Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crime and/or Punishment in Clallam County

As you doubtlessly know, Thanksgiving has come and gone, as has Christmas and the New Year. Well, to that trio of holidays we can now possibly add another one that may soon be coming to an end: The so-called tax "holiday" in Clallam County. You know, the one that saves you twenty cents out of every hundred dollars you spend.

Admittedly, as holidays go, this is a minor one - sort of like having your lunch break at work extended by an extra three minutes. What will you do with all that extra, uh, dimes you (might) end up with? The possibilities are not quite limitless, to be sure.

Mine, goddamn it! MINE!

Ah, but the possibilities for rabid right-wing outrage over the idea of "taking" that twenty cents back is nearly as limitless as it is clueless. In their eternal quest to keep those two dimes, it's safe to say that no quarter will be given. Not a finger!

Here's just one sentence from the comments on the PDN's article about the possibility of reinstating that twenty cent tax, which sums up the general tone of the comments: "There is now a political majority of left-wingers, Chapman & Ozias, who are free to punish taxpayers to their hearts content."


Now there's a reasoned and rational argument, eh? No biases or partisanship (or fantasy football) intruding into that worldview, is there? And once again, well stated, President Trump!

Obviously, this is part of a larger political problem in the United States, the problem being intense partisan division. But, though it plays out in some way all across the country, it does seem to be even more intense in smaller, economically distressed areas like Clallam County. To put that another way, in a larger, more sophisticated area, it might take, oh, say, at least forty or fifty cents to get the far-right so worked up.

But, with pressing problems at hand - a flatlined economy, failing schools, high rates of drug abuse, an aging population, aging infrastructure, tight budgets and political corruption, etc. - how do real-world solutions get discussed, yet alone approved, in such a divided community? Especially when much of that division runs right along the split between Reality and Fantasy.

I didn't speak up when they came for the dimes, because I had no dimes.
I didn't speak up when they came for the nickels, because I had no nickels.
When they came for the pennies...

I mean, Mike Chapman is a "left-winger"? Hardly. Political opportunist is more like it, one who will do what he has to in order to survive. When Mike's travelled all along the political spectrum, it's just not accurate to pin him down to any one ideological silo. Meanwhile, I think it's safe to say - speaking from Planet Reality - that both Chapman and Mark Ozias consider taxing issues to be, you know, financial matters. I don't think either of them are aiming to "punish taxpayers." And if they are, really, how much punishment can you buy for twenty cents? But a lot of people are spouting foolishness just like that, and some is even less tethered to Reality than this example.

So again, how do you solve real-world problems when half the population denies that world - Planet Reality - exists? And, in a place where hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of public dollars are routinely stolen and/or wasted, right out in the open, why do people get so agitated over twenty cents?


  1. And not a peep out of the right wing when McEntire loots the county treasury for imbecilic investments at the Port, gravy train at the Carlsborg Sewer and so many other unworthy expenditures. So, the fact remains,if it is our guy spending like crazy it's okay. If their guys want to spend then it is unAmerican. You cannot discuss reality with people who live in the fantasy divide of partisan politics. Bless their pointed little heads.

  2. Grampa Mc CrankypantsJanuary 5, 2016 at 7:14 PM

    Grandma McCrankypants and I used our tax break to stock up on weapons and ammunition!

  3. In larger cities, with larger economies, and larger pools of money for politicians to skim off of, things tend to run smoother. (Larger areas also often have something resembling an actual press or newspaper lurking about, too.) But here, in Podunk Central, it's a blood match fight to the death over nickels and dimes, because, sadly, that's all we've got around here. Some spare change to battle over, and no one at all interested in watching over us. Cue the wolves. Lock your doors.

  4. Hey, CK, I watched the city council meeting video you posted the link to. Thanks! The best part for me was the shot at the very beginning of one of the anti-fluoride protesters holding up a sign that read "FlOurie IS BAD." Yeah, it sure is. I hear it rots the brain, or at least the parts used in spelling.

    Anyhow, I wonder who we're gonna get stuck with as mayor. Doubtlessly one of the FlOurie Four.

  5. You must realize that so-called tax break was only for those living outside a town or city--the unincorporated areas of the county. Now why did they limit it to those areas? That's where the new car dealers are. They moved outside the city to avoid paying city taxes.
    McEntiere doubled down by making a tax break that would only affect new car dealers. This gave them an advantage over all those other car dealers who pay taxes to the cities that sustain them.
    This has nothing to do with politics, it is pure greed. Now, admittedly, more greed heads gravitate to the republican end of the spectrum. Easy to recognize. They took every opportunity available to them to succeed then try to pull up the ladder behind them so no one else can have the opportunity to enjoy what they did/do...when they needed help it was "opportunity" when others need help now it's "welfare".....

  6. Those of you that did not attend this evenings' city council meeting missed out on an opportunity to watch newly elected Mayor Downie and Deputy Mayor "Crazy Cat Lady" Kidd get publicly humiliated for an hour and a half or more.

    They were told this is only just the beginning. They were asked to step down, right there, tonight.

    A motion was made to reconsider the vote at the next council meeting. For the next two weeks, the offending council members are going to get a taste of what they have started.

    We all know they will call on their dental friends to show up, again. But this is not about fluoride anymore. Most that spoke tonight spoke of the affront to democracy.

    Look for and sign the "Step down NOW!" petitions being circulated. Help with signs and leaflets.

    And, look for the youtube link for this evenings city council meeting. You'll enjoy it.

  7. CK we had one hell of a time in the city council tonight. There was a full house, and a vocal one. People were mad about the fluoride four's vote in the last meeting (December 15, 2015). A full house to protest the lack of accountability and democracy.
    A good time was had by all, except, perhaps, the three city council members (Collins was absent) sitting there, listening to the commentary by pissed off citizens, being booed, and all the people speaking up, out of turn.
    When Downey was elected mayor by the same four, there was quite a bit of booing, and hissing. (Sadly the rotten vegetables were left home.)
    When the same four elected BABBLING Cherie as deputy merry mayor, there were cries of anguish, and I, for one, wished I hadn't left my pitchfork and torch at home.
    It was a meeting to be proud of. The pressure WAS enough for the council to give in enough to revisit the vote next council meeting.
    Maybe they lied. We will have to all show up -- as a community -- and hold their feet to the blowtorch.

  8. I don't know of a single individual who benefitted in any significant way from the so called sales tax break. It was just a pat yourself on the back ploy to make the Commissioners at the time look SO generous. Just put it back to the way it was already. That small change for an individual can add up to something in the County coffers when accumulated from all residents and hopefully our new Board will use it more wisely than the previous group now that the dynamics have changed.