Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"I'm not going to do anything to help support the city becoming a second-class city."

On one hand, the headline says this:

Port Angeles City Council to mull change-of-government petition tonight

On the other, you've got a clear majority of the City Council already saying things like:

Pat Downie: "I absolutely do not support it."

Brad Collins: "I'm not going to do anything to help support the city becoming a second-class city." (Memo to Brad: You've already done ever so much to make Port Angeles a second-class city in so many, many ways.)

I don't know how much room that leaves for actually "mulling." There'll be plenty of room for venting, griping, sniping, etc. But mulling? Probably not so much.

Second? Got it. City? Check.
But hey, Port Angeles - where's the Class?

Anyway, on one hand, you've got the people advocating for the change in government, and their attorney, saying the issue needs to be on the ballot this November.

On the other, you've got Bill Bloor saying it doesn't need to go to the voters until November of 2017, when four City Council seats will also be on the ballot.

So, it looks a little like a battle between Right Now! and Never! All of which should, if nothing else, make for a very interesting City Council meeting tonight.

Anyone think any of the Fluoride Four will move even the teeniest, tiniest direction towards an apology, or public display of humility, to try and defuse the situation?

Naw, neither do I. So if you can't make it to Cleveland this week, don't worry; there may be some cheapo political fireworks closer to home.


  1. The history of the city will reflect who these four are and what they have done to change the face of the city for all time. Cheap hustlers and no-nothings attempting to pretend they give a shit about this city or its people. Shame on them and shame on us for letting it get to this point.

  2. Double down on dumb.

    That's the Port Angeles way.

    And that's why Bill Bloor is the PERFECT person to have in his job.

  3. What would it take to make PA a third-class city?

  4. They will drag things out for as long as they can, to demonstrate to everyone that THEY are in CONTROL of everything in Port Angeles.

  5. The Fluoride Four brought this on themselves, and the city. Their refusal to listen, to budge even a little, to compromise in any way, has made this all happen.

    So, whatever damage this does to the city, it will all be due to the Fluoride Four. They inspired a rebellion. And sometimes things get damaged or destroyed in rebellions.

    I'm not advocating for or against the change of standing. But I am advocating for always placing the blame for this mess on those truly responsible: The Fluoride Four. Downie, Gase, Kidd and Collins.

  6. All I'm gonna say is that you might wanna go to tonight's meeting if you've got the time. There may be a surprise or two headed your way...

  7. Damn if you don't get all the advance news, CK.
    Either way you'll have to do an article on it.

    1. I have recently received what I consider to be very, very reliable confirmation that the members of the Port Angeles City Council read this blog. Please feel free to speak to them directly, if the mood moves you. (However, I cannot guarantee that they will listen...)

    2. P.S. - And, FYI, this blog is still hovering around 4-500 pageviews a day. So people are also hearing you...Unless that's a jittery Cherie Kidd checking back here hundreds of times a day, every day...

  8. I don't go to council meetings any more. Why bother? The existing council has made it very clear they are not interested in hearing anything I have to say.

    That doesn't mean I have given up working to make PA a better place. It doesn't mean I have any respect for Cherie Kidd, Dan Gase, Pat Downie of Brad Collins. When the going got tough, they each showed everyone their lack of leadership skills. Their lack of respect for the people of Port Angeles. Their lack of understanding of what it takes to be a decent human being.

    I'll never forget. From now on, their names will forever be remembered for the actions they took to change the city's laws, to silence the public in every way they could abuse their power to accomplish.

    "Hell" is when you are remembered as a bad person, after you're dead and gone. These poor excuses for civic leaders have created their legacy.

  9. The Mayor proposed an idea to unite the masses, and calm everyone down so we can all go back to discussing something OTHER than the F-word. Unfortunately, those council members who are bound to their masters balked at the vote proposed by the Mayor (to take fluoride out of the drinking water, until it can be properly voted on by the people in 2017).

    So, instead of allowing people a reason to back away from the change of governance, looks like they're adding more kerosene onto the fire, and more copies of the PDN, and some presto-logs, and some gasoline. Instead of even talking about it -- the cockroaches on the council scurried back into the dark, and pushed the discussion OFF. Wouldn't even entertain the exchange of ideas.

    What is it the baseball announcers say "a swing, a miss"?

    So, next council meeting it is (theoretically) going to be discussed. Watch Delta Dental come out -- in force -- to keep their minions on our council in check.

    In other news, our Mayor has no spine. News at 11.

  10. Just came from the city council meeting. Mayor Downie pulled a stunt only he could manage. He jumped the agenda, read an article by the PDN about how the town is torn up and dysfunctional and how the city needs to be more responsive to the people who took the time to vote, advise, beg, plead etc. (I added that last part) Anyway, Downer hijacked the agenda and suggests the council agree to discontinue fluoridation until the 2017 election. Then they would put fluoride on the ballot and promise to abide by the results. Brad Collins, phoning in from the east coast, as is his recent habit, jumped in and said "but nooooooo, it ain't on the agenda..." Cherie chirped "we need more time to think about this, oh my." ( I added that last part)
    Then Gase objected and wanted more time to pretend to think about it and for good measure insulted Dr. Eloise Kailin for being so bold as to represent Our Water Our Choice when she's from Squim. Naturally our three stalwarts were good to discontinue fluoride for 16 months and let the people decide if they want to re-start it in 2017. I'm thinking "damn. that's Sissie, Michael and Lee, and Downer brought it up so it's going to pass, they are going to discontinue fluoridation and it goes to the vote and Downer voted against his own motion. No, really. So, after Downer's impassioned speech, most of which he quoted from PDN, and asking the council to shut down the fluoridation unit, but keep it maintained, ready for action if it was restarted in 2017, but for now lets stop it. He had a chance to do it, he had the votes, he choked and all was lost. Step down downer.

  11. They read the Blog! Good . Read this you idiots (and make no mistake you all are idiots).You are just about the worst representatives of the people of Port Angeles, the worst council members we have ever had. Now granted I have had the pleasure of living else where for several years periodically so I may be missing quite a few candidate's for biggest jackass ever to serve on the city council, but my 80 year old mother who has lived in this town her entire life assures me you all are the worst she has ever seen. I am the product of two Pioneer families one from Salt Creek and one from Blyn and I can assure you NONE of us have any respect for you and the way you weld that tax money sucking hammer without bothering to represent the majority of the public you are supposed to serve.You are not in your public service position to be leaders, None of you could lead two 16 year old kids at a Dairy Queen. You are not in anyway Intelligent enough or ethical enough to lead a scout troop. You are the worst representatives my mother can remember in her 80 year residency. Pat yourselves on the back all you wish, just keep acting like idiots for another year.GO FOR IT! But do not be fooled that you are doing us a service. We do not like you and we have absolutely no respect for any of you. Believe it.

    1. Please don't sugar coat it!