Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Having a Senior Moment

Thanks so much to the commenter who sent in the notice about Cherie Kidd's Special Pretty Princess moment...


Yes, Cherie Kidd has been named Ms. Washington Senior America 2017 by "Senior America, Inc.," which is located in Allenhurst, New Jersey, and, so far as I can tell, looks like nothing more than a sub-Chamber of Commerce-type "enticement" to get the fifty lucky ladies they select to come to New Jersey for their "pageant."

I will now pause briefly while you all rush to get your plane tickets to the pageant purchased. New Jersey beckons!

"I'd just like to thank all of the me who were kind enough
to nominate me for this great honor of which I have the honor
of being nominated for. The honor, that is. For which I am, me, myself,
have been nominated."

I'm going to take a wild guess that Cherie may have nominated herself, or, at the very least, was "involved" with the "process." In any case, she is still peddling all the same sad old lies, including that "She successfully ran Success Seminars and became a speaker at public and corporate seminars throughout the U.S."

Cherie, we've all heard you speak. You have a truly unfortunate, screechy voice, and, even with prepared notes, you stumble through your statements like a drunken sailor on shore leave. This lie needs to be, dare I say it, retired.

It's also clear that Cherie wrote her own (glowing!) write-up for the Senior America website. How do I know? Because many statements don't make sense, such as: "Interested in historic preservation, she was the author of her city's only historic district." See also: "She is third generation Kidd family with her grandparents homesteading in the early 1900's."

Despite that incessant need to claim local roots, other statements lay bare her deeply (deeply!) buried ambivalent feelings about her undeniably distressed hometown. After all the times she's screeched out "It's another great day in Port Angeles!" the best she can muster here is a Jack Webb-like recitation of the minimal facts: "Port Angeles is a waterfront city on the Strait of Juan de Fuca."

Yes, and Washington is a state on the West Coast. Of course, there's a little more to it than that, but it seems that even Cherie, when it comes right down to it, can't think of anything nicer to say about Port Angeles than...Well, there it is.

If you've ever wondered what Cherie sees in her mirror...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

They're Back!

The Composite Recycling Technology Center strikes again! Please - make sure you're sitting down before reading any further. The excitement will be overwhelming.

The brain trust (or is that brain rust?) running the CRTC seem to have confused being the first to do something with that something being something that will be financially viable to do.

Remember how they were the first to make a recycled distressed compressed carbon fiber pickleball paddle and flyswatter? Sure you do. They were the first! Remember how many of said pickleball paddles the CRTC sold? Out of the scores of different pickleball paddles being made out in the world, they were essentially the last in terms of sales.

Ah, but if at first you don't succeed in recycling and reselling your leftover toxic table scraps, fail, fail again! Which brings us to the CRTC's current blitz of ballyhoo and BS:

New product puts Composite Recycling Technology Center 'on the map'

The Composite Recycling Technology Center and Carwash recently developed the first car seat back made out of recycled carbon fiber...The Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) in Port Angeles handled product development, while UK-based ELG Carbon Fibre provided the carbon fiber and unveiled the product at the Automobile Lightweight Materials Summit in Detroit on August 22nd - 24th.

CRTC employees did not attend the summit. However, Chief Executive Officer Dave Walter said the demonstration at the summit - which he did not attend - attracted major automobile manufacturers, and drew interest to the center from afar.

"It really put us on the map," Walter said. "This is going to open  some doors."

Wow! So many grandiose claims! Though, to be honest, I looked at "the map" this morning, and I did not see any new marker for the CRTC. Perhaps they could consider making a special combination back-peddling/soft-peddling bike pedal?

So far, the CRTC has received one request for a quote on seat backs since the demonstration, and expects one more, Walter said sheepishly, making it clear they aren't likely to start selling them anytime soon.
"We aren't there yet," whispered Walter. "It's not like now that we've made one - the first! - we'll be rolling out a hundred."

As for potential seat back sales in the future, Walter shrugged his shoulders and laughed and said, "That would certainly be one of the biggest (products) if it came to pass."

Ah yes...The good old (Cursed) Port Angeles Qualifier (CPAQ). A BIG, BOMBASTIC statement...Quickly, and more quietly followed by the "if," the "maybe" and the "could be if maybe." I love how this guy says these hypothetical seat back sales would be "one of their biggest products" if they actually sold any. Because, uh, that wouldn't be hard. They sold, what, around 100 of their (the first!) pickleball rackets? And they've got an "order" for two - just two! - park benches from the City of Port Angeles. Once you get past those "products"...Man, it's really just listening to the composite crickets chirping, isn't it?

And yet! They end with another big, blustery puff of hot air - which is not the first:

To scale up its production, the CRTC plans to double its staff from 17 to 34 by the end of 2018. Most of those open positions would fill engineering and production needs, Walter said, making air quotes with his hands.

Currently, the center has five engineers and one - the first! - production employee, he said.

From tiny acorns grow mighty etc., etc. But from one tiny scam operation, in one tiny town, with one production employee...It's hard to envision a mighty Composite Product Empire growing.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Devils Withhold the Details

Let me keep this simple: Might I suggest you search for any of the multiple news stories out there about various members of the press suing to gain access to legitimate information about or from various Clallam County lawmakers (Steve Tharinger, Kevin Van De Wege, Mike Chapman)? Do let me suggest that.

Further, once you have done that, take a minute to ponder how the way these "representatives of the people" have responded clearly demonstrates they are not good or forthcoming public servants. If these people have nothing to hide, why are they hiding? Schedules (meetings with constituents...or other, less savory interests) can tell you a lot about a legislator's focus. Could that be why some of these elected officials want to keep said schedule out of focus? What's up?

When you're an elected official, you are, in a very real sense, public property. People have a right to know things about you, especially if it pertains to how you go about doing your job. This is not a difficult concept to understand.

Unless, apparently, you've been elected from the corrupt, backwards and incestuous Olympic Peninsula.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Port Angeles: Unsafe At Any Speed (Or Any Age)

How sad is it that headlines like those below are so common in (Cursed) Port Angeles?

One sent to hospital after vehicle strikes pedestrian in Port Angeles


Port Angeles man charged with raping, molesting 8-year-old girl

Yes indeed. Pedestrian pinball and child abuse. Just two more things that make every day another great day in Port Angeles.

And remember: The sick, "I don't care about you" attitude that permeates the town comes from the top down. When the people in charge are con artists and thieves, liars and backstabbers, it sets a tone. I mean, really, how healthy or caring could (Cursed) Port Angeles ever hope to be, with so much larceny and lying in City Hall and the County Courthouse?

Or, to put it another way...Since the civic leaders of Port Angeles do all the financial raping and looting...

Monday, September 11, 2017

What Could Ever Go Wrong?

It's the water...Sort of. In the course of asking that they have less environmental oversight "for the duration." the new owners of the old Nippon mill have also talked about how things are looking for the big reopening...

McKinley spokeswoman Cathy Price said Friday that the company is on track to retool the factory to process recycled corrugated cardboard into manufactured containerboard by December 2018.

She said McKinley has yet to select vendors to supply new equipment. "We have a general idea of what equipment is going in," said Price. "Nothing is cast in stone yet."

McKinley knows what's needed, but market forces are holding things up, she said. "The cost of OCC (old corrugated cardboard) is very high. I believe we are waiting for that to come down some to begin startup plans."

Meanwhile, City Manager Dan McKeen said Friday that the mill's extended shutdown will cost the City of Port Angeles at least $315,000 in utility taxes in 2017, and $440,000 in 2018...

In other words, other than purchasing the mill itself, nothing has happened with the old Nippon place. And so much nothing is continuing to happen that McKinley is asking that they not have to monitor their wastewater discharges so often. (They want to go from three times a week to just one.)

Notice all the qualifiers in the official statements coming out: They haven't even selected vendors to supply equipment yet..."Nothing is cast in stone yet"...Market forces, which are beyond McKinley's control, are holding things up...And most significantly, all these elements mean they haven't even begun to make startup plans. So clearly, a lot can happen to delay or derail this Cardboard Castle dream.

In fact, the only concrete fact to emerge from all this (would-be) change and (could-be-maybe) future retooling is that the City of Port Angeles is taking another hit to their always shaky budget. Now, you could argue that, because the City has such a track record of spending money foolishly, that this constricting of funds is a good thing, wasting money-wise. But, in reality, it just means that a distressed city will only get more distressed. The debt's still crushing, and the infrastructure's still crumbling.

And still, for too many people, all their hopes and dreams are wrapped up in a Cardboard Castle that hasn't even come close to being built yet.

Another (proposed) scenic addition to the Port Angeles waterfront!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Port Angeles: Unsafe At Any Speed (Or Any Time, Any Place)

Jesus Christ! Is everyone in Port Angeles drunk, high and/or recklessly irresponsible? I mean it's not even safe to try and cross a street in downtown, in the middle of the night. Even if Paul Gottlieb isn't out driving, you still might get hit by a fleeing, speeding car full of fools...

Well known people get killed there...

Anyway, here's the latest, straight from the Port Angeles Police Department's own Facebook page. For some reason, the PDN was reluctant to include many of the details that the PAPD put right out there.

Power poles are often targets...

On September 8, 2017 at approximately 1:27 AM Clallam County Sheriff’s Deputy Bill Cortani advised PenCom (dispatch) that he was attempting to stop a westbound vehicle on Hwy 101 east of Port Angeles. The vehicle was described as driving “erratically” and pulling away from the deputy while traveling at a high rate of speed. He was able to determine that it was a silver SUV. The vehicle continued onto East Front Street and toward the Downtown area at a high rate of speed. While pursuing the SUV officers maintained a safe distance of several blocks behind the vehicle. 

Kids are at risk...
In the area of 300 West Front Street officers found a heavily damaged guard rail and a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee four door SUV upside down and in shallow water. They also found three persons still inside the vehicle. Officers requested additional law enforcement and emergency services resources, and then approached the vehicle. It was determined that the individuals were unable to self-extricate. Corporal Sky Sexton located a male on the driver’s side of the vehicle who was yelling for help and whose torso was partially outside of the vehicle and in the water. Officers later reported that the driver was in a life threatening situation and was in danger of drowning. Corporal Sexton entered the vehicle via a broken passenger window and crawled to the driver. With the assistance of Officer Jared Tait he then cut off the driver’s seatbelt. 

It's dangerous from one end of town...

The two officers extricated the driver, moved him through the water and onto the shoreline. Officer Tait remained with that patient while Officer Sexton returned to the car and stood by with the two patients still in the vehicle. Officer Harry Balderson located a fourth subject on an embankment who reported having been ejected from the vehicle. Port Angeles Fire Department personnel arrived on scene, took over patient care of the driver and ejected passenger, and subsequently extricated and treated the remaining two passengers in the vehicle. Fire Department personnel reported three of the patients to be in critical or serious condition and Clallam 2 Fire/Rescue and Olympic Ambulance personnel were called to assist. 

...to the other.

All four patients were transported to the Olympic Medical Center. The driver of the vehicle was later air lifted to Harbor View Medical Center. Another passenger (identified as 18 year old Elijah F. Jackson) was treated and released from the hospital. He was booked into the Clallam County Jail on outstanding probable cause on an unrelated criminal case. Christina L. Green (28 years old) was later released from the Olympic Medical Center and Mitchel S. Ward (18 years old) was reportedly air lifted to Harbor View Medical Center. The driver was subsequently identified as a Grant Eastman (21 years old).

Volume, volume, volume! This was the second
multi-car crash within hours...

Nice. Really nice. I tell you, that guard rail just seems to have a target painted on it, it gets smashed into so often. The Wild West - or at least the Drunken Dangerous West - is alive and well in Port Angeles. (Until it's airlifted to Harbor View, anyway...)

Even the Sheriff's Department likes the demolition derby...

That name Ward jumped right out at me. Seems like we all know a local "activist" named Ward...Hmmm...Anyone know if there's any relation?

Meanwhile, the numbers don't lie...2nd and Vine...
5th and Cherry...
10th and Peabody...Yes, Port Angeles is unsafe
at any speed, any time, any place.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fill in the Blank

Here's a little game for you. If I were to say to you that there was a headline something like, "Shooting at Courthouse in Port ________," which word would you naturally pick to fill in the blank, "Angeles" or "Townsend"?

If I were to ask you which of those two towns and county seats were, in your opinion, more likely to see some sort of violent acting out by a disgruntled citizen, which would you pick?

Which of those communities is know for suicides, standoffs with police, drugs and crimes involving gun nuts? Which community is known for its film festival, arts scene and thriving downtown?

And finally, which of those two places is actually taking courthouse security somewhat seriously, and taking steps to make their county courthouse more secure, just in case?

PORT TOWNSEND — The Jefferson County Courthouse is implementing new security measures that will require visitors to the second and third floors to go through a security screening and will add high-definition security cameras.

The county has budgeted $270,000 for the upgrades, but it is likely they will come in under budget, according to Mark McCauley, county director of central services.

“It won’t cost nearly that much,” McCauley said.

The most expensive upgrade purchased was a $31,000 walk-through metal detector.

It seems to me like, in Port Townsend, they're more likely to have some loopy hippie want to come in and burn some sage to "purify" the building than they are to see some sort of right-wingnut headcase with a gun make trouble. But they're still taking a "just in case" and "better safe than sorry" approach to security.

Ah, but Clallam County, home to bulldozer berserkers, gun hoarding thrice convicted lunatics, "you'll never take me alive!" house barricaders and a host of generally drug-addled, marginal types...Well, Clallam County continues to play fast and loose with public safety - even the safety of their own workers. Rather than be "better safe than sorry," once again, Clallam County is cutting corners and doing it on the cheap, reducing "better safe than sorry" to just plain "sorry."

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

In the Sunshine of Your Love (Dad)

Remember that primary when Derek Kilmer rose to the top of the Democratic heap? Remember how the Republicans had something like a half dozen people competing for the old Norm Dicks seat, but the Democrats, gosh, they didn't offer their voters any choices at all? It was just plain old milktoast meat puppet Derek Kilmer.

I always thought there was something the-fix-is-in-ish about that primary, and Kilmer's performance since then has left me unimpressed. He's a go-along-to-get-along Democrat, not anything close to the "inspiring young leader" that his mainstream, corporate Democratic flock try to portray him as. That being the case, I think Derek Kilmer represents some of the make no waves/ask no questions so-called leadership that has kept Clallam County from succeeding. In other words, he's not a solution; he represents a large part of the (ongoing) problem.

The flip side of the area's problems - the genuinely disturbing drug and/or child abuse that is all too common - is apparently being handled by another Kilmer:

Clallam County man charged after child rescued from hot car

A 33 year old Clallam County man was charged Tuesday after deputies say they rescued his sleeping infant daughter from the hot car he was passed out in.

Brian Paul Kilmer, who lives west of Lake Crescent, was charged in Clallam County Superior Court on Tuesday with driving under the influence, reckless endangerment, possession of a controlled substance and use of drug paraphernalia. He was being held in the Clallam County jail on $5,000 bail.

Deputies rescued Kilmer's 1 year old daughter Sunday after Kilmer parked the car in direct sunlight and passed out, court records say.

At 2:06 PM Sunday, deputies investigated a report that a man had driven erratically into the Salt Creek Recreation Area before parking his vehicle and passing out, records say. Deputies searched Kilmer and found a small bag of methamphetamine in his pants.

Deputies then obtained a search warrant for the vehicle and said they found several pieces of drug paraphernalia. In the car, they found several straws with melt marks and residue, a pipe, three syringes, and three prescription pills.

Kilmer told Deputy Paul Federline he may have been seen driving erratically because he was looking at his phone for directions while driving, court records say.

Kilmer said he doesn't use drugs, and that the aluminum foil found in his cup holder was from a sandwich...He didn't have a response when asked about burn marks on the foil, records say.

Mmmm! Good sandwich! 

A small detail in this story illustrates a big problem. Look at all those charges. Think about the danger this loser exposed his infant daughter to. If he'd crashed while driving high, people could have been killed. And all that warrants only $5,000 bail? Shades of Amber Steim!

Look for "Father of the Year" Brian Kilmer to be back out on the street and "contributing to society" soon enough. And look for Mark Nichols to...Say, just what is it that Mark Nichols does, anyway?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gone to the Dogs!

Just had a lovely summer evening watching Summer Stock. It's not the best by either Gene Kelly or Judy Garland, but it's fun and festive and has some great moments in it.

And one of the numbers made me think of Port Angeles!

So this one is for you, troll, you uncritical lover of Port Angeles and permanent resident of the early 20th century. 'Cause, by tarnation, if'n it worked fer yer grandpappy, it sure'n oughta be good enough fer the dang 21st century! T'aint no need fer folks to grow or learn or nothin'! 'Cause, by tarnation, debt or no debt, meth or no meth, it's another GREAT day in Port Angeles! Now, you go an get yer innernet outta my yard!
(Meanwhile, dear troll, the score is 443 different topics posted on this blog to your big fat, impotent ZERO for getting this free and open forum to shut down.)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cardboard Kingdumb

Here's a snippet of a recent comment on the previous subject...

The solution is to attract a diversity of real jobs, something that PA genetically resists. Mills and tree harvesters and ships waste can't support a 21st century economy. But the townfolk have no interest in other pursuits. Nor any interest in financial management. Just delusions of grandeur.

And here's a picture of the "new" sign put in place by the new owners of the old Nippon Mill...

So, there it is. The proud new owners just took the old sign, turned it inside out, then slapped a bumper sticker on the blank side and...Viola! And so I ask you, per the comment above, oh gatekeepers and brown-nosing mill-fanatics of Port Angeles...Which does the above look like? The 21st century economy...Or just some more delusions of grandeur? 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Housing Hypocrites

In case you didn't know, there was just a "panel discussion" held on the topic of "addressing the affordable housing crunch in Port Angeles." If that's an issue you're concerned about, I trust you'll be able to keep your hope in check when you check out who was on this panel.

First, you've got Mary Budke, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club. You know, the group that just got a sleazy, backroom deal done that diverted tax dollars in what could generously be called an "unnecessary" manner.

Second, you've got Mike Chapman, rising/back-stabbing political star of Clallam County. You know, the guy with no fixed political affiliation or moral compass.

From the City, you've got Nathan West, who sold his soul for pennies on the dollar years ago. Ever since he's been proposing and propping up some of the most ridiculous ideas ever to sprout from the deeply poisoned soil of City Hall.

Then there's Kevin Russell, the first vice president of the Building Industry Association of Washington. Why the hell was her there, you might ask? Well, to rail against the stringent (wink, wink) regulations that people like Nathan West (wink, slink) put in place that make it so hard for guys like him to "do the right thing."

And then there was Doc Robinson, director of Serenity House, an organization whose ownership of property has been somewhat controversial in the past.

Missing from this panel: Any discussion of the negative effects of bad policies coming from local governing bodies - such as those represented here. In other words, the elephant in the room went unremarked upon. (A baby elephant might be the exorbitant utility rates the City charges...Nathan?)

Also missing from the panel: Anyone who is right now, currently, struggling with housing issues. You know, someone with real, lived experience on this topic. Instead you got a collection of the usual (well-off) connected (corrupted) suspects, blowing a little hot air around in the middle of summer.

Friday, August 18, 2017

No, No, Negus ***UPDATED!***

I've never known a place like Clallam County for candidates suddenly dropping out - creating a shoe-in cake walk of an "election" for their "opponent" who is left behind...

Port Angeles Council candidate Todd Negus said Thursday he is dropping out of the race for Position 1, conceding the Nov. 7 election to his opponent Jim Moron.

Didn't one of you actually (and accurately) predict this a while back? And what is with this? And what is with Negus going so far as to drop out and even conceding the election, but he can't tell us why...Until a "future interview."

What the..?

This is such a bizarre, and may I say, blatantly corrupt, state of affairs. Another great day in Port Angeles, and another only in Clallam County story. But hey, at least Negus served his purpose, right? I mean, gee, his presence did keep Marolee Smith from making it to the general election - which meant it kept her from having a forum for months and months in which to ask "uncomfortable" questions about how City Hall conducts business.

"I told Negus to get out of my damned yard, and he did! 'Nuff said!"

That won't be a problem with Jim Moron. Even though he's not a Rough Rider by birthright, he's a good ol' boy through and through. He won't make any waves, or cause even a slight ripple of disturbance in City Hall's incestuous cesspool. He'll be like having Karen Rogers back, with a mustache.

More of the same lame game.


And now comes the not-even-fooling-a-third-grader "explanation" for dropping out, as well as the inevitable logrolling...

Moran said he was surprised that Negus is bowing out.

“To step away takes some personal courage, and I admire that,” Moran said. “Obviously, the guy has high moral character.”

In departing the race, Negus also praised Moran, calling him “a stand-up guy.”

“I feel that Jim Moran is in a position where he would represent the city of Port Angeles better than me as far as time he has to put on the council,” Negus said.

Hey, guys, if you wanna blow each other, get a room. But don't waste your hot air in public, thinking you're fooling anyone.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Buy High, Sell Low!

Another sign of the decline...Literally.

What aisle is meat on? Well, there's dead meat on every aisle...

In 2015, Sprint SPE HG2015-1, LLC (one of those again) paid $9,567,378 for the old Haggen market building in Port Angeles. (Need I remind you that said LLC is way behind on their taxes?)

The building was "appraised" as being worth about half that - $4,787,471.

It's up for auction, and the original minimum bid was just a fraction of that - $250,000.

As of Monday, they'd received a whopping one bid on it - for just $25,000.

The auction has thus been extended, I guess because they haven't reached rock-bottom yet. So if anyone is interested in picking up a derelict supermarket for $250...Just wait a bit

You can follow the auction action online at: amcbid.com

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ohole's LLCs (Looks Like a Con)

Hello, Port Angeles! The con is on! Yes indeedy do. Today's PDN will tell you all about the latest nut with a gun in Port Angeles, but won't touch the endemic underlying conditions that facilitate so many nuts with guns (and bulldozers...and cars...and even a moped or two) literally running wild in Clallam County. Hint: Fluoride ain't the cause.

Today's PDN will also tell you about the ever-expanding plans for the convention and, oh yeah, arts center downtown. Why the scammers, er, that is, the planners behind it have "listened to the community" and are just growing all sorts of things off of one dead woman's bequest. They're gonna have 300 - no, make that 500! - seats and a place for the PAFAC (R.I.P. PAFAC) and the tribe and the Feiro and everything! (Well, everything but parking, that is...) It'll be great, it totally won't be a scam, it totally won't compete with the supposedly upgraded Lincoln, it totally will be good for the PAFAC, it will be totally sold out for every show - always - and, jeepers, did we mention it'll be great?

Again, no real voices of reason required or questions allowed. After all, this is the PDN we're talking about. It's really just pre-smeared toilet paper.

Meanwhile, back in the real world...

Hey, how about that previously mentioned "revitalized" Lincoln, and the dashing young entrepreneur behind it who is also - wow! - running for City Council? Is he a go-getter, or what?

Well, if you look into things, you might focus in on the "what" - as in, "what is he up to?"

If you Google "Jake Oppelt Port Angeles LLC" you get a lot of hits. (Sidebar: For searches related to that search term, Google suggests "port angeles city council candidates" first, and then second, "port angeles shooting." I am not making this up. Try it yourself.) Taken all together, these hits raise a lot of questions...Ones that you can rest assured the PDN will never, ever ask.

Link #1: For the J. Oppelt Development & General Contracting, LLC. Filed on 10/28/2016. Governor of this LLC is just Jake, and the address listed is 303 W. 9th St. This LLC is active.


Link #2: For the J. Kangella, LLC. Filed on 6/1/2010. Governors are Jake, Angela Oppelt, and Justin Tognoni. The address is the same as above. This LLC is also active.


Link #3: This takes you to the primary voter's guide. Jake lists NOTHING for education, and NOTHING for community service. In his statement, he namechecks the J. Oppelt Development & General Construction, LLC (which is different than the "Contracting" name listed above); the OOT Properties, LLC (which "focuses on downtown development") and the JAM Properties, LLC.


Link #4: For the OOT Properties, LLC. This was filed on 5/22/2015, and expired on 5/31/2017. This lists an address of 603 E. 88h S., Suite C. The governors are, again, Jake, Angela and Justin Tognoni.


Link #5: For something called Liquid General Contracting, LLC. This was filed on 9/13/2010, and expired on 9/30/2013. Jake is the sole governor listed.


Link #6: or the memorably named DLDNJ, LLC. this one was filed on 8/1/2012. The governors are Jake, Hayley Croxford, and Nicole Johnson. The address listed is 303 W. 9th St.


Link #7: More info on the above LLC, only this time with the listed address being 120 W. 1st St.


Link #8: For JAM Properties of PA, LLC. This one was filed on 4/22/16, and apparently expired on 4/30/2017. Once again, Jake is the sole governor listed, and the address of record is the 9th St. one.


And finally, link #9: This one (you gotta scroll down) shows Jake to be a "Licensed Construction Contractor" - license #LIQUIP*931BP. For this one, Jake lists an address of 272 N. Ridgeview, as well as a phone number.


So, what's it all mean? I don't know, but it all raises a lot of questions that voters might want to have answered. Maybe there's nothing weird or suspicious about all these LLCs, and their shifting names and addresses. (Maybe Jake just likes filing out paperwork?) Maybe there are no red flags among his known cohorts. Maybe Jake is just sloppy and forgetful with all these registrations. (And maybe there are voters who think those are good qualities in a candidate.) Maybe there are no inherent conflicts of interest between any of these LLCs and Jake serving on the City Council. And, of course, maybe there are even more LLCs out there, waiting to be discovered with a more thorough search.

Maybe...Maybe someone ought to ask Jake about all this. Of course, we all know Jake is reluctant to put himself into situations where he might be expected to answer direct questions, so maybe, just maybe, that's a red flag in and of itself. Maybe...Who knows?

Oh, and then there's this: Jake registered his campaign with the PDC on 4/21/2017. In his official statement for the voters guide, Jake (as mentioned above) cites JAM Properties, LLC - the registration for which seems to have expired on 4/30/2017. So, depending on when he filed his candidate's statement, he may have lied in said statement. Maybe. And that may be against the law. Maybe.

Hey, I honestly don't know. But I do know I doubt that good ol' Ohole Jake is going to honestly answer to any of this, unless seriously pressed to do so.

Anyway, have at it, folks. Please share any thoughts you have or information you uncover.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Warning: May Contain Nuts

He's back!

Yes, that grand old waster of time and tax dollars, William Sheehan, has made five more public records requests in Clallam County...

In total, William Sheehan has made five broad records requests to the two offices in the past two weeks: two to the prosecutor’s office and three to the Sheriff’s Office.

“I have no plans with the data until such time I receive it,” Sheehan said in an interview Thursday. “It doesn’t make sense to make a plan with something I don’t have.”

Sheehan has asked the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to make available for inspection “any and all” documents providing information about all employees, agents and temporary workers, including phone numbers, compensation, employee files and personal records. He also requested “any records that show terminated employees in the last 5 years and any records you may have that will lead to the requested data, including all cell phone records.”

You know, I really resent someone, like William Sheehan, who puts me in the position of agreeing with Bill Benedict. Fine, yes, we get it, Mr. Sheehan - there's a lot of personal information out there available to the public. Wow, gosh, thanks ever so much for making that obvious point over and over and over and over again and again and again. We get it.

A picture of William Sheehan's brain...

The thing that has people upset, sir, is that it is pretty presumptuous and  arrogant for a nutjob like you to stick your oar in in a county where you don't even live. What's more, by doing so you do indeed tie up many, many, many hours of government employees time, wasting untold amounts of taxpayer dollars in the process. All to make an obvious point - one that you have been making for years, you jackass - in a place you do not live.

All of which means, Mr. Sheehan, sir, that you are not a patriot. Not a freedom-loving truth-teller. You're just an obnoxious asshole. Which, as stated before, means it makes a certain amount of sense you'd end up involved with things in Clallam County.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

No, You CAN'T Tech That to the Bank

Remember that recent talk about Port Angeles becoming a tech town?

Ray Chirayath, treasurer for United Way of Clallam County, said the United Way recently found that more than 7,000 working-age people in the area lack even a GED, a general educational development certificate, or a higher degree.

He said the United Way is working to find ways to motivate people to earn their GEDs and increase their earning potential.

Uh, wow. Given the low population of Clallam County, and given that we're only talking about "working age" people, that 7,000 seems like a really high percentage of the overall population. And am I correct when I read this and think he's lumping a high school diploma in with "higher degrees"? I mean, why else would you zero right in on those without GEDs?

And in this day and age - year 2017 in the 21st century, the future! - is it really reasonable to tell people that all they need to do to "increase their earning potential" is to get a GED? How about telling them not to drop out of school in the first place? How about leveling with them that 99% of jobs that pay decently will likely require at least  a passing (literally) familiarity with college?

Without an honest to goodness, large-scale ramping up in quality of the local workforce - including getting more education - the only "technology" anyone from Clallam County will be working with will be a state of the art deep fat fryer...

And yes, by all means, check out Clallam County's drop out ranking...Clallam County is number two, and we all know what number two is...

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Clallam County: The Crazy Magnet (The Shorts Changed Edition) ***UPDATED!***

Because, really, we just needed this to get even more bizarre, right?

An Edmonds man with a history of publishing the private information of law enforcement officers has asked the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office to hand over pet licensing information of more than 2,000 pet owners and information about county law enforcement.

William Sheehan made the request Monday to “make available upon inspection any and all documents that will show all of the licensed pets in Clallam County, including license numbers, owner information and all other pertinent information,” according to an email Sheehan sent to the Sheriff’s Office Monday.

It’s nearly identical to a request Port Angeles resident and thrice convicted felon Adam Chamberlin rescinded last week after public response when the Sheriff’s Office made his request public. Chamberlin said Thursday he does not know Sheehan.

Part of the reason for the second request, according to a Facebook post by Sheehan, is that Sheriff Bill Benedict “shamed the original requester.”

Soon to be mandatory for all Clallam County residents...

Who is this nut? Here's a little context from a New York Times article from 2003:

His low opinion of the police has its roots, Mr. Sheehan says, in a 1998 dispute with the Police Department of Kirkland, Wash., over whether he lied in providing an alibi for a friend charged with domestic violence. Mr. Sheehan was found guilty of making a false statement and harassing a police officer and was sentenced to six months in jail, but served no time: the convictions were overturned.

Clallam County's crazy has gotten so powerful, it's now sucking in other regional craziness. It's almost - almost - enough to make you feel a little bit sorry for Bill Benedict.


Thanks to whomever sent the link in...Here's a little more Clallam County crazy for you, wherein an elderly candidate for Port Commissioner says:

“No blows were struck. No medical attention was necessary. However, I think he did have to change his shorts."

I think Michael Cobb may have soiled his reputation with this one...Enjoy!


Friday, August 4, 2017

A Simple Lesson in Business for the trolls Out There

Just a little bookkeeping lesson here for the troll(s) who keep insisting that I am Dale Wilson.

First, let's forget all the PAINFULLY OBVIOUS differences between my writing style and Dale's. I mean, really, that alone should be enough to make this clear to you, but, what with you being a troll (or trolls) and all, it's clear your mind itself isn't clear.

So, let's move on to the dollars and cents (not sense!) side of things. That involves money, and, given that trolls tend to congregate on the greedy Republican end of the social/political spectrum, maybe this will sink in to your thick skull(s).

Okay, follow along: Dale Wilson owns and operates the Port O Call. Can we all at least agree on that? And the POC is a commercial enterprise. right? In other words, the hope for Dale Wilson is that the POC will make money. Still with me trolly?

Now, a big, big part of that whole money-making thing is selling ads. Yes? And, in this modern world - the one that has given us internet trolls - ad rates for such a paper, which exists both in print and online, almost certainly are based to some degree on readership. In other words, the numbers of eyeballs you can show advertisers are looking at your paper, or your website, on a regular basis.

Are you still with me, troll(s)? Am I typing too fast?

Every time you "show me," troll, the only thing you show
is how utterly clueless you are.
Now, get ready, because here comes the "hard" part for you to understand...

In basic terms of trying to get people to visit a website, and get eyes on a webpage, this blog is competition for the POC. In other words, if someone is only going to go online and look at just one Port Angeles-related website on any given day, then the POC, KONP, this blog, the PDN, and even Peter Ripley's blog, and hell, even the Chamber of Commerce's website, are all competitors. We're all vying for those eyeballs, those clicks.

Now, as stated above, this is just a blog. I make no money from this, and don't have ads. (Though Google has pushed that at me before, since the numbers here apparently warrant such a thing...) I do this as a form of social justice or activism. It's a freelance thing I do in my free time. Money never enters into it for me.

Not so for Dale Wilson, or for the POC website. He wants those eyeballs, too, and those page clicks, to show potential advertisers to motivate them to buy ads. That's his business, his livelihood. (And, to be clear, that's great, more power to him - this is not a criticism of his capitalistic endeavors.)

And that being so...There is no way on earth he would create and maintain a free blog that competes with his for-profit business website. Now, I know you are simple, troll(s), so I can only hope that you can grasp this simple concept. This blog gets a fair amount of traffic, and, generally speaking, it sure seems like the conversations here get a lot more activity than they do on the POC website. From a making money, dollars and sense perspective, it makes NO SENSE AT ALL that Dale Wilson would spend any time maintaining this blog simply to undercut his own ability to make money elsewhere.

Now, my apologies to my mostly non-troll readers, because I know that you all grasp this incredibly simple, blazingly obvious concept. But obviously, this troll (or troll) does not, and they keep sending in comments that will never get published, bashing me for being Dale, and...Well, you get the picture.

Needless to say, these twin tendencies - latching on to a ridiculous theory or idea, and then pursuing it to no definable end - are very evident in the larger Port Angeles community. Look at the sad state of affairs in Clallam County, and you'll see this ill-informed, pointless troll mindset manifested in every governing chamber. (People call Cherie Kidd a harpy, but in a very real sense, she is just a troll.)

So, trolls, sad, sad trolls, get a clue, and get a grip. I'm not Dale Wilson, and Dale Wilson is not the problem with Port Angeles. If Port Angeles is held back, is backwards, it's because of people like you.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

No Taste, No Clue and No Accountability: The Shape of Things to Come (and the Same Old Shape for Port Angeles)

Sometimes short statements or seemingly simple acts carry a lengthier message that it might first appear. Let's look at a couple of current City Council candidates...

“I do think Port Angeles voters were looking for a change,” said French, a Port Angeles native and owner of First Street Haven restaurant. “You can kind of see that none of the other incumbents even filed to run. You had a lot of rancor last year in the City Council. Jake and I, we look young, we are smart businessmen. You need the voice of a younger generation.”

Oppelt did not return calls for comment Wednesday on the primary election results but issued a prepared statement:

“We sincerely appreciate the support from our community throughout the primary campaign process and we are very excited to gain more of it as we move into the general election...We will continue to stay positive and look forward as we bring a new, focused vision to the City of Port Angeles.”

With this warm French kiss to a flamingly obvious Ohole, Mr. French demonstrates that he has no taste in who he associates with - along with several other red flags waved.

"Jake and I, we look young..." What the hell does that even mean? "...We are smart businessmen." A claim that is debatable in many ways. "You can kind of see that none of the other incumbents even filed to run." We can "kind of" see that? And what part of term limits and health problems (and I've got enough graft already) doesn't he understand?

Finally, we've got the beetle-brained centerpiece of his statement: "You had a lot of rancor last year in the City Council." Offered as if there was no reason for such rancor, and then he just segues right into the youthful good looks he and Ohole share. Huh???

Taken as a whole this shows someone who has not thought a lot about what they're going to say when asked some of the most blindingly obvious questions you could (easily, easily, easily) anticipate. This is a meandering mumble of a message.

On the other hand...

Handsome, youthful Ohole is so concerned about talking to the press live and in person (see also: skipping out on debates and forums) that he, in the most pompous manner possible, "issues a statement" to the waiting press...One that uses the royal "We" over and over again, which is paired with an absolute lack of details or emotion. It's a checked-out robocall of a "statement," and shows the gee whiz kiddo Ohole to be just as removed from reality and accountability as has been feared. And all done in the service of avoiding two or three softball questions from the Gaul Potleaf.

All of which is to say, both these guys are naturals for the Port Angeles City Council. Whether mush-mouthed and rambling (Pat? Cherie? Is that you?) or entitled and self-important (Karen Rogers, Dan Gase, your minion is calling) it looks like it'll be more of the same for the City Council.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gone with the Whetham

Preliminary primary results are in folks...

Initial results of balloting in tonight’s primary election show Moran with 1,359 votes, or 45.87 percent, to Negus’ 1,018 votes, or 34.36 percent. Marolee Smith won 586 votes or 19.78 percent.

In the Position 2 seat race, French won 1,207 votes, or 39.41 percent, to Oppelt’s 1,052 votes, or 34.35 percent. Whetham won 804 votes, or 26.25 percent.

Ouch! Lee Whetham got shown the door in no uncertain terms.

Lee Whetham: Sleazed in; squeezed out.

Ouch - but the pain stops now (for her). Marolee Smith is also now out of the race.

Because, OUCH! Jim Moron won. (Hey, spellcheck didn't catch it, so why should I worry?)

It'll be another great day in Port Angeles,

The only bright spot - and it's only about four watts of bright, at best - is that Young Ohole came in second. Of course, that's cold comfort, since it was close, and he will proceed to the general election.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you all can read in these tea leaf ballots. The only thing I can also confidently look forward to is a great deal of money being spent on these races...WAY more than they are worth.

At least to the untrained eye...

Monday, July 31, 2017

Meth, Meds and 'Mergencies

Though it is a town with a very limited tree canopy, in one sense, Port Angeles is very much an evergreen community. Yes, the classics never die! That's why you will, every six months or so, see a headline like this:

Ideas broached for economic growth in Port Angeles

Say! Now there's an idea! Hold a meeting, wag some jaws, and "grow the economy"! But, folks, before we do that, let's be sure we're not just spouting out harebrained notions that we've been over before, or just embracing any of the same old, same old scams that are so prevalent here, okay? Keep it real, people...

A few individuals focused on the high career prospects for those who learn coding and cybersecurity — and the fact that these jobs can be performed anywhere in the world.

Port Angeles also could become a gathering place for the tech community, they said.

Port Angeles School Board member Sandy Long said unlike metropolitan cities such as Seattle, Port Angeles does not have a large community space where people can gather.

Schroeter wrote “confirm space” on a poster and posed a future performing arts center as a potential gathering place that could host tech groups and others.

People! Did you not...Sigh...

Okay. Tech jobs develop where tech people congregate, or at least might want to congregate. Now, look around...Do you see any groups of talented young brilliant minds just, you know, hanging out in Port Angeles? (Insert sound of crickets chirping here.) No, I don't see any either.

Remember that phrase, "quality of life"? The one that NOAA invoked as to why they were giving Port Angeles a pass? Guess what? That phrase is vital to the tech industry as well. Since, as this PDN article points out, those jobs "can be performed anywhere in the world," they tend to want to "perform" them someplace nice. With amenities, with culture. With...You got it, go on...That's right, with quality of life.

Oh, and they also probably want to "perform" them in a place that has good schools and does not have a raging drug abuse problem. (Full disclosure: Since I work at a tech company - we have ping pong tables and everything! - I think I have a little bit of an understanding of what they're looking for in terms of locations and/or employees.)

Hey, you Google sissies! Think you so damned smart!
We got us some toilet seat horseshoes on our tech campus!

So, when someone says Port Angeles "could become a gathering place for the tech community," it's true that it could. It's not absolutely impossible. Port Angeles could also become a place where Space X launches shuttles to Mars. It could. But does it seem likely? No.

Especially, and this is the other thing I warned you people not to fixate on, but especially not when Port Angeles is the place where scams are King. You see, the preposterous "need" for an "arts (which is to say conference) center" is just that - preposterous. Trying to sugarcoat and spin that scam as something vital to the future "tech community" development of Port Angeles...Well, that just strains credibility, credulity and everything else. It's obvious, it's clumsy.

Just like low tech Port Angeles.

I think the immediate "growth" areas for "economic development" in economically distressed Port Angeles are listed in the title to this piece. Keep it real, people.