Sunday, September 4, 2016

Does the Foolish Port Angeles City Council Waste a Huge Amount of Time and Money? Hell, Yeah!

As the world turns, and reality reasserts itself - however briefly - in City Hall, we find spineless City Attorney Bill Bloor recommending that the City Council drop their attempt to ban profanity.

Offering the weakest of weak and most cliché of cliché excuses for the time and money wasted on this effort, Cherie Kidd said: "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

How many people who once voted for the chattering chipmunk Cherie have said the same thing to themselves?

And so, congratulations to Lee Whetham, who has prevailed in this latest Smackdown of Stupidity. A round of "Hell, yeahs!" for everyone - Lee's buying!


  1. My dream response to this outcome?

    At the next city council meeting, 10 or 15 or more people sign up for public comment.

    One by one they go to the microphone and say simply, "Hell yeah!" Then walk away.

    This would also get at the stupid and feedback-hating prohibition (still in force) against "repetitive comments."

    And it might just cause Cherie Kidd's little pinhead to slowly explode.

    1. Nice!

      One does have to wonder if Cherie Kidd will offer any sort of apology for wasting people's time and tax dollars on this.

    2. Wait a minute...What the hell am I saying? OF COURSE she won't apologize for trying to violate people's Constitutional rights. If anything, Cherie probably thinks the Constitution should apologize to her delicate sensibilities, for letting "bad" language run wild.

    3. Though, in the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that I have, on more than one occasion, heard Cherie Kidd use profanity.

    4. We know this isn't about what Cherie Kidd does or believes herself, this is about pandering to the group of blue haired old hillbillies that are struggling to hang onto some semblance of power and influence in Port Angeles.

      Can't they see they are on the way out, literally?

  2. As with so many other "efforts" from our city council, mission accomplished. That is, if the mission was to waste staff time (and citizen's money), and/or to create negative press coverage for Port Angeles.

    Well done, Cherie Kidd!

  3. Dang, I had a great speech ready for the city council outlining the etiology of the word "fuck" starting with the middle ages and on up through 1971 where the Supreme Court decided use of the word "fuck" is protected speech. Now, be it known, in Ohio it has been decided by their state Supreme Court that dropping trousers and displaying the buttocks to the city council is also protected speech. Anyone dare moon the prigs on city council...

  4. Ah, but not before sullying the town's global rep even more (as if that were possible).

    First it was the Flouride Four, now it's the Speech-Suppressing Six!