Sunday, November 6, 2016

I Believe the 285

So, which side do you believe...The handful of hateful zealots who don't see anything wrong with their bullying, heartless, uncharitable, behavior...Or the down and out folks who would have had to file 285 false complaints in less than a year...The following two items come from: A comment from the PDN's coverage (such as it is - original typos included) of this story, and a commenter who wishes to remain anonymous because of their fear of retribution.
Laurie Larson1 hour ago
Your fear is irrational Mom.
These men have done nothing wrong and there is nothing to procecute as was stated repeatedly. Their names should never have been released since no crime was committed
They have a right to open carry firearms for their own protection.
With people like you bullying and spreading lies and hate we are all danger. Thanks for that.
Ignoring the issue that no one should have been there when they went looking and Our Town had permission to clean up City property. We tried to stay as closely connection with LE as we could to make sure we did things right. We learned as we went and adapted to the towns needs. No one in the group is doing any of the vigelante things its accused of and those that are bullying it like you Mom have no room to talk.
The hate and destruction needs to stop.
This town is being destroyed because people like you would rather attack good people trying to protect the community than criminals destroying it. 
Laurie Larson1 hour ago
There's that old punchline to an old joke: "Who are you gonna believe - me or your lyin' eyes?"
For me, I'm going to believe the people who filed 285 complaints, at great personal risk, with no real hope of follow up, but with a real fear of ("Our Town" sponsored) retribution. Why do I believe that? Because it is nonsensical to think that there was a coordinated effort to file 285 false complaints. Think about it: Even if half of them are fake, that would still leave a whopping 140+ complaints of illegal, cruel harassment. What would the payoff be for some people who are down and out to file false reports? How would they know who to say was harassing them? What possible motivation would they have?
On the other hand, we can see what the motivation would be for the "Our Town" clowns. They're small, mean people who need to feel some sense of power in their otherwise chaotic and sad little lives. They need to feel bigger and better than someone - anyone - and to assert themselves in this world they have trouble navigating in some way, any way, however cruel. They're hypocrites, and false Christians, and just plain creepy.
But, let's face it, they can see who there is to pick on. They can see how the power structure or pecking order is set up in Clallam County. You don't have to get all the way up to 285 complaints that haven't been acted on to realize that such complaints aren't going to be acted on. Law enforcement gave these goons a green light, and they just want to keep stepping on the gas.
And on their fellow citizens.
There but for the grace of God...Goes someone I'd like to treat in a harsh and inhumane manner. That's the "Our Town" way. It's the way of arsonist assassins, lynchings, and sociopathic fascists throughout history. "Our Town" doesn't sound like a very nice place to visit, or to live.

Friday, November 4, 2016

People Who Live in "Our Town" ***3rd UPDATE!***

Thanks to the reader who sent the link to this newest gem directly above. Apparently, the right and moral thing to do when your group of thugs and crooks is getting bad press is to try and smear someone else. In other words, try to change the subject.
Well, I don't want to change the subject. Sorry. But, to give the creepy, unethical and bullying "Our Town" clowns a taste of their own medicine, I've posted the latest screenshot above, but have deleted the name of someone who has nothing to do with the troubles of "Our Town" and replaced it with the name of someone who very much is behind the trouble in "Our Town".
Spread the word, and share the shame.  
*********2nd UPDATE!*********
Well, gosh! The evidence proving the ill intent and illegal actions of the "Our Town" clowns just keeps pouring in! I haven't even posted all I've gotten, and it just keeps coming in. Here's one of the best of the most recent batch...

I'm posting this one mainly to show how whiny these supposedly brave individuals are. These morons go out, harass people, break the law, demonstrate how heartless and cruel they are...And when the Port O Call simply tells the truth about them, then POC is "destroying our community." (Note the use of that possessive again...) That's pretty rich.
Oh, and as for the mention of this blog...I'd say that posting information from public records (police reports) about people who are suspected of criminal activity (like David Morse, Howard Reynolds and Shea "She" McDonald) is more than okay - I'd say it's a public service.
In regards to David Morse's macho comment ("Bad move for him...)...Gimme a break. You're a mama's boy, Davey, nearly 50 years old and still living at home. You're a loser. A big, fat loser. And we all know it. What's more, you know it. That's why you have to try and act tough, to compensate for your nothing life and feelings of inadequacy. Sorry to use words you don't understand, but trust me, believe me, we've all got your number.
Literally! That would be 360-477-1375, as well as 360-374-9722. Or, you can still be found living with mommy at 609 S. Pine St. What's mommy making you for dinner tonight, Davey?
Am I taunting you, Davey boy? You bet! Because, believe me, without your buddies and your gun, you're nothing. Nothing. You're just a bully trying to pump yourself up. You and your creepy comrades deserve our scorn and mockery, and nothing more. Nothing more for the nothing you are.
Anyway...Here's looking forward to more info from and about "Our Town." It will keep coming out, and it will not be pretty. 
*********3rd UPDATE!*********
Here's the link suggested by Bif in the comments section. This way, you can just click on it and go. Thanks for the tip, Bif. Have fun searching, folks.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Without Turnout, How Can You Have Turnover?

It's another case of compare and contrast between neighboring counties, as told through the medium of headlines.

Almost 40 percent return ballots in Jefferson County

More than 28 percent return ballots in Clallam County

Those are the latest headlines, but the earlier versions had shown a similar split - 19% vs. 14%. And, if history is any guide, that split will hold right down to the end, with Jeff Co. having a higher percentage of their ballots returned than Clallam.

Which brings us to a version of the chicken or the egg question. Does Clallam County have lower turnout because it has lousy candidates, or does Clallam County have lousy candidates because the slackers and creeps that usually run for office know there's low turnout (and thus a lower bar to clear)?

And that question leads to another one. We all know there is a great, great deal of dissatisfaction with the (overall low, low, low) quality of people who get elected in Clallam County and Port Angeles. Citizen, and thus voter, dissatisfaction and distrust is very high, as is, it seems, the desire for change. So you'd think there'd be bigger turnouts during elections...Only, well, there isn't. So how do you achieve any sort of change and turnover without better turnout?

Sure, it's the fundamental building block
of our democracy, but...Whatever.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Picking "Our Town" Apart

Thanks to a concerned reader for sending along all the screen snaps! They are appreciated and revealing. In fact, here's a very revealing one right here:

Let's dissect this one paragraph from Chelsea Ward, shall we?
First, she gives us more names, which is always useful. The more everyone knows who is involved with this "Our Town" insanity, the better.
Next, let's note the loaded language that bitter nutcase Chelsea uses. (Get that one, Chelsea?) In public, these "Our Town" clowns do generally try to stick to less inflammatory descriptors, like "homeless camp." But in private, well, Chelsea just knows it's "trashed" and that the people there are "junkies." But I'm gonna bet that Chelsea had never been there, and didn't actually know the people there. (Freely making assumptions as so many of these hypocritical criminals do...) It never hurts to dehumanize your victims, eh?
Then, from loaded words we go to coded words. They have gotten permission for a handful (or gang) of trusted "Our Town" members (who can be counted on to do violence and/or keep their mouths shut) to enter the property and "clean it out" (do violence to those found there).
Two notes on this supposed permission. One is that if the owners knew there were people camping there illegally, why didn't they just call the real, actual law? Why would they go with these thugs? And speaking of those thugs...If they had permission to be there ahead of time, I don't recall any of them mentioning that in the police report or (in the case of stupid, stupid Shea) in comments to the PDN.
Moving on, Chelsea explains that because of this permission, the "Our Town" goons will "no longer be considered trespassers when we go back there." Which is a classic inadvertent admission that they had been back there before, harassing these people before.
Finally, please note that, after all the seeming words of permission and comfort that she has offered, Chelsea ends by stating that "These clean ups will be behind the scenes for a while..." This seems like a clear tacit acknowledgment that what they are discussing and doing is, in fact, not ready for public consumption, no doubt due to the thuggish and illegal nature of it.
But hey, those are just my thoughts. I'm sure you'll have plenty of your own. In the meantime, please keep those "Our Town" materials coming. As we can all see, this problem has gotten so big that even the PDN has had to write an article about it.
Better late than never, Paul...