Friday, March 11, 2016

The News - Cherie Kidd Style

The headline pretty much says it all, folks: "Haggen to close Port Angeles store, lay off 67 employees."

But, for more on this story, let's go live to Cherie Kidd...

"I have not heard these rumors about the store closing, but I am confident that they will very quickly be dismissed. I absolutely disagree with the assumption to begin with, and give no credibility to Haggen's allegations."

Thank you. That was Cherie Kidd, live on the scene, and deep in denial. We'll have more news in a minute, but first...

Who are you gonna believe?
Cherie Kidd, or your lying eyes?


  1. Amazing quote.

    I've told a few people about what Cherie Kidd said about not having read the complaint, and every one of them has shaken their heads in disbelief.

    It is one thing to be a crack headed moron who only thinks about getting stoned all day, and to come up with a comment like that. But Cherie Kidd is supposed to be a "leader" in this community, not an on-going embarrassment. She is supposed to have qualities that help her represent the best in Port Angeles. Abilities to help Port Angeles solve it's many problems.

    Instead, Cherie Kidd IS one of the many problems. Cherie Kidd helps to CREATE more problems in Port Angeles.

    No wonder the streets and sidewalks are always empty in Port Angeles; people are afraid they'll run into Cherie Kidd, and have to deal with her.

  2. A good message that bears repeating:

    "Everyone bring your lovely yellow and black signs to the home show tomorrow and Sunday at the high school. Be ready to tell people why these four miscreants must step down now."

    1. Will Butch, Edna and Gaul be there?

  3. The Republicans resist acknowledging the reality of climate change.

    Donald Trump resists acknowledging his part in creating violence at his own campaign rallies.

    And on the local level, Cherie Kidd won't acknowledge her part in creating the turmoil in City Hall.

    Right-wingers have a hard time taking responsibility for things, or so it would seem. Deny, deny and lie.

  4. For once, some comments on the PDN website are worth repeating: "Bad news again. Nothing is going to change here until we have some new smart business and political leadership in Port Angeles. They still think forestry, logging, fishing and tourism will return....Never! We need leaders that are smart, strong and influential and can bring in new industry that pay family wages. Until that happens, forget the commercial airline, forget department stores, forget new grocery stores, forget new civic and new schools. Industries of the past are gone...We need new and viable private industries to locate here, otherwise Port Angeles will continue to die. We need community leaders with new and progressive ideas."

    And: "Just another nail in PA's coffin with fewer working people to pay the mountain of debt created by City government, with much more debt to come - and the School District is posturing for another try at a new bond?"

    I'm not sensing a lot of hope here, from anyone.

    1. After all the years the current crew have held control of Port Angeles, can we hope people are starting to become fed up with the lack of results?

      Maybe they are starting o realize sitting ho,me and complaining isn't enough, that the town is still going down hill despite the so-called leaders election time promises?

      When will the Four get a clue, do us all a favor, and get out of the way?

      They seem to think this is all some kind of ego game, and they will "stand strong against the critics". They are so blinded by their egos that they can't see what they have done to this town, and it's future.

      If they really do care, they will just get out of the way. Otherwise, we all can see them for what they are.

      How badly must we all think of them, before they get it?

    2. +1 @12:07, it is precisely because that cabal of 4 will NEVER get it, and have NEVER had any really good ideas, and NEVER pay attention to what is going on in emerging businesses to see what's out there, that they need to step the hell down.

      Just ask your kids what's going on in tech, in science, in design, etc., and where they see the new money. And I don't mean pot shops!

      Maybe just maybe, there's another city that might already be few steps ahead of us, ya think? The answers are out there.

      But when the cabal of 4 thinks shutting down debate is good for their egos, that is DESTRUCTIVE to our city. We need to hear ideas that set the stage to move forward. Heck, cutting out EDC, fluoride & other boondoggles to save money is a NO-BRAINER at this point.

      Can anyone here say for certainty how far in debt this town really is? START ASKING THEM

    3. That is a great idea. Every time you see a council member on the street, in the market or at a civic event, ask them, "how much debt does the city hold?"

    4. As if they care enough about you, me, our children, or the city to give you the truth? A straight answer?

      What sad excuses for humans.

  5. Did you see the idiot in the PDN's comments section saying this is an opening to bring a Trader Joe's in? Talk about having zero understanding of target demographics. Port Angeles is too SMALL, too OLD and too POOR for Trader Joe's to ever even consider for a single second. Please, sir. You're embarrassing yourself.

  6. From what I've heard at work, sounds like Haggen's (or the remains thereof) has been purchased altogether by Albertson's/Safeway, and the PA store will re-open as an Albertson's in the near future.