Friday, August 4, 2017

A Simple Lesson in Business for the trolls Out There

Just a little bookkeeping lesson here for the troll(s) who keep insisting that I am Dale Wilson.

First, let's forget all the PAINFULLY OBVIOUS differences between my writing style and Dale's. I mean, really, that alone should be enough to make this clear to you, but, what with you being a troll (or trolls) and all, it's clear your mind itself isn't clear.

So, let's move on to the dollars and cents (not sense!) side of things. That involves money, and, given that trolls tend to congregate on the greedy Republican end of the social/political spectrum, maybe this will sink in to your thick skull(s).

Okay, follow along: Dale Wilson owns and operates the Port O Call. Can we all at least agree on that? And the POC is a commercial enterprise. right? In other words, the hope for Dale Wilson is that the POC will make money. Still with me trolly?

Now, a big, big part of that whole money-making thing is selling ads. Yes? And, in this modern world - the one that has given us internet trolls - ad rates for such a paper, which exists both in print and online, almost certainly are based to some degree on readership. In other words, the numbers of eyeballs you can show advertisers are looking at your paper, or your website, on a regular basis.

Are you still with me, troll(s)? Am I typing too fast?

Every time you "show me," troll, the only thing you show
is how utterly clueless you are.
Now, get ready, because here comes the "hard" part for you to understand...

In basic terms of trying to get people to visit a website, and get eyes on a webpage, this blog is competition for the POC. In other words, if someone is only going to go online and look at just one Port Angeles-related website on any given day, then the POC, KONP, this blog, the PDN, and even Peter Ripley's blog, and hell, even the Chamber of Commerce's website, are all competitors. We're all vying for those eyeballs, those clicks.

Now, as stated above, this is just a blog. I make no money from this, and don't have ads. (Though Google has pushed that at me before, since the numbers here apparently warrant such a thing...) I do this as a form of social justice or activism. It's a freelance thing I do in my free time. Money never enters into it for me.

Not so for Dale Wilson, or for the POC website. He wants those eyeballs, too, and those page clicks, to show potential advertisers to motivate them to buy ads. That's his business, his livelihood. (And, to be clear, that's great, more power to him - this is not a criticism of his capitalistic endeavors.)

And that being so...There is no way on earth he would create and maintain a free blog that competes with his for-profit business website. Now, I know you are simple, troll(s), so I can only hope that you can grasp this simple concept. This blog gets a fair amount of traffic, and, generally speaking, it sure seems like the conversations here get a lot more activity than they do on the POC website. From a making money, dollars and sense perspective, it makes NO SENSE AT ALL that Dale Wilson would spend any time maintaining this blog simply to undercut his own ability to make money elsewhere.

Now, my apologies to my mostly non-troll readers, because I know that you all grasp this incredibly simple, blazingly obvious concept. But obviously, this troll (or troll) does not, and they keep sending in comments that will never get published, bashing me for being Dale, and...Well, you get the picture.

Needless to say, these twin tendencies - latching on to a ridiculous theory or idea, and then pursuing it to no definable end - are very evident in the larger Port Angeles community. Look at the sad state of affairs in Clallam County, and you'll see this ill-informed, pointless troll mindset manifested in every governing chamber. (People call Cherie Kidd a harpy, but in a very real sense, she is just a troll.)

So, trolls, sad, sad trolls, get a clue, and get a grip. I'm not Dale Wilson, and Dale Wilson is not the problem with Port Angeles. If Port Angeles is held back, is backwards, it's because of people like you.


  1. Meanwhile, let's all show Dale Wilson some love as he fights the deep stupid coming his way via the "Our Town" clowns...Give generously if you can, and give Madam and Chelsea hell either way.

  2. Indeed. And, this blog has a deep sense of HISTORY, which POC doesn't have. Why? Because he's relatively new to town -- which is also why the Our Clowns are hating on him. But POC tries to expose graft and corruption, and inform, while Unearthed just pokes and derides. Very different approaches. Both valuable, but very different.

    This blog isn't bat-shit crazy, like our other "home grown" blogs. I'll give a pass to Ripley, because his can also be entertaining. But, holy hell, our other (home grown) blog, the one that Scott T. Collins proudly presents on HIS website (crappy little, poorly laid out, and pathetic blog) the ego-maniac, that announces his psychopathic qualities right at the outset, splash page (which I will quote):

    "The propensity for excellence throughout an A rated 35 year business career is once again clearly apparent. This updated #1 awarded website of record continues as the most influential and comprehensive since 2007.You may want to make Scott's World your home page, a home page guaranteed faster loading than most.This site is non profit self built and any opposition worldwide will certainly know whose boot is on their throat.My intellect never desired me to be a journalist, I simply use my God given abilities to keep the dishonest, honest.Most importantly always strive to educate yourselves and make your lives better by not settling for the status quo."

    That represents Port Angeles so well -- as crazed lunatics.

    Meanwhile, even with the occasional downright nasty edge, this BLOG has meaning, and clarity. It's a wealth of humor and amusing commentary.

    I salute you CK. Job well done.

    Now, trolls....go comment on Scott T. Collins blog. That's the place for you. All water, even sewage, finds its level.

    Run along.

    1. Some months back, Scott Collins tried, just like Madam and her minions are doing now, to intimidate me into shutting Unearthed down. Scott's totally cracked writing gave him away every time ("Midnight Cockroach" anyone?) even though he used some (also feminine) aliases.

      Which is an interesting sidebar conversation about why these macho, manly men so often seem to use female aliases...

      Anyway, Scott's "propensity for excellence" didn't motivate me any more than Madam's propensity for perversity. This blog serves a purpose, but not THEIR purpose. If they don't like it...Don't read it.

    2. They both clearly HATE women, so by pretending to be them, they betray their complete insecurity in their own manhoods.

      Misogynists are hard to spot, for other men, so use this handy dandy guide, 12 ways to spot a misogynist:

      Fits the bulk of the Our Town crazies, as well as other "leaders and shakers" of the community. The sad thing is that the women have taken on some of the traits, and support and encourage this.

  3. Our Town is raving nutso about Dale. All week they have been attacking a guy named Dave Wilson in the Revitalize Facebook group, who doesn't have anything in common with Dale Wilson that I can see. They accuse him of being Dale every time he posts, and the admins keep deleting it. Zombies, man, zombies.

    1. Oh, yeah, I also went through a phase of getting the rants accusing me of being Dave Wilson. Just one letter off, just one genetic link shy...

    2. Remember Daniel Macha? The guy who started a community OUTREACH page called The Vine of Clallam County, which is a CLOSED Facebook group? (Gawd I can't stop laughing at that.)

      The same guy who tried to get $10K on GoFundMe to start a newspaper, and raised $370 (and it's still at $370 nine months later)?

      He's one of the ones who was accusing someone of being Dale Wilson, on Facebook. Looks like Revitalize kicked his ass out today.

    3. You can snicker about people being wack, but some people don't have a full deck to play with. Macha from what I know is one. It doesn't excuse any bullying of his but I think he's not all there, and not able to be.

  4. And how many times must we point out that stupid just cannot be fixed?
    These sick trolls are not worth your time.

  5. "So, trolls, sad, sad trolls, get a clue, and get a grip. I'm not Dale Wilson, and Dale Wilson is not the problem with Port Angeles. If Port Angeles is held back, is backwards, it's because of people like you."

    Bingo! We have a winner. It's clear these trolls and Our Town types are too busy trolling and bullying to see the obvious, that their town, the one they claim to love and represent, is dying right in front of them. They want to fight phantoms while the scammers laugh at them and bleed the town dry.

  6. CK, just stop trying to reason with stupid.

    I came to this understanding a long time ago. Through no fault of their own, a percentage of our population are born with mental deficiencies. In "Our Town", our county, our state and our nation. The extreme examples are the people who will never understand how to try their own shoe laces, write, or speak in more than the most simple of sentences.

    There are gradations up from the most severely retarded and developmentally challenged. In "Our Town", we see people able to tie their shoe laces, and write emails. but they clearly are still developmentally challenged.

    You can explain simple and clearly obvious realities to them until the day you die, and they just do not have the mental capabilities to understand.

    The scamsters locally and nationally know this, and pander to their simplistic push-button reactionary tendencies with crafted rhetoric. We see it every day, these days.

    So, don't waste another word, sentence or post on these poor folks. Despite your best efforts to "get through to them", you never will. They don't know, and can't grasp how they are being used and manipulated by others. They rant on with self righteous anger that is misplaced, and we have a county and country in decline as a result.

    1. First, I get your concern. Really, I do. But just so you know, my focus was not on trying to "reason with stupid," but rather, to troll the trolls.

      I knew they would have to read this, and they did. Thus they would have to rub their own faces in their own stupidity, which they did. And I knew they would have to try and comment, which they did, only to have me delete them with a smile.

      So this was a way to keep my writing muscles exercised, while demonstrating my dominance over the trolls, and their impotence.

      Now, mind you, I try to be sympathetic. I'm sure I would be somewhat upset if I were impotent. That must be a really difficult thing to deal with. But were I to be in that situation, I would find a rationale, constructive way to deal with that angst.

      Because, let's face it, the people who rage away at made up people and off target targets aren't doing anything but publicly demonstrating their impotence. Like a child throwing a tantrum, they have no credibility, no audience, and no hope at all of changing anything.

      The more they struggle, the worse it gets for them. The more they try to assert themselves, the more they show their powerlessness. Their impotence is all that anyone can see.

      Like I said, I TRY to be sympathetic. But then you just reach a point and say, "Fuck it. These guys are losers." Impotent losers.

      And they have read every last word of all this, taken in every last bit of truth about themselves as the impotent losers they are. Because they HAVE to.

      Suck it, trolls. You make me laugh.

      Sincerely yours,

      The Management

  7. CK, you got it all wrong. These are big men on campus. It's just a very small campus.

  8. "Revitalize" PA? With what, even more psychosis? It's already a complete looney bin.

    And CK, you really pegged it by deconstructing Kidd as an archetypal troll.

  9. To the person who wrote in asking about Tom Harper...First, who cares? Second, I am not in a position to speak to his state of mind, other than to say that I have observed him to be profoundly easy to dupe. He also seems to have gone off into the wilderness of conspiracy theories.