Saturday, April 22, 2017

Speaking of Making America Great...

In case you were wondering where the dregs of those "Our Town" clowns went...Wonder no longer. They have reconstituted themselves on Facebook as "Stop Enablement in Clallam County." Now, before you get all excited and think that means they are working to stop enabling the local idiot politicians...Uh, no. It's the same old bullying and totally counterproductive "anti-drug" BS as before, just with a new name.

Oh, and a new logo. A heart with the word "tough" in it. ("Tough love," get it? Oh, so clever!)

For those of you who have fake and/or disposable Facebook profiles, here's where you can find the Posse Incompetentus:

In the entire span of human history, we've shown time and time and time again that bullying people can quickly lead to burning people, and, Biblical injunctions aside, doing violence unto others only begets more violence. Too bad that angry, self-righteous, hypocritical "do-gooders" like the "Our Town" clowns don't spend more time keeping their own houses in order - and their own violent impulses in check. By a show of hands, how many people think that not a single member of "Stop Enablement in Clallam County" (SECC - pronounced "sick") has a substance abuse or alcohol problem? Any wife-beaters in SECC? No illegal gun hoarders? And, coming full circle, no bullies?

Yeah, right.

Make America Great Again! Keep America Beautiful! Deutschland Uber Alles! The same sad, sick melody, with slightly different lyrics. I wish humanity would finally get tired of singing that song...


  1. Chamberlin is already doing his victory lap. And why shouldn't he, community service for all the shit he was charged with. County Non-Prosecutor Mark Nichols is the one who should spend a few days down and out in Port Angeles just so he can feel the grind.

    1. There was the fatally expensive and totally unnecessary Turd Tank victory lap. (Go, Glenn, go!)

      Which is sort of related to the expensive and totally unproductive Harbor-Works victory lap. (Which Jeff Lincoln was likin'.)

      Which is not the same as the total failure of Pen Ply - after its victory lap.

      Or the slap on the wrist conflict of interest victory lap for Karen Rogers.

      Which caused the City Manager-sent-inside-info-to-Karen-Rogers-inappropriately-and-faced-no-consequences victory lap.

      Or said City Manager's highly suspicious sweetheart deal to sell his house on his way out of town victory lap.

      (Which only came after his tossing the City finance director under the bus for doing the EXACT SAME THING HE DID victory lap.)

      Or the failure to lure NOAA victory lap.

      And let's not forget the recent victory lap in the County Courthouse over the meeting do-over that inappropriately authorized funds to the Boy and Girls Club.

      Hey, how about a victory lap for all the Port Angeles kids who drop out of school before graduating?

      And one for the incredibly high percentage of people who abuse drugs in Clallam County?

      Yes, SO MANY reasons for victory laps there. Mark Nichols and creepy, cowardly Adam Chamberlin fit right in to the pattern of undeniable success and high standards that is ever so important to good ol' Clallam County, U.S.A.

    2. Wow! Well said CK! Totally right on target.

      These morons keep framing everything as if it is some kind of wonderful, but reality shows us Port Angeles and what these pathetic clowns have done, by any measurable standard, is a total failure.

  2. Looks like they blinked. It's been taken down.

    No they're not done. Last night one of them was using a phony account asking people to smear Dale Wilson on the Port Angeles WA Facebook page. Somebody spotted that the account was using some random woman's picture as her own and called her on it. She changed the pic, I guess she thinks that means she's not a messed-up liar any more. The name is Molly Camarero. Hi, Chelsea! Problem is the page admins seem to be in on it, as they have been letting her rants stay up.

    1. Yes, hi Chelsea! Hi, Adam! You're still losers and creeps. Also, bad people, bad citizens, and bad Christians. Oh, and bad, creepy neighbors, too.

      I mean, if what you're doing is so great, why so much secrecy? What do you have to be ashamed of? Hmmm?

    2. I saw the site was saying Dale Wilson is responsible for this site.

      Yeah, you know that same old spiel: "Kill the messenger". Mr. Wilson does a great job investigating and exposing what is going on in this town, but he isn't the one doing the deeds!

      Let's see. Our Town, SECC, SICK (or what ever they are calling themselves today) will put it's efforts in trying to silence and discredit Mr. Wilson and this site, but they sure are silent about those that actually cause the problems both Wilson and this site expose.


      I was just watching a show where the criminal said: "I don't believe in coincidences". Who here thinks it is a coincidence that Chelsea Ward, Adam Chamberlin and their supporters among the Port Angeles leadership target those that expose the problems in this city, and are so silent about those that create them?

      Just sayin'..

    3. report Molly to facebook. It is OBVIOUSLY a fake site (who only has a handful of friends?) and, it's hate mongering.
      The problem with these fools is that they THINK they are clever. They are moronic bullies, and much too angry. But, most people will complain, but not stand up to them.
      This is how bullies work.
      Shut down Molly. And, be highly suspect of the female 'admin' on PAWA. She's supporting this nonsense.

    4. Someone ewas on the Sequim facebook page as well trying to post a website and rally against Dale. I don't remember the name and the admins removed it as they have a policy of not smearing other businesses and trying to keep the page positive. Whoever it was fought it until it was taken down.

  3. Tried the link and the page isn't loading. Could it be it's already been yanked off FB? If so, good riddance.

    1. What bastions of good citizenship can these people be, if they operate in secrecy, and have to keep changing their FB pages ?

      What might be astounding in any other city is not in Port Angeles. Here, the so-called leadership align themselves with losers like this group. When I looked, they had 300 "supporters".

      300 supporters, in a town of this size? That should be a clue for anyone wanting to move here, or start a business here. This town is full of vengeful hate, with 300 people who willingly sign on to support vigilante violence. No need for a justice system, these people are so self righteous, they KNOW they are right, and their victims are guilty. Yes, the American system of law and order presumes someone is innocent until PROVEN guilty, but these people don't believe in American values. Just their own.

      And we have the "leadership" of Port Angeles supporting this?

      All Americans should be ashamed.

    2. It was an open page.Adam Chamberlin posted on it Thursday and the next day it became a page you have to sign in to see.That way they track who is reading it.

    3. as of today, it is a closed page. Must be "by invite".
      Chamberlin is a psychopath. He attracts women who like "dangerous men" and, clearly, he charms them. He also garners affection from psychopathic women (of which there are many in this town).
      They all crave power. The only people they can feel powerful over are those who are the least fortunate among us.
      They will swing wildly, and focus their hate towards the few that they deem "blocking them".
      Is this really the community you wan to live in? Where a pack of rabid coyotes run rough-shod over what is morally good?

    4. I would guess they kept it open long enough to lure back the truly faithful. Now they've got a list of Likes and can rebuild their sick little club. But not to worry, they still don't get that that 300 people cannot keep a secret.

  4. And by enabling they mean??? Not torturing the addicted and homeless? Not refusing them any kindness, compassion or consideration? Why do I get the feeling that this is a group formed especially to target TAFY? And I suppose disagreeing with any of their nasty sneaky antics or remarks would also be considered enabling. Should I choose to enable or Whatever? will there be some kind of punishment? I doubt it unless you consider vengeful, scornful,vicious , mostly made up remarks on my every comments by stupid, low class,hillbillies , with a whole host of their own creepy problems, a punishment...wait I do consider that a punishment.

    1. mouth-breathers and loser dimwits always band together. Look at the biggest supporter of them on our city council: Dan Gase.
      Can't get much more of a dimwit or mouth-breather than that.
      Call a spade a spade.
      Some of the "pillars of society" are in their league. In fact, Jake (the snake) Oppelt is one of the "friends" of Molly (the fake page promoter of hate towards Port O Call) .
      Think twice about voting for the snake.

  5. As always happens when the losers in "Our Clown" or bully boy Adam Chamberlin are the subject of discussion, the numbers for this blog go way up. Not that these creeps and crooks are paranoid, right? No, they just have made it their duty to keep tabs on those of us who "enable" things like the truth. Not that they're paranoid. Really. Or ashamed of what they're doing. No, not at all. They're just, you know, really righteous. I mean, if Jesus came back today, the first thing he'd do would be to hassle some homeless guy, am I right? He'd totally be like, "You fucking horrible bum - get outta here! I got no time for someone in need like you!"

    1. Most of these bullies are probably users themselves. They are operating on the "more for me" mind-set.

  6. Under the laws of this nation we have the right to enable if we choose. How dare they, or anyone, limit my rights of free expression and free association. Secondly, why don't they spend any time hassling the elected leadership that have sunk this area into a constant funk of "distress" by their inside dealings. How many Our Town idiots attend city council or county commission meetings, port meetings, all these sucker-fish government entities create the distressed condition and these fucking idiots want to blame the victims of the environment created by elected officials. If you really want to "clean up" this town register and vote unless of course you, like Chamberlin, can't vote because you are a convicted FELON.

  7. Land of the FREE... Unless you don't do, say, look and act like I want you to.

  8. Let me just lay it out here.

    Mountains, crushing mountains of public debt, to pay for crushingly expensive projects - many of which were not necessary, and most of which will only require MORE spending to maintain.

    Incredibly high rates of drug abuse, overdoses, and school drop-outs.

    Political corruption so baked into both the City and County that it seems impossible to ever root it all out, at least in the span of one lifetime.

    Related to the above, how about some sanctioned vigilante justice?

    Depressed wages, and a stagnant economy and a population that is essentially not growing at all.

    Crumbling infrastructure. Insane utility rates.

    A lack of a real arts or cultural scene. I mean, Port Angeles couldn't even keep a single movie theater afloat.

    Empty storefronts a plenty.

    A polluted shoreline, with the added visual blight of the mill (still polluting!) and the Turd Tank (still costing you plenty!).

    Reduced numbers of ferry trips to Victoria.

    All of which leads me to ask: Aside from poverty, or ill health, what keeps people in Port Angeles? Reading the comments here, and some of the reporting in the POC, my god, it is so depressing, so hopeless. I cannot, really, really cannot understand what keeps some of you intelligent people there. Last night, we walked downtown along tree-lined streets to see a 9 PM movie. When we got out, the streets were still busy, people were still out doing things. The downtown was ALIVE.

    Downtown Port Angeles? Port Angeles in general? Not alive. Sick, but not really ALIVE. This has nothing to do with wanting to live in a smaller place, or have a slower pace of life. This is about staying put in a place that is absolutely, totally toxic.

    I am SO HAPPY to have gotten out. Life is too short to live in Port Angeles. Yet, there you are - literally. There you are. What keeps you there?

    Sorry, end of rant, but man...It really is a mystery to me.

    1. I completely agree. Anybody that has traveled to anywhere knows there are so many better places to live.

      I got out 12 years ago. Like you, I'm am so happy. My kids and husband are enjoying life every day. The streets are safe, and there is a real sense of community. We all are thankful we made the effort to get out of Port Angeles.

      Now I check in periodically to see if things have improved. I still have friends I care about that still live there.

      But you're so right. Why people stay, and endure all this is puzzling.

    2. The two things that have made KIRO tv news in the past week about Port Angeles were about opiod use, and the guy that got into the shootout with police. Port Angeles - keepin' it classy!

    3. You can't buy publicity like that! The Port Angeles media campaign bulldozes onward!

  9. Meanwhile, as usual, since the subject at hand involves creepy Adam Chamberlin, and his enabling "Our Town" clowns, the pageviews today are through the roof. Point being, if there's something you want to say to baldie bigshot Adam, or his cretinous cohorts, now's the time, because THEY ARE READING THIS.

    Or, if any of them want to (anonymously or not) try to defend their indefensible actions here, step up and take the opportunity. After all, you should be proud of your bullying, vigilante actions, right? Tell us all how we have your group all wrong...

  10. Pretty sure that Holly Cooper, Coby Taylor and Molly Cameraro are all Chelsea.

  11. What I find really strange is that these "Our Town" supporters don't see their good intentions are being played by the convicted cons like Chamberlin.

    Yes, we know there are extreme elements in any group, and people who join with good intentions. Who doesn't want their town to be happy and crime free?

    But that they support convicted criminals? A leadership tried and convicted as of only a few days ago?


    And on top of it all, in a town with such a bad history. No, really. It is a matter of documented history. Even the city's own financial officer stood before the city council and told them the city's policies had taxed the residents to the limits. Read it in the PDN.

    This is coming out of the pockets of every city resident.

    But this group thinks the homeless are the city's biggest problems? Really?

    Or that Dale Wilson and his paper are causing the city's problems? Honestly?

    This city has had these problems long before Dale Wilson, or this blog ever existed. Look into it, if you were not here to know it yourselves. I've been here long enough to have seen who did what to this town.

    If you're going to fight, at least be clear about who the enemy really is.

    1. These are small minded people incapable of independent thought. The only thing they can do is blindly follow and their motivation is perceived power. They don't even have the intellect to recognize that the loser they're following will drag them all down with him. He'd turn on them in a heartbeat if it came to that. Any one of them coule better themselves and be productive members of society and truly help, but they choose instead to model themselves after this guy and become the dregs of society just like him.

  12. The Stop Enablement page is visible again this morning. Don't know what game they are playing but Chamberlin is posting on it.

    Chelsea is too busy crossing the road I guess. Or maybe I'm one of the hundreds she has blocked on Facebook. A couple weeks ago she made a rant on the Port Angeles page. Nobody argued with her. And guess why? She blocks everyone who disagrees with her, or challenges her. So they can't see or comment on her posts. And so it looks like everyone agrees ... And meanwhile, she's not even visible to the people she wants to convince - they can't see a word she says. How sane is that?

    This page they're running is the same way. No one but them can post or comment on it. An echo chamber, obviously.

    And a sad sick bubble, for people who may not have a clue about how to fix addiction, but are sure ready to beat up addicts and homeless, shame and violate them on the internet, chase and harass them, until they get straight. Which is not what's working, according to all the real news out there. But it does make them feel SOOOO good. Power and pain...

    Meanwhile they stand a chance of damaging the county's syringe services program, which is preventing HIV/AIDS and hep B & C left and right, and ensuring that most users, if they can stay alive long enough find their way out of hell on earth, won't be staring a long horrible death in the face.

  13. Actually if I wanted to talk about what I think of Dale Wilson and his lies he spreads, I would just use my own profile and name. Unlike you cowards, I can stand behind what I say without hiding behind some blog nobody cares about unless you are talking about Our Town. This is just your way of getting attention because nothing else was working for you.

    1. Except that...You're NOT using your own profile and name, are you? I mean, you say that you're "Chelsea," but there's no link to a profile page, no way to know that you're not lying. So all we're left with is knowing that you're a coward and full of shit.

    2. And, "Chelsea" didn't use her trademark potty mouth. I doubt it is her.

    3. Also funny how she (or he) doesn't offer any examples of the "lies" they're supposedly so concerned about. How about providing a few examples? And some examples of the "alternative facts" that you consider reality?

      Or, even simpler, how about you just get a life and stop hassling people who are - NEWS FLASH! - already miserable enough, thank you very much. You know, demonstrate a little Christian charity?

    4. How ever this supposed "Chelsea" is might do well to visit the "10 Worst places to Live in Washington " site, and see over a quarter of a million people read that analysis. A quarter of a million people who know not to get involved with this piece of crap of "Our Town" "Chelsea" has helped to create.

      Our, all the news coverage on the Seattle area TV, radio and newspapers that reach far more people than Dales' paper, all showing what a bunch of red neck idiots live in this stupid town, and are working so hard to keep it a backwater dive.

      I mean, really. These stupid "Our Town" morons are so clueless as to think a couple dozen homeless folks are the biggest problem this town has, when literally millions are pissed away, year after many years, and only the few connected cronies have anything to show for it all.

      Proof? Look at the real estate values for the area. Everywhere else is booming, with increases of 30% a year in house value, but in Port Angeles, prime downtown waterfront property sits unsold for years.

      Get a clue!!!

  14. "All wind-up and no pitch"
    Chelsea and her facebook buddies sure have said a lot about lies and such published by Port O Call. However they will not list even one. They know readers on this blog will see through it and spotlight their pathetic attempts to smear someone. As long as one can say, "I have a secret about him and it is horrible." Then, if you give her any credibility, you will think "oh he must be a horrible person." But if you list this something horrible and it can be refuted then all the power of that suggestion is taken away. That is why they only deal in whispered lies within their own echo-chamber. There they do not have to prove anything nor even believe it themselves. The thrill comes in smearing someone.
    They are posting something like "tell us if you or a loved one has been slandered by him. Of course they make it seem like they have a list of those already slandered and are just adding to it. First of all the only names appearing in the pages of Port O Call are those who are doing amazing things to promote the community or those handling public money or those harassing and assaulting the homeless and vulnerable people in town. If you are not in any of these categories it is pretty likely you have never been mentioned in the pages of Port O Call. Finally, in another post, they suggest I ignore opinions different than my own. Hardly, I welcome and publish opinions that are different than my own. That is the way an open forum is supposed to operate. To that end I invite anyone who would like to take issue with any of the opinions published in Port O Call to write their own rebuttal and they too will be published. However, if you only seek to smear then save your time.

    1. This blog gets the same treatment. They will say that "no one reads it," and that all the posts are made up by me, just me. In other words, there's no threat to their criminal activities in this blog.

      And yet...Whenever certain topics (like the criminal Adam Chamberlin, like the goon squad that is the "Our Town" gang) come up, the number of pageviews for this blog explode. I mean going from something like 3-400 a day to 5-600 a day.

      Why? Because the obsessive creeps are obsessively worried about their (toxic and getting worse) public image. Because they're obviously worried about what people are saying about them.

      But why worry, if this blog is really just a one-person echo chamber? Why obsessively check back here time and time again, day after day?

      Because they hate being exposed. And that's what this blog does, and that's what POC does. And will keep doing. Because, let's face it, Adam Chamberlin isn't going to stop being a violent, creepy loser any time soon, is he?

    2. When you see, and consider the polarization that is rampant in America (and elsewhere) these days, you see that there will always be support for judgmental people who think their views on things are the only right ones.

      It is amazing to see people like those that support "Stop Enabling.." can't see how pathetic and absurd their premise is. Yes, people complain that the educational system isn't what it used to be, and society is being "dumbed down", but when we see groups like "Stop Enabling..", we see that reality.

      Stop enabling? And at the same time, these people say they are Americans, and defending American values? Freedom? Freedom of choice? Presumption of innocence until proven guilty in a court of law? Extend a helping hand? Compassion for those not as well off as you?

      No, they exhibit none of those things. Just judgmental righteousness, and vengeful actions.

      We do remember that Hitler was elected, and vigorously supported by his citizens. People get sucked into all kinds of terrible actions under the flag of righteousness.