Friday, October 14, 2016

Dan Gase's Role Model - Busted!

The following is a tip I got from a reader...I verified that (as of this writing) Adam Chamberlin is still in jail. See below for details...

Chamberlin is the leader of the vigilante wing of "Our Town."

You may be aware Adam C. Chamberlin of Port Angeles was arrested and jailed Thursday charged with taking someone's cell phone, lifting personal photos off the cell phone and posting the nude photos of the cell phone's owner on a website. 

He was also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm.

Chamberlin is also under investigation by Clallam County Sheriff's Department for spraying pepper-spray, or other noxious chemical, into a car containing a family of three, as they were driving on a county road.

Finally, Chamberlin is under investigation by the Washington Department of Licensing, who sent him a letter advising him he must show cause why his Private Investigator's license should not be suspended.

Click on Statute to go the the RCW. (Launches in separate window.)
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Charges for this booking.
Date #Statute/Description/DispositionCntsCourt Case
10/13/2016 1 9A.86.010 GSMD

2 9.41.190 (5212)



  1. So what's your point?

    1. So, can we take it from your comment that you're pro-vigilante justice? So, if I "think" you're a "bad guy" you'd support my harassing you and using "any means necessary" to "get you"? That's what I'm reading in your comment. So, please do share your name and address with us, won't you?

    2. No real reasons needed, or addresses, either. We'll just organize a hunting party, and go bash anybody we think might be that person.

      Let's talk among ourselves, and identify traits and behaviors that a supporter of this person might be. With that, we'll have an idea of what the people we're going after might look like, where they live, what kinds of cars they drive, etc.

      And, we'll go after their families, too. Isn't that what Trump advocates?

    3. This asshole didn't just have a weapon. He's a convicted felon, and it appears he had a fucking sawed-off shotgun. A sawed-off has exactly one fucking use: up-close execution. It is really no good for anything else. Do you get the fucking point now?

    4. anon. 10:07....It's always a good idea to know who and what you're talking about before you get all preachy - Chamberlin is a menace to society, complete with 10 stolen cell phones, a sawed-off shot gun and naked pictures of at least one of his victims... Gase would be a menace if he were a little smarter and had bigger balls. As it is, he's only an annoyance, like a painful boil.

    5. Sorry my sarcasm was not up to par.

  2. Elizabeth Stallings here ! I couldn't be more relieved that this dangerous nut case is in the slammer. Let this be a lesson for other individuals of the same ilk who believe that harassment of a person or people who lives are already pretty much a living hell will not end well for you.

    1. Melly let him walk with no bond, unfuckingbelievable.

    2. It's amazing what a good b.j. can do to make the corrupt judges dole out "justice". Why is it that some people are just hammered by the courts, and others get a pat on the head and a smile?
      I can only think that Our generous with some kind of favors.

    3. A convicted felon in posession of a sawed off shotgun AND 15 other firearms and he gets ROR!!?? What the HELL is wrong with out courts??

  3. FYI...He's no longer listed on the jail roster.

    1. Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife

    2. The prosecutor asked for a ten thousand dollar bond and Melly let him off on no bond. If anyone gets hurt by this asshole between now and trial it is on Melly's hands.

    3. Let me guess...The fact that he is a well known member of a local "civic group" probably went in his favor...

  4. Off topic, but...Needless to say, depending on the intensity of the wind/rain/power outage situation over the next couple of days, the enabling of comments here may be somewhat sporadic...

    1. According to the NWS, it looks like we'll miss the worst of it. About half an inch of rain or so, winds in and around 15mph with gusts up to 30.

      That said, we'll still be living in Port Angeles.

  5. Chamberlin lost his right to possess firearms in 1999, probably on a felony conviction. It was reinstated by Judge Brooke Taylor in 2012, at his request. But, easy come, easy go, and a sawed off is still a felony. In case you didn't see it the Port O Call story has been updated.

  6. Finally!
    Now all his little followers on "Our Town" need to be taken down.
    It shouldn't be called "Our Town" it should be called "If you don't agree with us we'll get you!"

  7. The supporters of OT are dropping out fast. The founder even cut loose from the organization.

    1. Glad to see supporters of that group are finally getting to see reality. Vigilantism may sound like a good thing, sometimes, but it never ends well.

    2. She has since changed her mind and is stating. Look for the next Our Town Rally against crime being held Oct 23rd at the pawn shop on front street.

    3. To organize another "hunting party"? Who is bringing the sawed-off shot guns? (Oh, shhh, we'll just not talk about that, right?)

      "Look for the next Our Town Rally against crime being held Oct 23rd" as the leader is charged with multiple crimes. How credible.

  8. Well gosh, here we are days later, and the PDN is FINALLY getting around to reporting on Chamberlin's arrest.

    Like I've always said, you can't rush quality, and you can't rush the Peninsula Daily News. You can count on them to always let you down.

  9. Better late than never and they did do pretty good coverage on the asshole-vigilante story.

    1. Just know that it's possible to live life to the fullest without perusing the PDN. At all.

  10. These donors to Chamberlin's Go Fund Me campaign had the option of donating anonymously, but didn't. It's a public list, and by implication they have no problem with public shaming and guilt by association. So I'm sure they won't mind appearing in print. Caveat - the identities are not verified. Source: GoFundMe, CCCW2 page
    $100, Chuck and Carolyn Rondeau, 1 month ago
    $50, Dawn Kristy, 1 month ago
    $25, Mike/Karla McFarlen, 1 month ago
    $100, Kelley Barnes, 1 month ago
    $100, Molly Tucker, 1 month ago
    $200, Rebecca Hawes Winters, 1 month ago
    $50, Grace Magner, 1 month ago
    $25, Wendy Hemmert, 1 month ago
    $30, Shea McDonald, 1 month ago
    $100, Anonymous, 5 months ago
    $30, Dawn Kristy(Clampett), 6 months ago
    $25, Karla McFarlen, 6 months ago
    $100, Julie Jeromchek, 7 months ago
    $50, Chad & Kim Springfield, 7 months ago
    $10, Shelly Becker, 7 months ago
    $50, John Harmon,7 months ago
    $50, Anonymous, 7 months ago
    $20, Anonymous, 7 months ago
    $100, Rebecca Hawes-Winters,7 months ago
    $75, DianaDon Robertson, 7 months ago
    $50, Tyler Williams, 7 months ago
    $50, Erica Montelius, 7 months ago
    $25, Anonymous, 8 months ago
    $40, Shailah Lowder, 9 months ago
    $25, Karla McFarlen, 10 months ago
    $50, Chris Jackson, 11 months ago
    $25, Holly Locke, 11 months ago
    $20, Anonymous, 11 months ago
    $25, Shelly Becker, 11 months ago
    $40, Jesse Seward, 11 months ago
    $20, Shea McDonald, 11 months ago
    $25, Shelly Becker, 12 months ago
    $25, Kristina Gordon, 12 months ago
    $25, Janet Weitz, 12 months ago
    $5, pete dailey, 12 months ago
    $50, Anonymous, 12 months ago
    $75, Vickie Holmquist, 12 months ago
    $50, Adam Maybury, 12 months ago
    $50, Don&Diana Robertson, 12 months ago
    $25, Summer Norther, 12 months ago
    $145, Craig Sotebeer,12 months ago
    $20, G Fuson, 12 months ago
    $25, Eric DeWitt, 12 months ago
    $50, Kendra Wilcox, 12 months ago
    $25, Stacey Price, 12 months ago
    $35, Summer Northern, 12 months ago
    $50, Steph R, 12 months ago
    $100, John Riggs, 12 months ago
    $25, Chelsea Ward, 12 months ago
    $50, Tyler Williams, 12 months ago
    $50, Mike Anderson, 12 months ago
    $25, Janet Weitz, 12 months ago
    $100, Anonymous, 12 months ago
    $25, Zeb Hueter, 13 months ago
    $25, Jeff Zindel, 13 months ago
    $50, Anonymous, 13 months ago
    $100, Chris Jackson, 13 months ago
    $100, Anonymous, 13 months ago

  11. Could get even more interesting. PAPD is looking into charges of "Conspiracy to Deprive." If this is so then all those who contributed to this asshole's "Go Fund Me" account may be accomplices in the conspiracy. This could even become a federal case. Now that's exciting.

  12. Not just felony state laws, but federal laws were violated. Ms. Hayes' office ought to be involved.