Monday, September 5, 2016

Similar Names, Radically Different Standards

Today's PDN provides another opportunity to play Compare and Contrast, this time between the two Ports - Port Angeles and Port Townsend.

Here's one from a few days ago: Port Townsend's Propolis Brewing placed among the best by Sunset magazine

Then, one from today: Port Townsend Main Street Program gets national accreditation amid its 30th year in operation

Nice! You've got both a local attraction and the means to promote local attractions getting national recognition. I can't speak to the beer (non-drinker here), but it's undeniable that downtown Port Townsend is very nice, very pleasant, and thriving.

Now, here's another headline from just a few days ago: Alleged bus assailant arraigned on new charge in Port Angeles

And one from today: Port Angeles police investigate knife assault

If there's one thing that Port Angeles seems dedicated to recycling, it's dysfunction and violence. This "bus assailant" nutjob reminds me of a lot of people in Clallam County - on the edge and prone to acting out. (I'm particularly thinking of you, Scott T. Collins, Mr. Everything.) Think about it: In their retooling of their website, the Peninsula Daily News made sure to include a stand-alone section for crime. And this latest stabbing follows another recent stabbing, which followed another hate crime, which followed another vehicular maiming, which followed...You get the idea. Desperate times and desperate people in a desperate town.

All "led" by know-nothings who are desperate to stick their heads in the sand.

Meanwhile, just down the road an hour, there's lovely, bustling Port Townsend. Beer, restaurants, two movie theaters downtown, busy streets year round, and a successful program for promoting it all. They even have an award-winning publisher there.

How about the standards of publishing in Port Angeles? Well, here's another headline that tells that story, in its own way: Program offers fourth-graders fee passes to national parks

Would someone mind calling the PDN when their offices open, and telling them that there's an "r" in the word "free"? Thank you.


  1. Again, you peg the situation right, CK.

    Every community has bad things happening. Some in greater numbers than others. But, it is more about the intent of the so-called leadership, than it is what is actually going on.

    For example, we see a similar fear based interpretation and focus of life today in the national campaign of Trump, as we see in Port Angeles. Yes, according to Trump, America is a crime ridden place under constant attack by terrorists. Be afraid. In Port Angeles, the PDN has a stand alone section on crime, with daily reports on the latest attack. The City Council spends it's time trying to protect itself from attacks from the public, trying to silence speech and demonstrations with signs.

    But, is America really so crime ridden? Actually, not. Nationally, violent crime is half what it was 20 years ago. Murder rates are half of what they were, for the same time period. (Interestingly it was at it's peak at the end of the first Bush presidency, and dropped like a rock during the Clinton presidency, leveled out during the second Bush presidency, then dropped again during the Obama presidency )

    And terrorism in the US? The "Golden Age of Terrorism in the US", according to a recent CNN analysis, was the 1970s. Hundreds of airline hijackings, and a wide variety of attacks from all kinds of domestic groups.

    Oh, that's right. Since when have facts mattered to Trump and those that view the world his way? The "Our Town" vigilante group, along with Cherie Kidd and her supporters cluelessly pander to those they can convince with their messages of how dangerous Port Angeles is. And then wonder why the streets are empty so much of the time.

    It isn't to say Port Angeles is a wonderful place, just suffering bad press. Port Angeles has a lot of serious problems the clueless so-called leadership don't address, or when they do, they do it so badly.

    Let the shelters for the needy close without providing any help, and what can be expected? Show the homeless that law and order doesn't matter any more, and it is all about taking the "law" into your own hands, and what can be expected?

    Port Angeles defines how the societal conversations are going to be conducted by it's own actions. If it is all about fear, then that is what the conversation is going to be about.

    1. Anything I could have said in response to this was already said by Anon 8:55am. They nailed it.

      "The "Our Town" vigilante group, along with Cherie Kidd and her supporters cluelessly pander to those they can convince with their messages of how dangerous Port Angeles is. And then wonder why the streets are empty so much of the time."

    2. The streets aren't empty, they're filled with log trucks to sully the core retail section.

      For some reason you don't see that in PT & other towns now, do ya?

    3. Let's not forget Cherie Kidd lying under oath saying it was dangerous to come downtown even to a city council meeting. Of course she blamed this "danger" on a fellow council member.

  2. Hey kiddies, as of a minute ago it's still fee to get into national parks! That's geat news!

    1. Still fee! Even though they updated it an hour ago, it's still fee.

  3. In so many ways, Port Angeles has all the advantages (the ONP, the ferry, the combo of mountains and shoreline), and even a bigger population.

    But our disadvantages, namely those holding elected office and the minions they funnel tax dollars to, clearly outweigh those advantages.

    Thus, a smaller town stands head and shoulders above us.

    1. This upcoming election may decide for us for all time what we stand for here in Clallam County. Do we let the longtime board president of the EDC become a county commissioner? He who was determined to have a "conflict of interest" when he tried to become an appointed commissioner of the Port of Port Angeles. He who has kept wages stagnated for 35 years at the minimum wage level. He who has contributed $100,000 to republican candidates and now wants to run as an "independent." If the voters do not stand and deliver a reasonable Ron Richards to the county commission then we will once again turn back the clock to where Timber sucks all the economic development oxygen out of the room and a half dozen Timber barons will rule the county for another dozen years. We already have one Rayonier retiree on the county commission can we afford to have two Rayonier executives on the county commission?

    2. It all does come down to leadership.

      The leaders (business and elected) in Port Townsend have been able to take a small town and turn it into something bigger than the sum of its parts.

      Not so here. In Port Angeles, big resources have been denied or whittled away by petty, greedy fools, which has managed to achieve the largest community on the peninsula being one that is, in fact, shrinking.

      Just like the people in city hall and the county courthouse have shrunk from their civic duties. The only thing they've managed to grow are their own bankbooks, often lined with ill-gotten gains at our expense.

  4. Sadly, there was a headline about "Celebration on Port Angeles Waterfront Draws Hundreds." Apparently one of the Rotary Clubs held an event that was to raise funds for their projects. "Hundreds." Not thousands. They raised $10,000 which is nice but it's not a lot by a fundraising event standard. The inability to draw folks into downtown Port Angeles is even reaching those who would hold an event not just for pure profit. There was a comment from someone who wished they had heard of it prior to the event, which was followed by a comment that it was advertised in the PDN and on a banner. Is it possible we are having an effect on PDN subscribers? I sure didn't hear about it, and that's because I canceled my subscription quite some time ago. We need to get the word out further to businesses and organizations, especially the non-profits, to not advertise there as it is wasted money. Flyers or posters in store windows would have been more effective. How about radio or spreading the word on facebook? Certainly there are myriad better options, many free, to get word out about local events. You could even just list it in upcoming community events listing if you had to, on the PDN, but whatever you do DON"T pay for a display ad! That event should have raised three times that amount.

    1. I thought "hundreds" was hysterical.

      Too bad they couldn't have been a little more savvy, and added a PokemonGo event to it, they could have had a few dozen more.

      The lack of advertising is always an issue, combined with the BAD PRESS that the council likes to trigger (hello? Hell, yeah!) and the overall problem with terrible reviews online (i.e. Red Lion/Yelp/Trip Advisor).

      You are right, CK. This town is hopeless. As soon as I can get my property ready to sell, it will sell and move out of this shit-hole.

  5. I see that moron with the huge confederate flag on the back of his lifted pick up truck and bazooka exhaust is still roaring through downtown Port Angeles.

    I wonder if he is going to patronize the new performing arts center?

    I wonder how many of those are driving through downtown Port Townsend.

  6. Bottom line: Seattle has a vibrant economy, lots of extra spending money by those who live in the area. Port Townsend is only an hour day trip from Seattle via ferry and short drive. The Port Townsend economy has nothing to do with who is on their city council and everything to do with separating the Seattle day trippers from a few dollars. If Port Townsend were located where Aberdeen or Port Angeles is geographically, then Port Townsend would look like Aberdeen or Port Angeles.

    It has nothing to do with Kidd, Collins, Gase or drug addled pan-handlers.

    1. Um, I'm sorry, but...Isn't Port Angeles just a ferry ride away from Victoria?


      Um, I'm sorry, but...Doesn't the Olympic National Park already draw thousands upon thousands of people THROUGH Port Angeles every year?

      Or...Others can fill in the rest. I think you're letting the idiots in charge of things off the hook a little easily there, friend.

    2. The condition of a city, and its vibrancy or lack thereof, have "nothing to do with" its top officials? @9:18's observation is yet one more example of the nonsense that permeates this town.

    3. @Anon 9:18 Really? The state of Port Angeles " ..has nothing to do with Kidd, Collins, Gase .. " and Downie?

      If they are having no effect on the state of the town, why do we elect them? If our fate is all about location, and nothing to do with our leadership, what is the point of having a City Council, EDC, Chmber or any of the rest of those groups that get bazillion in taxpayer funds, and are supposedly doing something to improve things?

      Ever been to Leavenworth? Chelan County "Washington's Playground"? That area is more than a short ferry ride away, and it is packed all year round.

      What are they doing, that Port Angeles is not?

      Oh! That's right. They are not continuously telling the world they are a "dangerous place".

    4. I'm of the old adage that the government that governs least governs best. I guess I'm a libertarian at heart. I truly believe that there is nothing a mayor, a city councilman, a governor, nor a congressman can do to jump start an economy, other than get out of the way. Is it their ideas that create jobs. Can their sitting on a board jolt a creative spark into the head of a young brewer causing him to brew the best micro brew this side of Portland which can then morph this city into the go-to spot for Northwest cool food and drink? I agree that we don't need self-seeking egotists or semi-corrupt opportunists on the council, that is never good, no matter what community you reside in (sure I'd like to see Collins and Bloor investigated into the possibility of them profiting from Serenity House shenanigans, sure I'd like to see Kidd called on the carpet for voting to fund the worthless EDC after she and her husband benefited financially from it And no I don't want fluoride in the water). What we need are those who will stand aside as those with creative powers do their magic. It is true, I don't know of any commissioner who has come through with city life changing proposal, but that is not their job. That is for the people in the community to do. I have yet to see any of the council members purposefully stifle a business idea that could change the community for the better. I have seen them come up with plenty of hair-brained schemes in an attempt to kick start something, but ideas won't work unless they are feasible and in the right location to capitalize on the tourist trade. Now, you know full well that the size of Victoria and Seattle do not compare. The vibrancy of the economies do not compare. The Coho runs but twice a day for the majority of the year, but the Kingston ferry runs over 20 times a day. I go back to my original post... If we were sitting in a geographic location closer to the four million people living in the Seattle Metropolitan area then we would see a more vibrant area... but there would be a downside to that as well wouldn't there?

    5. @8:52 No, you still are wrong. Nice effort to explain your position, but "libertarian" views are just fantasy, as well.

      The view that industrialists know best, and that "government" just needs to get out of the way so that they can "work their magic" has gotten us into exactly the troubles we see in Port Angeles, and elsewhere.

      Maybe you were not around while the Rayonier mill was operating. When children were kept indoors because the emissions from the mill were so bad, they feared for the children's health. When those emissions deposited toxic chemicals all over properties, so much so that it was proposed to removed the couple couple of inches of soil throughout Port Angeles, and was not done only because of the cost to do so. When Rayonier was deemed a US EPA Super Fund toxic clean up site.

      For just one example.

      Philosophical ideology is one thing, reality is another. Like most every human occupation, there are "good" business operators, and those with unscrupulous behaviors. May I remind you of the recent revelations that the VW automaker INTENTIONALLY rigged it's cars to give false readouts for pollution controls?

      There are "bad" plumbers, lawyers, builders, contractors, teachers and, every profession you can list. To base your point on a premise that every business person is somehow magically benevolent, and it is only "government" that prevents the utopia that is possible, is fantasy. Childish. Actually, even children know there are "bad" people out there.

      You go on to say "I have yet to see any of the council members purposefully stifle a business idea that could change the community for the better." Again, I'm guessing you haven't lived here for very long. There are many examples of the local government stifling proposals. Remember when Microsoft wanted to move here?

      I could go on to refute your other comments, but I think the point has bee made.

    6. Then why does even Sequim fare better than Port Angeles? More than stepping aside, the city leaders need to actively engage and encourage. Instead, the ones in PA actively thwart business at every turn. What was that quote - was it from McEntire? - about how we shouldn't encourage new business to come here because they would pay more and that would force the old school businesses to have to pay more to their employees?

    7. @8:52, thanks for your insight, much appreciate your perpesctive.

      But please consider swallowing your denial of reality. Denial of the corruption that IS Port Angeles. Not "semi-corruption", but full blown skimming and theft and bribery for each public project that gets concocted. Yes, they are all "hair-brained" because their purpose is not to improve this place, but simply to serve as a conduit for illegal cash flows. Mostly from the city's account to front companies, then to the private hands that are the real problem here.

      This site most properly slams the council each time they fritter away scarce public ressources to the handful of players that grease their palms in return. Part of that criticism is precisely the observation that, despite the lip service, they actually do not give a damn about improving this place. Mainly because they have absolutely no vision.

      Unlike you and your generation.

      Libertarian or not, in order to get your vision and ideas in motion, you still need receptive ears at city hall, not abject ignorance.

    8. Port Angeles gets 500,000 people dumped right smack dab in it's downtown every year by the ferry. All the ferry travelers have to wait for hours for each ferry run, and we see them wandering around, killing time, every day.

      The Olympic National Park draws 3 MILLION people every year, the majority of which pas through Port Angeles on their way to, AND FROM the park.

      This has been going on for decades.

      But can Port Angeles figure out how to do anything with all those people?

      No, we have Anon 8:52 saying "The Coho runs but twice a day for the majority of the year, but the Kingston ferry runs over 20 times a day. I go back to my original post... If we were sitting in a geographic location closer to the four million people living in the Seattle Metropolitan area then we would see a more vibrant area.."

      And people wonder why this place never gets anything going.

    9. If you folks who just responded want to rely on the local government to solve this city's issues... well good luck to you. People succeed, business succeeds in spite of government, not because of it. Sure, root out the corruption. No one should be in a position where they profit from public position. Now... if it is as you say, that council members of the past have actually forbidden new businesses from planting and growing then I am all ears. Link me somehow to a news story or the minutes of a meeting where the council actually said "no" to Microsoft or any other business that wanted to set root in this community. Is it just rumor or is it an actual? I actually find it hard to believe. If they wet themselves with joy over the grant grabbing CRTC scam, then surely they would've gone full ecstatic poopy filled pants over a proven company like Microsoft setting foot here.

    10. @ Anon 8:09 Again, you rely more on your philosophy, than working with the reality around you.

      You say: "If you folks who just responded want to rely on the local government to solve this city's issues... well good luck to you. People succeed, business succeeds in spite of government, not because of it." Who, exactly, do you think "government" is? An alien race of strange creatures that we have no contact with or control over? Some super computer that we don't have access to?

      Grow up and face reality. We are "government". The current Port Angeles city council members are our neighbors, and many of them members of the local business community. Gase is a realtor. Kidd owns and runs a storage and moving vehicle rental enterprise. Etc, etc.

      Many, if not most of the City council members are, and have been active members of the local business promotional organizations such as the Port Angeles Business Association, the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and others.

      Many of the City council members are active members of the various civic groups that volunteer in our community.

      When "local government" holds meetings, often they are discussing contracts for purchasing, construction, and for services. Often interfacing with local businesses. The "Economic Development Council", as you might gather, focuses on trying to improve business opportunities in and around Port Angeles.

      Again, I could go on and on, but I think I have established the close relationship between "government" and "business". You might have heard of the "Revolving Door", where government regulators are former business owners of the very same businesses they are now supposedly regulating? And, after a stint "regulating" their fellow business owners, they then go back to the very same industry they "regulated", rewarded with high pay.

      But, besides all these obvious realities, your infantile premise ignores our ability to remove those in "government" we dislike, for what ever reason. It is exactly your "libertarian" philosophy which seemingly absolves you and devotees of this view of the responsibility to gt involved in "government", and make it be what you want. Spouting a view that "government" is some kind of oppressive machine we can do nothing about but wish would go away, and be "less", only serves to ensure those in elected office with personal agendas will continue unchallenged. The "libertarian" philosophy was created by industry, wanting less regulation on its activities.

      Look around, and you see how patriotic US "industry" is, as it has moved most all manufacturing to China and India where it can operate with wages you could never live on, and a lack of regulation that has resulted in massive pollution you would never tolerate here.

      And yes, Microsoft was interested in locating facilities in the current Lee Hotel. Look into it.

  7. To reiterate: Despite being a municipality, PA has all the characteristics of a federal RICO (Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organization).

    But who ya gonna call? Answer: YOU THE CITIZEN. You're our only hope. Not the city, not the county, not the Governor, not the Attorney General. YOU.

  8. It's obvious that PT is the type of creative, progressive community that does and creates things that get noticed by the outside world, like their excellent beer and film festival. Meanwhile, PA allows itself to fester, then forces itself into the public consciousness via things like the "Outdoors" magazine thing.

    PT has people saying "Wow, look at that!" PA flails and cries, "Look at me! Look at me!"

    PT earns attention; PA begs for attention. Just like out local leaders are always begging for handouts from the state and feds. Cherie Kidd can gripe about panhandlers all she likes, but the fact remains she's as big a beggar as anyone.

  9. A brief summary of last night's City Council meeting can be found here:

    And Dale, it's BRAD Collins, not Brian. No, really.

    1. Got it, too many "Brians" on the brain last night. Thanks for the correction.

    2. Thanks for the report about what happened. You're to be admired and commended for surviving that much exposure to their idiocy.

  10. You mean "Col.Sanders/Collins". Sporting his new beard, he looks like he should be licking his fingers, good.

    The bozos on the council (Collins and Gase) refused to do anything, and completely discounted the work of the ethics board.

    What a slap in the face to Rutten, Meiner, and Prince.

    Not only did they refuse to say that Cherie had done a damn thing wrong, they also sat in their chairs like belligerent children -- arms crossed, and sitting way back in their seats. THIS is what happens when we get people on the council who were appointed, and never elected, then ran unopposed.

    People of Port Angeles, you should be outraged at the infantile behavior of these clowns.

    1. The idiocy of the Council is eclipsed only by the apathy of the citizens in not banding together to demand a better quality of life.

  11. If a new set of leaders creates the much desired vibrancy advocated by this site, we could mimic the success of towns which double their population with tourists who linger. Where does the water come from to serve our own needs and theirs?

    1. We can fix that "problem" right now by running the tourists out of town, then there won't be any of "their needs" to contend with, eh?

      Oh wait, that IS the current council policy!!!

  12. Here's the solution:

  13. Thinking about the post above, about our city council members being business people and owners, no wonder our town is so screwed up. Any successful business person knows you listen to your clients and patrons. But we see our council people thinking up ways to piss off their constituents.

    Crazy place.

  14. From the PDN's comment section...This about sums it up:

    The City Council has just eviscerated its own ethics process – in its first use. The members of the ethics panel, who served as volunteers and crafted a Solomonic recommendation, have a right to feel betrayed.

    I believe Michael Meredith made the most important point in the discussion, when he reminded Council that Cherie Kidd still maintains she behaved correctly. That alone makes it reasonable to replace her as Deputy Mayor.

    I find it especially ironic that Brad Collins insists that admonishment – the lightest possible slap on the wrist – is too harsh a punishment for Ms Kidd’s behavior. At the actual meeting in question, Collins was so confused by Kidd’s hysterical behavior that he left his seat at the table, but did not leave the room.

    Lee Whetham continues to look like the only grown-up on the Council. And Ms Kidd continues to look like an unrepentant, ill-behaved Daddy’s little girl.