Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Words Fail Me

...Or at least, words fail the Port Angeles City Council, who think that verbally admonishing someone is beyond the pale.

Congratulations and thanks to the two City Council members (Lee and Michael) who at least had enough guts to say...We should say something.

As for the rest of them...Pathetic.

Just in time for Halloween...
Goes well with the No Spine makeup kit.


  1. To verbalize the actions of one was wrong means the others would have to acknowledge their complicity.

  2. Can the Four drag this out for a whole year?

  3. "Birds of a feather flock together."

    1. I believe that needs a tweek: birds of a feather fuck the town together.

    2. Friendly tweek accepted

  4. Collins is a moron. Gase is even dumber. Between the two they don't even know what "admonish" means.

    Merriam Webster:
    Full Definition of admonish (transitive verb)
    1a : to indicate duties or obligations to
    b : to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner
    2: to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to

    Tweedle DUMB and Tweedle DEE kept balking at the word admonish. Clearly they don't know the difference between ad admonish and a reprimand. So, what we got was a "suggestion" "statement"?

    Words have meaning.

    These people are total idiots. Moronic dunces.

    So, now why are these dimwits allowed out in public without supervision?

  5. The best line of the night was when Gase said that we might be allowed to talk but we don't have free speech. Lee tried to set him straight, but Gase, can't grasp the basic concepts (i.e. "this government isn't a democracy", and other gems that he spouts regularly)

    He can't even pay attention long enough to grasp the concepts.

    (FYI: IF a city government allows public comment, then it is protected by free speech. Covered repeatedly by Supreme Court decisions).

    And, they're going to let Gase become a volunteer for the police department? This is insanity. (Better get those Waffen SS flags flying.)

    He's just doing it to support that flaccid, fragile little ego he has.

    Guess it's not enough that every single comment he utters at the council is about HIM.


    1. Gase wants to get in on those police volunteer raids on the homeless sites in the ravines. He so adores Our Town he wants to get in among them but with police powers. What could go wrong. Brian, cover your ass.

    2. What is this with Doughboy Dan Gase volunteering with the police department? Can anyone provide more details? I haven't heard anything about this, but it sounds ridiculous.

    3. the city council was asked to vote to allow a member of the council to be a volunteer (something that had to happen by state law, I think). They voted to allow it. Then Gase got all squiggy and jiggy and gushed about how now that he is in "security" (??? he has a security company now? He bragged about doing security for the Springsteen concert, and got an autograph?) he has been "bitten by the bug" and wants to be a police volunteer.
      The catch is, he must past the muster of all volunteers, and be approved. I sure hope that our Chief sees this worm for the cowardly bully he is, and does not allow it.
      If he does, then it is only a matter of time that Gase-boy will violate someone's rights, as he really does believe that people shouldn't have any. (As evidenced by the crazy things he says on council.)

    4. Uh, what the hell can such a rotund reject like Dan Gase do for the police? Inspect donuts? I mean, come on...He may be in better shape than Brad Collins, but that isn't saying much.

      On the other hand, we're not going to be hearing about any crazy, dangerous foot chases through downtown Port Angeles involving Dan Gase.

      Still...Come on! Anyway, thanks for the background on Doughy Dan's desires. Fascinating.

    5. Dan Gase wants to get in on the illegal police volunteer raids on the homeless camps in the ravines around town. He wants to get in on stealing the blankets of the homeless thinking that will move them out of town. Knowing he would be laughed at if he shows up without the police regalia he needs a uniform, maybe a truncheon to be taken seriously. I hope Brian Smith can see through this silliness. This is a lawsuit against the city just waiting to happen. Karen Unger you phone will be ringing soon, and often.

    6. Please don't give that idiot a gun or any authority at all.

      All I can think of is the whole Travon Martin/George Zimmerman thing. Neighborhood watch my ass....

      Gase is not to be trusted on the street.

      He has a fairly low/borderline IQ (based on how he responds to things). I'd guess it falls somewhere in the low to mid-80s range.

      This is further indicated by the way he thinks things are all stupid or everyone is too judgmental without feeling any need to fact check or consider opposing POV's. It is also indicated by how he cannot think abstractly, and must bring the subject to himself, constantly.

      He is regularly completely wrong. His grasp of civics, government, policy, and history are absolutely non-existent. He tries to feign competence on subjects and sound authoritative, but can't even grasp the most mundane or simple abstract ideas.

      This is also the I.Q. range most associated with violence. Most violent crime is committed by males from this range.

      The causal mechanism behind the (statistical) relation between crime and below-average I.Q. is likely that lower I.Q. levels inherently tend to go with having less impulse control, being less able to delay gratification, being less able to comprehend moral principles like the Golden Rule, and being over-strained by the cognitive demands of society.

      He can sit at a desk, and pretend to be cop. But do not let him roam the streets. The man does not have the capability to comprehend nuances of human action.

    7. It's a good thing Gase's daddy left him gobs of rental property. Left to his own devices he wouldn't last long in this economy.

  6. If only karma existed. I wish that these people would get the karma they rightfully deserve.

  7. There WILL be consequences.

  8. As was posted to the previous thread "At what point do we say "Enough is enough", and demand their resignation?"

    You're right CK, pathetic.

  9. They would have to experience shame in order to step down and these four are shameless. use your 3 minutes at each council meeting and see if you can shame them. We can begin here to list shameful items to attribute to each of them. for instance: Cherie Kidd, habitual liar, even under oath. Now, go for it.

  10. ...and yet again not following the recommendation of the ethics panel. They never seem to follow the will of the people, a recommendation from a panel THEY created, nor any other sound word of advice. Does anyone actually think if flouride comes up for a vote next year that they'll abide by the results? What of any other issue of consequence? We're witnessing the decline and fall of Port Angeles in action.

  11. The LWV candidates' forum just across the street was a far better form of entertainment that night.

  12. Note to Cherie Kidd: "Profanity is used when we lack the vocabulary to express anger, frustration and pain."
    --Lewis Black, comedian

    1. Note to Cherie Kidd: Check out the latest profane and outrageous (and let's not forget sexist!) comments from your preferred presidential candidate that have just been released. Would you kick good old Donald Trump out of a city council meeting for saying "pussy" and "fuck"? You bet you would! Will you still vote for this lunatic? You bet you will, because you are a moron and a hypocrite.

    2. What astounds me is that Kidd has supporters. It's hard to imagine someone dumber than her, but there they are.

    3. They're idiots, and they're voting! And we can't stop them!

    4. but the bulk of them are her age, and dying off rapidly.

    5. is it bad karma to keep wishing that they'd die off faster?

    6. Anonymous 5:50 PM: No. In service of the greater civic good, it is not bad karma to wish for impediments to be removed.

  13. The only new headline on the PDN's website today:

    "Two trapped as tree falls on Port Angeles mobile home"

    That sort of says it all. Trashy and pathetic. Port Angeles in all its glory.

  14. As yet one more comment on Kidd's deliberate ignorance, the Washington State Constitution says:

    SECTION 5 FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Every person may freely speak, write and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right.

    What this means is that the speaker is responsible for the general public's reaction to his or her speech. The common example being that one cannot shout "Fire" in a crowded theater.

    No law, however, gives a public official (especially a local councilmember acting illegally as Chair) any right to cut off a speaker in the absence of objectively true pandemonium.

    Ms. Kidd is not eligible to hold public office. Recall the oath that she took.

    1. why was the public never involved with Cherie's 2/2 sudden "sign prohibition"?

      Why didn't the ethics panel not want to cover it? How is this not in violation of rcw 42.30.060 (1) that ordinances, resolutions, rules, regulations and orders must be adopted at a public meeting or they are invalid.

      Isn't it a key provision of the 1971 OPMA that "The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agency that serves them. The people in delegating authority do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know".

      Seems to me the back-channel discussion (admitted to) by the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, and the instructions to the City Clerk were in violation of the law.

      Cherie did us wrong that way, AND by dismissing the meeting against the guidelines of the OPMA (she could have, should have either had a majority of the council vote to adjourn the meeting, or simply remove the disruptive persons in the chambers).

      The Ethics Board decided that she did, indeed, violate the act in regards to adjournment, then cannot the people address this in Superior Court, as a civil suit, for the liability amount of $500.00 for any member who attends a meeting knowing it violates the OPMA RCW 42.30.120 (1) (2)?

      There must be some recourse for the public.

      WE should not just sit back and bitch and moan, without further action. Our council members are not our overlords, no matter how much Cherie thinks she is.

      Now they are trying to cover their collective asses by changing the rules of procedures so that the Mayor can have more power than is granted to a weak mayor government.

      This is insane....

    2. You are absolutely correct. This whole episode is so very wrong. So very anti everything America says it stands for.

      Where are those yellow and black signs when you need them ?

    3. Anon @ Oct 8 10:06 am
      To be clear, the RCWs do allow for a public meeting to be recessed and reconvened elsewhere if the meeting is getting out of control. But there has to be a motion, a second, and a vote to properly do so. She lies about her actions that evening, but it amounted to no more than a gavel pounding hissy fit. No motion. No second. Just her declaring it adjourned.

    4. So, can we file a civil suit against her for not following procedures, and for not following the Open Public Meetings Act? And, what about the sudden sign ban, that was never discussed in an open meeting?

  15. Downtown was the busiest I've ever seen it, yesterday. No, that isn't true. The day they tried to blow up the stack at the Pen Ply site, people were lined up all over to watch. They left disappointed.

    But "Crabfest" brings 'em in. Why? To be able to eat crab? Seems so, which is baffling. It isn't free, and you can buy crab for cheaper, any day of the week, most anywhere around.

    I saw people walking around, looking for something. After the crab, then what? The lines of cars leaving Port Angeles by afternoon were long.

    1. CrapFestering does nothing to help any other business in downtown PA.

      It actually makes all the other restaurants suffer. It is not a community event, it is an event to line the pockets of a very few, and relies on "volunteers" and hype.

      So, work for free and get a t-shirt and half-a-crab dinner, a volunteer drawing. While you sell crab that has a wholesale price of $2.90 a pound, for 10X the amount.

      It is NOT benefiting any 501(c)3, it is ONLY a WA nonprofit corporation (and not listed as a "charity" on the WA Secty of State pages).

      It is not to help a club or organization. It is not fundraising. It is not a community event. It is a community rip-off.

      It is pure and simple profit for a very few. the corporation doesn't have a board of directors, only a president and secty.
      (Oooh, gee, and aren't THEY RELATED?)

      It also has, in the past, violated a number of health codes (using salt water from Hollywood Beach to hold the crabs in. (Nom Nom, more sewage, please, we just had a big rain!)

      These violations, as well as poor food handling practices, and lack of sanitation (have a smoke, go serve food, without washing hands) are all overlooked.

      Food prepared by unpaid volunteers is always questionable in my book.

      YUM. More please? No thanks. I wouldn't be caught dead at that rip-off.

    2. Yes, but compared to festivals that cities and towns put on, the Crabfest is still light weight.

    3. That was going to be my question - did any of the attendees move on and shop in the other stores downtown?

    4. NO. And, this has been the trend for years. Attendees don't venture past the Crabby tents, and vendors. Bars are dead. Restaurants are dead. It's like a vortex comes and sucks all the available customers out.