Thursday, February 27, 2014

Toxic Teresa, the (Former) Guardian of the Gate

As has been pointed out by others, Teresa Pierce is tight with the aforementioned Karen Rogers. Does anyone doubt that she has been a steady and reliable source of inside information to Rogers since she left the City Council? If you do doubt that, could I interest you in buying some prime real estate down on the waterfront, in the shadow of the Glenn Cutler Memorial Turd Tank?

Anyway, Karen Rogers obviously enjoys pulling the strings with her fat little fingers, so on the surface, the notion that she’d be losing her City Hall harlot seems like a loser for both Pierce (her job) and for Rogers (her inside source). It also seems like a loser for Pierce to make her ridiculous bid for permanent disability status due to the supposed “harassment” she has experienced at City Hall. After all, her right-wing chums like Rogers and Dick Pilling look down on that sort of thing. So what gives?

First of all, let me tell you, the claims that Pierce has made about Brad Collins “sexually harassing” her are laughable. They are almost certainly pure fiction. Some of you may have seen the email going around from a former City Hall insider explaining that Teresa never complained about Don Perry’s ongoing commentary on her looks and attractiveness. If she’s just SO sensitive that now she needs to be on permanent disability, you’d think that Don’s constant panting and whistling would have had her in the vapors years ago. So her claims don’t pass the smell test.

So again, what gives?

Here’s what I take away from all this. First, though she is a loathsome and poisonous person, Teresa Pierce is not entirely foolish. She knows her disability claim will go nowhere, but in the meantime, it sure does dress up her attempt to extort some cash from the City.

Second, I doubt that Rogers would let her leave if she was still being a useful minion. But now that Kent Myers is long gone, Glenn Cutler is gone, Larry Dunbar is gone, it seems like Karen Rogers might – I say might – be throwing in the towel at City Hall. Think about it this way too: If her only reason to have her hands on city business was to skim some money off, how much more can there be to skim when the City is so incredibly deep in debt?

Finally, speaking of money, I think that Teresa’s ham-handed attempt to extort $100,000 from the City has a “me too” feel to it. As in, did she hear talk (like I have) about the City settling with Yvonne Ziomkowski, and think “me too”? I suspect so. I also suspect that Rogers will have promised some sort of job or financial reward to Pierce as part of this.

So share what you know, what you’ve heard. Tell us the truth about Toxic Teresa.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Beginning of The End

In the Beginning...There was Karen Rogers.

At least that's where this blog is going to start. Yes, there were troubles and crooks in Port Angeles before her, but she's recent enough, crooked enough, and still has her fat, grubby fingers in enough to make her a logical starting point in trying to get at exactly why Port Angeles is in the sorry state it is.

So the question posed here is deceptively simple: Who is Karen Rogers? She seems to have no known history before coming to Port Angeles, other than some vague references she's made about working in the "aerospace industry."

Clearly that is a load of crap. But who is she? What can you tell us about her, her past, her connections?

If Port Angeles ever hopes to get ahead in the world, ever hopes to move ahead, first it has to deal with its own past. Port Angeles as a town has been bled dry by crooks and con artists like Rogers for years, decades, and they won't stop until they are stopped. Exposed. Their secrets revealed.

So let's start stripping away the masks and clearing away the smoke and mirrors and get at The Truth.

Tell us the truth about Karen Rogers.