Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What, Again?

Oh, silly, silly Spellcheck! Once AGAIN you have failed the PDN, as seen in the headline below:

Seattle lawyer finds ethics complaint again Port Angeles city attorney to be without merit

Personally, I think a much better headline would shrink that thought down even more:

Seattle lawyer finds Port Angeles city attorney to be without merit

Now that would really be A GAIN for the City, eh?

Anyway, is anyone really surprised that the lawyer hired by the City has found Bill Bloor to be all that and more? After all, that's the result the City would clearly desire, and it required no heavy lifting for this Seattle attorney, Peter Eglick, to find his way to that very conclusion. Case dismissed!

Not only is your case dismissed, Bill, but you also won a FREE hat!

Only...Except...But...The fact still remains that Bill Bloor is, to be kind, a woeful and ill-informed attorney. Even if you agree that he didn't do anything "ethically" wrong in this case, it would still be hard for you to make the case that he's been an effective representative of the legal profession for the City. He's simply been wrong - often glaringly, painfully wrong - too many times.

And, of course, he is also wildly overcompensated for his so-called services.

So, this is what victory looks like for the entrenched forces of discord and greed in City Hall. You get to keep on keeping on with your lame, lame, lame attorney. Somehow I don't think anyone outside of City Hall is going to think that's great news.


  1. Although Bloor is arguably ethical, let's establish a Competency Committee and see what happens there with him.

  2. The contract issue belonged in court, if Perron didn't like it. The other two items are the same things that were thrown out of other complaints by the local ethics boards. As I keep saying, you're in over your heads. But hey, keep flinging turds. The opposition delights in your failures.

    1. "The opposition" delights in the failures of this city to move forward in any redeemable manner. "The opposition" has reigned over empty store fronts, massive Heroin addictions, woeful law enforcement, crumbling infrastructure, above average school drop-out rates, teen flight to other well-run cities. Yeah, keep flying that "opposition" flag Tony. You and your (fill in the blank) helped bring the city to this condition.

    2. @ Anon 6:29

      Right. "The opposition delights in your failures." I have no doubt "the opposition" delights in their abilities to continue to destroy the city.

      But you also don't seem to understand what is going on. These "failures" you see actually do a great job of highlighting and exposing what is going on in this town. Like never before.

      When was the last time you saw a country wide headline about the "opposition" reading "She lied!" ? Do you really think the average person comes away with the feeling the "opposition" are decent people, looking out for the best interests of the community?

      I remember being told "A good reputation is hard to get, but a bad reputation is hard to lose."

      On the radio yesterday, I heard about the "incredible boom in Seattle".

      Yes, we certainly are "in over our heads" when we think the stagnation, decline and corruption in Port Angeles is justifiable, or supportable. Which, apparently, the "opposition" does.

    3. Yes, delighting in others' misfortune is the entire point of being bullies and cowards, as opposed to true leaders who aren't out to perfidiously screw the people in the first place.

    4. Yes, ha ha, troll. It is just so funny, isn't it? The city keeps their incompetent attorney on staff. The council keeps getting bad advice and making bad decisions. The public debt keeps piling up while the tax base keeps going down. Yes indeed, ha ha ha.

      The only thing that might be funny is that all this dysfunction costs you money too, only you're too stupid or smug to know it. Ha ha ha. The whole town goes down. Ha ha ha. So glad it all delights you.

    5. CK, please offer 6:29AM the Troll-Of-The-Month award!

    6. One roll of slightly used toilet paper is ready and waiting for you, troll. Let me know where I can send your award!

    7. Opposition? Far as I can tell that's just the FF and *maybe* their significant others, no more.

  3. Let not the Law look with an iron forehead on Bill Bloor, our city attorney. Double hooray!

  4. 6:29 "keep flinging turds" ... wow.
    So, who --- exactly IS the "opposition"?
    People who LIKE to pay too much money for city services, to have a piss-poor excuse for a city council, to have a city deeply in debt, and wrong at every turn. To watch the city have lawsuit after lawsuit for harassment and treating employees poorly? To have petty theft the norm. (What did happen to the "slush fund" fiasco? What about the theft from Parks and Rec? What about the million dollar balloon?)
    We don't need to sling turds, we need to shovel them OUT of City Hall.
    A grander band of nincompoops can be found no where else.

  5. Bloor is every bit the "Being There" character Chance. Chance has the city buffaloed, and imagines him to be some kind of law genius, when all he is - is a dunce.
    A greedy, self absorbed, manipulative/manipulated dunce.
    He works against the town, the people, for wages that are far above his skill level. When it all come crumbling down (and it will) he will be blamed for some of the worst contracts, and bad advice. He has done more to lead this town astray than any other single person.
    Too bad all the finger pointing will be long be AFTER he has joined his dear wife in Limbo.
    How low can he go? Low, very low.

  6. Closing in on noon, and the typo is still uncorrected.

    1. I was just there, and the typo is still there. Yes, at the Peninsula Daily News, quality is job on!

  7. ***Alert***
    Red Taffeta wearing Godzilla Kidd seen at ferry dock this afternoon, meeting visitors from Canada and conducting interviews to press for their consumption.

    Sure PDN probably one of the rags reporting on this ego driven monster. Comments in article will bedisabled of course...