Sunday, March 26, 2017

Answer Ye These Questions Three...

Here are three pretty simple questions that come to mind after scanning today's sad little PDN offerings...

The first has roots going back a bit, as in back to last Tuesday. That's when the Port Angeles City Council held a meeting. Topics of interest and some (local) importance were discussed at said meeting. The PDN has yet to write an article about said meeting. In other words, nothing has been said. So the question is this: Is it reasonable to assume that a local newspaper would cover local politics, like City Council meetings? (Bonus follow-up question: If they do not cover local politics, why do they not?)

Looking on the bright side, it doesn't
make too much of a demand on your time...

Second question, which is related to the first: Bill Bloor versus the Federal Government in a lawsuit smackdown...Who wins?

Third, final and perennial question: Is it possible for someone to have a car accident in Port Angeles and not take out a power pole? I mean, really. It's like a damned theme there, that and exploding water mains.


  1. CK, the more you speak about PDN (in any public forum), the more it reinforces its official stature by the mere reference to it. ("Any PR is good PR" school of thought.) And therefore people continue to purchase & read it. Would not the better strategy be to ignore its paltry existence altogether?
    And cite POC and Clallam Courier more as the source of real news?

    Unless you believe that good ole constant criticism is more effective?
    Please don't misinterpret. Words cannot describe my personal disdain and avoidance of that propaganda rag. The issue is: can good people do better to strike a chink in Mr. Black's armor, thereby opening up the possibility of a new and better "official" newspaper in town?

    I guess I just don't understand folks who consume utterly useless information such as the PDN profits from. Mr. Black and his minions, all the way down to the tawdry Potleaf, are nothing but enemies of truth and fairness.

    1. You have a point, and I can't disagree with what you say.

      I guess my mistake is thinking that there might be a teeny tiny itsy bitsy little bitty bit of shame somewhere in the shriveled black heart of the PDN, and that pointing out their UTTER FAILINGS to them might leverage that shame into...Something.

      I need to realize that they, in fact, have no shame, no clue, and no hope. I will try to do better myself at remembering that.

    2. PDN stands for "profits drive news."

    3. to have shame they need a heart AND A brain. Even the Wizard can't grant both to the PDN.

    4. Please, please tell me you aren't implying that the PDN already has courage...

    5. what else would you call those bold-face lies the tell? Courage? Maybe from a bottle of whiskey...

  2. I think Anon 10:37 does have a point. But, we should also remember that this blog serves an important role in warning people who are considering moving to this death trap.

    The piece of shit of a daily paper tries had to present everything in the best light possible, for those that don't know any better. So far as to often just omit any references to what is actually going on, as we see today. Or, as we've seen so often in the past, they just lie, mis-represent, mis-quote, and twist events around to spin what ever point the party line needs to be.

    And, yes, "any PR is better than no PR", to an extent. But if the inquiring minds o those looking into what is going on in Port Angeles keep getting their eyes opened to the criticisms and truths found here and elsewhere, they at least are forewarned.

    Just sayin'..

  3. At the last city council meeting the most "of interest items" were:

    a.) to make the voters agree to a special taxing district for our horrid streets (which really aren't so awful terrible compared to many areas of the West Coast). Pass more tax even though the city has another 3 years (making a total of 5) where utility rates are ratcheting up, and solid waste fees are higher than anywhere else (Sequim, Port Townsend, higher even than Seattle!) and going to rise. Squeeze us turnips dry.

    This is, of course, right after the PDN cites how our City Manager had a meeting at one of the stupid business meetings (PABA, maybe) where he declared "everything is just GREAT" that we were financially solid.

    But, NOW the city Public Works guy is crying poor mouth.

    Just after the city bought new chairs for overflow of the council chambers. Fluffy things, not those hard plastic ones that were in good shape. (And there appear to be less of the new ones than the old ones. Maybe they're buying more?)

    Fiddling with the deck chairs while the Titanic sinks? Maybe.

    And B: the wholesale changes to the zoning, with trying to both eliminate, or wholesale reduce "temporary" housing, (think VBRO and AirBnB) AND zone out the undesirables from the business core (which is "off the table" according to Sissi, for now.)

    Oh wait, there is a C: still dancing around how to word the change of government option that is supposed to be on the November Ballot, even though it makes more sense to put it on the August Ballot (so that it gets sorted out before the council election). But, no, Bloor can instead decide to sue the Feds, instead of give two rats asses regarding something that is a people's initiative.

    Personally, I think that the PDN is a millstone around the neck of the community. The only thing that MIGHT save us are the blogs like the new Clallam Courier, POC, and other alternative forms of communication.

  4. The larger questions, probably will remain unanswered, is why a pickup truck taking out a power pole could affect the entire grid from Forks to Sequim?

    At the moment of that crash, facebook lit up with comments about how lights dimmed, went out, flickered from much to wide a range all of PA, all the way West and East, if the grids are independent, as they are supposed to be.

    How fragile IS our infrastructure.

    1. How stable and solid are the minds that crafted that infrastructure? Does that answer your question?

  5. For anyone interested, yesterday the Old School Democrats sent packing the Progressive wing of their party. Now we can rely upon Norma Turner to carry the Democratic Flag into the future. They try to paint her as the leading progressive in the county. She who wants to force feed fluoride to everyone in the county (serving big pharma and big chemicals) and she spoke at the county commission in support of spending almost a million dollars to crush 33 homes and haul them to the dump, during the county commission candidate debate she asked a most penetrating question of Randy Johnson who was running against her long time Democratic pal, Ron Richards. The question, the burning question of multi-millionaire timber baron who had just recently ripped off the junior taxing districts with his foothills land swap where he made six million off the taxpayers--her burning question? "How much longer will we need to support the EDC? This is the strength of the "opposition party" in Clallam County. Way to go Dems.

  6. Bill Bloor couldn't win a fight, legal or otherwise, with a wet Kleenex. The man is useless, except as a receptacle for wasting our money on his ridiculously bloated salary.