Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You Can't Take It With You, But You Sure Can Take the Town Down With You BEFORE You Go *** UPDATED!!! Special Senior Citizens Wiggins Out Edition ***

Mayor Patrick Downie:

Age: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 90.

Health: Rapidly declining.

Grasp of Modern Life as most of us know it: Woefully outdated. 

Still, he's the Mayor.

Deputy Mayor Cherie Kidd:

Age: Physical age is a STATE SECRET but her mental age is somewhere around 6th grade.

(Mental) Health: Rapidly declining.

Grasp of Modern Life as most of us know it: Tenuous, at best.

Chance Cherie knows what "tenuous" means: Ten percent, at best.

Still, she's the Deputy Mayor.

But this situation is, needless to say, ready to flux all over the place. These two could drop dead, get committed or become incapacitated in any number of ways. Just about the only thing they will not do is serve any more terms as members of the City Council. Ever.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

This flux, this change, is coming fast. (Really, really fast, if you get my meaning.) So what happens when these two are gone? When the Fluoride Four are just the Twitbrained Two? Who will take their places?

I ask because, honestly, this is a decision that will be facing someone (voters and/or the remaining members of the City Council) really, really soon. Two new people on the Council could be transformative - or you could (per a recent email) get Edna back in there. A wide open, unopposed race? How does Council Member Peter Ripley sound to you? Or do you want to aim a little higher?

Feel free to toss out names or suggestions here, folks, because two of those seven hourglasses have only a few grains of sand left between them.

...Just how long until I fall?
Sigh...Now Cherie's friend Marie Wiggins has (you guessed it) filed her own ethics complaint - this one against the four City Council members who stayed behind after Cherie abruptly "adjourned" that infamous meeting lo these many months ago. Marie is, for those who don't know, the wife of (you guessed it) former Mayor Glenn Wiggins, whom you may remember because he wanted to log Beaver Hill where the PAFAC is located. (I wish I was kidding about that, but it's true. Sad, but true.) This is VERY CLEARLY an attempt at coordinated getback, and as such, it is exceedingly hamhanded. It is also a case of generational wagon circling, being that Cherie, Marie and Glenn have a collective age of around 300 years. That being the case, they certainly don't represent the future at all, and don't even represent the past well, either. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Close the Barn Door - the Horse Got Out!

To recap, here's a brief chain of events...

Max Mania got elected and started asking questions and voting "No" on stupid things. This was bad news from the perspective of the powers that be, so they tried to silence him by filing false ethics "charges" against him.

That went nowhere, because he hadn't actually done anything, and because - Oops! - the City didn't have any ethics code on the books. In a sudden rush of supposedly ethical energy, the City Council passed an ethics ordinance. (See also: Bill Bloor, failure.)

Skip ahead a couple of years, and Marolee Smith decides she doesn't like the petty princess dictatorial antics of Cherie Kidd, and so she files an ethics complaint against her for her unprofessional, discourteous and unethical behavior. Then another complaint gets filed. And another. City Council members are targeted. The City Attorney is targeted. (See also: Bill Bloor, laughing stock.)

An Ethics Board is empaneled. And another. The City has such a need for these boards that they have to approve notorious homophobes and other assorted cranks to flesh them out. The PDN does their best to protect Cherie and Dan Gase and Bill Bloor (See also: Bill Bloor, kingpin of bad advice.) But new media sources in town get the truth out. Recalls are started. Calls to step down are heard. Pitchforks and torches are distributed to the angry villagers.

Cherie Kidd isn't cut out for a tough racket.
So, the City just has to cut out the potentially tough parts for her.

In the swirling chaos of trying to deal with multiple ethics complaints, further problems arise. Ethical and professional lines are blurred, then crossed. (See also: Bill Bloor, morally bankrupt.) Put under oath, Cherie Kidd, as shucks sweetheart of Port Angeles tries to blame a fellow Council member and lies her little heart out.

And so we come to this little announcement in today's PDN:

Port Angeles City Council members will consider revisions to the City's ethics ordinance when they meet Tuesday. At the meeting, the Council will go through a first reading of an addition to the ethics ordinance that would address instances of multiple complaints and claims made against a public official based on conduct arising from a single action or event.

To translate: Now that the City's own sharp stick has been used by citizens to poke the corrupt City Council and severely compromised staff, the City wants to start cutting said stick back. The whittling begins Tuesday night.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Two Words of Truth: She Lied!

Given how truth-averse the Peninsula Daily News is, it's very gratifying to see some actual truth-telling in print in Clallam County. With that in mind, here's a quick word to say "Well done!" to the Port O Call for their May cover. It shows a picture of Cherie Kidd, hand raised to be sworn in, to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help her...Only then she lied. The headline for the piece makes that clear. It says: SHE LIED!

Extra points are given for the use of the exclamation point. And I am sure I'm not the only one who loves the idea of that picture and that headline going in to homes all over Port Angeles. (Lee Whetham, for one, is probably going to be smiling for a week over this.)

Lying under oath isn't just illegal; it isn't just shameful. It's also petty, foolish and totally counterproductive. Kind of like Cherie Kidd's entire "body of work" as a City Council member. She's a hypocrite and a moron, and while she lies, the town dies. It's that simple. She aids and abets the goons and crooks who are sucking the very life out of Port Angeles, but she's more concerned with protecting her "good name."

Cherie, your reputation is a joke. You have no good name. But the Port O Call has done some good work. So good for them, and (continued) shame on you.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Free - Yes, FREE - Legal Advice

Unsurprisingly, the City of Port Angeles is now seeking a new trial to try and claw back the $1.5 million in damages that was awarded to Yvonne Ziomkowski.

Here's Bill Bloor's explanation for it:

City Attorney Bill Bloor said the decision to seek a new trial was made by the Washington Cities Insurance Authority, a municipal risk pool, without objection by the City. "It's a fairly routine matter," he said.

Oh yes, yes it is, Bill. It is a routine matter for the City to receive the bulk of their legal advice from outside sources, since you farm out pretty much everything except sitting in the chair in your office to other firms, other sources, all of which costs the City big money. Yet you still draw your wildly inflated salary for being "an attorney."

But you don't even play one on TV - not yet, anyway. (Hello, PAPA!)

So here's some FREE legal advice to the City: If you really want to recover $1.5 million dollars, why not take back Bloor's salary for the last seven or eight years of his worthless service?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Great Things Will Come From This" - But HOW???

Another day, another Upbeat Announcement! from the pixie-like Bob Larsen, CEO of the Composite Recycling Technology Center. Brought to us, naturally, courtesy of the detail-deficient PDN.

What are you rolling out for us today, Bob?

The nonprofit center is garnering international attention, and the ribbon-cutting is expected to attract 40 or 50 high-profile guests, Bob Larsen, CEO of the composites center, told the Port of Port Angeles Commissioners during a work session Monday morning.

What international attention? Who are these guests going to be? What fields do they come from?

No answers are provided.

"Great things will come from this," said Larsen.

Like what, Bob? Could you be more specific? No, no he can't, apparently.

Would you buy pixie dust from this man?

A ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening is tentatively scheduled for August 5th, and the beginning of production, with 12 employees, is expected by October 1st, he said. Larsen also said the CRTC is on target to produce positive earnings by April 2017, and is projecting a need for more space by the end of 2018. "That's pretty remarkable," said Larsen.

What would be even more remarkable, Bob, is if you provided even the faintest hint of how all that is going to come to be. Since your previous Upbeat Announcement! was simply an MOU with Toray Composites out of Tacoma, to take their trash and to "work with" them to develop products and markets for those products, it has previously sounded like the CRTC was in the crawling stage. Now you're telling us it's going to be sprinting - and winning gold medals.

Hmmm...Given the Upbeat! nature of this latest news, Bob, and given the sordid history of Port Angeles scams going way, way back, can you offer us any more details that would tend to bolster your happy story talk?

"Great things will come from this," said Larsen.

No, really, we'd like a few more details to flesh out your -

"Great things will come from this," said Larsen.

Yeah, right. But for who, Bob?

Monday, April 25, 2016

This Is What It Sounds Like When Droves Lie (AKA TV Eye II)

Once again the PDN has essentially asked the old question: Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

Here's the headline for the article I'm referring to:

Droves brave blustery weather for first Waterfront Day in Port Angeles

Here's the first photo accompanying the article:

I don't see any droves there, do you? I see five adults, and one kid.
Here's the first line from the story itself:
Crowds of visitors showed up Sunday at the inaugural Waterfront Day, and left asking for more after a behind-the-scenes look at the city's Port facilities.
Here's the second photo accompanying the article:
Do you see any crowds? I see the same five adults and one child.
"We had no idea what to expect," said Holly Hairell, Port of Port Angeles public relations manager and organizer for the event.
Hairell said attendance figures for the day were not yet available Sunday.
Here's the third photo accompanying the article, to give you a further idea of the attendance figures:
I see one woman, one dog, and the guy who owns the boat. Even the kid has disappeared. No wonder Holly Hairell didn't have those figures available yet, eh?
I'm trying to make two points here. One is that the PDN lies, lies, lies. There are no "droves" or "crowds" on display here - other than in the twisted text. Actual crowds are, you know, big things, easy to spot and easy to get photos of. Where's the proof, PDN?
The second point is timing. Lookie here, this event happened yesterday and the PDN has already got an article about it in the paper! Wow! That's pretty quick turnaround, especially for such a nonessential flop of an event. So why does it take them days and days and sometimes even weeks to get articles concerning local government affairs of real importance into their slimy little rag?
Oh yeah, that's why. Because they're a slimy little rag. And this is why it will be very, very interesting to see how the PDN responds to having PAPA TV around to (potentially) push out more facts, more quickly.
Good luck, PAPA, and - once again - shame on you, PDN. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

TV Eye

Though Tuesday was quite a few days ago now, the PDN has finally made the big (upbeat!) announcement: PAPA TV is here. (That stands for Peninsula Area Public Access TV.) Hopefully this will be a watchful, stern PAPA. Lord knows the childish dolts ruining, er, running things in Clallam County bear some watching.

PAPA is watching you, Port Angeles...

PAPA Board members are: Edna Willadsen, Michael Gentry, Dale Wilson, Jody Potter, Wendy Wilson, Patrick McInnis, Craig Fulton, Camrin Meyer, Tyler Ahlgren and Richard Wade. (The PDN lists a Wendy Buck, and doesn't list Tyler, but I'm going by the list from PAPA's website, http://www.papaonline.tv/.)

Programming will be broadcast from the old firehouse at 215 S. Lincoln St. Here's hoping that PAPA gets some good stuff out there before the building slides down the hill. The building is so decrepit it has a market value of...nothing. Sort of like many of the people PAPA will be covering, eh?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Whether Arriving Early, Or Delayed Until Later...The News is Bad News

It might come early...

Port Angeles Haggen to close its doors today; store to shut weeks earlier than first expected

Or it might be delayed until later...

Port Angeles City Council delays decision on admonishment of Deputy Mayor Cherie Kidd

But either way, the news is bad for Port Angeles. Which leads to my prediction: A double-jeopardy defense is used to force the issue to a vote, resulting in a 3-3 split, which means any motion to admonish will fail. (Of course, if a motion to absolve also splits and fails...Cherie must reside in limbo for the rest of her unnatural life.)

But let's remember that this complaint was and is all about Cherie acting in an unprofessional and out of line manner. Yes, let us remember, because clearly she doesn't...

After Councilmembers took up the agenda item on her potential admonishment, Kidd immediately began arguing that there weren't enough Ethics Board members to handle the three complaints that have been filed. Councilman Lee Whetham interrupted her, declaring a point of order. He suggested City Attorney Bill Bloor (himself the subject of an ethics complaint) address whether Kidd should recuse herself - which Bloor said she should.

Kidd then left the Council chambers and did not take part in Tuesday's discussion.

Whether it's that Cherie cannot learn, or simply refuses to learn, the fact remains that Cherie Kidd is an idiot who has not learned a thing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Conspiracy theories come and go, and it seems like most places have gotten over the whole AGENDA 21 paranoia. Most places. I did notice, though, that several speakers at a recent County Commissioners' meeting invoked this old far-right fantasy, so obviously the AGENDA 21 fever hasn't quite burned itself out in Clallam County yet.

So sad. No, check that: It's pathetic.

In a roundabout way, I was reminded of the AGENDA 21 people when I saw the photo below in the PDN today. It shows what is the real agenda for too many people who move to remote, rural places that have lax rules, regulations and oversight. This agenda can be summed up thusly: Let's move out to the country and pile up as much crap as we can on our previously unspoiled property. In this case, AGENDA 21 was literally buried by AGENDA 20 TONS OF GARBAGE.

Do you suppose there was a provision for the Chain Gang in the will?
And how can the U.N. put in their "Secret Invasion Paths" with so many
abandoned RVs in the way?

And speaking of fantasies and tons of garbage...Bob Larsen, former Board President and current CEO of the Composite Recycling Technology Center (CRTC), said Tuesday he will make a series of "upbeat announcements" on the CRTC beginning Friday.

Does this pattern of announcing upcoming announcements seem familiar to anyone else? Has it ever worked out? Are you planning on flying anywhere from Port Angeles any time soon?

Here's a tip, Clallam Count residents: Forget about AGENDA 21. Instead, why not worry about the clearly visible agenda that enriches a small handful of people there, while leaving everyone else struggling.


The first "upbeat announcement" has been announced! The CRTC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Toray Composites of Tacoma. In other words, they've agreed to talk to each other about "enabling...market developments for recycled products."

And why wouldn't Toray sign such an agreement? After all, talk is cheap. It's also an easy way for them to get rid of their scrap, thereby avoiding a cost for storage and/or disposal. But until there is an actual, verifiable, funded market available, all of Tacoma's scrap will just be so much more crap sitting in a truck in Port Angeles. Idling 24/7. And waiting, waiting...