Sunday, March 20, 2016

Under the Bored Walk

You know...I don't even like Charlie Brown or the Peanuts comics. But I can't help but think of Charlie Brown being tricked time and time again by Lucy and that damned football when I read about - wait for it! - yet another online contest that Port Angeles is supposed to get all excited about. Only this time it's not Charlie Brown the bald-headed fool who's getting worked up, but rather bald-headed fool Don Perry, touting his boring underground tour.

Really, what can one say to morons like this? People who are so, so painfully stupid as to think these things mean anything, or will change anything? Christ, I wish I had a bag of Magic Beans to sell. I'd make one final trip to Port Angeles (maybe a Chamber of Commerce meeting?) and clean up.

"Winning" meaningless online contests won't change the fact that Port Angeles is a depressed and depressing place. Depressed and run-down. Depressed and run-down and desperate. The irony of this particular situation is that one of the reasons Port Angeles is so depressed, run-down and desperate is because idiots like Don Perry keep getting elected to the City Council. Yet here Don is now, all puffed out over "his" underground tour possibly being "the best" around.

Memo to Don Perry: NO ONE CARES BUT YOU.

Don Perry's laughing because he knows it's pointless
for Cherie to try and teach him how to read. Silly, silly Cherie!

Here are a few relevant facts:

One: As mentioned above, Port Angeles suffers from a real leadership deficit. The only thing they've traditionally excelled at is bad ideas, and Don Perry was a Four Star General of the Brain Drain Brigade as a Council member. Yes Man for Karen Rogers, good ol' boy gladhander, sexist staff harassing yahoo and certified mouth-breather, Don Perry is representative of just how low the bar has been set for elected officials in Clallam County.

Two: He's also a failure as a businessman. Ever seen Don's rinky dink "business" office downtown? The one he's, hmmm, never, ever at? It's a sad testament to a man's need to have his image and ego propped up with the window dressing of some sort of "business" he can say he's in - even though he is, in fact, not really in business at all.

Three: Which brings us to the aforementioned underground tour. As the PDN article states, Don has been doing this tour for 16 years. In all that time, he has constantly bemoaned the fact that the areas on his tour - the tour he claims to love - are always threatened with decay, damage and redevelopment. A little street work here and there, or a wall collapsing somewhere else, and the tour is finished.

Yet, in all those years, 16 long years, lazybones Don Perry has never taken a single step to do something about it. Note his tours are a "business." No one is going to donate funds to help restore a "business." (Hello, Scott Nagel - we're looking at you and your wannabe buy-it-for-me movie theater.) But people, and all sorts of agencies, might give money to help restore or maintain a non-profit historical attraction. Don knows this. But has he ever even tried to form a non-profit to safeguard the underground? No he has not.

Because Don Perry is, above all else, lazy, lazy, lazy - both physically and (especially) mentally. Just like the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce and the PABA and all the other rah rah cheerleaders who want some stupid online contest to instantly make their town viable again, rather than doing it themselves. These types don't want to do any self-examination or heavy lifting. No, they'll just sit and get fat and wait for the Magic Beans to show up.

Opening Soon in downtown Port Angeles!

But even Magic Beans can't grow being planted that far underground. They'll just wind up being buried and forgotten, kind of like Port Angeles...


  1. I'd forgotten all about Don Perry.

  2. In today's daily excuse for a paper there is a Rant & Rave column. Today there is not one but two 'raves' about the mountains of logs now soiling the lawn of the airport waiting for the prices to go up a nickle so Grant Munro and Merrill&Ring can make a few dollars. According to the anonymous ravers this "demonstrates our proud heritage." They are proud of raping the earth for 200 years. Oh, by the way, the new publisher of the daily fish wrap was barely unpacked when placed on the board of directors of the EDC alongside Grant Munro and Merrill&Ring, purveyors of the log pile at the airport. Why you may ask. A petition is being circulated in the neighborhood of the airport complaining of the noise from the debarking machine at the airport. The daily wants to spin the noise polluters as being reminiscent of our "proud heritage." Nice try EDC and Terry Ward. It is still a noise polluter and that too is reminscent of our "heritage" where the corporations get to do anything they damn well please and the rest of us can go, "pound sand."

    1. Misdirected direction. These know-it-all fools here seem incapable of learning. They go in circles and think they're getting somewhere.

    2. Port Angeles clings to the past (mills, logging, the underground, our out of date city council members) and to things it has no real control over (like the number of tourists coming to the ONP) to diminishing returns.

      Meanwhile, Sequim simply has gone about the business of trying to run a sensible city (infrastructure in place, retail base, growing real estate market) and continues to grow and prosper.

      We all know that the people running things here in Port Angeles don't like outsiders and are afraid of the "outside world" but'd think they might have learned a thing or two just by looking next door at Sequim. It's not a perfect city by any stretch, but it's a damn sight better than PA. At least it has a future.

    3. You can't eat your heritage, can you? It doesn't exactly put food on the table, does it? Will "heritage" pay your outrageous utility bill from the city? No, of course not. Not the same way living in the here and now could, if this town would just get its act together.

      But no. Our "leaders" here only come equipped with rearview mirrors. Pathetic.

    4. Yes, but there are not enough people in the area for two "Consumer Centers" of Big Box stores. Sequim beat Port Angeles to the game, but I doubt Port Angeles ever had a chance at it.

      Before the invasion of the Big Box stores into Sequim, Port Angeles area consumers fairly regularly drove to Silverdale. But, the studies showed if the BBS set up in Sequim, they would get most of the people that traveled to Silverdale. People east of Sequim will drive to Sequim, rather than Silverdale.

      But, they won't drive to Port Angeles, rather than Silverdale.

      Now, it is moot point. Most people will continue to drive to Sequim to shop, no matter what Revitalize Port Angeles does or thinks.

  3. Yes, we see how that "Best Town EVER" contest worked out. And, that was during a time gas was so cheap, any nature lovin' on-line magazine readin' out-door enthusiast could have driven to Port Angeles from, well, just about anywhere. But, the streets of Port Angeles remained empty this last summer. We saw the pictures.

    But, pretty much any other place in the world that wasn't under fire, had a record tourism year, last year.

    How many years is it going to take before these so-called leaders are going to see the reality of the situation?

    The reality is, no big industry is going to move here. Tried that for years, no takers. Too far from the basics to make it viable. Tourism is limited too, as the many years of experience has shown us. The National Park has been there, for how long?

    So, everyone in the right positions gets paid, year after year, and the place just continues to stagnate.

    1. Yeah, I'd think that even being the "Second Best Town EVER" would trump (Trump?) being the home to the "Best Underground Tour EVER," but we saw how much that first one mattered. Which is to say, not a bit.

      Hello, infrastructure? Hello, basic cleanliness and attractiveness? Hello, a downtown that is open and alive past five? Hello, a City that isn't being crushed under a literal mountain of debt? As in, per NOAA and so many others, hello, how about just trying to create and nurture a town that's actually livable as a start? Hello, quality of life? Hello??? HELLO???

    2. Earlier this morning I was in Port Townsend for a few hours. Even on a chilly, rainy spring day there was plenty of activity down town and the streets had people strolling about, the shops were all open and looked tidy and inviting and the curbside parking was filled with cars. The three stores I visited all had customers browsing - and buying. The clerks were friendly and polite. I stopped in at the Co-op before leaving - it, too, was full of people.

      I'm guessing down town PA was full, too - full of empty streets and empty stores.

  4. Interesting how "waving signs" and "speaking out" is described as "misbehaving". I thought that was what free speech and participating the the democratic process was all about?!

    1. Try showing up with a sign that says "We (heart) the Fluoride Four - Thank YOU!" and see what happens...

  5. Where was the ethics committee when Don Perry was on the city council and sexually harassing employees like Teresa Pierce and Roberta Korzc?

    1. No, the ethics codes weren't passed until 2012. Kidd Collins and Downie voted for them.
      The irony.

  6. The biggest problem with this town isn't us not passing a bond, it's the fact that people here do NOT value education. Stupid lives matter, evidently.
    People have no idea what the "constitution" means. They think it's their "right" to smoke, spit, and cuss, but not protest, or ask for the council to listen, or even allow free speech.
    The problem is that everyone has been so brainwashed to think the government is going to protect us, that everyone can be tied up in neat little packages (Demo/Repub/Christian/Other) that they've forgotten (or never learned) how to T-H-I-N-K.
    Our city council are people elected because "they seem nice enough" or "oh, I've heard that name". It's not because they stand for anything, listen, or think. The most common words out of anyone's mouth around here are: oh, you're being negative; we tried that, once; this is how we've always done it.
    Until that sort of dense, dullard mindset changes, the rest of us will be in varying degrees of stuck in a dying town.
    Consider what Thomas Jefferson said: “The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.” (And, he didn't read the PDN.)

    1. The fact that brain dead Don was ever elected to the city council proves that your point is right on the money. People "knew" Don, and thought he was a "good guy." Never mind that he's as dumb as a box of rocks.

      And so it goes.

  7. More dreams and distractions to engage the so-called "leadership class" here in Port Angeles. They think that these click bait scams have real meaning, and that bozos like Don Perry have some sort of community standing.

    Meanwhile, back in reality, the voters bounced Don out of office but good when Sissi ran against him. People with real day jobs don't have time for doofus dreamers who graduated "from the school of hard knocks".

  8. Looks like blackball bought the underground tour. You should deride blackball for poor business acumen next.

    1. Thanks for bringing that point up.

      What was there for Blackball to buy, exactly? Don Perry doesn't own any of the buildings or property involved. There's no equipment involved, other than the occasional flashlight. So what, exactly, did Don Perry have to sell?

      At best, I can guess they paid Don a small, tiny, little amount for the "right" to use the logo or name he operated under. But this "sale" is another great example of the brain trust types in Port Angeles overstating the value of what they do/have/say. Don's "business" wasn't worth a hundred bucks.

    2. They bought the "rights" which blackball found to have had value.

      Do you feel blackball is broken too?

      Is there no effort worthy of applause?

    3. If Black Ball can do something with it - more power to them! Certainly Don Perry is no marketing genius - that business has been here for 16 years and most of us have never heard of it?? That's insane.

    4. What makes you think Black Ball Ferry would want to pay Don for anything? How about directing us all to some proof of what you claim?

      At least Black Ball, owned by it's employees, continues to function for the benefit of many. A lot more than I can say for what goes on in Port Angeles.

    5. His tax account indicates that he's a sole proprietor, with a registered trade name of "Heritage Tours", and his DOR account (according to them) is still "open".
      One would think that if the trade name (only asset) was sold, that the new owner would claim it.
      @9:06pm, are you sure about this sale?
      When might it have taken place?

    6. Then you believe blackball is as a poorly run enterprise don't you?

      Are they something good in the community or would admitting that hurt to your core hatred?

    7. @ Anon 3:40

      Ummm, why do I get the feeling you are trying to make some kind of point?

      As stated above, BlackBall is not in question. Quite frankly, you and your motives sure are.

      Just saying BlackBall bought something to do with Don's so-called business doesn't make it so.

      Show us something specific, traceable, verifiable. Your word on it, isn't cutting it.

    8. Sigh...

      First of all, Ryan, unclench. Breathe. Relax.

      And now, let me remind you, NO ONE SAID ANYTHING BAD ABOUT BLACK BALL HERE. I am SHOUTING because you don't seem to get that. Get it now.

      Now, as to your comments...

      "Then you believe blackball is as a poorly run enterprise don't you?" There are many typos and grammatical errors in this sentence, so it does not compute. But, again NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING BAD about Black Ball - which should be two words and capitalized, by the way.

      "Are they something good in the community or would admitting that hurt to your core hatred?" Again, grammar am not your strong suit, is it? And again, NO ONE SAID ANYTHING BAD ABOUT the lovely capitalized company known as Black Ball. Okay?

      Yes, they are a good thing to have in Port Angeles, because they offer a way to escape from Port Angeles. So there, I've admitted they're good, nice, well run and neatly groomed. Okay?

      Now, please...Can you get over this? What more can I do for you, Ryan?

    9. Okay, and people...Read the damned article, okay? Black Ball "bought out" Don's "business" - whatever form that takes. I suspect it amounts to around $100 for the "rights" to the name and logo for "Heritage Tours" or some such arrangement. The "purchase" is NOT in question. All that is is what exactly Black Ball bought.

    10. Ok CK - BB is well run and made a wise purchase. +2 for the home team (PA).

      Now try to find the good members of the City Council (you must approve those that voted against tooth paste).

      A little positive feedback for positions you support is much better the wannabe Rush Limbaugh schtick.

      Only Dave Wilson (poc) makes any $ off hate and insecurity. This mushroom farm you run is one person (me) posting with multiple personality disorder.

      I am the walrus I am the crypt keeper - koo-koo majew. Out!

    11. No one said Black Ball made a "wise purchase." They bought something, sure, but what and wise...I don't think that's clear here.

      And it's Dale Wilson, not Dave, who runs Port O Call.

      Details. You know.

    12. Okay, I see the Troll. Lame. Impotent.

      Or, should we all follow Revitalize Port Angeles leadership, and kick out anyone who dares to ask uncomfortable questions, because you know, we have to be "positive".

      Anyways, the troll is just looking to make what they think are really clever comments, but, the bad spelling, bad grammar, and stupidity are just so Port Angeles.

  9. How come we havent heard more about the so called slush fund.Its been about a month.

    1. Shhhh, it's a secret!

  10. Here's an interesting insight into the comparative costs of city-conceived capital projects (such as the $15 million plus Gateway or the $50 million plus turd tank) and those conceived-of and paid-for by other entities.
    Today's PDN reports on the North Olympic Library System — which oversees public libraries in Port Angeles, Sequim, Forks and Clallam Bay — celebrating the retirement of bonds that supported the 1998 construction of the $5.6 million Port Angeles library at Peabody/Lauridsen.
    So ---- the NOLS can build a beautiful library for $5.6 million.... while the city spends gazillions on the Gateway, the Turd Tank, the Garbage Bluffs, the defective "Smart Meters", etc.

    1. Yes, and people actually use the library. Not so much some of the other stuff. (Though you COULD do a combo, and take your Smart Meter and throw it off of the Garbage Bluff...Or into the Turd Tank.)

  11. Wendell Berry wrote to Gary Snyder "So how to keep from becoming evil? Maybe the answer is to fight always FOR what you particularly live, not for abstractions and not against anything. Don't fight against even the devil, and don't fight to 'save the world.'"

    They both left their marks. Will CK?

    1. Well, Anon 5:18, anyone can look and see what CK created and continues with. And you?

  12. So, Kevin will vacate for Hargroves seat? And Chapman will run for Kevins seat? And Ron Richards will run for Chapmans seat.

    How cozy for the Demo establishment!

  13. Sure didn't take Chapman long to announce! KNOP had Kevin's announcement at 3:20 today, and I had Chapmans announcement, all typed up and pretty, 2 1/2 hours later.

  14. I aint gonna run. Anyone gonna run? No?
    Hence the inbreds who know the game well.

    What's the deadline to declare, like 20 May?