Tuesday, May 3, 2016

You Can't Take It With You, But You Sure Can Take the Town Down With You BEFORE You Go *** UPDATED!!! Special Senior Citizens Wiggins Out Edition ***

Mayor Patrick Downie:

Age: Somewhere in the neighborhood of 90.

Health: Rapidly declining.

Grasp of Modern Life as most of us know it: Woefully outdated. 

Still, he's the Mayor.

Deputy Mayor Cherie Kidd:

Age: Physical age is a STATE SECRET but her mental age is somewhere around 6th grade.

(Mental) Health: Rapidly declining.

Grasp of Modern Life as most of us know it: Tenuous, at best.

Chance Cherie knows what "tenuous" means: Ten percent, at best.

Still, she's the Deputy Mayor.

But this situation is, needless to say, ready to flux all over the place. These two could drop dead, get committed or become incapacitated in any number of ways. Just about the only thing they will not do is serve any more terms as members of the City Council. Ever.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

This flux, this change, is coming fast. (Really, really fast, if you get my meaning.) So what happens when these two are gone? When the Fluoride Four are just the Twitbrained Two? Who will take their places?

I ask because, honestly, this is a decision that will be facing someone (voters and/or the remaining members of the City Council) really, really soon. Two new people on the Council could be transformative - or you could (per a recent email) get Edna back in there. A wide open, unopposed race? How does Council Member Peter Ripley sound to you? Or do you want to aim a little higher?

Feel free to toss out names or suggestions here, folks, because two of those seven hourglasses have only a few grains of sand left between them.

...Just how long until I fall?
Sigh...Now Cherie's friend Marie Wiggins has (you guessed it) filed her own ethics complaint - this one against the four City Council members who stayed behind after Cherie abruptly "adjourned" that infamous meeting lo these many months ago. Marie is, for those who don't know, the wife of (you guessed it) former Mayor Glenn Wiggins, whom you may remember because he wanted to log Beaver Hill where the PAFAC is located. (I wish I was kidding about that, but it's true. Sad, but true.) This is VERY CLEARLY an attempt at coordinated getback, and as such, it is exceedingly hamhanded. It is also a case of generational wagon circling, being that Cherie, Marie and Glenn have a collective age of around 300 years. That being the case, they certainly don't represent the future at all, and don't even represent the past well, either. 


  1. Gabe Rygaard? Wanna be public figure.

  2. What a really sad state of affairs.

    Yeah, given the circumstances, we should be all fired up. But instead, the town feels like people just want to avoid it. Give up on the idea that it actually can be a decent community. Why bother? Hardly anyone cares enough about the future of the town to do things that will actually move it forward.

    In Japan, the head of a company resigns if it is inferred they some how disgraced the honor of the company. Here, our elected leaders lie under oath, and everything rolls along as if that is normal and acceptable behavior.

    The Chamber of Commerce and business groups should have demanded Cherie Kidd resign, as soon as that video surfaced to prove she lied under oath. They should have used that opportunity to demonstrate to the town, their patrons and our children that elected representatives HAVE to hold themselves to a higher standard, and that the business community in this town cares highly about honesty. Right. That the business community in this town CARES about honesty, and will stand up to make sure HONESTY is NOT compromised. So that our children learn that honesty is important, and lying is bad. Each of the business groups should have made very public pronouncements demanding Cherie Kidd resign. But have they?

    No. Our merchant community doesn't care. They'll clink glasses with Cherie at the next event, and chatter on about the mindless drivel of the day.

    And who will stand up to take the seats of these fools? Maybe Mr. Flood, of the "Four Horses of the Apocalypse" episode that launched Crazy Cherie off into The Final Frontier? Eulila (sp?) is amazingly eloquent, visionary and bold. Mark Johnson stands up at council meetings, and obviously cares about the community.

    There are three very decent people.

  3. That is the blessing of the fluoride fiasco, it has brought to the fore a lot of informed people who really desire a change, a progressive change in the prospects of the city. The petition to change the city government will be handed in shortly. Then we can elect as many new council members as we choose. There will be no shortage of candidates I can assure you.

  4. Interesting council meeting tonight. Many in the audience were silently throwing up in their mouths when the CRTC guys were pitching their BS to the council. It really was as bad as the prior thread here made it out to be. But dang was that Kidd just gung-ho to get to that ribbon-cutting ceremony. Sheesh, they should retire that old nag & put her out to pasture...on her own private waterfront beach.

    Ironically they asked more technical questions about whether to buy a new garbage truck vs. overhauling an old one, than they ever did as to what fluorosilicic acid really is & does. Oh, and the ad-hoc report? Well that was, uh, blahsville. The only thing that perked their ears was the idea of a new sugar tax.

    Thankfully they passed on watering down the ethics code...for now.

    But boy did they have a heated discussion about toilet seats at the Gateway! Damn if no one dared ask where that missing 8 million went, that coulda paid for alot of amenities.

    Anyway it'll all be on youtube's Callam Public Eye as usual.

    None of them looked like they were going to step down.
    Not now, not ever.

  5. Well gee, it sure didn't take Mrs. Wiggins long to realize her ethical sensibilities had been offended, did it? How long will people on both sides of all these issues continue to gnaw on the actions from that one meeting? Have we reached the point of absurdity yet? Or will someone file yet another complaint against Cherie Kidd for her obvious collusion with Marie Wiggins? This wheel keeps spinning round and round, but the town never, ever gets anywhere.

  6. Now that Ms. Wiggins has made her contribution to the circus, you have everything you need to understand why no one wants the job of councilor. Lately I've spoken with three people I highly respect about running, and they all say there's absolutely no way, without some kind of protection from public abuse and frivolous complaints. One said the positions will now only attract naturally combative candidates, and idiots. I can't argue with that.

    They were quite well able to figure this out before the Wiggins complaint hit the fan. And there's no question in my mind that her intention is expository -- to show the rest of the world (including you despite the futility thereof) that your making a game out of it demeans us all, and degrades our democratic process.

    Is it payback? Of COURSE it is, duh. And it's not like you and others haven't encouraged everyone to file all these complaints. So have a dose of your own medication, and let us know if it feels good going down.

    1. If you serve as an elected official, take training in what's expected of you, and behave like a professional then you don't have to worry about public abuse or lawsuits. You reap what you sow. The FF have brought this all on themselves. Keep drinking your own koolaid.

    2. @ Anon 9:03

      "Payback"? "So have a dose of your own medication, and let us know if it feels good going down."

      And this shows us all the mentality of what we are up against. We have been standing up for free speech and our rights for self determination, and the opposition reacts with "payback"?

      We file complaints on legitimate and clear abuses of city governance, and the opposition abuses the same avenue to address citizen's legitimate complaints with frivolous "complaints" they themselves admit this way: "Is it payback? Of COURSE it is, duh So have a dose of your own medication, and let us know if it feels good going down."

      They are willing to do anything, including putting the town through this coming campaign, in order to play childish ego games as they try to hold onto control.

      Thank you, Anon 9:03 You help to remove any doubt.

  7. As was said previously, if someone wants to dig themselves a hole, sometimes the best thing to do is hand them a shovel.

    In this case, the shovel was handed out by Marie Wiggins. Move forward as a community? Hell no.

  8. And the PDN has graciously decided to enable comments on this article about council ethics. Contrast with all other articles about Cheri Kidd's ethics problems, where no comments were allowed. Why the difference?

  9. Logging is one hell of a special political interest, isn't it? The only good tree is a stump!

  10. PDN had comments open this a.m.regarding new ethics charges by Kidds friend. Overwhelming responses critical of Kidd and Bloor. At 1030 A.M. Gottleaf or his overlord removed and disabled comments. What a P.O.S. biased paper to invite the public for their opinions then ignore them when they don't like the comments. Just like what the fluoride four does.

  11. And comments on today's ethics article in the PDN have been deleted and disabled.


  12. Well the good news is perhaps (can we hope?) that comments elsewhere i the PDN and maybe even here have resulted in today's article about the ethics complaint actually having the comments enabled! Interestingly Wiggins can't seem to follow the course of events as they unfolded. She is complaining about those who remained after Gavel Gertie attempted to pound the table into submission but since she improperly attempted to adjourn the meeting without a motion, second or vote, the meeting was technically still in session so it was the council members who left the room that were really out of order. Sad too how the PDN continues to try to make this about flouride...they can't seem to pull their heads out of their asses and see that this is about the people having had ENOUGH.

    1. The ethics board ruled that she adjourned the meeting (improperly, yes, but so it stands) so you're gonna have to work with that. Someone who is really sharp about these things might actually decide to wait to file until that little point was settled, knowing that successor ethics boards can't overturn or ignore it.

    2. If the attempted adjournment was improper (which it so obviously was), then there was no adjournment. Can't have it both ways.

      Besides, Kidd wasn't even the Chair that night. And there was no statutory "reconvening" of that meeting.

      Also, the remedies for Open Meetings violations are civil penalties and can only be done by judge. Not part of our local code.

      Wiggins is just one more fool in this town.

  13. And, the Comments feature for today's PDN article mysteriously was pulled after several were posted. Guess they didn't like the lack of support the complaint filer and negativity Mr. Bloor was getting. Amazing thing reality.

  14. Pdn has since removed the comments section on that article.

  15. Saw the article, and saw the photo...Has Sissi had a facelift? She looks...different somehow.

  16. I spoke too soon - when I checked the PDN site after lunch comments had been disabled. Maybe they accidently forgot to disable them from the get go. So much for progress.

  17. The three cackling women who sit right behind the front row (the Cherie fans) are so rude, and annoying.
    They make fun of all the speakers, and have a grand old time.
    I suspect the three of them cooked up the new ethics complaint.
    They have the mental maturity of pre-teen, zit faced girls.

    1. All members of the League of Women Voters.

  18. Time for Mr. Bloor to face the music. It is his job to make sure the city's business complies with the law - including the Open Meetings Act. He should have advised the four remaining council members to disperse since the meeting was adjourned. Or, did he know the meeting wasn't officially legally adjourned so let it continue? Either way, his failure to do anything is refusing to do an essential function of his job. If he stands by his mention of ignorance, then that's an admission of guilt he is not competent. Time for him to go.

    1. Bloor is just another politician, not a lawyer.

    2. I thought he fancied himself to be the little man behind the curtain (a la Wizard of Oz). He's small and weird enough....

  19. Mary Wiggins is the wife of a former Port Angeles Mayor. I bet he is afraid a new group will come into power and find out some of his illegal dealings for which there may even be criminal penalties. Yeah, they want to keep this community looking one way while the thieves slip out the back door.

  20. From KONP, just in time to admit Kidd:

    May 3rd, 2016 - 11:01am
    Alzheimer's Care to come to Port Angeles

    Port Angeles – Port Angeles will soon have a new care facility that specializes in Alzheimer's and memory care.

    Highland Court, will feature a uniquely designed one-story building totaling 15,849 square feet that provides around-the-clock care for up to 43 residents and features a specially trained professional staff.

    1. I've heard of dementia communities where they build them like a mini village so the residents can "shop" and "go out to dinner" and it's very calming for them. Maybe they can set up a faux council chambers and Cherie can while the rest of her life away banging that gavel to her heart's content.