Saturday, September 3, 2016

No, REALLY? Digital Qwality, PDN Style

I mocked this earlier today, and I can't believe it's still up on the Peninsula Daily News website. It's a horribly digitized horrible picture of a horrible man - in extreme CLOSE UP. Behold the "Peachmug Teaser." (That's what the PDN has it tagged as...)

Are you feeling teased yet, Clallam County? 


  1. I wonder what Peach thinks about this?!

    This town is just such a waste of space.

  2. There's some arrogance-I mocked it and no one listened to me.

    1. I can see how you'd get that impression, but that wasn't my intent. I am just so aghast that such a ghastly picture was put up in the first place - such an obviously ghastly, poor quality picture, undeniably terrible - that I remain in shock that it remains on display. It seems to show that no one at the PDN is paying attention, or cares enough to even look at their own website.

      The photo is terrible. Do you dispute that?

      Given that it's tagged (by the PDN) as "Peachmug Teaser, I would assume it was put in there simply as a place holder - only no one bothered to replace it with a better or more appropriate (for the subject) picture.

      The photo is terrible. Do you dispute that? Can you dispute that?

      That's all I was trying to get at. How HORRIBLE that photo is. I don't expect my mockery to always cause a response at the PDN (though it has in the past on more than one occasion), but I would think this one speaks for itself. It's AWFUL. It's embarrassing. It's beyond amateur hour, even for the Peninsula Daily News.

      And yet, there it is, and there it remains. I too have to wonder what Bill Peach thinks about it. Maybe something along the lines of, "Come on now! I don't look THAT digitized in real life!"

  3. Well, I sure don't see the "new" PDN winning any awards for photojournalistic excellence.


    Is it April Fool's Day? That is awful!

  5. Let's see...Since changing their online format, the PDN has gifted us with their initial, overblown Pat Downie and text image, which they kept up front and center for days. They followed that up with one where Downie looked like a walking corpse.

    Then there was the big front page picture of the angry looking fat lady from the fairgrounds. Now we get this bizarre Bill Peach pixel thing.

    So...A couple of different scenarios come to mind. The easiest to imagine is just that the PDN has cut more corners, especially in the photography department, and these are the results we're seeing. Or, it could be that the staff there, tired of being treated like dirt, are just (consciously or not) trying to convey the ugliness of the place they work through the photos they choose.

    1. the "camera" is Raul Gottpott's cell phone.
      Welcome to the cheapest of the cheap newspapers. It's not even fit for wrapping up fish guts, or lining the canary's birdcage.