Thursday, March 9, 2017

"They" Will Pay So You Can Fly Away

Well now...What with the Port of Port Angeles having a sudden case of honesty, and talking openly about the fact that, for any airline to be viable there it would have to be subsidized...

And they could be built locally, too!
Then why not think big, outside the box? Anyone can fly from Port Angeles to Seattle. BORING! But if you're gonna have to subsidize something anyway, why not go for submarine rides instead? COOL!

Let's see...We can pitch it as a partnership with the Coast Guard...There might, maybe, could be, some grant dollars we could bend to fit the idea...Heck, yeah! It's a perfectly viable idea! And it'll be so cool to go right from the, say, U.S.S. Downieunder right to the Fantasy Tram up to Hurricane Ridge.

Quick! Get the Chamber on the phone! And the EDC!


  1. It's a version of the grant whore behavior we see in this town. "Someone else will pay for it!" Who cares if it's necessary or viable or actually does anything? Just so long as "Someone else will pay for it!"

    1. You are SO right on target. This town only survives on State/Fed grants and subsidies.

    2. And yet...And yet...I'd be willing to bet that the right-wingers running things down at the port would be the first to bash "losers" who are "on welfare." These big, proud Republicans are the first to have their hands out for "other people's money," but have no charity or empathy in their tiny little souls for actual people in need, as opposed to yet another ripoff, pocket-lining scam propped up by government dollars.

  2. Speaking of the white collar criminals at EDC, will they (again) falsely claim that they're creating new jobs at the "new" cardboard mill?

    1. I wonder if they know what India is doing to attract companies to move there? They are investing billions in new infrastructure to provide reliable power, water, roads, etc. (That is not available to local residents) They are getting rid of regulations that might be unattractive to foreign companies. They are wiping out the powers of organized labor and unions.

      And the *average* manufacturing wage in India is 91 cents an hour.

      How long will this Mexican company be able to pay American wages, and still be competitive with India? You think they don't have mills making cardboard boxes in China and India?

  3. An shuttle service from Port Angeles is just not viable. It is a waste of time and money, and is certainly not convenient.

    Let's remember what these shuttle connections to SeaTac really are. One, maybe two flights each way, a day. Virtually none get you to SeaTac when most flights going anywhere, actually leave. Or arrive. So, you wait for hours, or get a hotel room.
    And, they are expensive. Over $100 each way??

    The shuttle buses from Port Angeles are little better, for exactly the same reasons.

    And, there is a much better alternative that already exists. An example.

    A while ago I had to fly to the East Coast. Flight left at 6 am. Return was at midnight. I drove my car to a Park and Fly place early in the morning (no traffic), their shuttle took me to my terminal within minutes of my arrival. They picked me up outside the baggage claim literally within 5 minutes, at midnight, on my return. Could not have been easier. Everyone was pleasant and efficient.

    $100 for 16 days, everything included.

    Many hotels in the area also offer "Park and Fly" services with shuttles, if your schedule or desires don't facilitate drive, park, and go.

    Point is, it is far cheaper, and far more convenient that any of these other shuttle services from Port Angeles. There just isn't the volume of travelers in the Port Angeles area to make frequent trips to Seatac economically viable, and the infrequent schedules of the shuttles from Port Angeles make traveling way more possible than necessary.

    I'll never use any of those services again. Or any air shuttles, if they ever return to Port Angeles.

    1. Ah, but you're forgetting that the EDC is going to be "targeting" millionaires to invest in and move to the area. Remember that one? I bet the morons at the EDC don't. They make SO MANY promises they can't keep, who can keep track?

    2. The people that have all these fantasies about how amazingly wonderful the area is, and all the millionaires and businesses that are going to move here, need to get out into the world more! We are such a dive, and offer nothing, when compared to what other areas have for those demographics.

      This is the on-going scam, year after year. The grant whores and uninformed prattle on about how wonderful everything will be, "if only..", hoping to convince yet another agency to fund some happy-talk proposal history and current analysis show are day dreams.

      Go to the places around the world where the "millionaires" already go, and see if you can find anything that resembles Port Angeles. Look at places where businesses are thriving and growing, and see if you see anything that even remotely resembles Port Angeles.

      You just won't.

    3. Agree, except that they are hardly morons.
      They know exactly what they're doing.

      The real game has been to keep smart people and businesses AWAY, so these smarmy bastards can run their scams without anyone having the power to remove them. Good scam artists, like any talent, tends to find their niche.

      God forbid the good peasants here might become smart enough to desire and create a better life for their kids.

    4. Anon 11:54 is on to something. Think about our legacy of elected officials. There's a solid base of Republican nuts (Larry Williams, Dim Jim McIntire, Bill Peach, Dan Gase, Randy Johnson). There's a big group of just plain incompetent deadheads (Cherie Kidd, Pat Downie, Jim Hallett, Cherie Kidd, Brad Collins, Cherie Kidd). Then are all the ones who are, left or right, just out for themselves in a naked fashion (Edna Petersen, Grant Munro, Karen Rogers, Steve Tharinger, Mike Chapman). Then there's the group of probably well meaning but ineffectual seat warmers (Lee Whetham, Sissi Bruch, Mark Ozias).

      That doesn't leave very many actual, good, honest elected officials to dilute the poisonous political scene here. Mike Doherty is retired. Max Mania was driven out. Michael Meredith fights the good fight, but has little back up.

      So yeah, while I agree with anon 11:54, it's true that this is all ultimately the result of OUR choices as an electorate. "We" elected these people. "We" let them get away with all the stupid. stupid stuff they do. "We" don't run against them. And yeah, I know that "we" includes me.

      So how does this death spiral dynamic change? I'm depressed and at a loss.

    5. Well, Anon 1:37, after so many years of watching all the efforts made to try to help Port Angeles move out of the Dark Ages fail, there comes a point when ya gotta see the situation for what it is.

      Depressing? Absolutely.

      Do yourself and your loved ones the right thing. Move.

      Life is too short to put up with subjecting yourself and your family to this. Go look around in other places, and see how much better life can be. Really. I'm not kidding.

    6. Anonymous 10:00 PM is absolutely right. It's the official motto of this blog: Life is too short to live in Port Angeles.

      Speaking of which, I see the PDN is featuring another local success story on their front page today. Maybe the guy should have opened a combination restaurant and pickle ball court?

  4. In wondering about the future of Port Angeles, I spent a few minutes looking into "Cardboard".

    Now, bare in mind Betsy Wharton's comments on the Port o Call site a while back, about the Nippon Mill:

    "super exciting concept. but if the facility can continue to make paper that would also be exciting. IMHO, We should also be looking for a world class, sustainable and non-polluting paper company to purchase the mill and stay in the business of making paper. We grow trees here, there will always be a need for paper, and the facility was designed for paper."

    Non-polluting paper company? About making paper and cardboard:

    "Paper products take substantial amounts of energy to make. Crushing a tree down into small fibres, mixing the wood pulp into a slurry and then passing the wet mass through huge rollers cannot be done without use of enormous quantities of power. Making paper and cardboard is almost certainly the third largest industrial use of energy on the planet."


    "Worldwide, the pulp and paper industry is the fifth largest consumer of energy, accounting for four percent of all the world's energy use. The pulp and paper industry uses more water to produce a ton of product than any other industry."


    In the U.S., total industrial releases of toxic waste into the air were 690 million pounds (313,000 tonnes) in 2015 and pulp and paper accounted for 20%"

    That sounds oh-so wonderful. So Port Angeles.

    And the future?

    "In the coming years, offshoring of manufacturing facilities is expected affect the industry, reducing domestic demand for cardboard from the packaging and transportation sectors.."


    1. Ah, yes. Betsy "Sell Out" Wharton. What a forward thinker. Between her and Chadd, who needs enemies?

    2. I'm sure you meant to add Turner.

    3. Ed Chadd, Norma Turner, and all the other "liberal" members of the sunshine brigade.

    4. These are what you call "Corporate Democrats" falling into line with Hillary Clinton and so forth. Dr. and Norma Turner are on the receiving end of government largess so she has to toe the line just to keep on the gravy train. Be interesting to know how many checks from government sources have been written to Norma and hubby. That is why she is attempting to destroy the local democratic party--to keep in good standing with the governing structure. That is how the thugs stay in control, they have plants like Norma act like democrats just to keep them from accomplishing anything. Norma has been a real pain in the ass since the progressive committee got started. She will not quit until she has made them hang their heads and disappear out of frustration. She is a pro at this.

    5. Yes, it would be "interesting" to know how many "checks from government sources" the Turners have gotten. Or are you sounding a trifle conspiratorial? I mean, I agree with the whole Corporate Democrat thing, but the hot and cold running checks...Not so much.

      But proof is always welcome!

    6. I don't know about the Turners, but Wharton and Chadd have been two of the most detrimental people in trying to get Port Angeles to move out of the Dark Ages. They seem like progressive people, and take leadership positions in various efforts, only to then lead the group into compromise and non-action. The people who were motivated to get involved see failure, and stay home. "Why bother trying? You see we can't do anything".

      Stay away from those two!

  5. When you have no shame, no empathy, and no conscience, and are proud of it, public exposure of your asinine deeds does absolutely nothing to remediate.

    Seems the best option is to support the efforts to have a new block of candidates declare (by May 19) and run for council. If you have a new vision for this place, POC might have some info on how to get involved. I agree it can be difficult to find out who's up to what around here, but ask! It's not too late.

    1. I don't mean to discourage any good intentioned people from running for the positions on City Council, Port, etc. There is an opportunity to dramatically shift the direction of the town and area, in one election. And, it desperately needs to change. The slow death spiral is not stopping, after all the last numbers of candidates and elections. Their promises have not only turned to nothing, but we've seen numerous outright betrayals. As the previous contributor noted, Betsy "Go Along to Get Along" Wharton comes to mind as only one example.

      Are we going to watch a repeat, this Fall? Is it possible to change the pattern we've been experiencing?

  6. The whole mindset of so-called leaders here can be summed up pretty simply. Find some outside source to give you money for some reason, some project, any excuse. When this scattershot, random approach to "economic development" fails to work, blame some outside source.

    You see, Clallam County is actually perfect, right? It's just all those outsiders that keep messing things up here. Simple.

    1. Or, they blame who ever locally that is trying to change things.

  7. Unless there are two Jerry Ludkes in town, this guy is the key player in the air shuttle game. I kid you not: hold your gorge - it's the third letter. Or just read it below.

    "Learn your biology

    With curiosity and sadness, I note the existence of a “Gay Straight Alliance Club” at Sequim High School (Sequim Gazette, March 1, page B-9).

    I trust none of these students passed a course in biology.

    “Gay” and “straight” are made-up words and signify nothing.

    Humans are created male and female and are meant for each other.

    Sexual relations between the two are normal and only perversion lies outside that union.

    This club should be pitied, not promoted.

    I have suggestions for equally irrational clubs:

    “The Square Peg in a Round Hole” Club

    “The Two and Two Make Five” Club

    “The War Is Peace” Club

    “The Freedom Is Slavery” Club

    “The Ignorance Is Strength” Club

    What a confused, debased generation our society and public schools have wrought.

    Jerry Ludke"

    1. Wasn't good ol' Jerry also an applicant to the City's "Ethics Board," or whatever they call it? I seem to recall an ancient homophobe named Jerry in that process...In any case, Jerry's clearly a very modern guy, and well suited for living in the meth-addled 1950s fantasy land of Clallam County.

      Hmmm...And given the air shuttle connection, I have to wonder what old timey Jerry thinks about...Bi planes.

    2. LOL! Good Ole Jerry must believe his "Ignorance is Strength" motto. What a buffoon.

      I'm sure he believes himself to be a God Fearin' Patriotic American. Seems to have forgotten the "Judge not, lest ye be judged" part of the scriptures. Or the "Freedom from discrimination" part of being American.

      These idiots are the first to speak about being free to believe what they believe, but somehow, their very little brains cannot see the blatant hypocrisy of them criticizing others.

      As is said, "50% of people are below average intelligence, and the bar for "average" is not set very high" Certainly not in Port Angeles and surrounds!

    3. There was a William Yucha that actually got on a board and sat for one of the review actions last year - rabidly transphobic. I think he was appointed to a second board but quit.

    4. In today's Gazette there are two rebuttal letters to Mr. Ludke's letter. The man is less than human. Animals have more compassion.

    5. Anonymous 8:51 AM...Yes, thanks, that is who I was thinking of. And thinking of ever so fondly, mind you.

      Oh, and what? No takers for the bi plane? Really? I thought that was pretty good.

    6. Sorry. I did get a good chuckle over the bi plane thing! ;O)

    7. From the Port of Port Angeles website:

      Jerry Ludke
      Title: Airport & Marina Manager
      Phone: 360-417-3363
      Email Jerry Ludke

      1402 Airport Road
      Port Angeles, WA 9836

      Oh! With a moron like this guy running things, no wonder the airport and marinas are doing so well!

  8. I get that small towns like grant money. But PA has taken this to the extreme, relying almost exclusively on grant funding, and at the same time actively keeping out regular business.

    This is what has to change for a better future. Demand should fuel local business, not the "let's do this grant just because we can" attitude.
    Grant funds that constitute a large part of public revenue is actually what protects the handful of good ole boys who don't want any competition.
    They stay at the wheel, screw everyone else, and there's just enough grant revenue to appear like a real city. But PA isn't a real city, it's just a glorified ponzi scheme.

    1. When the City Leadership falls for every stupid scheme and project, and "taxes the residents to the limits" (to quote the City's own Finance Officer), there are few other options but to become grant whores.

  9. Now partnering with a thermal composites recycler? Now THERE are some emissions!


  11. Now this is interesting...

    1. Yea, I had the same thought...Sounds like the subsidies just...Took off? Flew away? Or maybe crashed and spurned?

    2. Was this a story in the PDN?


    3. Frees up a lot more space for Merril & Ring to fill with dead trees bound for Asia. Even better when they start lining the runways with logs, the toxic waste runoff will be on pavement and easier to see.

    4. No, the grant whore happy PDN did not and will not run any "downer" stories like this. After all, some readers find facts ever so troublesome. WHY WORRY PEOPLE?

    5. I know! Everything is going so well!

  12. Port Angeles' problem is not that there's a village idiot.
    The problem is that the entire village is the idiot.

    1. Look at the country!

      Seems to be a phase Americans want to go through.
      I can see the campaign slogans of the near future "Do you want to Donald Trump our county?"

      Hard to believe thinking people will want to replicate what they see going on now.

      Then again, we have the "Ground Hog Day" that is Port Angeles.