Thursday, August 3, 2017

No Taste, No Clue and No Accountability: The Shape of Things to Come (and the Same Old Shape for Port Angeles)

Sometimes short statements or seemingly simple acts carry a lengthier message that it might first appear. Let's look at a couple of current City Council candidates...

“I do think Port Angeles voters were looking for a change,” said French, a Port Angeles native and owner of First Street Haven restaurant. “You can kind of see that none of the other incumbents even filed to run. You had a lot of rancor last year in the City Council. Jake and I, we look young, we are smart businessmen. You need the voice of a younger generation.”

Oppelt did not return calls for comment Wednesday on the primary election results but issued a prepared statement:

“We sincerely appreciate the support from our community throughout the primary campaign process and we are very excited to gain more of it as we move into the general election...We will continue to stay positive and look forward as we bring a new, focused vision to the City of Port Angeles.”

With this warm French kiss to a flamingly obvious Ohole, Mr. French demonstrates that he has no taste in who he associates with - along with several other red flags waved.

"Jake and I, we look young..." What the hell does that even mean? "...We are smart businessmen." A claim that is debatable in many ways. "You can kind of see that none of the other incumbents even filed to run." We can "kind of" see that? And what part of term limits and health problems (and I've got enough graft already) doesn't he understand?

Finally, we've got the beetle-brained centerpiece of his statement: "You had a lot of rancor last year in the City Council." Offered as if there was no reason for such rancor, and then he just segues right into the youthful good looks he and Ohole share. Huh???

Taken as a whole this shows someone who has not thought a lot about what they're going to say when asked some of the most blindingly obvious questions you could (easily, easily, easily) anticipate. This is a meandering mumble of a message.

On the other hand...

Handsome, youthful Ohole is so concerned about talking to the press live and in person (see also: skipping out on debates and forums) that he, in the most pompous manner possible, "issues a statement" to the waiting press...One that uses the royal "We" over and over again, which is paired with an absolute lack of details or emotion. It's a checked-out robocall of a "statement," and shows the gee whiz kiddo Ohole to be just as removed from reality and accountability as has been feared. And all done in the service of avoiding two or three softball questions from the Gaul Potleaf.

All of which is to say, both these guys are naturals for the Port Angeles City Council. Whether mush-mouthed and rambling (Pat? Cherie? Is that you?) or entitled and self-important (Karen Rogers, Dan Gase, your minion is calling) it looks like it'll be more of the same for the City Council.


  1. Random thoughts in response...Pat Downie was a fairly successful businessman, but that didn't make him anything other than a terrible council member and mayor...Clearly the voters weren't uniformly looking for new/young faces, since both Jim Moran and Jake did well in the primary...And speaking of Jake, he's clearly in this for himself and for the ego strokes...Who releases a press release for ONE press (the PDN)? That's just crazy, but boosts his ego, I guess.

    No matter what, it looks like another rotten crop headed for city hall. Grim, very grim.

    1. Oh, I don't know. Could be the voters simply rejected all the names they remember from last year's unpleasantness.

  2. I think that O-hole and Fluoride Frenchie colluded to get Lee out of the race. I think that O will drop out, and not be involved at all (just like he did once president of the downtown association), leaving the election all to FF, so that there would be a solid PRO FLUORIDE dude to side with Cherie.

    He made no bones about it -- he thinks fluoride is more important than the mean people who went after the fluoride four. HE HAS SAID that he will not listen to the people. This was a sure way to get his skinny ass into the council seat.

    Meanwhile, Moran claims that he is a fluoride agnostic, because HIS house has filtered water AND he buys all bottled water -- so you peons can worry about such things. He can just not bother his empty fat head about such things. He is a New Jersey Irish Catholic ELITIST. The worst kind.

    But, since he IS a meat puppet (as pointed out by an earlier poster on one of the threads) he will do whatever his masters tell him to do. Moran the meat puppet. This is the idiot who keeps claiming that the Lefty's "galvanized this town" (???).

    (The Roughriders get the same attendance, or more, -- but, that's never been called "galvanizing". And, Civic field's sound system was crap for decades -- but with the Lefty's -- OH SHIT we gotta fix the sound system for them. Talk about a slap in the face to every family in town who suffered through trying to figure out what the announcer was saying.)

    Moran is a buffoon.

    He makes Downey look like the strong silent type. Seriously, the man cannot shut up, and he stutters and stammers, and says the same thing repeatedly. But, the fix is in for him.

    There is no way the nice, polite, Lindsey will get in office. He's too smart. He's too interesting. And, more important, he's too "left leaning" (so says the good old boys, who also hate smart people. Our Towners are probably planning a lynch mob already, because "he read a book!"). And, Lindsey's fat supporters (all women) don't help the matter by standing around all smug, and ready to shriek at anyone who says a discouraging word about him.

    Artur is another Sissi. Well meaning, but easily pushed around. Cherie will be his new best friend. She will mold that lump of clay into a smooth doormat.

    Kate won't get in just because she's female, and we have our required quota of two females on the council. (Look, we're all for women,.....but....) Cherie could never tolerate another woman on council. The old men who pull the strings would never tolerate a declared "Democrat".

    Travis is another raised in town kid, who will bow to pressure because he has that big black mark -- his dishonorable discharge -- that he will be overly needy to overcome and make good in the eyes of the old boys. Moran would lord over him the Vietnam chopper pilot, and French will become his best buddy. Just like high school, all over again, Travis.

    So, that means we have French (pro fluoride), Moran (pro old boys), Artur (pushover) and Travis (ditto). Add to the group shrill Cherie and, you have the new Fluoride FIVE.

    Hello Delta Dental....give us more money. Because that is all this is really about MONEY MONEY MONEY. Gimme gimme gimme.

    This is the contested race.

    Poor Port Angeles. Poor, poor good meaning people of Port Angeles. Poor lazy people who neglected to vote, and allowed this to happen.

    1. Fascinating bit of writing here. Thanks!

    2. Don't forget Travis walking away from his home (defaulting) in Port Angeles.

  3. They aren't even in office yet, and look at the bullshit!

    1. We think you've hit the nail on the head.

  4. PA suffers from long term ponerization, which is the influence of pathological people on individuals and groups whereby they develop acceptance of pathological reasoning and values.

    1. We thank you for introducing a new word to our vocabulary. We also found this when reading more on this new word:

      "Under the influence of ponerogenic unions – and particularly in a pathocracy – ponerization of individuals throughout society may become very widespread. Paramoralistic and paralogistic justifications may be used to sanction actions such as murder, rape, or torture directed at certain groups."

      Yes, it certainly seems that all the members of "Our Town" and most of the elected officials in Clallam County are a bunch of poners...At least that's what we think.

    2. I see what you did there.

    3. We are so happy that you can see that. We really, really are.

    4. And, we're young looking!

  5. Same old same old.

  6. Here is something that really struck me yesterday: All the "For Sale" signs in front of houses that went up, seemingly overnight! Weren't there Tuesday. By yesterday morning the were easily half a dozen new signs on just one road I saw, on my usual way to get groceries.

    Is that a reflection on how people see the future in Port Angeles?

    1. Or, is this an indication of what the vigilantes have actually done. Drive the homeless out of town? No, reasonable people who want to live in and raise their kids in a stable town with real quality of life and compassionate values have seen enough, and are moving away.

      The clueless "Our Town" folks are too blinded by their own views to see others in the community don't share their methods and objectives. The majority won't show up at meetings, or post on blogs, they just move to better communities.

  7. Have you seen the O-Hole's campaign signs around town? Note the bottom line where they say "Best Small Town in America." WTF? Proof positive he's a psycho.