Monday, March 21, 2016

Yes, It's Musical Chairs - And You're NOT Invited - AKA - Inbred, Rerun, Timewarp Leftovers, Closed Door, Clusterfuck Follies

Well, that didn't take long. As in, it literally didn't take long...

A political ripple caused by the retirement announcement of state Sen. Jim Hargrove began Monday, with two candidates announcing their election plans.

State Rep. Kevin Van De Wege, in his fifth term in the Legislature, announced that he will relinquish that seat in order to run for the state Senate seat Hargrove is vacating at year's end.

Minutes after Van De Wege's announcement, four-term Clallam County Commissioner Mike Chapman announced his intention to run for Van De Wege's seat.

And, as a previous poster pointed out, former County Commissioner Ron Richards will also be running for Chapman's soon-to-be-vacant County Commissioner's seat. No new blood. No new ideas. No new energy. No, no, no - which is what the public should say to this incestuous, insane abomination.

Here's a little more for you...

“I'm excited to announce my candidacy to the state Senate,” Van De Wege said in a news release distributed to the media Monday afternoon.

“It's an opportunity to keep working on creating family wage jobs, championing our public schools and working to keep improving the quality of life for every resident on the Peninsula.”

Chapman in his release said: “I'm basing my campaign around creating more opportunities and support for the communities, families and businesses of the Olympic Peninsula.”

How's Van De Wege done so far at "creating family wage jobs" and "working to improve the quality of life for every resident on the Peninsula"? NOAA, for one, famously cited the lack of quality of life on said Peninsula, and the scores - no pun intended - of drug addicts who have made Clallam County their home under Van De Wege's watch might also find fault with his claims.

And Mike Chapman, again following right in Van De Wege's footsteps, is also going to "base his campaign around creating more opportunities and support for the communities, families and businesses of the Olympic Peninsula." Oh, right. Too bad you haven't been working on that for the past few years, Mike. Too bad the opportunities you're really interested in creating are opportunities for you to draw a fat paycheck without having to produce anything.

Will these three ride the Combover's coattails into office?
Two things really need to happen here, folks. One is for these self-serving failures to have to run on their real and actual records. Force them, and the voters, to stare into the cold void they've helped create. The other is for all of these arrogant leftovers - Van De Wege, Chapman and Richards - to face real opponents, from within their own corrupt party. Primary these losers out. It will serve no good to reward any of these buffoons with elected positions.

Seriously, this is a very, very bad sign. Nothing will change - nothing - unless you change the people making decisions. If you like poverty, drug abuse, hopelessness, crumbling infrastructure, political corruption and gross indifference to the needs of the public, then by all means, maintain the sick status quo.

But if you want more, if you want better, then speak up, stand up, and just say NO.


  1. Here's the full announcement from Mike Chapman, AKA Kevin's Echo. Sorry for any format issues. It's from Mike Chapman, so...

    "Port Angeles - Four term Clallam County Commissioner Mike Chapman (D)
    announced today his campaign for the 24th Legislative District House of
    Representatives seat vacated by Kevin Van de Wege.

    "I am running for the State House of Representatives to be a passionate
    advocate for those who need it most:

    the disadvantaged, the poor, the sick, the unemployed, the veterans who so
    bravely served our country, those struggling with mental illness and
    substance addiction, and everyone else facing tough times.

    I grew up in a family devastated by alcoholism, drug addiction, and poverty,
    raised by my single mother after my dad died. I grew up dirt poor,
    struggling to become the first member of my family to go to college. My wife
    and I have worked hard to provide better opportunities for our kids than we
    had. Because of my background, I know how hard life can be, so I'm basing my
    campaign around creating more opportunities and support for the communities,
    families, and businesses of the Olympic Peninsula", said Mike Chapman.

    Mike will work hard to make sure that schools, teachers, students, and
    parents will have the resources they need so that every child can achieve
    their full potential in school. From early learning programs to college,
    education is the key to building an economy where everyone can achieve their
    full potential and find or create living wage jobs on the Olympic Peninsula.

    Mike will fight to ensure that tax dollars are used wisely to invest in
    local infrastructure and transportation projects to create jobs and help our
    economy to improve. He knows our local economy must support good paying jobs
    with good benefits for everyone, not just a privileged few.

    The Olympic Peninsula is a special place with clear air and clean water, and
    lots of open access to public lands. Mike will work hard to keep it that
    way. He believes we need to envision and embrace the many opportunities for
    recreation and industry afforded to us by our natural resources. The Olympic
    Peninsula, as a carbon bank and prime tree habitat, stands to benefit as we
    work to establish a state carbon policy that will make our area a cutting
    edge leader in reducing the harmful effects of climate change. Mike knows
    this will also work to revive and grow our natural resource based economy.

    A four term Clallam County Commissioner with previous service as a local law
    enforcement officer and US Customs Inspector, including apprehending
    terrorist Ahmed Ressam, Mike Chapman has the right qualities and experience
    to represent the communities of Clallam, Jefferson, and Grays Harbor
    counties. Mike and his wife of 27 years, Bobbi, reside in Port Angeles. They
    have 2 sons Larsson a sophomore in college and Anders a HS senior. Mike
    holds a AAS from Shoreline College, a BA from Northwest College and a
    Master's Degree from Duquesne University."

    1. "Clean water" Nice try Mike, you allowed the BOH to pass a resolution to fluoridate the entire county's water supply. This was not on the published agenda and in secret to most of the community yet you let them put it on the agenda at the last minute and you, as chairman, allowed a vote on a last minute agenda item and then explained to them exactly how to do it and then voted against it secure in the knowledge that you had sufficient votes to pass it. We have had enough of your brand of backroom leadership. Fuhghetabout higher office. Go work on your memoirs. Sixteen years at the helm and we are still the poorest county in the state. you must have more to write about than catching a bad guy 20 years ago.

  2. Yes, I must say, it is amazing how blatant they are with the announcements. Think there was any prior conversations among them?

    See, we're just a formality.

    1. "The Olympic Peninsula is a special place with clear air and clean water ..."

      That's a joke!

  3. In other news...R.I.P. Jake Seniuk, who passed away at the age of 66. Jake was a truly sweet and kind man, and I'm glad he found some happiness with Donna and away from Port Angeles before...

    1. Thank you, Jake, for all that you did and tried to do for this community. May you find peace now.

    2. Rob Ford, Ex-Crackhead Mayor of Toronto died.

    3. I believe that should be Crackhead Ex-Mayor. Please, give the man his due.

  4. In other other news...Yvonne Ziomkowski's case against the City is FINALLY coming to trial. As the article says...

    "Ziomkowski, at the time 59, said in her May 14, 2013 lawsuit that before she was fired, she suffered through a hostile work environment marked by age and sex discrimination.

    She said those responsible included Myers, City Public Works and Utilities Director Glenn Cutler, Human Resources Director Bob Coons, and Police Chief Terry Gallagher, all of whom have since left city employment."

    Gee, I can't help but think this was all stalled and put off until those individuals would no longer be with the City, to save them any potential embarrassment. And make no mistake about it, this has been stalled and roadblocked and sandbagged all the way.

    Yvonne was in a bad situation in City Hall, and has been in a regrettable situation with her attorney, who has been complicit in the stalling, despite Yvonne's wishes.

    I hope this turns out well for her, somehow.

    1. I'll BET she has some stories to tell.

    2. Yes indeed she does, and that was why Kent Myers, back in the day, had the "criminal" investigation of her start the day that a new City Council (with pesky question askers like Max Mania and Sissi Bruch among them) was holding their first meeting. That put Yvonne off-limits for Council members to talk to, then provided the pretext for firing her.

      It was all very obvious. At that time there were (however briefly) four members of the City Council who were digging around in City Hall dirt, and the corrupt old guard needed a distraction and fall guy. Hence, Yvonne got thrown to the wolves.

    3. Name them so we can shame them...

    4. Was interesting sitting in on jury selection yesterday. Was amazing how many prospective jurors are employed by government agencies. From the OMC to the Park Service to School system to city and or county governments. It is hard to believe a random selection process could turn up that many prospective jurors working for tax funded organizations. All of them know if the plaintiff wins then it will cost a government some money. Wouldn't you think there would be some bias against giving away tax money to a complaining ex employee?
      I doubt if they will be informed that the city has insurance to pay off these type claims. The city, with the possible complicity from the plaintiff's lawyer, has stalled this case for 4 years until all the accused are retired from city positions.

    5. I hope that someone interviews her...Port O Call. You listening?

    6. Working on it..

    7. Anon 7:21, You say: "It is hard to believe a random selection process could turn up that many prospective jurors working for tax funded organizations."

      But, we know that the government, in some form or another, is the biggest employer in the area.

      See, this of course flies in the face about "Business knows how to do it better", etc. They can't survive out here in hillbilly land.

      The other irony is that all the "conservatives" that spout off around here about the evils of "socialism". If it were not for "government", and the money it spreads around here, there would be no Port Angeles.

      But, that doesn't make good election year sloganeering.

  5. In business, collusion and "fixing" things like this is illegal, and is seen as clearly unethical to boot.

    But in politics, hey, no problem! We're just showing that we can "work together"!

  6. Port Angeles just gets one bad story after another.

    Really, it is quite amazing to witness. There is hardly a place or circumstance that doesn't end up soiled by some bad news.

  7. No record of any lawsuit. Nor with Pierce. You sure these weren't just administrative claims filed with the City, that make them easier to stall & control?

    1. I think I can't find a court case filed, so perhaps these "lawsuits" aren't really lawsuits but insurance and administrative claims -- which will never see the inside of a courtroom, therefore, not clearly "public record".

    2. "Jan 18, 2014 - PORT ANGELES — An Oct. 13 trial date has been set in a lawsuit former city Finance Director Yvonne Ziomkowski filed against the city over ..."


      Mar 15, 2012 - On February 22, 2012, I gave to Yvonne Ziomkowski, Finance Director for the City of Port Angeles, a written notice stating that I was considering.."

      And, now it is 4 years later?

    3. I'm still ???

      What Pierce? What ARE you talking about? Please explain what "lawsuits" YOU are referencing...


      Yet another ex-city employee with administrative claims. Was that also never settled?

    5. Toxic Teresa, wasnt that your second chapter feb 2014.

    6. If it is filed why can't I find anything on the WA state court records? Find my court date, has nothing

    7. "If it is filed why can't I find anything on the WA state court records?"

      If WHAT is filed? You have never said WHAT it is you think is filed, so maybe that does, hmmm, make it hard to search for. I will give you one more chance to state CLEARLY and IN FULL what you want us to be concerned about, okay? If you can do that, maybe someone here can help you, okay?

      But until you do that, anyone reading your comments are probably not really getting it either.


      And if you can't do that...No more. Sheesh...

    8. Um, CK, your posters are only asking if the "claims" against the city are real lawsuits in court, or just mere administrative claims that the city can better control. That's the point here, one more kinds thing (harassment claims) that the city innards can control. Neither Ms. Ziomkowski or Pierce show up as current parties in the state court database.

    9. Folks, this is a "Civil" action, not criminal. No one will go to jail no matter who wins or loses. Only money will change hands if the city is found in the wrong.

  8. While I'm glad to see seats opening up, because it gives us the opportunity to vote the bastards out, it also makes me a little ill and fearful, because as someone pointed out earlier, there are all the sheeple out there who will just vote for the name they've heard before without doing any research. I didn't even need to read Mike's letter - his notorius flip flopping means that his words have no credibility regardless..

  9. If there is such a thing as negative credibility (as opposed to zero), these politicos have it.

  10. NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN/WOMEN TO COME TO THE AID OF THEIR COMMUNITY. DON'T LET THESE BASTARDS CONTINUE TO SOIL OUR COMMUNITY. THERE IS NOT A ONE OF THEM YOU'D LET DATE YOUR DAUGHTER WHY LET THEM RUN YOUR COMMUNITY. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. ANYONE, YES ANYONE CAN DO A BETTER JOB THAN HAS BEEN DONE UP TO NOW. Okay, got that off my chest. Anyone who evens mentions "economic development" or "family wage jobs" is a liar and a lout. They have used this ole say for decades now and nothing to come of it. You will not get family wage jobs so long as these slum-bums are in power. They have agreed not to bring in good jobs for fear of the workers job-hopping to better paying jobs. So, the chamber, the EDC, the PABA, all the usual blow-hards are chiming in on "family wage jobs" and playing you for suckers. Why? Because it works so well. Hell, Kilmer parlayed his "economic development" efforts all the way to congress. Why wouldn't they think it will work again?
    Please, please get off your ass and educate yourself on the issues and put your name in the game. Pretty please!!

  11. Keep in mind, Van de Wege is a proponent of fluoridating the entire county water supply. He is in the clutches of the Delta Dental Foundation and received maximum contributions from them in each of his many campaigns.

  12. Speaking of Washington state employees and such...Someone landed on this blog today by searching for "matthew randazzo scam."

    Looks like someone is preparing for the election season by doing a little background research?

  13. Bill Yucha continues to write hateful letters to the editor about those transgenders who should just change their mind about their gender (because god doesn't make mistakes) and stop raping the girls locker room with their "maleness".

    The Ethics committee meets on Thursday. I don't know if Mr. Yucha is on that particular committee but it would be a good opportunity to object to him being there during the public comments. The city council members who appointed him for the committee may not even realize the offensive positions he holds.

    1. Yes indeed. What ARE the "ethics" of bigotry and religious hatred?

      Maybe one of those wise Council people can clear that up for us all.

    2. One has to wonder at what the criteria are for a letter to be published in the PDN. Apparently any lunacy spouting rightwinger can get their letters published.

    3. Well the joke's on you because there are no qualifcations to be on the "ethics" board.
      You, the public, have no objection. In fact, while by law the public may attend, the boards don't have to hear from anyone they don't want to. It's their show, as it always is around here. If you're not on the inside, screw you.

    4. Traditionally, right-wing nutball claims ("Obama is a Kenyan Marxist Muslim!") fly right through, while ideas from the other end of the political spectrum often get held up (and held hostage) by "fact checking."

      Here's an idea, though...The letters to the editor are a real draw for the PDN. People will buy the paper just to see them. That's why it's the one thing they don't ever put online. So, if you want to hit the PDN where it hurts, STOP writing letters to the editor there entirely. Let the racists/fascists/lunatics fume, and send your thoughts along to the Port O Call, or here, or post them on bulletin boards, or...

    5. I agree with you, CK. I don't subscribe to, or write to the PDN. Haven't for years now.

      This policy of Paul Gottlieb (he monitors the letters) letting right wing morons spout pure crap in nothing new. And, him screening anything else out, is also nothing new.

      I don't give money to the Ku Klux Klan, and I won't give it to the PDN, either.

      And, I urge everyone I talk to that still buys that paper, to stop.

    6. Okay, no more letters. I don't subscribe, so it only makes sense to fully disengage.

  14. "Nothing in the Constitution explicitly guarantees our right to vote." ... "While the right to vote is inherent throughout our founding document, and there are amendments prohibiting discrimination, nothing in the Constitution explicitly guarantees our right to vote."

    I'm reminded of the folks that argued here about the City Council actions.

    Gee, next they will be telling us we should feel lucky Cherie Kidd and her cronies allows us to vote!

    1. We should be grateful for all they do for us, with our money.

  15. CK...I was saying that PDN reported there was jury selection (ex financial city person) And, from the news since, there clearly was jury selection, however, the WA court website wasn't showing it as happening. Neither was the Clallam County one. I found it peculiar.
    Pierce's court case has, also, never shown up.
    Other court cases do.... lots of them. But why would this NOT?
    Just curious. Sorry to confuse, you CK

    1. Now you're replying here, not at the previous thread...And using phrases like (ex financial city person)...Having doubts in your searching I am, frankly.

  16. Clearly, Yucca is enough of a Christian that all is forgiven if he hates people who are alluring to him.

    1. He's not a homo-trans-Islam-ophobic bigot with his head up his ass, he's got a "moral compass" and he's Clotleib's new lil buddy!

  17. Move along folks, Paul Gottlieb take on the city trial has decided in the city's favor and it shows. Read his latest entry, especially the last sentence of today's article, he has found the city faultless and all is well in PA. Get outa town Paul, you are depraved and misguided. People are getting screwed every day in this city and you gloss it over for some pat on the head by some mucky muck. Despicable is the only word for your brand of idiocy.

    1. If only Paul Clotlieb and the PDN had shown half as much interest in the shenanigans in City Hall some years ago - say, during the Karen Rogers to Kent Myers period - as they are in Yvonne's trial, maybe things wouldn't have gotten SO bad in Port Angeles.

      But they turned a blind eye then, and are now turning a skeptical eye towards Yvonne's (mostly justified) claims. Papering over so many crimes and deceptions with their shitty little newspaper.

      How many lives have been wrecked by the PDN's unprofessional and unethical approach to reporting the news?

    2. Hey, the PDN does NOT report the news. They do everything they can to SHAPE the news in this community.

      You get to hear WHAT they want you to hear.

      You get to hear WHEN they want you to hear it, if at all.

      And, you get to hear the news the way they want you to hear it, if at all.

      Twist, distort, omit. This is how the Peninsula Daily News approaches shaping how the community knows what is going on, and how they are going to react to it.

      And, we see the results every day.

    3. I see there is another person running for Hargrove's seat.

      Saying they are going to work for "family wage jobs".

      Which government agency in the area has openings?

    4. I might note that I never received a response to my letter to Sound Publishing so that shows how much they care that their little rag of a paper here is about as far from real journalism as you can get. They don't care that they're losing subscribers as long as they continue to get advertising dollars, and they have no interest in changin anything to win their lost subscribers back.

  18. Feel free to cut and paste into your own letter.

    Dear (Swains, Wilder Auto, Ruddell Auto, various realtors etc)

    So long as you advertise in the PDN I will not spend any money with you and will make an effort to tell 3 people per day why I will not spend with you--because you support a corrupt newspaper that slants and under reports the news we need.
    (your name here)

    If everyone who posts here sends one of these to Swains, all the realtors, or pick one big one, new car dealers, you know, the usual suspects who spend way too much money which goes to Canada and is not spent in the local economy.

    1. doesnt freedom of the press allow each editor to "edit"?

      Certainly we see KNOP, KSQM And the PDN all pretty consistent on stories.

      On the other side we have consistency at POC and this blog.

      The truth is somewhere between those goalposts.

    2. Edit? You mean not print stories that do not support the powers that be? You mean slant, lie and distort reality, to keep the general public from understanding what is going on in this town??

      What you seem to not understand is the upset , discussions and exposures expressed here, and at the PoC are because people want things to get BETTER than they are here. Stagnation, lies and loss are not good enough.

      Well, maybe for you.

    3. What about we boycott
      Elwaha Klallam Heritage Center
      B&B Sharpening
      Mathews Glass
      Leitz Farms
      Tiny Bubbles
      Laurel Lanes
      BIbbys Texas BBQ
      Steves Westside Muffler and Brake
      Smugglers Landing
      Harbor Art
      Olympic Laundry and Cleaners
      Angeles Welding
      Dominos Pizza
      La Belle Creperie
      Browns Outdoor
      Pacofic Rim Hobby
      Gray Motors
      PA Auto Sales
      TJs flooring

  19. Here are some great minds that should run for county commissioner:
    Marolee Smith; Jesse Farmer, Rebecca Martineux and Dale Wilson.

    All have big ideas for change. It's time to put them in the game!

    1. I agree. Why don't we see new faces with new ideas running?

    2. LOL, could see those lyin' sacks of sh$t trying to shut Dale up?