Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wet, AGAIN? WTF (Water the F***) is Going On?

No, really. You're kidding me. COME ON. Again? Again?

City crews are working to repair two water mains in the city after they failed late Monday night. The 8 inch asbestos concrete mains are at Whidby and Peabody streets, and Whidby and Laurel streets...

Thank goodness the City won't even miss those tax dollars that won't be coming in from Nippon. I guess that means they've got everything - including the City's INFRASTRUCTURE - all taken care of and under control.


Right? Pat? Cherie?

"I don't get what went wrong. We just installed these
suckers eighty years ago."
I have never lived anywhere, or even heard of any place, that has water mains break so frequently as they do in Port Angeles.

If I were one of the people in charge, I would be deeply embarrassed by this sad, soggy situation. I would realize that it would reflect poorly on my ability to prioritize, to budget, and to plan. In short, I would be humiliated because it would show me to be a weak, irresponsible (so-called) leader.

Cherie just probably thinks "Oh, look! Someone put in a pretty fountain!"

Pathetic, with a side of asbestos.

The only break you'll get
living in Port Angeles...


  1. Umm, because Port Angeles is a "stink hole"?

    And, as we'll be seeing, the City thinks everything is just so wonderful, they're embarking on a promotional campaign to help everyone know just how wonderful a job the city has been doing for it's residents.

    We all see it, don't we?

  2. On another front, just posted on Port O Call

  3. Who is in charge of the water utility now, under the big boss director of public works?
    Does anybody know why Ernie Klimek left that post a few years ago and where he is now? He seemed to be a person of integrity who tried his best to address a backlog of deferred maintenance and mismanagement. But my hunch is that Glenn Cutler had other priorities.

    1. The last I heard, Ernie was in Olympia. I tried reaching out to him once, but heard nothing back. I'm assuming he wants to keep all things Port Angeles in the rearview mirror. As for why he left...Wouldn't you leave, too, if Glenn Cutler was your boss?

  4. in typical "duh we're complete morons" the city is looking to do a taxing district to repair the streets (at the surface) but NOTHING (nada, zip, zilch) to replace the failing water and sewer lines, put electrical (and other things) underground, add sidewalks where they are sorely needed -- and THEN do the surface, and spiffy up what we see.

    Yep, lets put more lipstick on that pig, and add some perfume and a dress.

    HEY! Cherie you can give that pig some fashion tips.

    1. But, HEY! The City did such a GREAT JOB of dealing with the CSO problem, right?

      Yes, the city was told there was a WAY cheaper way to stop the sewage overflows, but they wanted the BIGGEST project in the city's HISTORY! $50 million instead of a fraction of that.

      Then, the city's Finanial Officer comes forward to tell us we've been "Taxed to the limits" by that very same project, and the city cannot afford to fund other needed projects. So smart was Cutler, Cherie Kidd and the others, right?

      The roads were needing repair then. The pipes broke then. They need repair and replacement now. OH! The city has found a new way to tax residents?

      Are you surprised?

      Accountability? Consequences?

      Not for this city.

  5. The peasants just love their low quality of life & high fees, they keep voting in these unqualified overseers. But hey, it keeps the riff-raff in. All huddled together in their little cluster-f.

  6. I gotta say this, Craig Fulton, the new director of public works (2 years in) inherited this mess but you gotta give him credit he gets the right crew right on it and gets it done in great response time. Let's look at another cause and effect. These timber trucks are beating the shit out of the major roads and, outside of the same fuel tax we all pay, they are costing us millions in excessive wear and tear and get off scott free. Think how much unnecessary traffic happens in town. The logging trucks bring logs through town to dump them on the waterfront. There machinery purchased by the taxpayers of Clallam County unload the logs where they sit for a few weeks. Soon a ship from China will arrive and again the log trucks come into town, reload all those logs down on Marina Drive and move them just up Marina Drive to load them on the ships. Water Mains on Marina have blown up twice in the last six months. Think we got a check from Grant Munro? Ha! Also, for the first time in the 125 year history of this town they had their first "Priority Setting" last year. Cheri has only been on the council for ten years she can't get around to everything.

    1. We do remember Grant Munro is a former Port Angeles City Council member. How convenient.

      Smell of basic city scaled corruption? If it looks like a fuck.. I mean.. duck..

    2. Grant Munro will just say as he did before. The city can go pound sand.

    3. And the cycle of the City's well heeled and elite will continue, happily screwing the rest of us, while City staff just go along with it all.

      Just ducky.

  7. The answer for PA is in Lefties baseball. They use words like "signed." Also "front office and staff." Give me a break. This is another scam looking for public money to help finance them. Don't you dare believe they can make it on their own. Wait. Oppelt on staff? I rest my case. :D

    1. Ahem, Oppelt is OWNER of them "Lefties." Look how much he has already skimmed in taxpayer money. They are putting a new roof on civic field, courtesy of the taxpayers. How much more will he skim as city councilman? Like Trump, he needs to tend to his businesses and let good, honest, open minded, open hearted people manage city governance. We have enough sucker-fish.

    2. YES indeed....I think Jake should stick to running his mega-chain of PA establishments, and give up on running for council.

    3. Gee, and how is the planning coming along for the new Oak st. Performing Arts and Convention Center, Jake?

  8. From KONP today: "He (Oppelt) indicated that he felt a call towards public service."

    Well I feel a calling toward voting for honest candidates.
    So that rules out Oppelt, Moran, and all the other good ole boys.

    Lindsey, it's your time now!

    1. Yes, and he has shown such an interest for so long.

      If Jake Oppelt were honestly interested in public service, he would have been attending meetings, volunteering, and doing the usual things to get to know the players and the issues.

      This reminds me oh-so much of Mark Ozias, who did pretty much the same thing.

    2. Or how about Craig Ritchie. He was elected chair of the Democratic Party at the first Democrat function he attended. He then had to ask someone the location of the local Democratic Headquarters.

  9. The Lefties scam deserves it's own PAU topic. He failed miserably in Kitsap. PA is a market that only an idiot would venture into. Stand by. Lol. :D

    1. What market? Like so many other things that get proposed around here, where ARE the market studies?

      Of course, any studies done would just say everything is just great. Right?

    2. My favorite was when that land rapist, Dan Morrison, was out trying to promote the whole stupid sprint boat thing, and talking about it being SUCH A SUCCESS! They will have DOZENS OF EVENTS A YEAR! They will DRAW TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO TOWN! And so forth and so on.

      Of course, there were no facts to back the claims up, or to explore the ramifications of the claims. Market study? Feasibility study? Traffic study? Marketing plan?

      I was at a PABA meeting where the land rapist was doing his thing, and brought up all those things above. Such considerations were met with blank, unbelieving stares. "Who is this naysaying bookworm?"

      Nope. No facts needed. I still laugh when I think of dumb old Jim Haguewood, seeing a bad video of a sprint boat and, in full-on five-year-old mode, saying, "Oh! Cool!"

      Now, I know a baseball is not a sprint boat, but...I also think we all know to be cautious about claims of impending fame and/or fortune.

      Meanwhile, do the Port Angeles Leftovers deserve a topic of their own? Play ball?

    3. No, really.

      And, CK, you bring up an important point with the Sprint boat thing. I went out there last year, to see what was going on. No, I did not go in, or attend. I won't patronize that place. But, I did want to see how many people did. I was curious, because it was so quiet downtown.

      Yes, there were lots of campers, with groups of people sitting around portable BBQs, with coolers. They were not patronizing Port Angeles, just came for the show, and left.

      Same with most of the other things. People by the hundreds get off the Coho every day, and drive out of town as fast as possible.

      And a baseball team? How many attend the local sports events, as it is? I went by the baseball championships last year, by the airport, and other than family members supporters their kids, it was vacant.

      This just happens over and over in this town.

    4. So far as I was ever able to tell, Port Angeles "gets" just two things from the land rapist's sprint boat races: Periods of heavy traffic on 101 a couple of times a year, and the sales of a few gallons of gasoline as people head home. Because, as you point out, these people come in campers, bring their own food and BBQs, and probably don't venture into town at all.

      And that is what passes for "economic development" in Port Angeles. A school bake sale would have a bigger, more positive impact.

    5. Again, you bring up another aspect to all this.

      "Economic development" that creates new stores in town, or the conversion of a movie theater to a performing arts theater really isn't economic development. Very little new money is being brought into the community with these ventures.

      The same group of residents, currently deemed "distressed" by the government specifically because of the high unemployment and low incomes, now have another place to spend what little disposable income they may have. These ventures bring very little new money into the local economy.

      Of course, those same few get more money in their bank accounts, so for them, it is "economic development".