Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's a Long Way Down...

Once again, a would-be suicidal jumper has been talked off of a bridge on Eighth Street.



  1. Reminds me of a story of another town--much like Port Angeles. It had a high bridge over a river that ran through town. As the economy declined and homes were foreclosed there were more and more people taking to the bridge to contemplate an impromptu exit. Most were talked out of it and it became a bit of a ritual for the police to drive up to the bridge. Take off their gun belt and go out and talk down the would-be jumper. One hot summer afternoon, right around rush hour, a would-be jumper appeared on the bridge--outside the guard rail. A policeman walked up to the distraught man. "Hey buddy, let's talk this over, life can't be all bad. Let's talk about this decision you are about to make. Tell me your troubles and let's see if we can work something out. The distraught man looked longingly into the face of the polite policeman. The policeman approached him--bravely climbed out on the rail to show solidarity with the would be jumper. After the distraught man unloaded his troubles on the policeman they joined hands and jumped together.

  2. You mean, everything isn't great in Port Angeles, and just getting better?

    My sympathies to the distraught person.

  3. Racists, reactionaries, charlatans, dopers and jumpers. Cue the city council members crying crocodile tears, and hoping no one remembers they did the bridges on the cheap and didn't care about jumpers then.

    Port Angeles 2016. Anyone think it's gonna get better under a Trump administration?

    It may be a long way down, like CK says, but we're getting there.

  4. But but Cherie Kidd promised to put railings on those bridges back when she was running for re-election. Don't you remember she had to get approval from ALL the other council members so she could go out and round up money for the guard rails. Where's the guard rails Cherie? Oh, you got elected and now don't give a shit. I see.

  5. Jumping accounts for a small percentage of suicides, albeit one of two effective methods. Jumpers usually scout the launch pad. Unfortunately jumping often sets off copycats.

  6. I think the next time some poor depressed MF jumps off of one of those bridges without suicide prevention fences we should toss one of the city council members over right after. It doesn't really matter which one but a couple of them are a easy catch