peninsula College Foundation to get this done.

Rather than carry out the gift's very expressed purpose, the Foundation members decided to work with The-Powers-That-Be to morph this into a "convention center." Maybe someone could look into who runs the Foundation and their connections?

Anyone? How about starting here?

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Elwhaphant in the Living Room, OR, The City of Port Angeles Got Played...AGAIN


You know, it really does make you wonder. Given all the factors involved - especially the depressed economy of Port Angeles and the shrinking number of tourists actually visiting Port Angeles, along with the reduced number of ferry trips from Port Angeles to Victoria - why, why would anyone think it was a good idea to build a new, four-story hotel downtown? As has been pointed out elsewhere, for the vast majority of the year, the existing (and admittedly shitty) hotels in town struggle to stay above 50% occupancy rates. So what would compel anyone to want to "invest" in such a seemingly senseless venture?

It makes you wonder.

Very much related to that, can downtown Port Angeles really support two new restaurants? Really? Owing to the expected influx of people...Who will be working at the two new restaurants? I mean, where will the customers come from for these proposed new rooms and restaurants? A new hotel isn't a tourist draw, so doesn't it seem likely that these new places will, at best, just cannibalize customers from existing places? That seems the most likely outcome to me.

Which might make you wonder...Why?

As for the "need" for more parking downtown...Oh, please! A three level parking garage? What, has Larry Williams suddenly discovered he's a member of the Elwha and returned to Port Angeles?

Now, mind you, if this was the Jamestown folks, I might - might - have a slightly different view of this. They have a track record of success, and a legitimately marketable "brand" to potentially lure in the punters. But the Elwha? Uh...Not quite. Every time I ever went out to their casino, I saw the same soggy mattresses in the same shabby yards lining the route in. And once you got there, the muddy parking lot was more potholes than not. It was cheap, tacky and awful, which, the wags among you might say, makes them ideal candidates for downtown Port Angeles. (And admittedly, if they can build a three-story mud parking structure, complete with potholes, that might be something to see.)

But, again...Wondering...Why?

Oh, and remember, tribal members will have preference for employment at the new places, so this can't even be pitched as a "jobs" idea, really. Other than the jobs that absolutely will be displaced (and possibly eliminated) due to the disruptive nature of this project. So why is the City seemingly so gung-ho for this?

And why is the tribe so gung-ho for the Niichel property? After all, it's got a million dollar balloon payment on it coming due, and...

Wait...a...minute. Oh, it all comes together now. Even the bits that don't make sense, kind of make sense if...

Now, when I was there, everyone in City Hall was positively paranoid about the Elwha getting more of a (tax-free!) toehold in Port Angeles. There were endless conniptions and lots of handwringing over their tribal cultural center when it went in. There was lots (and I do mean lots) of worried talk about ever more of the town being "taken over" (tax-free!) by the Elwha. Sure, it was racist and tacky, but...It is Port Angeles we're talking about.

And, as we all know, Port Angeles doesn't have a million dollars for that upcoming balloon payment. Again, when I was there, the fund created for that payment was actually being drained by the City, rather than added to, such was their excellent and forward-thinking financial planning.

So the City was in a pickle. And not the kind you could get out of with a million pickleball paddles, either. No, it would have to be a million dollars. Which, again, they don't have.

Thus, enter the Elwha. They do indeed get a further toehold (tax-free!) in the City, and the City gets off the hook (they hope) for a million dollars. The Elwha get to launder, er, I mean invest their money in a huge project, one that will likely disrupt and destroy existing jobs, while creating more jobs (tax-free!) for tribal members. Existing downtown businesses may well be harmed, the City will lose tax dollars (get familiar with the phrase "held in trust"), and yet, officially, the City has to smile and take it, and pretend to be excited for a project that exploits their existing financial hardship, while also creating future ones.

But in the meantime, smile, Mayor Downie! Smile, Cherie! You just got rolled (again), you just got played (again), and you have to eat shit and smile, smile, smile. All these hits to your tax revenue are "tomorrow problems," right? So, smiles everyone, smiles! Because it turns out, once again, that Port Angeles is Fantasy Island.

We just need to get Pat Downie a nice, white suit...

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Adam Chamberlin LOVES Attention

Alright, whiny "Our Town" clowns, it's put up or shut up time. In other words, time to man up, Adam Chamberlin. Is that something you're capable of doing?

Now, let's see...Adam's position, as he himself has written (bad grammar and typos included) is this: "Dale Wilson...For whatever reason...has been on a eight month campaign of lies, libel, slander and harassment against me."

Adam Chamberlin, convicted criminal, goes on to explain: "In order to accomplish this twisted agenda, Wilson has encouraged vulnerable people to file false reports with law enforcement, and has incessantly harangued the Port Angeles Police Department and County Prosecutors office to charge me and others with crimes that we have not committed and have no knowledge of."

Okay, Adam Chamberlin, convicted criminal, before I can swallow your "explanation" of events, I have a few questions...

Like motive, for one. What the hell would Dale Wilson's motive be for all this? Why would he have a "fixation" on you? Why? Tell us all - WHY? Because, from where I sit, Adam Chamberlin, convicted criminal, this sounds a lot like your inflated ego talking. Obviously the whole "Our Town" clown thing has a whiff of cultishness about it. And cults are usually built around an egomaniac of one sort or another.

Related to the above, Adam Chamberlin, duly convicted criminal, is the question of why Dale Wilson would supposedly have this specific "fixation" on you. It's difficult enough to believe that he would just, out of the blue, "fixate" on you; it's even more difficult to believe that he would do so and also spin a whole web of (in your words) easily disprovable lies just to "snare" you, Adam Chamberlin. Now, is it possible that you're just so irresistible that Dale Wilson did all that to "have you" Adam? Well, yes - it's possible. But it seems highly unlikely.

Because that would make Dale Wilson a screaming, batshit crazy lunatic. The kind of lunatic that anyone would be able to see coming from 50 yards off. But, whatever faults he may have, Dale Wilson does not seem to be a lunatic. He created a newspaper on his own, and has kept it going. Said newspaper only keeps going because Dale get businesses to buy ads. Now, let's think about this: What business is going to buy an ad in a lunatic's newspaper? That would be none - no business would do that. So your foundational theory that Dale Wilson is just crazy is itself pretty shaky, sanity-wise. It just doesn't hold up, Adam Chamberlin, convicted felon. And without a solid foundation, your whole story starts to fall apart.

Like the idea that this screaming, totally unhinged lunatic could also convince strangers to file charges against you "just 'cause." Like the idea that the PAPD and the prosecutor's office could be pressured to file fake charges against you because, geez, we've gotta get that guy Wilson to stop calling us. That would mean that all of those people have committed crimes, just because Dale Wilson told them to. Does that seem plausible? Not very. But if it's true, Adam Chamberlin, convicted felon and known liar, please, by all means, do get on the phone and call the state AG or someone else higher up the law enforcement food chain. No, really. Do that, Adam Chamberlin, you credibility-free creep, and see how far you get.

Now, there are a whole lot more holes I could poke in your version of things, Adam Chamberlin (pretty much a proven liar), and I have a whole lot more of your "private" messages I could post here. But I'll wrap things up with this: You say you're just a gosh, gee whiz nice guy who has, aw shucks, been unfairly targeted by this here mean, mean man Dale Wilson. You say you're not a bully, have never done anyone any harm, etc., etc.

If that's the case, why do you wind up your recent whiny rant with a none-too-veiled threat? Speaking of Dale Wilson, you say, "It is clear he intends to continue this campaign as long as he is physically able." That sounds pretty creepy, Adam Chamberlin, head "Our Town" clown, and like a call to arms for your cronies to, you know, do something.

In other words, you stay true to form, Adam Chamberlin - bully. Thug. Criminal.

But hey, feel free to post here and prove to us how right (and self-righteous) you really are, Adam. You loser, lowlife, bullying creep. Put up, or shut up.

Monday, April 24, 2017

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scam...

Typos intact, here's the latest Twilight Zone missive from the Peninsula Daily News...It's a doozy. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Doughy Dan Gase, Master of NASA.

Well, not quite "master." Only in Port Angeles can you (if you are connected, that is) be hired as a "specialist" while having your job described as...Learning to do the job. Specialist? No. Suspicious? Very. Ethical? Not at all.

Dan Gase, a Position 4 Port Angeles City Council member since 2014, will not vote on Lincoln Park tree-cutting, Port Angeles Harbor cleanup and restoration, and other city issues related to the Port of Port Angeles through the end of his term Dec. 31, he said last week.

Gase, 63, said taking part in those votes on the seven-member council would create a conflict of interest with his new job: aerospace business development specialist for the Port of Port Angeles.

He said after Tuesday’s City Council meeting that he began his new job March 27.

Port Chief Financial Officer John Nutter said last week Gase will earn $6,250 per month for three months before the position is re-evaluated.

He was hired from among eight applicants as the port tries to bring tenants to the Fairchild International Airport and airport industrial park.

“He was hired to to knock on doors and learn more about the aerospace industry and learn about what we could potentially bring to our airport,” Nutter said.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Speaking of Making America Great...

In case you were wondering where the dregs of those "Our Town" clowns went...Wonder no longer. They have reconstituted themselves on Facebook as "Stop Enablement in Clallam County." Now, before you get all excited and think that means they are working to stop enabling the local idiot politicians...Uh, no. It's the same old bullying and totally counterproductive "anti-drug" BS as before, just with a new name.

Oh, and a new logo. A heart with the word "tough" in it. ("Tough love," get it? Oh, so clever!)

For those of you who have fake and/or disposable Facebook profiles, here's where you can find the Posse Incompetentus:

In the entire span of human history, we've shown time and time and time again that bullying people can quickly lead to burning people, and, Biblical injunctions aside, doing violence unto others only begets more violence. Too bad that angry, self-righteous, hypocritical "do-gooders" like the "Our Town" clowns don't spend more time keeping their own houses in order - and their own violent impulses in check. By a show of hands, how many people think that not a single member of "Stop Enablement in Clallam County" (SECC - pronounced "sick") has a substance abuse or alcohol problem? Any wife-beaters in SECC? No illegal gun hoarders? And, coming full circle, no bullies?

Yeah, right.

Make America Great Again! Keep America Beautiful! Deutschland Uber Alles! The same sad, sick melody, with slightly different lyrics. I wish humanity would finally get tired of singing that song...