Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Beginning of The End

In the Beginning...There was Karen Rogers.

At least that's where this blog is going to start. Yes, there were troubles and crooks in Port Angeles before her, but she's recent enough, crooked enough, and still has her fat, grubby fingers in enough to make her a logical starting point in trying to get at exactly why Port Angeles is in the sorry state it is.

So the question posed here is deceptively simple: Who is Karen Rogers? She seems to have no known history before coming to Port Angeles, other than some vague references she's made about working in the "aerospace industry."

Clearly that is a load of crap. But who is she? What can you tell us about her, her past, her connections?

If Port Angeles ever hopes to get ahead in the world, ever hopes to move ahead, first it has to deal with its own past. Port Angeles as a town has been bled dry by crooks and con artists like Rogers for years, decades, and they won't stop until they are stopped. Exposed. Their secrets revealed.

So let's start stripping away the masks and clearing away the smoke and mirrors and get at The Truth.

Tell us the truth about Karen Rogers.


  1. Rogers and Cutler were obviously close, and I'm pretty sure Cutler arrived in PA before she did. So looking more into his background might give you clues to where she came from. Just a thought.

  2. I'd suggest digging into the whole recent Toxic Teresa Pierce claims of "sexual harassment," and her attempt to extort $100,000 from the city, AND to claim "total disability" because of what she's supposedly been through.

    Pierce is only 53 years old, which is to say, she's going to need more than $100,000 to live on for the rest of her life. And she has to know her "disability" claim is going to go nowhere. It's just window dressing for her extortion attempt.

    So, since she can't retire, what's next for her? Being that she is totally in Karen Roger's pocket, I have to suspect that there is something waiting for Pierce when the dust settles.

    Her sudden exit from city hall would also tend to suggest that the Karen Rogers crew has given up on the city, and may be casting about for a new host body to attach themselves to. My guess would be they've got their eyes on the county. There's already too many crooks in place at the port.

  3. I agree that Toxic Teresa deserves a place of her own here. I'll get that up ASAP. I'm still waiting for word to leak in from a friend inside City Hall...Stay tuned.

  4. Another logical angle is to investigate her husband,

    God! Can you imagine being married to HER???

  5. Actually, I did do a bit of research on her some years ago. If I remember correctly, she came from Orinda California. Never found any connection to Areospace, but, she clearly knows how to play the private/public partnership game.

    Besides her, look into the old Port Angeles family of Haugewood. Jim has figured out how to get himself right where things happen, and how to get taxpayers to pay for his lifestyle.

    And, how about Craig at CPI? Sue Robards and her husband? Interesting interconnections, there.

    1. Thanks for the Orinda tip. I'll do some digging myself. Anyone else have anything on this angle?

  6. I'd like to know how someone like Tim Smith can even be insured to drive. It makes no sense. Let alone start and operate a car dealership, selling dangerous extensions of his evil being, endangering people out there on the roads. Let alone operating a bla bla bla the entire time he's on the street. Probably a total twist of fate that he was picked up, right around the time his supplier gets busted. Some industrious state trooper, maybe, who knows, we will never know. This town/county coddles people like that piece of shit, they don't see at all why it's wrong, 95% of this piece of shit town. It's like a progressive, who cuts Trevon Martin some slack, oh, perhaps he wasn't slamming George Zimmerman's head into the cement...same with ol' Tim. Poor Tim, get him some help, the feds are involved, so maybe we don't know all sides and he's being persecuted, society drove him to this, FUCKING TEABAGGERS....AND THEIR TWEAKER RELATIVES. Good luck with this blog, but seriously, what's the point? Oh, you care! PS - THANK YOU FEDS!

    1. It's this kind of BS ranting that Tom Harper allows on his blog that sent it into the toilet. As someone who is interested in reading about and discussing politics in Port Angeles, I'd caution you against letting the ranters and the trolls take over. If you can in some way provide an alternative to the PDN, great. If this is going to be the equivalent of someone standing on the corner shouting at people passing by, forget it.

    2. All I care about is seeing that the greedy sociopaths who run Port Angeles get exposed for what and who they are.

      And yes, in the future, unless comments are a little more on-topic and focused, they won't make the cut.

    3. The lack (thus far) of too much ranting here is appreciated.

  7. It's nice to see a PA-centric blog that doesn't seem to just want to be a bitchy gossip column. Good luck with rooting out the rot.

  8. Let's not forget Larry Williams, who can't seem to forget Port Angeles! He was on the city Council at the same time, a real estate guy, and very involved in the politics of the area. He moved to some other poor community in Washington (pity them), but still does what he can to remain involved in Port Angeles.

    1. It was very interesting how Larry couldn't wait to get out of town once his "public service" was over. That was before the investigation (such as it was) of Karen Rogers was done. Connection? Hmmm...

    2. I don't read the PDN other than accidentally. Does he STILL write letters to the editor?

  9. Yes, please, Jim Haugewood. He's the old family, good old boy connection here, no doubt. I don't know if the long-term crooks here recruit people like Rogers, or if they just find their way here and muscle in, but either way, it's clear they're all in bed together. Look at what Rogers is doing to OMC right now. Absolutely rotting the community away from the inside.

  10. I couldn't find anything connecting Karen Rogers to Orinda in a quick Google search. It's small enough (under 20,000) for her type to be attracted to, but other than that it seems like a bad fit - especially since it was ranked by Forbes as "the second most friendly town in America."

    Of course, maybe they ranked it that way after she left...

  11. I moved here in 98 and was in the PABA for a few years and never did take to Karen Rogers and haven't learned much about her. But I do recall that she went off to some training event some years back. You know, to learn how to get others to do things and let go of their money.

    @Anonymous February 27, 2014 at 2:12 AM....

    Tim's business is in his mothers name, she put up the capital to help him do some honest work and once again he has screwed her over. (off subject but the question was asked)

  12. Well, the Tim Smith we SHOULD be exposing is the older one, who also lives in Sequim now. He WAS the Port Angeles Economic Development guy when Rogers, Williams and crew were on Council. He married one of the DelGuzzi Twins, which is another one of the big families in town you don't here much about, but own lots of lots. He fancies himself an "intel guy" for the folks who run things, infiltrating and passing along what various people are up to in town.

  13. I'm trying to recall why I also didn't take to the older Tim Smith back in the days I was involved with the PABA, but I didn't take to most of those folks, they have different agendas than I think a town should have. Cherie Kidd is a very talented lady but it is wasted in politics and she has stars in her eyes.

    As for the DelGuzzi operation, they moved to Las Vegas where there was a lot of work at the time but do still have a lot of properties here. I suppose hoping they will become more valuable.

  14. For what it's worth, here's some information about KR's past business connections as reported on her F-1 Personal Financial Affairs Statements for the WA Public Disclosure Commission for the years 2001 - 2005. She reportedly received much of her income through consulting fees via entities such as Northstar Data Sales and Marketing, STMA Associates LLC, and Karen Rogers Consulting.
    The PDC requires publicly elected officials to file F-1 statements every year, and allows the filer to report income in general categories of "A" through "E". Category "E" is anything over $75K; "D" is $30K to $75K; "C" is 15K to 30K; "B" is $3K to 15K. "A" is under $3K/
    From earliest to latest years, here are some of the entities providing compensation to KR, as she reported on her F-1 forms.
    City of Port Angeles - "C" in consulting services for one year, and "A" in wages,in later years
    Magna Force - W-2 wages "B" one year, and "D" in wages in a later year
    Olympic Medical Center - consulting services - "C" and "B" in a later year
    Fred Hill Materials - "D"
    Capacity Provisioning - misc. consulting services - "A"
    Jonah LLC, Sequim, consultant "A"
    Hood Canal Sand & Gravel - "C"
    Victoria Rapid Transit "B"

    F-1 forms for years after 2005 should be available as public records through the Public Disclosure Commission, and maybe even available on the internet. They could provide more recent clues to KR's dealings and connections.

  15. Does anyone know WHO "Karen Rogers Consulting" has as clients? I mean, I can't imagine she really has many. I remember seeing her about a year after she "decided not to run again" for city council, showing a couple of people around city hall like she still ran the place. I was just there paying my bills, and got to see her talking too loud, making big, sweeping gestures, showing off for the two (dubious looking) guys she was with.

    Any info on her clients, if any, would be useful. But I suspect her main source of income is not her "consulting business," but is made up off a little scammed here, a little scammed there.

  16. Lord, she's such an obvious con artist. I mean, count your fingers after she shakes your hand.

  17. State auditors looked into our sleazy corner of the state in 2010.

    Why didn't this go anywhere?

    State auditors requested information on the following (PDN January, 26, 2010):
    Construction of the Eighth Street bridges and Dry Creek bridge;
    Acquisition of property for The Gateway transit center;
    Travel expenses for Karen Rogers and Mark Madsen;
    Contracts with Exeltech Consulting Inc.; and
    Payments to:
    Capacity Provisioning Inc.
    Fred Hill Materials
    The Remediators Inc.
    Advanced Composite Technologies Inc.
    Clallam Business Incubator.
    At the time Karen was quoted in the PDN, ""The state auditor spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money on these anonymous allegations. This latest anonymous allegation is another of these types of unfounded allegations.""

    The article went on to say:

    "Exeltech, one of the companies named in the complaint, announced in April that it had hired Rogers to oversee its regional business-development efforts.The former mayor also has been a consultant for Fred Hill Materials and served on Clallam Business Incubator's board. It's unknown if her ties with the two companies or the Clallam Business Incubator were mentioned in the complaint.Exeltech has been awarded about $5.8 million in contracts from the city over approximately eight years."

    THE AUDITOR FOUND (PDN April 13, 2011) : "Former Mayor Karen Rogers violated state law by not disclosing business relationships while serving on the City Council, according to a report released by the state Auditor's Office released at City Hall today." "Agency spokeswoman Mindy Chambers said any decisions on enforcement or penalties could be the responsibility of the state Attorney General's Office or county prosecuting attorney." "The report also found that the former mayor didn't disclose how much money organizations that she served with as a board member, such as the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce, received from the city when she filed to run for the City Council.That also violates state law, the Auditor's Office said."

    So, this comes to the attention of the auditors office, and there is time/money spent to investigate, but...that's it? Meanwhile, MR gets off without a nick? How the hell does this work?

    THIS IS WHY people are discouraged and apathetic. Clearly, things are done improperly, and there isn't even a hand slap. I can only assume that our beloved city government has a policy to shred and dispose of records and/or don't keep very good records, so that even the State Auditor can only find smoking guns. Things are very wrong.

    1. I share your outrage that, with wrongdoing proven, nothing happened to Rogers. Perhaps her regular and generous campaign contributions to Washington democrats might be in play here? Obviously Karen Rogers is NOT a Democrat, but Washington is a Democratic state, so she knew who to suck up to.

      Personally, I think that there are a lot of rotten Democrats in Washington. I don't much trust the Governor (he just screams used car salesman to me) and I know there are plenty of rats in the local Democratic Party. But what exactly their connection to Rogers - if any - might be, I don't know for sure.

      But clearly, Washington state is not real big on enforcement. See other posting about the CSO. The "threat" of $10,000 dollar a day fines from the DOE that kept the CSO boondoggle moving along was clearly non-existent. The DOE may bark, but it rarely actually bites with fines. Pity those foolish City Council members didn't realize that.

  18. For the life of me I cannot find a listing for Karen Rogers Consulting in our WA corporations website, even though I keep reading that it is "incorporated" in various articles. She simply has a business license: http://bls.dor.wa.gov/LicenseSearch/lqsLicenseDetail.aspx?RefID=1981654

  19. And, the PDN reported that the Auditor was looking into: ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.

    Was this intentional, to screw up the name?

    The company is: Angeles Composite Technologies, Inc. http://www.sos.wa.gov/corps/search_detail.aspx?ubi=601936477 (Formerly Admiral Composite Technologies (1994-2000)

    There is NOTHING in the WA Secty of State database for "Advanced Composite Technologies, Inc." (There is a company with a website http://www.advcomposite.com that claims the name, in located in Sparks NV, but there is no corporation registered with that exact name. Close. A defunct one was advanced construction technologies and systems ltd. in 2004, but it was never fully registered because the check bounced) and an Advanced Composite Technology that was revoked by the state (permanently) in 2006. (Never finished filling the corporate papers). There WAS an Advanced Composite Technology Inc. corporation initiated in CA in 1989, but suspended. I always find it goofy when there are a glut of companies with similar names, all with suspended (or unfinished) corporate papers, and website that claim to be incorporated, when a quick search will verify they aren't. And, while we're on the subject, what ever happened to the pickets at Angeles Composite? http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/article/20130910/news/309109984/0/news/pickets-gather-outside-composites-plant-in-port-angeles

    1. I'm SO glad you're looking into this stuff. The reason these sleazeballs get away with what they do is BECAUSE nobody bothers to look into these connections. Well done!

    2. Mike Rauch is, from everything I hear and have observed, dirty as can be. He is also - surprise! - tight with Karen Rogers.

      Can one be tight with Karen Rogers and NOT be dirty as can be?

  20. Cutler came from a long time career in the Navy.
    Northstar was a computer company in northern California, in the early microcomputer days. Several companies spun off using the Northstar name, including several early server providers.

  21. And now another million coming OMC's way. I wonder what Karen's cut of that will be?

  22. Sources tell me Karen Rogers cut her teeth with the Department of Defense. If so you won't be able to find much as they are the secretive type. This is what bothers me. As we all know internet service providers must provide a 'back door" for law enforcement (and others?) to access communications. This came out of the Patriot Act. If KR and cronies installed the local wireless system, if she has DOD experience why wouldn't they have their own tap into the wireless communications in town. I won't use the city connections--every.

  23. She worked for a company that was a sub-contractor for the Department of Defense, not for the DOD.

  24. http://government-contractors.insidegov.com/l/323772/C-Tech-Defense-Corporation-in-Port-Angeles-WA This is the company she worked for. She was the business manager.