Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Gone with the Whetham

Preliminary primary results are in folks...

Initial results of balloting in tonight’s primary election show Moran with 1,359 votes, or 45.87 percent, to Negus’ 1,018 votes, or 34.36 percent. Marolee Smith won 586 votes or 19.78 percent.

In the Position 2 seat race, French won 1,207 votes, or 39.41 percent, to Oppelt’s 1,052 votes, or 34.35 percent. Whetham won 804 votes, or 26.25 percent.

Ouch! Lee Whetham got shown the door in no uncertain terms.

Lee Whetham: Sleazed in; squeezed out.

Ouch - but the pain stops now (for her). Marolee Smith is also now out of the race.

Because, OUCH! Jim Moron won. (Hey, spellcheck didn't catch it, so why should I worry?)

It'll be another great day in Port Angeles,

The only bright spot - and it's only about four watts of bright, at best - is that Young Ohole came in second. Of course, that's cold comfort, since it was close, and he will proceed to the general election.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you all can read in these tea leaf ballots. The only thing I can also confidently look forward to is a great deal of money being spent on these races...WAY more than they are worth.

At least to the untrained eye...


  1. So it's more years of the same old crime spree. PA is truly cursed.

    1. it is worse than that.

      The city had a data breach, and they outright LIE to the people at the council meeting last night. Boldfaced lies.

      Our IT guy makes what he'd make if in Seattle. Overpriced hack. And all the city does is try and cover their tracks.

      The worst of the worst are still in power, and until they drop dead (one can only hope) or the city is forced to become bankrupt, or a natural disaster happens and martial law ensues there is very little hope.

    2. Could you please offer a few more details about the nature of the lie that was offered up last night? That would be helpful and marvelous and thank you in advance.

    3. The official word is that they STILL don't KNOW what the matter might be, and a third party group (not named) is still looking into it.

      Meanwhile, they aren't taking credit or debit cards, and no further word on a new 3-rd party credit card vendor. If you ask the staff just says "we have no idea'.

      But, persons in the IT community (HA..that's rich, meaning all of three or four people in this town, but I'm not going to name them) have intoned it was a city boo-boo. And, the city is trying to cast blame else where (as usual).

    4. Thanks for the details.

      !rorre egasseM

  2. And, Port Angeles continues to spiral down, down, down.

    Tea leaves? It looks like the toilet bowl that Port Angeles really is.

    We can look forward to years of more of the same.

  3. So when the public say no to fluoride you are supportive of their voice. When they say no to your preferred candidates Wetham and Smith you must hang your head and admit you are not in touch with the populace of voters.

    1. Your bad grammar and spelling make your message somewhat obscure. If the "you" that you're referring to is me, then you're wrong. Lee Whetham was never my "preferred" candidate.

      Also, let's be clear here: Marolee had a huge and disproportionate amount of interference thrown at her campaign. The good ol' boys clearly targeted her. Such interference costs a candidate votes - thus making an election less than a true read of the public's concerns. (See also: "What's the matter with Kansas?")

      Now, if the "you" you're referring to is someone else, you might wanna clarify just who that is.

    2. Everywhere you turn these days: hate, anger mismanagement, and utter nonsense.

    3. @ Anon 5:52 I think the results confirm most everything that has been stated here for years: That Port Angeles is a backwater populated by intolerant ignorant hillbillies, bigots and racists. That given a choice, Port Angeles finds a way to screw things up. That the town is controlled by the good ole boys.

      Those that see otherwise have been a minority for years, at least at the voting booth.

      What you, Anon 5:52, should really be thinking about is the continuing decline of Port Angeles, and the decisions that contribute to that continuing.

      Of course, you don't see that. Otherwise you would not have posted what you did.

    4. i'll admit I'm not in touch with the, what is it, over 20% that voted. And that those I voted for didn't make it. C.K. I am not sure with that kind of turnout the old boys had to throw anything at Marolee or Lee. I am seeing, from perspective of past Port Angeles planning commissioner and terminally unemployed, usual combination of don't know and don't care as majority non voter response. While the general election will now turn to my usual vote against least palatable for myself, I won't be surprised should what passes for power elite in Hooterville is elected and continues its self serving ways ala our federal executive. However I take it as more an indicator of the ignorance, selfishness, and sloth of electorate, than anything else.

    5. It's just too hard for a person with any ethics to win here. The corrupt always have more money, more power, more behind the scenes supporters with an agenda to support them.

    6. Yes, the economy out there consists a little bit of regular honest business, but largely of corruption. So with a prosecutor who himself belongs behind bars, no incentive for change.

    7. I'm finding it pathetic that 20% voted, in the first place. Wonder how many deceased people won.

    8. 9:14 you forgot misogynists, haters, and losers.

    9. The culture of corruption is always a fascinating subject. As with any gang of thugs, some people will do anything to gain acceptance of the group / the alphas, including aid and abet crime. As if what thugs think could ever matter.

      I say we invite psychiatrists from around the world to study the derangement that PA offers up. Just for grins.

  4. So the most vocal supporters of removing fluoride lose. What do you suppose that means?

    1. It means that corruption is getting worse than ever.

    2. It could mean that Israel can dump its toxic waste into the city water supply again. That's where the last batch of powder came from.

    3. I will BET that come January we'll be sucking down Fluoride with our water.

  5. A pall is cast over the town today.

  6. Marolee's had plenty of opportunity to carve out a place for herself this last two years. She's had her name in the PDN and all the local blogs and pages more than all the other candidates put together. People remember they didn't like all that pointless and inept crap with the ethics charges. People remember her rants on Facebook and everywhere else. People don't buy what she's peddling. The great majority of us did not like what we saw. Get a clue.

    1. The ethics crap? The first one (Marolee's) against Cherie was not pointless, until it got to the council to reprimanding her (and they couldn't even follow their own rules).

      And, facebook rants. That's rich. I found them amusing and informative. Seems you are just too shallow and plodding to actually have a sense of humor.

    2. When you say "what she'd peddling" do you mean intelligence, optimism, honesty, and a solid grasp of how we got to where we are today (all the stolen money from the taxpayers)? Do you mean, someone without an agenda, who took an interest in what our council and staff were doing?

      I saw her speak at council meetings, and she always spoke for the people, and from a very enlightened perspective. The care and concern was overwhelming.

      So, 9:30 do YOU go to council meetings? Or are you just flapping your lips being a typical say-it, but don't do-it Port Angelean?

      Yeah, I can see that if YOU are part of the graft, and corruption you sure would like to use something as insignificant as facebook and casting aspersions.

      What an idiot you are. Short sighted, small dicked, mouth breathing idiot. Exactly what holds this town in the swamp.

      Chalk up another moron for the town cretin parade.

    3. So what exactly do you like about candidates Moran, French, Negus and Oppelt? Do tell!

    4. 9:30
      Bite me.

      Clearly you've never met her. You sure don't know her.

      She's really a wonderful, caring person, who is selfless in her dedication. She's thoughtful and sincere.

      Too nice and too smart to be on this council.

      She would have taken the staff and the council to task, and asked them to be responsive to the people. She fights for the underdog -- always.

      I'm glad she put herself out there, because she really felt she could make a difference, and had the desire to help.

      Genuinely cared to make Port Angeles better for everyone.

      Honestly, I was relieved that she's out of it. She would have selflessly put all her time and energy into making town better for all of us, and clearly the ungrateful boors (like you) would have just run her down.

      PA doesn't deserve her level of dedication and caring. She could have made a difference.

      9:30am, gfys.

    5. Anony 9:30
      I don't know what kind of ass you are, sir (and I will assume you are a sir). But, you don't know her at all.

      I do.

      She really does believe that "everyone can help someone". And, she has helped more people that you could ever imagine.

      (And, yes she will get mad at me if she reads this and figures out that I wrote it. She is a very private person, and does not help people so she can parade it around. Hopefully you'll forgive me, if your read this.)

      She has always made sure her struggling friends had gifts for their kids at Christmas. (Even when she could barely afford it. She'd work extra hours, and scrimp to do so.)

      She had never turned any of her friends away -- ever. In fact, I can remember several people she took in even though she didn't know them very well (one domestic violence woman and her kids, comes to mind).

      She is a rock solid friend, always ready to lend an ear, or help you move, or buy you a meal.

      She routinely helps single moms when they need food. She has paid for emergency vet bills. She missed an airline flight (to get down to family for her birthday) because there was a stray dog that needed to be reunited with it's owner. (A very soft spot for animals, and will put their need above her own. Animals really trust her.)

      She sets aside money every month, from her budget to help friends who are on the lean side of a social security check. She pays a few people's utility bills, when she can, and cell phone bills, and whatever else is in arrears. And, if it is your birthday, or a grief anniversary day she -- will show up with food, or a special treat, to brighten the day.

      She has a heart as big as the whole outdoors. And, would give you her coat off her back if you needed it.

      And, she never brags about this, or complains, and doesn't whine about not being paid back. She's very gracious with compliments and smiles, and a knowing hug.

      She has had a lot of grief in her life, and knows just what to say in those awkward moments.

      And, she works hard. My god, she works harder than anyone I know. She reads five or six books every week, and contracts, and even government bills. The quest is knowledge, and an insatiable curiousity. She is unrelenting in defending people who are unable to defend themselves. She's helped so many people get their lives back in order, and off the streets. She always takes time to talk to people, and really listen. She weighs other people's thoughts carefully. She thinks, which is rare in this world. Really thinks about things.

      This isn't something new. She's done it for as long as I've known her (40+ years). She's an old soul, to be certain.

      Its rare when you find someone who will fight like a tiger for you, but never ask for anything in return. She will push herself to the limit.

      But she doesn't suffer fools well -- so maybe that's your gripe?

      I don't think you know what you threw away. I think you are a gold plated ass.

      She would have put her heart and her soul into being a great council person. Through sheer willpower and unstoppable determination she would have made a real difference in your town.

      I tried to talk her out of running. I know a little about the nastiness that came out (which she really will never fully talk about, because she doesn't complain) and it broke her heart.

      I am actually worried about her. But, she'll put on a brave front, and say it doesn't matter. She'll make jokes and smile.

      As for carving out a place for herself, she's done that in spades. Just because you are ignorant, and don't know about it, just means you expect people to brag about what they've done, and only do it for their own ego. Try taking a less jaded look at the world. Might do your selfish ass some good.

      Shame on you. Shame on you, sir, you are a jaded fool.

    6. I kind of thought there might be a few people wanting to say some nice things about Marolee, which is the only reason I even let the OP's snotty, clueless message through in the first place.

      Meanwhile...What does it say that so many people "are buying" what Jim Moron is peddling? Does he really just reek of 21st century success to you?

  7. Indeed...the air is as hazy as any hope for anyone with ethics in government.

    Watch Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin be the next target by the PDN (because he's just "oh too liberal")

    The only real wild card might be Kate (aka, the second coming of Brooke Nelson) because of all the "gosh so shrill" and hate-filled women backing her.

    Although she did put DEMOCRAT on her candidate form, even though it is a non-partisan race (guess she doesn't know what that means) which might tank her right there. And, this town does have a misogynist bent to it.

    We will end up with Moran, and French and Artur (because you can't get more benign than that).

    Which leaves us with a "fluoride agnostic". Pro Fluoride. And, Artur deer-in-the-headlights, along with Cherie the brainless -- voila, fluoride back in the water.

    Nothing changes nothing at all.

    Thanks for being so stupid Port Angeles.

  8. Here it is, closing in on 3 PM, and there are NO comments on the PDN article about the primary results.

    Needless to say, these are the results the town voted for, and "wants," but no one seems to be happy enough to take a victory lap, or toss out an atta boy, or anything.

    Yep. With enthusiasm like that, you know it's gonna be another GREAT day in...

  9. The PDN is so bad at reporting, that it should be called the Propaganda Daily News. They don't tell two sides of anything, they tell ONE side of what they think will keep you quiet, and un-involved.

    It isn't slanted, it's vertical.

    Look at how most of you actually rely on Facebook to find out what is going on around town (which is why thirty different people make individual posts that ask "oh gee, is there a fire somewhere, I see smoke" . Oh derrr, never thought to look on some news site that might actually update more than every 24 hours?)

    Then, you all look the other way when a bunch of yahoos run another, point of view, the "other" newspapers out Because some infant got his poopy diaper in a twist?

    (Yes, Madam, that's my description of you. Waaa, waaa po-pos found your stash of guns. Waaa.)

    Lets all hate on candidates that don't lie to you (and meanwhile, accuse them of being terrible politicians).


    That's the biggest bully, circle jerk going in this rancid little cesspool of incest. It might be bad everywhere, but here, it is unimaginably retarded (ooh, yeah, used the R word).

    Moderators find any reason to block someone (even if they are defending another hapless poster who stepped into the viper pit).

    Gang up and hate on one person, and be all smug about it. Gotcha. Just like hating on homeless, or drug addicts or anyone who you decide is just weak enough to not fight back.

    Here you celebrate the savvy business con-artists who have found ways to steal from each other (and you, mostly you).

    Circle up your wagons if someone says a discouraging word. Especially if they aren't "from" this low life, trailer park white trash town.

    Yeah, indeed. Lets all hate on the two people who actually gave a damn about Port Angeles and the people who live there. The two people you eliminated from the running.

    It's so easy to be a hater.

  10. Lets review your slate of candidates for November -- that you selected.

    One of the candidates got arrested multiple times, can't shop at Safeway due to shoplifting, lies openly, uses drugs, and has shady business partners.

    But, but: "He's a suck-sess-full biz-ness-man. Hasn't EVERYONE gotten in trouble?"

    Actually, no.

    O-hole is neither successful (laundering drug money and making your sister do all the work isn't successful) nor is he upstanding by any measure other than PA standards (hint: low, very low).

    Backwater, slum mentality, arseholes for City Council

    (Hey 0-hole, you can use that for your campaign slogan).

    His opponent has already SAID that if the fluoride vote is "close" then he won't pay any attention to the people (he said it more than once, if you were listened).

    He claims to be even tempered, but he's had more than a few hissy fits on facebook (and is quite liberal with the 4-letter f-bombs) that he removes by moderator request.

    He's as stable and upstanding as a soggy French Fry. (Frenchie, you can use THAT for your campaign slogan.)

    Meanwhile, in the other race, you have a Moron man who repeatedly called Port Angeles "his MAYBERRY" until someone told him to stop saying that.

    Don't worry, he really does think you are all hicks and hillbillies. (Ya'll should know, to him you are bumpkins.)

    He's endorsed by Orville, which means,that old wrinkled hand is up Moran's ass: his personal meat puppet. Mmmm..think of that the next time Moran's lips flap.

    Then good ol'golf-buddy opponent, nice guy. Dumber than a ball sack. (Another suck-sess-full businessman.)

    His ex-wife's father's business. Pretty hard to wreck an already going stable business that was started 45 years ago. Not creative. Not in the least.

    So, yes. Let us measure all candidates by what you took offense to on Facebook. Lets elect people because you play golf with them, or they announce at the Lefty's game, or because they have a bar downtown (warning: you won't get free beers) or a restaurant (warning: greasy spoon, not up to snuff on health issues. Two words: grandfathered in.)

    They are your candidates Port Angeles. So feel mighty smug about these choices.

    You will be so proud as they raise your taxes,let the city services dwindle, clear-cut Lincoln Park, and continue the lies. Oh, so many lies.

    Then you can whine for a few more years about how terrible your council is.

    You get what you deserve.

    My house is up for sale. Lets try and hold this town together for a few more weeks until the sale is complete.


    1. Good for you for taking the positive step forward...Port Angeles looks its best in the rearview mirror. Good luck, and thanks for posting. May the road rise with you.

  11. I thought Port Angeles was hellish before. Now with this recent election and the thick layer of smoke and the heat.... damn it. We're really IN HELL.

  12. A new example of corruption getting worse: the "North Olympic Legislative Alliance." Look at the players, it's an EDC on steroids. A whole new level of skimming, laundering, political graft, etc. And what a coincidence that Mr. Chapman's back to give a little speech to his buds. Hmm, who else could have advised small town crooks how to expand their turf like that?

    I feel sorry for groups like the Peninsula Trails Coalition thinking that they're gonna get something out of this.

    1. Mr. Chapman? Do you mean THE Mike Chapman? The slimy, shifty scumbag?

      Is THAT the Mike Chapman you're referring to? (Not that I have an opinion about that off-his-meds mealy-mouthed moron...)

    2. Yep, he gets in with the state boys, takes a look around to see how things are done, and comes back to show his homies how to sucker the system for a little more state money, as long as the new board can sit tight until he can do his part. Then they can stick their hands in the till when no one's looking.

      This is the traditional legislative fight for local funds, only here there's no intention of public benefit to make it appear legit. Just like the EDC, they'll spend every last dollar on themselves. The beauty of this scam is that there's no one to report back to, no one to whom they'll have to pretend that they're doing something. At this level you just take the money, and our great state looks the other way. It's a con man's wet dream.