Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Same Sad Story...No, Make That Stories

Just glancing through the PDN today was like being caught in a time loop. It was deja vu all over again. How many times have you seen a story about...

County Commissioner Mark Ozias literally signing off on some stupid right-wing letter to the state...

Another vehicle hitting another power line (or pole) and causing yet another power outage in Port Angeles...

The Port of Port Angeles trotting out yet another would-be airline to service their unviable, rinky dink airport...

Man, stop me if you've heard this one before.

Oh, and then there's the article about the twin murder trials that will go down in Port Angeles this summer. Because why just have one, when you can have yet another..?


  1. The same news.

    The same bad ideas, proposed by the same elected know-nothings.

    Who we keep electing, the same people over and over again.

    Getting the same results.


    Nothing at all.

  2. CK, you have a stronger stomach than I. I can't bring myself to look at the PDN.

    Just knowing what I know abuot Port Angeles and Clallam County is enough to make keeping my food down, a challenge.

    Yet another airline? Why not? Isn't it obvious things in the area have improved SO MUCH that it can now support the airline business none before could?

    Or, is ths yet another of the oh-so typical Port Angeles approach to things: pursue things without doing the prior research/studies to know they have a chance at success?

    But, even with prior warnings of failure, Port Angeles' so-called leadership still does the dumb thing. Remember proceeding with Harborworks, just as the global economic meltdown was starting in 2008? Real estate ventures were collapsing around the world, but the Port of Port Angeles, the County and City all piled on and spent a $million or more trying to attract real estate developers to Port Angeles. Pretty smart, hunh?!

    Or the Seawall project at the Landfill, which any person who has watched the waves erode the beach knew was blindingly stupid. But, not our fearless leadership in Port Angeles.

    Despite being warned that the waves would wipe out their seawall, the city spent many $ millions and went ahead. ( Oh. That's right. Glenn Cutler was involved.)

    Only a few years later, the waves wiped out the newly constructed seawall, and the taxpayers had to pony up tens of $ millions more to do what was suggested in the beginning.

    And it continues.

    Like that movie "Groundhog Day".

    Are we laughing?

    1. Except that in Port Angeles, there'd probably be someone who would just eat the poor groundhog.

  3. Let us not forget about the poor African American gentleman that was beat up over the color of his skin. They know who did it too. Rather than gamble and lose they would rather bury it deep in a pile of papers. Go PA Roughriders. :D

  4. Peninsula Daily Newspeak, we avoid it like the plague.
    But then this place is a plague unto itself.
    Never seen a more corrupt town.

  5. Thank you for your information and actually telling the truth.. This isn't really along your topic, but it feels refreshing for someone and as well as other ppl to honestly speak what I see..I'm new to the area sadly..My husband, myself, and my kids thought this would be a fantastic fresh start.. All we've gotten is huge huge disrespect..the amount of drugs we see are appalling, and we've lived in a couple different states. When we do actually meet kind ppl I'm just so surprised that they're actually being nice. Our kids are pushed aside not being locals and the kids are very much in their cliques. Even today a much older woman snapped on us acting like we were tailing her car and absolutely freaked out flipping us off screaming f you so much that spit was flying out..all in front of my kids. A man literally pooped on my husband's business lawn.. Nowhere is perfect, but I cry that we ended up here.. I want to say if anyone feels disrespected for how some of these ppl act I'm very sorry nobody deserves it and never give up the right thing to do..

    1. My sympathies for all you're going through. I have literally been there, and done that. And that is why I left Port Angeles. It's just too poisonous, too incestuous, and too, too unwelcoming to anyone not "from there."

      It's the official motto of this blog: Life is too short to live in Port Angeles. This blog tries to serve as a warning, to help other people avoid getting trapped or suckered in there.

      Again, my sympathies.

    2. I did also want to add, even though it is still not on the topic of this specific post, that for anyone to feel highly concerned about the fluoride being added in the water, you are justified to feel so. Before moving here I worked as a pediatric dental assistant in Utah. Fluoride in a very small amount is beneficial for fighting cavities, as in a fluoride treatment at the dentist office.. Most places naturally have fluoride in the water. Too much fluoride is very damaging and poisonous. It can actually cause cavities, basically dissolve your bones and organs. Little "fun fact" (not fun at all) it's been shown Hitler used fluoride to subdue his victims due to the fact it can seriously mess with your head and make you easily brainwashed. I'm sure you know this since you seem quite educated on your info. Just saying I was in the dental field, there's no need for it to be added. Thank you again for your kind words.

  6. I appreciate that thank you. I couldn't agree more. It's sickening..I definitely cannot understand it. I'm glad to hear that you could leave though. What matters is what you're doing. More people should know about this blog. Keep it up. I have respect for that.