Thursday, July 7, 2016

Play Ball!

Attention Port Angeles residents! Your city needs you! For something really, really...Not that important.

And maybe they'll just disregard what you have to say, anyway, like a certain fluoride questionnaire that went out once...

Anyway, though they cited their lack of information of or involvement in the process, the Port Angeles City Council have voted 6-1 (Lee Whetham said no) to Play Ball! Or, as Mayor Pat Downie put it: "One of the ways we weave the community together is through a fun, winning baseball team with fine young men..."

Pat may be weaving something with "fine young men," but it sounds like those citizens who were watching weren't having it, being that the vote was immediately criticized by some of those in attendance (the whole hurrying into the deal or scam thing), and said criticism was met with applause by the rest of the audience.

I guess those applauding were either un-American commie lovers who hate baseball, OR, maybe, just maybe, they're overburdened citizens who are rightfully leery of the City making another boneheaded move. I'll let you sort out their motivations. (Though the City is clearly getting rolled on the prices and fees they're charging...)

Baseball is coming to Port Angeles!
Can indoor outhouses be far behind?

Now that this is a done deal, and some "fine young men" will be coming to make Pat Downie happy, they need a name for the team. And they want YOUR help to find one. Go to the link below and you can make all the suggestions you like.

What do you think? The "Port Angeles Poorhouses"? The "Port Angeles Chicken Coops"? How about my personal favorite, given the incestuous nature of the power structure in Port Angeles - the "Port Angeles Inbreds"?

The sky's the limit, and your vote counts. Help Pat Downie's fine young men find their name!


  1. I voted for the Port Angeles Panhandlers, in honor of Cherie Kidd.

    Be sure to clear your cookies if you're going to vote more than once. If you don't get the Captcha box, your vote may not count.

    1. That's genius. Thanks for the idea. Now there's at least 2 votes for it. Lol. :D

    2. I was thinking of the same thing, only adding an off-color addition. Port Angeles Aggressive Panhandlers. Thank you Cherie Kidd for the inspiration.

      Although, the Port Angeles "grant chasers" has a mighty fine ring to it. The "embezzlers" would be good. So, would the Port Angeles "Fluoride Guzzlers"

      Would be mighty fine to root on the "taints". Port Angeles Taint.

    3. Go, Panhandlers! Free home games. Admission by donation only.

  2. I need more information before I can vote on this, unlike members of the city council.

  3. Then there's today's article about now money being donated to purchase waterfront property for the performing arts center for which money was also bequested. I've seen some of my friends posting their joy on social media that Port Anegels is turnign around and good things are finally happening. Even saw a response from someone who said she was happy to hear it as she had heard nothing but negative and was questioning her decision to move here. I didn't want to burst their bubble but I don't see any way PA can support all these "arts" things when we barely have infrastructure, no way to support tourism, and the record of the City screwing things up. I cannot see how the powers that be won't screw this up and waste the funds donated by these kind and well-intentioned souls.

    1. LET US REMEMBER...How it has been like PULLING TEETH to get the City Council to find a few thousand dollars a year to - begrudgingly - support their own, City-owned Fine Arts Center. Let us remember that. This is a town with governing bodies that are very, very hostile to the arts. That does not bode well. That does seem likely to provide some bumps in the road, to say the least.

    2. How many venues already exist in this small, remote town?

      Already, we see that the demographics don't support "The Arts", as it is.

      Let's remember the glowing projections for what all the other million dollar projects built downtown were going to bring to Port Angeles.

      The Gateway International Intermodial Transit Center, which was supposed to boost tourism, revitalize downtown, and bring life to Port Angeles.

      The rebuilt ferry facilities, which were supposed to boost international tourism, and bring more business to downtown Port Angeles.

      The Concrete Waterfront Promenade, which was supposed to attract locals a visitors alike to the downtown, boost business, etc. (Somebody didn't factor in the wind and cold!)

      The million dollar Fake Beaches, which were supposed to promote tourism, increase both locals and visitors to spend time down town enjoying the vistas of oil tankers in the harbor while bracing against the winds.

      And, the Waterfront Park that was supposed to draw people to the down town to increase foot traffic, increase business, etc.

      No lack of "exciting" projects, all of which would have fulfilled their promises in a different town. But not in Port Angeles.

      But, it isn't my money they will be throwing away.

  4. Possible Team Names
    Fluoride Fakers
    Doomsday Distraction
    Our Daughter's Downfall
    Nero's Fiddlers
    Salish Sea Slugs er sluggers
    Downie's Delight
    Don't pull that shit on me..

  5. Port Angeles Treemuggers....Port Angeles Millbillies....Port Angeles Naloxones...Port Angeles Turdtanks...Port Angeles Flouriders....

    What remains sad and apparent is the City Council is in the majority a reactionary tool of cake and circuses unable to come to grips with the real issues of the populace.

    1. May I expand on one of your ideas, and suggest the Port Angeles Rough Fluoriders? Oh, and I love the Port Angeles Turd Tanks, too! I can see lots and lots of mascot opportunities with that one! Will the snack bar be selling soft chocolate ice cream cones?

  6. And, yet ANOTHER performing arts center proposed for Hillbilly Town? I love "The Arts" as much as the next person, but, really?

    If they want to fill up downtown, move the Walmart there.

  7. Per the picture, and per our locals, and per our city council's endless hunger for state and federal pork...How about the Port Angeles Porkers?

  8. Now that there is funding for building a new performing arts center downtown,that is the end of the Lincoln becoming a performing arts center. There is not capacity for these two venues. The new owners will probably do something different as reported in the PDN -- a restaurant and music venue. Maybe more like a club, but not a full theater that would have to compete with the new performing arts center.

    1. It is remarkable that these two generous women donated money to make a performing arts center happen in Port Angeles. But the Oak Street property seems like a wrong, wrong, place for one.
      The lot is small; some of it is in Shoreline Jurisdiction, so there will be environmental limits on heights and uses.
      And - where will all the patrons park?
      Better to spend the money to improve the large auditorium at the PA High School, where there's room to accommodate a full symphony orchestra and large audiences; as well as plentiful parking. And it isn't in a Tsunami zone.

  9. Somebody had pointed out earlier, in a comment to the first article that appeared about the bequest for the arts center, that this won't bode well for the success of the Lincoln Theater. They are going to have to have a well defined niche. The Metta Room, etc. Can all of these places enjoy success at the same time? Is there enough diversity and attendance to support ALL these venues just through local attendance? If the intent of a large fine arts center is to attract out of towners then the City, or EDC, or someone better figure out how to bring in CLEAN, decent hotels, and meeting space as well. Port Angeles can barely even be a conference center, which would be an easy way to attract regular conferences here.

    1. OMG, a sane idea! Business conferences? Here? Why I never...!

    2. Anybody that has looked into this topic knows conference centers rarely make money, and usually cost the taxpayers of the host cities.

      As it is, people who book hotel rooms here for multiple days leave after the first day. They quickly see Port Angeles has nothing to offer.

    3. The EDC cannot figure out how to find their foot.

    4. I Think The Lincoln would make a good Dinner Theater. That would be fun. I used to go all of the time before I moved back to Port Angeles. This town is full of old people and so is Sequim so most of our residents with expendable income are not up for a late nite out. They can have dinner and hopefully something resembling entertainment. Throw in some fine wine and you have cultured entertainment. Most important of all you not only eat at the cultured entertainment, you can get up to pee as many times as you need to!

    5. People that think Port Angeles is going to become some hip artsy town need to remember the place with the most people, the most popular business in the area is Walmart. People go there just to be there!

  10. The Port Angeles Losers

    Of course.

  11. The Port Angeles Putz

  12. Do ANY of these ideas and projects EVER get any kind of market analysis before they start throwing money at them?

    This is like "Look! People who win the lottery get millions for doing nothing. I want to have millions. I'm going to buy a lottery ticket so I can get millions." Umm, okay.

    Look! Other towns have performing arts centers that are really great. I want my town to be like those other towns. Let's spend millions on a performing arts center.

    How many hundreds of thousands of people live within a half hour drive of those other towns? How many hundreds of thousands of people live within Port Angeles?

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. Market analysis? That's for "outsiders," not Rough Riders.

      Remember all the big promises that were made when the Port gave away 100+ acres of land to the sprint boat morons?

      They explained that they only need a couple of acres for the boat races themselves. But they took 100+ acres, at a low price. The Port couldn't wait to give it to them.

      Randy Morrison promised crowds! Tourists! Revenue! "Economic development!"

      But no studies were done. No traffic studies. No feasibility studies. No market research. Nothing.

      So now, we have all this acreage that Morrison swindled the Port out of, much of which has been damaged or destroyed. We get a few RVs full of yahoos a few days a year, who don't buy anything locally other than some gas.

      No jobs. No economic growth. Despoiled natural resources. Another case of clueless insider interests getting their own.

      Does anyone really think this so-called "arts center" will be anything different? Local contractors will feast on the project. Local leeches will siphon off as many dollars as they can. Something may or may not be built. Either way, it is extremely unlikely to make any sort of cultural or economic difference. As so many others have pointed out, we already have a variety of struggling arts venues. How does it help to pile one more on?

      Or is that moron?

      So, market analysis? No way. That's not how things roll when you're in Port Angeles.

    2. you feel 110 acres at 1.1 million $ was a low price. the port purshased it from del hur just a few yrs before for about 430 thousand.seems to be a decent profit.del hur just bought back 22 acres of it.its not randy its dan morrison.

    3. Market Analysis? Yeah, sure. Just like we actually consider downsides, and what-if's in any scenario.
      Nope, we just get all excited, and then.... forget.

    4. Yes, Land Rapist Dan Morrison, to give him his full due. As for the rest, if Anonymous 11:18 PM thinks that land sale was a clean, fair and above board deal, well then, they must not have very high standards. The deal was full of conflicts of interest and problems - not the least of which was that it gave away (that phrase again!) the last land zoned industrial in Port Angeles. All 100+ acres of it. For an activity that is not industrial, and that only needs a few acres.

      So now Land Rapist Dan Morrison is reaping profits off of selling that land, and you think that means it's all okay?

      You're just clueless and corrupt enough to run for office in Clallam County.

    5. July7@1:31PM - it was a private party donation for the arts center. Why does that bother you? Accept the gift and say thank you.

      If you don't want to attend then don't. No one is asking for your money or opinion.

    6. Who were the port commissioners voting for this land sale and where are they now. If Hallet was one of them then I don't want him managing my finances.

    7. CK Do you really believe that selling 22 acres for 275k is reaping profits.That sale is about one fifth of the land and after a brokerage fee of what is probalby 6% would amount to a profit of just under 50k after eight yrs.I know people who reap much more on their homes.You wouldnt post my last reply which pointed out to you how the coalition supported the track to begin with.That really makes you much like the PDN which you hate so much.If someone may not agree with you on something you seem to be much like the people in office who do the same thing.

    8. @ Anon 6:32 Sez : "No one is asking for your money or opinion." Now, how stupid is this comment? Stupid is as stupid does?

      Oh, I don't know. Freedom of speech is one of the rights supposedly guaranteed me in the nation's laws? Participating in community, which includes venturing opinions on proposals supposedly being done FOR the community, is a good thing? Warning well intentioned people of foreseeable problems is usually considered a good thing?

      Now, we all know the way this town works. We see it every day. One scam presented as "The Next Great Thing", pops up, almost daily. Yet, years, and many of these "great" proposals later, Port Angeles is still on the dole.

      Port Angles is still deemed a "Distressed" community. Port Angeles relies on grant money to exist. Will grants and gifts and hand outs pay for the patronage of this new arts center? Have you checked on the patronage of the PA Fine Arts Center, lately?

      Sometimes, pointing out that the Emperor really doesn't have beautiful new clothes is a good thing.

    9. Anonymous 8:37 AM...Yes, if you're selling it and making a profit...You're making a profit, so...

      You do not address the facts that the land sale was a dirty one at all, so...I have to assume you're either avoiding that subject or comfortable with dirty deals.

      I don't know about your (supposed) last comment, or what coalition you're talking about, so...

      And this blog is full of comments that are disagreeing with me, so...

    10. First of all CK I agree with many things here on your blog.My comment you say you dont know about was sent late friday night.The coalition is the Dry Creek Coalition which is made up of many people in the area and were very much in support of the track and not the mill which the Port wanted to shove upon them.Perhaps you should find out what a county commish wanna-be did bordering sprint boat property very recently.Why dont you say how dirty the land deal was.What Morrison did has mostly preserved the land to a large extent, and certainly the noise and traffic through the school zone and housing.

    11. First: The Dry Creek Coalition missed the boat by not opposing BOTH ideas, in my opinion.

      Second: All I've been saying is how dirty the land deal was. FOR YEARS. So why are you saying I should say it when I HAVE been saying it? Please explain.

      Third: Why don't you tell us what a "county commish wanna-be" did very recently? I'm sure we'd all be very interested.

      Fourth: I will have to disagree with you over the whole "preserved the land" thing. I don't think destroying wetlands and putting in a noisy, polluting "sports park" counts as preservation - even if not all the acreage has been used.

    12. Ah, little troll...You don't seem to want to respond...What a surprise!

    13. Hey, troll...If you're going to send (would-be) insulting messages my way, please, at least learn how to spell and use proper punctuation. Until you can do that you'll just look like a stupid...troll.

  13. Saw the Letter from Eloise Kailin on the Port O Call site a bit ago. So, the city has dragged it's feet for the last month, and still has done nothing about responding to the 1,000 plus people who signed the submitted and validated petition.

    Control the public, and stifle anything they don't agree with.

    I read with interest the post above where the person says : "Even saw a response from someone who said she was happy to hear it as she had heard nothing but negative and was questioning her decision to move here."

    Right! See? Port Angeles is actually a great place, despite all the ways the leadership does what it does to silence what residents want.

    Criminalize poverty, shut down services for the needy, sue the public for petitioning for changes, and pass laws to silence free speech. But the headline says we're going to get another place for performing arts, so that shows Port Angeles is a great place.

  14. Team names continued:
    Syringe Droppers
    Totem choppers
    Rough Records
    High Boys
    Secondly, who are the lawyers going to sue when someone leaves the ball park sloshed on city provided beer and runs over one of the skate boarders heading for the skate board park just across the street from Civic field. Is that tiny bit of revenue going to cover the risk? I don't think so.

  15. The Port Angeles Republican Chapmans
    The Port Angeles Independent Chapmans
    The Port Angeles Democrat Chapmans
    The Port Angeles Shine On Whomever Chapmans

  16. I hope that people are actually sending these names in, because many of them are very funny. It might give this baseball promoter some insight into the community he's getting involved with. Send them in, please!

  17. Port Angeles Welfarers
    Peninsula Putz
    PA Arrogant Ignoramus

  18. Be honest now...other than begrudgingly fund a few hundred bucks to the fishing derby and a few select artists, has this council ever done anything truly beneficial for this town?

    the Port Angeles Skimmers

  19. I wouldn't bother getting too worked up over this. This Puget Sound Collegiate League is pretty rinky-dink stuff, with all its teams based in the Olympia area. I doubt their clubs will want to drive two hours each way to play in an empty flood plain for long. I give it one season, and no more.

    By the way, my dead grandmother could build a better website than that.

  20. Olympic Eunuchs
    Salish Sleaze
    Rough Sawn, Fine Grain
    Wouldn't Bat
    Olympic Orwells
    Hoosier Daddy
    Joyce Juggernauts
    Jobless Joe's
    Composite Kings
    Salish Scammers
    Gateway Golaiths
    Niichtel Narcissists
    Dump Triumphant
    Harbor Hooligans
    Kidd's Kids
    E D Seeya
    New slogan:
    "We're batting a thousand when you ain't looking"

    1. I f**king love that! Once again, I am jealous that I didn't think of it! Please see new topic, FYVM, with a shout out to you.