Wednesday, January 6, 2016

And the Pity Votes Have It! "Congratulations" Mayor Pat Downie!

It's no secret that Pat Downie has always been, to be charitable, out of touch and behind the times and a day late and a dollar short and bereft of ideas and fond of nothing so much as patting his own back and babbling on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

It's also no secret that Pat Downie is, to be charitable, very, very ill. When I watched the video of that last City Council meeting, I was truly shocked at his appearance. I didn't even recognize him at first. He appears to have aged at least fifteen years in the last couple of years, and he looked like he was on death's doorstep. I've heard from numerous sources about Pat's illness, and no one expects him to even be able to finish his term at the rate he's deteriorating.

Mayor Pat Downie: He's gonna party like it's 1899!

Thus, to sum up: Pat's a brainless babbler, and he's dying, right here in front of everyone. So of course he was elected Mayor last night. Could there have been any other outcome? Behind the scenes, I have no doubt there were invitations extended to Pat's Pity Parade, and his fellow members of the Fluoride Four accepted. Again, no surprises there, folks.

And, to add insult to injury, fellow verbal diarrhea sufferer Cherie Kidd, who has already died from the neck up, was installed as Deputy Mayor. Just. Like. She. Wanted.

So once again the call goes forth from the City Council Chambers: FUCK YOU, CITIZENS OF PORT ANGELES. Sit down, and shut up.

Only, uh, they didn't sit down, and they didn't shut up. Gosh, who knew that fluoride made peons, er, I mean people, so cranky and ungrateful? Don't you little people realize it's another GREAT day in Port Angeles?

Cherie Kidd is a total and complete joke.
So why aren't you little people laughing?


  1. OMG! This is appalling! How could responsible council members ever elect Downie and Kidd to be mayor and deputy mayor?!?
    Oh, yeah. The Fluoride Four have shown they are not responsible council members.
    How's the recall effort coming along?

    1. The clipboards were handed out at the "After the meeting" Meeting. A couple hours spent talking about setting up locations, organizing door-to-door, etc.

      One of the interesting things to see is how many admitted pro-fluoride people are volunteering to help. They are so pissed off with the democracy thing.

    2. and more people are asking to help out -- daily. This is really becoming a snowball rolling down hill.

      Wait until the snowball hits the fan!

  2. Thanks for the breaking news. Too bad it's such heartbreaking news, but, like you say, what does anyone really expect? More of the same old shit.

  3. There's nothing about this on the PDN's website, nothing on KONP's website. Could it be that even they are still stunned and embarrassed by this turn of events?

  4. Goatlike Gotlieb was flitting about, pretending to be a reporter, last night.

    And, he has been asking around since Saturday (at least), trying to find out who is working to get rid of the Four Morons.

    Given so many people are working different things, either he is a moron as well, and can't see the nose on his face, or he is trying to find a way to spin the story to make the Four Morons look good.

    1. And, yet, there still isn't an article about it that makes any sense.

  5. I, personally, am so proud of the citizens of Port Angeles for showing up at the council meeting last night, and clearly, loudly, and repeatedly voicing their concerns. It was a reaffirmation of what this country was founded upon.

    There are several of us passing petitions around that ask for the Fluoride Four to step down. It is symbolic, but a clear voice of "no confidence".

    (We're scrambling to get organized, so will post here and on facebook where we can be found in the coming days.)

    We will also be on KONP 1:05pm on January 14th (I think that's set.)

    Last night, revisiting the vote was brought up, and there were three votes for it, before Mr. Downey broke with Roberts Rules of Order, and left a "point of order" hanging, while he went to other business.

    (Until the audio files are posted on the city site, I won't be able to transcribe that portion of it, and figure out exactly what happened.)

    So, clearly, the delay tactic is so that people give up and go away (so the council can return to having a couple of women knitting, and a couple of people dozing off in the council chambers).

    Come to the next city council meeting -- the more the merrier. The date for your calendar is January 19, the day AFTER the MLK holiday.

    Sign the petition. Come out, stand up, and be seen AND heard.

    Lets fix our broken local government.

    1. Thanks, Marolee. Please keep readers of this blog in the loop. We're still averaging about 3-400 hits a day, though I expect those numbers to go up as the Fluoride Four roll forward.

      In the last 24 hours, people have landed on this blog by searching for "rally for recall port angeles" and "end of the world port angeles." The choice is yours, folks. Recall, or end it all. I say GO, FIGHT, WIN.

    2. So if the Fluoride 4 either step down or get recalled, how will they be replaced, by whom, and at what cost? The group(s) supporting the ouster should answer these questions.

    3. I've been through this before. A couple of options. The remaining council continues to operate until the next election. There are 3 County Commissioners who do a lot more than the City Council, and have done so for decades.

      Or, the council calls for a special election, ASAP. Or, an election which can coincide with this Falls Presidential election. Which seems to make the most sense.

      Really, not difficult, at all.

    4. 5:33pm. We aren't doing a recall, as it would be expensive (to the city and to the group asking for a recall. It's a daunting court involved legal battle.)

      We are ASKING that they step down.

      We have four people who would be glad to step up, and if not that -- will run in two years, when there will be four council positions up for grabs.

      Younger people -- new people to the board is what we need. We have four now, maybe we'll have eight for the next election.

      As for "costs". How much does it cost for citizens to voice their opinions, and sign a petition of "no confidence"? Ink is cheap. PRESS -- regional and national -- is priceless.

      Its all about "spin", baby.

    5. If individual city council members resign one at a time then the remaining council members appoint their replacement. That is how we got Brad (Don't touch me) Collins. If they were to resign en masse' then that would create a mess. Not to worry. The new Charter City will be up and running in a year or less. Then the entire council will be gone and a whole new slate of candidates will campaign for these seats. Certainly we should keep the three who have been most vocal in representing the will of the people, Whetham, Bruch and the new kid whose name escapes me just now. The new charter city will allow for a strong mayor and diminished city council influence. The mayor of a charter city can veto resolutions passed by the city council but the council can override a mayor's veto with 50% plus one vote of the council. However, and here is the beauty of the charter, if the residents do not like what the mayor and council decide they can overturn council decisions by referendum at the next election. It is not an earth shaking change but at least it puts the residents back in control of their city government and takes it out of the hands of people like these elite-ass-kissing fluoride four.
      One of the speakers at the last council meeting said Council member Dan Gase (Coldwell Banker Realtor) suggested not putting fluoride in the water would be "a sin." So now we are living under the Dan Gase-Pat Downie Caliphate? Anyone selling a home should call up Coldwell Banker and tell them they WILL NOT get the listing because of Gase. Anyone buying a home, call up Coldwell Banker and tell them they WILL NOT represent them as buyers because they employ Gase. If you put enough heat on Gase's employers he will be out of a job or off the council--or both. Let us remember, back during the Graving Yard fiasco, it was Gase who, speaking for the Chamber of Commerce, suggested we bring in the National Guard to force the Tribe to continue digging up their elders' bones. Had enough? Jam the council meetings for the next few weeks. Make your voice heard. Bring signs, call them out by name and shame.
      He too was APPOINTED to city council.

    6. Name and shame. Clearly, Cherie is EXTREMELY vulnerable to this tactic. If you can break her down in public, then you can just sweep away the pieces.

      And yes, hit them where it hurts - at their workplaces. Lord knows, Dan Gase hasn't worried about conflicts of interests or mixing the worlds he works in before, so link them together now.

  6. Raucous Residents Rock City Council

    by Dale Wilson

    More than a hundred residents jammed city hall last night. Many waving signs such as “Death of Democracy” protesting recent council action nullifying a popular vote to discontinue fluoridation of city water.

    Last month this city council voted to continue fluoridation even after 57% of the people responding to an advisory ballot voted against fluoridation. This is the third advisory ballot over the years and all three voted against fluoridation by large margins. In each occasion the city council sitting at the time allowed fluoridation against the will of the majority of people responding to the survey.

    In light of the fallout from the most recent vote there was a plan floated to have one of the three anti-fluoride council members selected as mayor or at least vice-mayor. The council could have “thrown a bone” to the anti-fluoride forces. Instead, last night, the fluoride four turned the dagger a bit by selecting two pro-fluoride council members as mayor and vice mayor.

    The fluoride four selected Pat Downie for mayor and Cherie Kidd as vice-mayor. These decisions met with boos and hisses from an overflow crowd of taxpayers. Downie was nominated by Dan Gase for mayor and Downie nominated Cherie Kidd as vice-mayor. Each won by the same 4-3 margin.

    Thereafter the council heard almost two hours of public comment, much of it deriding the council for their tone-deaf decisions. Many of the people making public comment called out council members by name and suggested there would be repercussions to the businesses of the members whom they felt abandoned the will of the people as reflected in the fluoride ballot.

    During a ten minute break vice-mayor Cherie Kidd implored newly minted Mayor, Pat Downie to make the crowd stop calling her out by name. Obediently, Downie announced to the crowd that council members should not be called out by name. At the second public comment period the council was assured they would continue to be called out by name.

    One lady said she had just had two closing with Coldwell Banker Realty where Councilman Dan Gase is a salesman. She spoke directly to Gase saying she was disappointed in herself and would not use that office again.

    Dr. Eloise Kailin explained to the council the manner in which the city government can be changed to a more responsive council by changing to a Charter City form of government–much like the one enjoyed by the residents of the city of Bremerton, Washington.

    With only 500 signatures supporting a change in city governance the plan can be put on the August ballot. If successful there then it will go on the ballot for the presidential election in November. In less than a year the form of city government could change. If so then this entire slate of council members would be eliminated and a full slate of council members would be elected. Then it would be up to the voters to nominate and elect council members more responsive to the residents and taxpayers.

    Other ideas touted during public comment include residents withholding payments of their water bill. It was suggested residents dissatisfied with the fluoride vote pay their water bill into an escrow account and send the deposit slip to the city explaining the city gets its money when the residents get water that is free of the Arsenic, lead and fluoride which the city now knowingly ads to the water supply.

    Others have suggested billboards at each end of the city and the entrance to Olympic National Park proclaiming: Welcome to Port Angeles where we add Arsenic, Lead and fluoride to our city water.

    Any company attempting to offer “Organic” produce cannot rightfully do so as long as they are sprinkling the produce with fluoridated water.

    These are just some of the unforeseen consequences of the actions of the fluoride four. It is hoped by many the council will revisit their decision and abide by the will of the people whom THEY invited to weigh in on the topic.

    1. country Aire uses fluoridated water in their coffee and tea beverages and in the misters in their produce department. How can they claim to be a "natural food" store?

    2. They can't. Neither can Safeway.

      There is talk of picketing Country Aire, as they have been asked about this, and they won't do anything about it. They " don't want to get involved".

      Well, the City took that choice away when they decided to fluoridate the public water supply.

      But, they sure like the money and patronage.

      Get a spine, Country Aire, and join the efforts to stop fluoridation. Or else. And, time is near for that very public exposure.

    3. Natural for Port Angeles.

    4. "Fluoridated fruit and veggies sold here" is the sign that should be held up by those picketing Country Air market. Let the yuppies know they are not getting organic food because it is drenched in fluoride, arsenic and lead. The manager of Country Air is president of the Downtown Association. If they won't get involved on their own--force them into it. Everyone is affected by the decisions of these four idiots and no one can escape the negative effects.
      Boycott those who "don't want to get involved." Sequim has some great organic food stores and no fluoride.

    5. If fluoridated water use delineates whether the organic label can be used, every store selling anything with that label would have to know the water analysis used on the crop or ingedients. That is not possible. We can't even screen for terrorists and they really aim to kill.

  7. Wow....the article came out in the PDN, and only snippets were used, and Paul missed the point. Apparently it does not fit the PDN agenda to keep quotes IN context, even though it is Journalism 101. (Shame shame shame, Mr. Paul).

    I quoted the words of Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler, and gave proper credit, as is proper. The quote was from the movie Billy Madison, and I did direct it at Ms. Kidd, as was fitting.

    The quote: Mr. Oblatt, Principal "...what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

    Youtube clip from movie with quote:

    1. Marolee, you should know by know that the PDN can't report what actually goes on. Everything gets twisted into some kind of " PDN World view".

      Watch the video, and then see if the article accurately reflects what happened.

  8. Here's the link to Clallam Public Eye's video of the last council meeting. Be prepared for almost two hours of residents making fun of the council and its decisions. Thanks Stephanie for making this available.

    1. I'll watch it today! EVERYONE should watch it who wasn't there, and share the link. THANK YOU!

    2. Anyone who is looking for pressure points on this should take a good look at Pat Downie's face right at the start of the video, before the meeting itself has even begun. He is clearly very, very nervous and worried.

    3. Apply the pressure points to those who dispense illegal substances equally-i.e. selling HCG for weight loss. The FBI pressed charges. That household hates fluoride though.

    4. This morning, the video of the meeting had 20 views. Now it is up to 50. Spread the word, share the link.

    5. Now it's up to 80 views. Numbers like that do not a revolution make...

    6. No, but not bad for a podunk town.

      Revolutions always start with a single event.

      It is important to remember that. How small events can be, that can trigger a country to fall into chaos.

      It has happened all over the world, for many decades.

    7. Yes, agreed, but...I think you'd agree that it would be better to have even more people see this video, and see for themselves the sort of idiots that are ruining, oops, I mean running things in Port Angeles.

    8. You're absolutely right. No doubt about it.

      Maybe it ties into your next topic: People here are so depressed about the depressing conditions created by the Fluoride Four idiots, that they just can't bring themselves to actually watch verified examples.

  9. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Mr Downie stood up and made himself a legacy by voting against the Fluoride Four (making it the Fluoride THREE). He would go down in history, and be a hero.
    Or he can be part of the pathetic four and their lack of respect for the people of Port Angeles.

  10. I just sent this to the city council:

    If you really, truly believe that the direction the city should be moving towards is the oral health of those 400 kids (national average of those kids 6-16 not seeing a dentist regularly is 17%) in the community who may not be receiving regular dental health rather than the health of pitted roads or cracked sidewalks then I send you a much more fiscally responsible alternative:

    Don't take my word for it. Click on it. For as little $400 a year you can protect those you feel need it.

    Compare the math. $200,000 for ten years vs. $400/year.

    This is a win-win. Kids get covered, citizens are happy to have purer water pouring through their faucets.

    1. Please let us know if you get any replies, and if so, what they have to say.

    2. Lee Whetham responded:

      Mr. Johnson,

      Your proposal makes perfect sense to me, this covers lower income kids in our community. Please attend our next council meeting on Jan. 19th @ 6:00 PM & bring 8 copies of your email & link to program. You`ll need to sign up & address council during our first comment period, at that time please hand this information to each council person & one to City Clerk. The unknown cost is how much the new motion by Ms. Kidd is actually going to cost the city. Our current contract which will expire in May, 2016, did cost $ 200,00 - that was ten years ago costs. Not only will we have a new contract for fluoride as voted on, but , we`ll have to do some plumbing/pipefitting & electrical to the fluoride injection system because of the corrosive action of this concentrate.

      Thanks for your support of the majority, which I`ve promised from day one of our survey/vote. People have no idea that it`s the Phosphate Industry that has come to our town, thanks, Lee

      K. Lee Whetham

      City Council, Position 2

      City of Port Angeles

      Port Angeles, Wash.

      Feel free to forward this email - LW