Sunday, March 26, 2017

Turner Over(lord)

An update deserving of its own posting...

For anyone interested, yesterday the Old School Democrats sent packing the Progressive wing of their party. Now we can rely upon Norma Turner to carry the Democratic Flag into the future. They try to paint her as the leading progressive in the county. She who wants to force feed fluoride to everyone in the county (serving big pharma and big chemicals) and she spoke at the county commission in support of spending almost a million dollars to crush 33 homes and haul them to the dump. During the county commission candidate debate she asked a most penetrating question of Randy Johnson who was running against her long time Democratic pal, Ron Richards. The question, the burning question of multi-millionaire timber baron who had just recently ripped off the junior taxing districts with his foothills land swap where he made six million off the taxpayers--her burning question? "How much longer will we need to support the EDC?" This is the strength of the "opposition party" in Clallam County. Way to go Dems.

Answer Ye These Questions Three...

Here are three pretty simple questions that come to mind after scanning today's sad little PDN offerings...

The first has roots going back a bit, as in back to last Tuesday. That's when the Port Angeles City Council held a meeting. Topics of interest and some (local) importance were discussed at said meeting. The PDN has yet to write an article about said meeting. In other words, nothing has been said. So the question is this: Is it reasonable to assume that a local newspaper would cover local politics, like City Council meetings? (Bonus follow-up question: If they do not cover local politics, why do they not?)

Looking on the bright side, it doesn't
make too much of a demand on your time...

Second question, which is related to the first: Bill Bloor versus the Federal Government in a lawsuit smackdown...Who wins?

Third, final and perennial question: Is it possible for someone to have a car accident in Port Angeles and not take out a power pole? I mean, really. It's like a damned theme there, that and exploding water mains.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Port Angeles is a Turd World Country, and It's Time to Flush Out the Democratic Party ***(Headline Updated to Reflect Reality)***

Meanwhile, the battle for control of the Clallam County Democratic Party rages on...

Let me be blunt: I am an unapologetic progressive. Obama, though a potent symbol, and a good leader in some areas, also set the stage for much of what Trump is doing. Obama deported HUGE numbers of people. Obama increased the use of drones, and the number of (lethal) drone strikes, thereby increasing the number of civilians "accidentally" killed. Obama went after leakers HARD. Trump is just coming in with his fragile ego and a bottle of steroids and amping it all up.

Further, Clinton was an AWFUL candidate, generated ZERO organic enthusiasm, and is a greedy, slippery character. There was only one candidate who could have lost to Trump, and she was that candidate. But the good old Democratic Party did their best to cram her down the throats of voters, after screwing over and marginalizing the one candidate (Bernie Sanders) who managed to excite and engage more voters than anyone else.

And here we are. All of which is by way of asking...What good is the good old Democratic Party now? Clinton is done, gone, and so should be Steve Tharinger, Norma Turner, Ed Chadd, Ron Richards, and even and especially that cowardly peacock of all colors, Mike Chapman. Along with all their icky ilk, needless to say.

Or to put it another way: Why would anyone think that the old school losers who have helped shape Port Angeles into the heap it is today, are the people who can help reshape it into a success? How many failures do you forget? How many disappointments can you overlook? Why not try something, and someone, new?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Two Great Ideas That Taste Late Together!

I saw the article in the PDN today about tonight's City Council meeting, the one at which they will be considering two - count 'em, two! - "new" ideas that have been floating around City Hall FOREVER. One is a new taxing district, that Cherie Kidd is trying to pitch as one that mostly visitors will pay. (Not true.) The other is a changing of the zoning rules to keep more social services from locating downtown in the "economic core" of Port Angeles. Cherie's pitching this one as, jeepers, really just a minor tweak in the existing rules. (Not true.)

Given the sorry state of Port Angeles, and the City's finances, I'd say these are too little (tax revenue) and too late (to halt the decline of downtown). They also don't get at the heart of the problem, which is that the people making decisions for Port Angeles are, for the most part, idiots.

All of which brings us back to Cherie Kidd again. Sorry about that! But there was already one comment on the PDN article, and it started off by stating a simple truth...

I've just discovered that one way to make an idea seem ill-thought-out and mean-spirited before I've even read about it is to publish it with a photo of Cherie Kidd.

Well, we won't be making that mistake here.

There! Now everything is perfect - and even in color, too! Now, you boys get off to school, and I'll see you tonight after the City Council meeting...In 1958. And remember: It's another GREAT day in Port Angeles!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sleazy Dickheads Double Dipping

If you haven't seen it already, there's a really good article over at the Port O Call website:

Said article illustrates so much of what's wrong about Port Angeles. I mean, even those who are supposed to be helping the less fortunate are...Just scamming and skimming. And when caught, denying.

Needless to say, this story also illustrates how little the Peninsula Daily News cares about their own community - which is to say, they haven't covered this story at all. Neither has KONP. Mind you, it's been covered by a Seattle TV station, but the local "news" outlets..? Not. A. Word.

Other than Port O Call, of course.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

"They" Will Pay So You Can Fly Away

Well now...What with the Port of Port Angeles having a sudden case of honesty, and talking openly about the fact that, for any airline to be viable there it would have to be subsidized...

And they could be built locally, too!
Then why not think big, outside the box? Anyone can fly from Port Angeles to Seattle. BORING! But if you're gonna have to subsidize something anyway, why not go for submarine rides instead? COOL!

Let's see...We can pitch it as a partnership with the Coast Guard...There might, maybe, could be, some grant dollars we could bend to fit the idea...Heck, yeah! It's a perfectly viable idea! And it'll be so cool to go right from the, say, U.S.S. Downieunder right to the Fantasy Tram up to Hurricane Ridge.

Quick! Get the Chamber on the phone! And the EDC!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Same Sad Story...No, Make That Stories

Just glancing through the PDN today was like being caught in a time loop. It was deja vu all over again. How many times have you seen a story about...

County Commissioner Mark Ozias literally signing off on some stupid right-wing letter to the state...

Another vehicle hitting another power line (or pole) and causing yet another power outage in Port Angeles...

The Port of Port Angeles trotting out yet another would-be airline to service their unviable, rinky dink airport...

Man, stop me if you've heard this one before.

Oh, and then there's the article about the twin murder trials that will go down in Port Angeles this summer. Because why just have one, when you can have yet another..?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Pine Boxes, Yes...Cardboard Boxes, Maybe...

So, it's been made clear yet again that it is perfectly legal to hit and kill pedestrians with your car in Port Angeles. The "Our Town" clowns will doubtlessly be happy about this news.

Meanwhile, for those holding out hope for the (former!) Nippon mill, where a buyer has been announced...Just remember how good Port Angeles is at screwing things up. In other words, don't start counting your new chickens quite yet.

But do be careful crossing the street.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

If You Need a Worm for Fishin', Just Open a County Commissioner's Head

Darned if'n them good ol' boys at the County ain't done gone and had enough of that thar Big Guvment State of Washington a-tellin' 'em what to do and all.

Yes, just like those brilliant leaders in City Hall, the County Commissioners have joined the excited for extinction chorus and...

Clallam County has joined the chorus of local governments asking the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to extend the halibut fishing season. The three commissioners voted Tuesday to pass a resolution in support of a seven-month season.

World fish stocks, as of 2016...

First, it's still just a really bad, really stupid, really shortsighted thing to ask for. Which, understandably, makes it perfect for Clallam County.

Second, it's also still whiny. Really, really whiny.

Third, it's not going to have any effect.

Fourth, you're a little late to the party, aren't you fellas? I mean, heck, the City Council was this stupid weeks ago.

Fifth, does anyone still think Mark Ozias is a liberal, an environmentalist, or anything other than another palm-greasing, shape-shifting Mike Chapman?

Anyway, fish 'em if you got 'em, until you ain't got 'em no more!