Thursday, March 2, 2017

If You Need a Worm for Fishin', Just Open a County Commissioner's Head

Darned if'n them good ol' boys at the County ain't done gone and had enough of that thar Big Guvment State of Washington a-tellin' 'em what to do and all.

Yes, just like those brilliant leaders in City Hall, the County Commissioners have joined the excited for extinction chorus and...

Clallam County has joined the chorus of local governments asking the state Department of Fish and Wildlife to extend the halibut fishing season. The three commissioners voted Tuesday to pass a resolution in support of a seven-month season.

World fish stocks, as of 2016...

First, it's still just a really bad, really stupid, really shortsighted thing to ask for. Which, understandably, makes it perfect for Clallam County.

Second, it's also still whiny. Really, really whiny.

Third, it's not going to have any effect.

Fourth, you're a little late to the party, aren't you fellas? I mean, heck, the City Council was this stupid weeks ago.

Fifth, does anyone still think Mark Ozias is a liberal, an environmentalist, or anything other than another palm-greasing, shape-shifting Mike Chapman?

Anyway, fish 'em if you got 'em, until you ain't got 'em no more!


  1. You will be pleased to know Gavel Banging Sherry Kidd was in the audience and even got up and spoke to the commissioners in support of this idiocy. Then after the vote she went to each of the commissioners and shook their hands and congratulated them. Then she got a big hug from the sheriff. This insanity has no limits. can only mean one thing, Kidd has an eye to higher office.

    1. First, it's Cherie Kidd, not Sherry.

      Second, the thought of Cherie Kidd aspiring to higher office is equal parts laughable and terrifying.

  2. The Port also joined in shortly after the City did. But why should any of that surprise me?

  3. Right on target, CK!

    Once again, we have validation of how disconnected from.. pretty much EVERYTHING... our local leadership STILL IS.

    It is just appalling.

    And, obviously the morons, hillbillies and other regressives still believe everything was "put on this earth" for us humans to use until gone, but most intelligent people know otherwise.

    Even if they thought they were impressing their constituents in Black Hole Black Water Back Water Clallam County, the people who come to visit actually DO value a future with fish and other "resources" in it.

    If there was ever any doubt.. people really need to be warned about this place.

  4. Mark Ozias has gotten a bad case of aspirationitis. He sees himself rising, but has lost sight of those he's leaving behind. It's just like having do-nothing Mike Chapman back, minus the endless party flip flops.

    1. Has anybody sent the various Seattle area media notes about all this? The Sierra Club, etc?

      How about some accountability here? Will they still be so proud of their stupidity with some day light shining on it?

      All well and good to play the fool when only your friends are watching, not always so funny when the whole world is watching.

    2. It's seems more that when the whole world is watching, the fools are at their most foolish.

  5. Does anyone have a nice big boat. Maybe we could plan a little fishing trip. Invite everybody. We could have a little halibut fishing and a few drinks ,pass around some nice crab puffs and cocktail weenies and then have them walk the plank. Ill bring a plank. They can shake each other's hands and pat each others backs all they way out to sea. It will be easy to get them off the boat we can just tell them there is a big pot of money they can spend on stupid shit at the end of the plank and then send them to that big grant writer in the sky.

  6. Hard to draw a bead on Ozias, maybe he's just in over his head. Chum in the water with sharks.

    1. Ratty little town run by a few that figured out how to exploit it all. Mark is just a wanna-be. Yes, he is on the gravy train now, and he is going to ride it right over to Olympia.

      "He says all the right things

      At just the right times

      He means nothing to me

      And he doesn't know why.."