Friday, September 2, 2016

They Say These Things Come in Threes

They've finally announced the "suspect" in the June 6th hit and run fatality - one young JohnPeter "JP" Smithson. He hit and killed a homeless man, an event which left a wealth of evidence both at the scene and on his car. Knowing a little of what's gone on behind the scenes, I have to guess that they only released this information due to the probing of the folks at the Port O Call.

Or maybe they were just waiting to release it so it would coincide with...Yet another accident involving a homeless person in Port Angeles.Yes, there's been another one, and the victim is in critical condition.

Port Angeles is a weird, sad place. Be sure to look both ways before crossing the street, okay?


  1. Looks like a monthly paper scooped the daily paper (again).

    1. Let's remember that the Peninsula Daily News has been scooped numerous times by the POC, this blog, and even once by Peter Ripley!

  2. "Port Angeles is a weird, sad place."

    You forgot to add "dangerous."

    With these stories of vigilantes going around harassing homeless people, you have to wonder...

  3. The story in the PDN refers to the suspect's father as Paul Smithson. Former assistant pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church?
    It sounds like the life of the 19-year old driver of the hit/run vehicle took a tragic turn that night, as well.

  4. The police say there was a significant amount of blood on his car, yet he says he thought he hit some debris or something? Uh, it's hard to reconcile those two viewpoints. Garbage usually doesn't bleed. And it seems like this dumb kid was so dumb he didn't even bother to wash his car afterwards. Bad driving, bad policing, and a bad place to live.

  5. A lawless community. I don't expect law and/or order here. I just try to keep my head down. This blog is one of the few places you can hear or speak the truth. The people in power here are vicious, and vindictive.

  6. I know a few people who have had to dodge drivers that don't stop for them, while they have been walking across the downtown streets, in the crosswalks.

    Port Angeles has a lot of the Trump types, people who figure the world revolves around them, and nothing else matters.

    Yes, you're right. Port Angeles is a sad, weird place. I get out of there, every chance I get.


  7. "Pay or Appear" traps people here

    People concerned about the poor and homeless hanging around town should know many of them would rather be somewhere else.

    However, because of their court situation they are forbidden from leaving town. When District 1 Judge Rick Porter puts them on a “Pay or Appear” tether, then piles them up with fines and fees–they have to stick around until they can pay off their fines and fees.

    They have to come into town regularly to explain to Porter they still have no job, still have no money, still have no home and so on.

    The fastest way to get a bunch of people out of town is to quash the warrants and forgive the fines–which will never be collected anyway. More than half the warrants coming out of District 1 are Pay or Appear warrants.

    Yesterday I spoke with a well-dressed panhandler. He was attempting raise some money to pay court fees. Almost a year ago he was busted for DUI. Served 7 days in jail and got a load of fines and fees added. Pay or Appear.

    He would like to get home to eastern Washington to visit his toddler daughter but says he is forbidden from leaving the jurisdiction until his fines and fees are paid into the court.

    With the dearth of jobs and a penchant for a pint he may never pay off the fines and fees. He will be with us forever–panhandling for funds for fees–or a pint.

    Today I spoke with a couple who are homeless and waiting to go into Porter’ s court for the umpteenth time to explain they still have no money, still no jobs, still no home and no money to be paid for fines and fees.

    What was the charge that got them into court in the first place? Allegedly they found a bicycle in the bushes and sold it. The police asked them about it and they said, “yeah, we found it and we sold it.” Police said go get it back. They did. Still they were arrested for possession of stolen property. Ten days in jail and fines and fees. Pay or Appear.

    So, if you want to get rid of some of the folks who have other places to go you need to prevail upon Judge Porter to vacate some of his Pay or Appear warrants, vacate some of the fines and fees that will never be paid and allow some of these people to be on about their lives–somewhere else.

    It costs taxpayers approximately $75 per day to incarcerate someone on a Pay or Appear arrest warrant. Attend court sometime and bring a calculator.

    1. Excellent post. Judge Porter, he of the smug self-righteousness, is a chief peddler of poison there. He is absolutely toxic to the community.

  8. I was walking by the Coho terminal last Sunday, and saw Gaul Potleaf buying a ticket to Victoria. Really.

    Even the town's uber boosters get out of Port Angeles when they can.

  9. (Insert hearty laughter here.) It looks like the PDN is still "tweaking" their new website format. It's a little different today. But the real eye-catcher (Insert more laughter.) is the big ol' badly digitized, goofy grin close, close, close up picture of lazy-eyed Bill Peach they have front and center. The story is about DNR timber harvests, but the image is...A close, close, CLOSE up picture of Bill Peach. Please, please tell me the same photo, with the same terrible quality, is in the print edition today.

    Oh, wait. That's right. The "Daily News" doesn't actually come out every day. Their name is but one of many lies they tell, the original, foundational lie.

  10. There's more concern in Clallam County about deer and elk being struck by a vehicle than humans. How many people have been hit in Port Angeles alone in the last 10 years? Even in downtown crosswalks. Just another reason go elsewhere to spend your money. Your life could depend on it.