Sunday, January 31, 2016

Corp or Corpse?

Just a couple of simple questions today, as both the City and the County will be considering funding the EDC (Economic Development Corp.) this coming week:

Is the EDC really worth $150,000 (or more) of your tax dollars?

Is the EDC really effective?

And, if you've answered yes to either of the above questions, then why isn't the local business community recognizing this by stepping up to fund it themselves? Or, put another way, if the EDC is so good at developing businesses...Why does it always need to go begging local governmental bodies to develop its own budget?

Now, now, don't cry little EDC...No one is
ever going to ask you to pay anything back.
Or produce anything.
Or prove you're effective.
Or do much of anything, really.
Other than to show up and collect your money.


  1. Let us remember the words of the former county commissioner who recently re-shaped the board of the Economic Development Commission, "We gotta be careful what companies we bring in, they might pay more than our local businesses and they will come after your employees." That is the new mantra for the "new" EDC. Keep things just as they are, keep the low-wage jobs and don't dare bring in a company that might pay a living wage cause employees will job-hop over to somewhere where they can actually raise a family.

    1. "Sell them the sizzle, not the steak."

      Our so-called economic leaders here keep saying they hear that sizzle, but most of us haven't seen any trace of the actual steak.

    2. "Steak" my shiny white buttocks. These clowns haven't even brought a veggie dog to town - my apologies to any vegans out there....

    3. I believe that is "sell the sizzle, not the hamburger patty".

  2. And, how many variations on the theme does a little town like Port Angeles need? How many "business development" groups already exist, besides the EDC? PABA, PADA, The Chamber, the city has Nathan West on staff, etc.

    AND, as is so often pointed out, why, with all these groups and people, is the town getting quieter and emptier by the week? How many efforts, how many groups, how many years does it take, with nothing of substance to show for it all, before the so-called leadership is seen for what it is?

    1. I think our so-called leaders ARE seen for what they are. The problem is that there are so few people who are willing to step up and challenge them (by running for office themselves), so they stay right where they are, making one bad decision after another. It's not that they have such a great defense; it's that too few are willing to go on the offensive.

    2. Only fifteen (15) months until you too can file for the next city council election. Maybe, this time, we can get a dozen candidates for the primary, and then a full ballot for the election. Step up...

  3. Because, after all, the EDC has such a great track record of success, right?

    Because, after all, our local governing bodies are just so flush with funds, right?

    Because, after all, our local unemployment rates are low, and our economy strong and diversified, thanks to the convergence of the two things listed above, right?


  4. CK, If you remember, the head of the EDC didn't even show up to COLLECT the money they were asking for!!

  5. Now I see that Mark Ozias is having to do the EDC's work for them. You know, suggesting they do things like produce results and measure outcomes and "liberal" stuff like that. I mean, gee whiz, wanting to track what happens to tens of thousands of dollars in public money...where does he get these kooky ideas?

  6. And speaking of kooky ideas...I'm as suspicious of slimy Steve Tharinger as anyone, okay? But to whomever has been sending in comments claiming he was tied up in/involved with the whole Iran-Contra thing...I'm having a real hard time buying that. So please, no more comments on that unless you can offer some sort of proof other than CAPITALIZATION, okay?

  7. I'm glad Mark Ozias is challenging them to quantify their results. Note that in that same article it says "Greenwood added that the EDC has already had success in business retention and recruitment since he was hired in March 2014.

    “Other public partners and private-sector partners have praised us to the skies,” Greenwood said.

    But still...for what? I have not seen any concrete data. The EDC keeps sending out reports to their members that say nothing. If there was anything of substance, why isn't the PDN reporting on that? Righth now it just looks like a giant scam, after two years of promises.

    Go to the meetings where public agencies have the EDC on their agenda for consideration for contributing and challenge the boards of the public agencies to show why they shoudl waste ratepayer dollars on this. The County, The cities, the port, the PUD, etc. I think all contribute just because the EDC knows these agencies just don't want to look like they don't support economic growth.

  8. Tonight was a red letter day at the Port Angeles city council. You'll be able to see the way the council, lead by Cherie Kidd, overtly tried every thing they could do to shut out the public.

    First, signs were put up telling the public THEIR signs would not be allowed in the council chambers. No prior notice. No discussion. No public consultation.

    Then, Cherie did everything she could to interrupt and disrupt what speakers tried to say. " Your time is up", she told the first speaker after a minute. The speaker replied: "I'm timing my comments, and I still have 2 minutes". She did this with every speaker, obviously intentionally harassing them.

    Then Cherie cut off public comment after a half an hour, although there was a long list of people signed up to speak. People who took time out of their lives to come and speak to their elected representatives at the advertised time. No prior notice. No discussion. No public consultation about the changes. Only weeks after the council expanded the public comment time, because "we really want to hear from you". Only if you say things they want to hear!

    But, even though Cherie cut off the public, most all stayed because she said " There is an opportunity later in the meeting."

    Cherie cut off the first speaker at the second round of "Public Comment", and adjourned the meeting unilaterally, without a vote.

    The place went wild.

    Cherie and Gase left, The public wouldn't leave room or the podium. Collins left his seat, but stayed to hear the speakers.

    Lee took over, and invited anyone who wanted to speak, to continue.

    Everyone who wanted to speak, did. Sissi Brusch, Mike Merideth, Lee Weltham and most of Staff stayed to listen to the public. To their credit.

    One person spoke, saying what happening tonight was "intolerable", and served to prove the four have to be removed from office. Absolutely.

    It will be interesting to see how the PDN spins what happened tonight.

    Cherie could not have done more to justify all efforts to have her (and her cronies) removed from office. No one, regardless of their political persuasion, can defend what she/they did tonight.

    1. WOW.

      Thank you for your report on the debacle. I'm just going to cut and paste it into a new topic, given how over the top and out of order this was.


      Cherie has always been stupid, sure. But it really does sound like now she's layering crazy over that shaky foundation.

  9. Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY...why won't they dine on Cherie?
    Cherie was the mayor tonight. Heaven forbid that woman has a gavel, and the next thin you know she's queen for a day.
    The meeting began with signs pasted up "no signs in meeting". Oh, really? Since when?
    Then, it began and Queen-for-a-Day announced that the public speaking would be 30 minutes, and that was all, the council meeting would begin at 6:30pm, promptly. There were at least 20 speakers on the list, but only 10 could speak, if we were polite, that is.
    At the 2:30 point the Queen (wearing all red, I might point out) would say "can you sum up your comments?" And, then at the 10 seconds, she'd start saying "I'm sorry, your comment time is done" "Please stop speaking" "Thank you".
    So, promptly at 6:30 she had a break, of 2 minutes, and then it was down to business. "Sorry folks, shut up, wait until the second comment period."
    The whole meeting The Queen postured and postulated and the fluoride four voted as a block. Rammed whatever they wanted through -- sure throw more money at this, do that, whatever, blah blah blah.
    THEN the second comment period came up. Three speakers in, and suddenly the Queen-for-the-Day took offense at something said, and announced "no name calling, no snide comments..." she croaked and shrieked and proclaimed. She banged the gavel an announced the meeting over, demanded the staff cut off the microphones, it was O-V-E-R, with a good 100 people in the audience, and a dozen peopled lined up to speak.
    She got up and marched out, followed by her little butt buddy Gase. Collins lingered in the door way.
    People continued to speak. They shouted,without microphones. They EMOTED. The three, real citizens representatives stayed at their places, and listened. The people continued to speak -- for nearly 40 minutes. The staff sat at their desks.
    Then, when the people were through, the meeting ended.
    Something isn't right with Cherie Kidd in the head. The woman is deranged. Perhaps senile? Whatever, that was the biggest mockery of democracy I have ever seen.
    Can't wait to see how the PDN spins this in the morning.

    1. And thank you, too, for your report on the actions of the Fleeing Fools from the Fluoride Four. I can't wait to see the video!

  10. Just watched the video of the Commissioners work session discussion with the EDC ( Unreal.

    Good on Ozias for holding the group accountable to report actual activity and metrics. Greenwood should be fired for his bullshit challenge to Ozias saying "doesn't that mean anything to you" that other partners have "praised him to the skies."

    This guy is a genuine sociopath who manipulates others to feel all warm and fuzzy, takes their money, and then pokes them in the chest when they ask for results on their investment. Forks wised up, Sequim is probably next, and hopefully Port Angeles. This county needs something like the EDC (could be the Port, County, or a complete replacement) but Greenwood needs to take his carpetbag home without our money in it. Guaranteed this guy is a fraud...I'll bet you $150,000.

    P.S. The age old BS excuse "well, I can't tell you what you've asked for because it's super secret" ain't cutting it.

    1. You just hit the nail squarely. Sociopaths.
      More than just greenwood. Kidd, Gase et al.
      We need to describe them as they are: manipulative, useless, sociopaths.
      This is no personal insult, it is a clinical diagnosis.