Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cherie Kidd, This is Your Life (During Wartime)!

Cherie Kidd is like a massive trainwreck of clich├ęs: She's part of a circular firing squad while shooting herself in the foot (which is in her mouth) while digging the hole she's in deeper and so forth and so on. She is so absurd she often slips over the border into surreal. If not for the fact that she's one of the people in charge of a real city where real people live, she'd be a great source of comedy.

But she is for real. And her Deep Stupid has consequences for real people, real lives. I would imagine that the number of people wanting to laugh in her face are greatly outnumbered by those who simply want to see the back of her as she leaves City Hall for good.

Until that happens, though, she's a "public servant," which means when the people want to talk to her - or laugh at her - it's her job to sit there and take it. That might be unpleasant, but do you really think, as Cherie testified she does, that negative public comments mean there is "no longer a safe environment"? Do critical but non-threatening words really create "a safety issue" as Cherie contends?

Not a threat, Cherie. Not a safety issue.
Not even a distraction. Just that pesky freedom of speech.

Or could these silly, baseless statements be, oh, I don't know, lame attempts to justify her own outrageous behavior after the fact?

As for citizens holding up signs during a City Council meeting...Let me just ask you, dear readers, if you could still function were you one of the people sitting at the front of the room, even if people were holding up signs? Apparently Cherie cannot, poor dear, since she describes said signs as "distracting."

Distracting? Really? Hmmm...I thought something that is distracting would be intended to possible draw your attention away from a particular subject or task. Given that these signs were supposed to focus and direct the Council's attention on an issue people feel is important, I would say that the signs in question were actually the opposite of distracting.

Can you grasp that concept, Cherie?

Anyway, we'll see what the Ethics Board comes up with this Friday. They called three good witnesses, and one rotten one. That's a good sign, but of course, per Cherie Kidd's worldview, there may be no such thing as a good sign - at least not in City Hall.


  1. Cherie started out her testimony under oath and thanked all the many well-wishers and supporters she has heard from since this unfortunate incident. The only "supporter" she could get to show up in her defense was the local lobbyist working for Steve Tharinger and promoting fluoridation, Laura O'neal.

  2. CK you are too nice. Her public statement was a disgusting vomitous spectacle. At the end of the day she is simply a liar.
    Just like the true power behind the scenes that prop up a pathetic person like her and her cohorts. Power that pays off scumbag newspapers to grind out the propaganda day after day after day. Power that fights very hard to maintain the status quo. Power that drives out fresh new ideas. Power that will be dictating even more in coming days over each and every one of your lives. You better figure out who is really pulling the strings around here, because the majority block on your council are just the puppets.

  3. From the PDN article:

    ""In Robert's Rules of Order, it says in an unstable environment and if it's very disruptive, it's up to the chair to adjourn,” Kidd said Tuesday.

    “There was no longer a safe environment.

    “There was no longer decorum in there by all the laws of parliamentary procedure.”

    She said the citizens' behavior, which she said included ad hominem and personal attacks, had created “a safety issue.”"

    Do you believe for a minute that she had ever had training or cracked open a copy of Roberts Rules before that meeting? I think she, in a panic, found a copy after the fact and searched in vain for something to justify her actions. Her statements are weak at best and straight serve to just embarrass her further. She just keeps digging herself in further and further every time she opens her mouth.

    What scares me is the following statement:
    "Prince said after the closed-door session that he, Meiner and Rutten will vote Friday on each part of the complaint and will explain the reasoning behind their decisions."

    Does that not read like they are preparing us for bad news? That their decision will just let Cherie off with an "aw shucks we're sorry to have taken your time"?

    Along these lines, what does everyone here think about the momentum of things? There hasn't been any reports of large attendance or protest at recent City Council meetings. I don't live in the city limits so I have no say over the process but if they let Cherie off easy, I have a feeling that's the start of the Council just getting themselves back to normal. Nothing to see here.

  4. This woman is a total embarrassment.

  5. Cherie is just an embarrassment. There is no other way to say it.

    It doesn't matter what the Ethics panel does, at this point. We all saw what a buffoon she is. She did it, all by her self. No one needs to put a stamp of approval on it, pro or con.

    Our community is clearly suffering as a result, and she just doesn't care.

    Remember how she was all over getting money for a suicide fence at the bridges? Remember how much publicity she got, over that? We know it was just as it appeared to be. Use any situation, no matter how sad, to get Cherie attention.

    You're right CK. When the people are SO self absorbed as Cherie and crew are, waving signs is the only thing left.

    No, if people had their shit together, they would have loud, vocal protest to the City Council's clear efforts to silence them. There are many ways to make your disapproval known to your elected representatives.

    As we saw with the survey, if you don't do anything, they take your silence to mean you support what they are doing.

  6. Thank you Clallam Public Eye:

    The theatrics start a little over an hour into it.

    1. This is NOT the video of the infamous Cherie-loses-what-little-there-is-of-her-mind meeting. This is a video of the Ethics Board meeting. Thanks, and enjoy!

  7. Cherie gave differing accounts of what happened, and why (her motivation). She gave accounts that differed from other people's and from the paper trail and evidence. Then there's the video of it all, which should make this an open and shut case.

    But we'll see....

  8. Despite, or rather because, of her low IQ, I don't expect Cherie Kidd to agree with me on every issue. That doesn't upset me.

    Despite the upset she has caused through her actions, I don't expect Cherie Kidd to simply step down because a great many people are upset/disappointed with/angry at her. She has the right to stay and fight. I get that.

    But what really, really does irk me and piss me off is her lack of willingness to simply admit that she has played a part in all of this chaos. Her inability to just say "I'm sorry for whatever part I played in this" is truly infuriating.

    And so her arrogance and callousness makes me fight all the harder to push her out. Saying "I'm sorry" would cost her nothing. The lack of her saying it makes me want to have her lose everything.

    1. @12:22 agreed, but "stay and fight"? Really?
      As in "fighting" by lying through your teeth about what the videos already proved? "Fighting" by trying to blame it on Whetham? "Fighting" by swearing under oath that "all hell broke loose" in the audience BEFORE she gaveled her way into infamy and shrieked "this meeting is adjourned"? "Fighting" by avoiding any discussion of her & Downie's illegal pre-meeting agreement? "Fighting" by refusing to admit she was obviously the one who directed the posting of her new dictatorial sign policy? "Fighting" by shedding crocodile tears at the end of her tragic testimony?

      When you got nothing to fight with, and everything you utter is an outright LIE, why make it worse for yourself by staying? Isn't that the point of this thread? This isn't just many people being upset/disappointed at her. This is her melting down like a toddler. Enough that someone needs to invoke whatever rule there is about incapacity of a councilmember.

    2. Exactly right. Cherie should be trounced from office.

  9. Port O Call is reporting Kidd lied under oath and Bloor is dismissed as legal advisor to the Ethics Committee.

  10. So, Bloor has stepped down as legal adviser to the Ethics Review Board?

    What a worm.

  11. Contrition is the mark of leadership...

  12. Quote from Cherie Kidd at her ethics hearing:
    "I warned them up front...there's no legal right to public comment."

  13. It's interesting that in the PDN article today Paul Gottlieb said there was sworn testimony by four witnesses- and specifically named them. Dan Bateman, Mike Libera, Robert Flood and Laura O'Neal. He didn't include Dale Wilson who testified for almost 10 minutes and was asked very specific questions by the panel. HMMMMMM I think they have had a falling out. LOL

  14. A rather timely article about too many politicians:

    Sound like anyone you know?