Sunday, May 8, 2016

Painting Rocks and Painting Yourself as a Victim

If you've been following national politics at all over, say, the last year or so, you've undoubtedly heard Donald Trump whining at some point about how unfair "it" all is, how "they" are working against him, etc. In other words, you've heard a well-connected, totally protected billionaire whining about how he's a "victim."

It's ridiculous.

Now, in a tiny little Clallam County-sized echo, it's been revealed that Doughball Dan Gase is also a "victim." Someone, somewhere online (the place goes unnamed) said some oh so hurtful things about him, and it made Dan's jowls go all a-quiver with fear, so he called the police. Said caustic comments were all aimed at Gase, Cherie Kidd and Pat Downie. (Apparently the commenter didn't have room to include Gase's belly-busting bro Brad Collins, which kept it from being a full Fluoride Four set piece.) Do I need to say that the authorities found less than nothing of concern?

First of all, Sister Gase, online "death" threats are, generally speaking, not worth the paper they're not printed on. It's hot air, like the kind that pours out of you.

Second, well...There is no second. I don't believe for a minute that Doughy Dan believed there was anything to the threats (if they even existed) in the first place. This complaint is just a political ploy, and an attempt to change his public role from that of an arrogant anti-citizen moron to something more sympathetic - like being a "victim."

It's ridiculous.
Dan Gase says NO, it is NOT safe!
So, in the spirit of public free speech, and to celebrate a new holiday I'm just making up on the spot - Elected Motherfucker's Day - I'm inviting you all to share your warmest wishes and best thoughts for what you'd like to tell Dan Gase and his fellow travelers. No death THREATS, please, but feel free to say you wish they were DEAD, or that you know they're brain DEAD. Or maybe you could just point out how DEAD the town is under their uninformed so-called leadership. Maybe you could make the connection between Doughy Dan's cowardice in the face of a few nasty words online and the Council's cowardice when it comes to facing the real issues the City needs to deal with.

Or maybe, taking a cue from the big, important front page story today, you could paint your thoughts on rocks, and leave them around town. "I painted this rock after it fell out of Cherie Kidd's head." You get the idea. Just don't take the rocks to a City Council meeting, though. Signs aren't allowed, and Dan Gase might have you arrested for carrying a weapon.

Painted rocks, Clallam County style...


  1. A dark topic, for a dark place.

    But...I can't help but think that the cancer that is currently eating up Pat Downie mirrors the cancer that is eating up the whole community. These people are so rotten inside, such rotten leaders that it's metastasized to the entire town.

  2. I couldn't believe it when I saw the big story on the stupid painted rocks. This is what passes for news here? I guess so.

    Of course, it would be gauche to point out that the PDN ran essentially the same story around a year ago, when Jim Haguewood's daughter in law (or something like that) was promoting leaving "love letters" scattered around town. THAT sure turned out to be a game changer, eh?

    But why talk about depressing things like garbage bluffs and political corruption and unemployment when you can just paint a smiley face on a rock and pretend that everything's OK?

    1. Aisha (featured in the paper) is a friend of mine, and we were talking the other day about the interview the PDN did with her. She was very confused as to why it was making the front page as well. The lady from the PDN, in response to Aisha's confusion told her that, "this was too big of a story to not put on the front page."

      What's next?

      "Youth holds door for elderly couple."

      "Brave cat rescues kittens from barn fire."

      "Man wears headphones on bus instead of revealing terrible taste in music."

  3. There is a cruelty here that I have difficulty comprehending, a civility that is lacking. Sure I disagree with Gase and the rest, but I don't wish them dead. I don't wish them ill. I'll work to remove them from office if they don't change. My biggest wish for Pat is that he can get a full recovery from his cancer, my second biggest wish is that he reverses his fluoride vote.

    I'm no mealy mouthed pansy. I've spoken with them all in this regard, face to face. I enjoy a good fight if I'm in the right but apologize just as quick if I have offended anyone wrongly. I've spoken at numerous council meetings and have been barked at by Cherie. I didn't take offense, I found it rather fun. I recognize that she is a bit obtuse and shouldn't be sitting on the council, but to wish someone dead? c'mon guys.

    1. Sorry but, I don't care if these community destroying idiots drop dead. they're no friends of mine. I just want them to, you know, stop destroying my community.

  4. It isn't rocket science. If you expose the (very few) powermongers to the public, then you have a real chance at installing non-puppets in your local government. People like The Four are just too dumb to actually be calling the shots.

    But for some reason no one here wants to name names.
    I see only a few names that have been mentioned on this site here & there, but no "short list" for all to see.

    Why not devote a thread to sorting out the top 10 powerbrokers (for lack of a better term) in the city and/or county?
    I haven't been here long enough to figure that out yet, but surely people would like to know.

    Things like reported threats to obvious puppets are a cheap distraction away from The Powers That Be.

  5. Cherie Kidd - When my friend bought her green Corvette several years ago when she was mayor she told him "The police won't pull you over, they all know this is the mayors car". - Arrogance and narcissism sums you up Kidd.

    Brad Collins - When at Serenity house "grants" misused. Rental agencies not getting paid rent for months that these grants where suppose to go to.

    Dan Gase - How are those backroom deals dealing with the city and Coldwell Banker doing and those city contracts with Northwest Security Services that you are also apart of.

    No conflict of interest here...

    Keep circling those wagons you four. Your going to run out of ammunition soon. Like the arrogance of Custer you will soon get what deserve.

    1. I found this comment interesting and wanted to respond to it because it reminded me of something. At last week's meeting the men who are starting up the new composites recycling center gave a presentation. Now, whether it is a scam that is just capitalizing on government grants the current green and clean fad that seems to be in vogue these days, I don't know. It may very well be legit... but I am going off topic.

      What I found interesting was this; after the presenters spoke about their business, Brad Collins gave a very brief comment. In a nutshell he accused the two speakers creating their business as a non-profit, solely so that they would not have to pay as much tax as a for profit business.

      The immediate thought that jumped into my head (an involuntary reflex actually) was to be reminded of the time in the Bible where Mary washed Jesus' feet with a very costly perfume. Rather than be astounded at the love that Mary had for Jesus, Judas Iscariot reprimanded her for wasting so much money. In fact he said "Why wasn't this perfume sold and the money given to the poor? It was worth a year's wages." The writer of the story then revealed the true nature of Judas' heart:
      "He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it."

      I'm just sayin' is all, that was my first involuntary thought when I heard Collins speak.

  6. Right. The PDN trumpets the opening of the halibut fishing season, and the winds come out of nowhere, screaming across the Strait. Even the 300 foot long Coho was seen taking water over it's bow! Obviously, not to many boats out catching halibut. I saw a lot on trailrs on the highway headed back east.

    And downtown, yesterday. Again, empty.

    Gase, Kidd and friends have been playing the "victim" role to their constituents, for a while now. Interesting how you can present yourself as a leader, and as a victim at the same time. If they're such great leaders, why can't they address the issues that create their victim-hood?

    Except, as CK points out, it isn't real. It is a political ploy created to use the "them versus us" mentality of circling up the wagons. Why solve the problems you create, when you can deflect attention away from your failings as a leader, and make your critics the problem?! The is "leadership" in Port Angeles. And, that is why this town stagnates.

  7. Gase is a victim. He's a victim of his own ego and stupidity. He must have been the kind of kid that got snuggies just because he needed one.
    I wouldn't doubt that, daily, he pulls his undies up his crack, just because it feels so familiar.
    What a weenie.
    Collins is a creep.
    Kidd is senile.
    Way to go Port Angeles, you really do elect representatives who reflect the worst parts of town.

    1. Blah,blah,blah about the "lack" of leadership...other than some good ethics complaints, what are all the fine citizens left to do? Answer: nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.
      Let that council majority just keep on keepin' on. God forbid someone should DO something.
      Next up, more funding for the Port/CRTC.

      It's glaringly obvious that, on the whole, PA citizens WANT this state of affairs. Have you considered the arguments that this all might be well orchestrated? If you don't see anything here, you DO tend to move along.