Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Freefalling for You, Nippon!

From a comment posted on the previous topic...


Off topic, but in doing a bit of research on the viability of Nippon continuing as a paper making mill, I found out the industry is in virtual freefall:

"More than 60 pulp and paper mills were closed and 33 idled production from 2013-2014"


Verso Announces Closure of Wickliffe, Kentucky Paper Mill

Apr 5, 2016 - The decision to close the Wickliffe Mill is aligned with Verso's long-held ... although it was unable to sell the facility as an operating paper mill...


Senator King: Paper mills closing is economic "hurricane" | WCSH6.com

Mar 14, 2016 - Senator King: Paper mills closing is economic "hurricane"...

But what are our local leaders doing about Nippon's announcement?

Doing ANYTHING to head off the probable closure of the Nippon Mill? Looking ahead?


Does anyone really believe that Pat Downie, Cherie Kidd, Brad Collins and/or Dan Gase are looking toward the future? Are any of them even capable of doing so? I highly doubt it. They're not suited to it intellectually, temperamentally or otherwise.

In fact, the former Fluoride Four could also be summed up with a different, though equally alliterative name. Trigger warning, Cherie! It's a four-letter word. Yes indeed, these queasy, quaking cowards could, and should, be known as the Four Who Fear.

F is for the many things they're 'fraid of
E is for their egos on parade
A is for atrophy in brains so dead
R is for the ruin that lies ahead
Put them all together and you've got FEAR...
Which infects every word yet to be said.


  1. Look, let's be blunt: It's hard to believe that Pat, Cherie or Brad Collins think about the future, because they have so little future left in front of them personally. They're all old, and in various stages of bad health, especially Pat. Not to be cruel, but, it seems unlikely he'll even make it to the end of the year.

    A lot of people, with their mortality looming, worry about legacy. But these three do seem to just be retreating further and further into fear, and into the past.

  2. Maybe someday our so-called leadership will understand that "change" is inevitable.

    Will be interesting to see if the candidates for the County Commissioners position get into this topic. As your post reveals, paper mills are not a future to believe in, so, what is the future for Port Angeles? Can a timber man offer anything useful?

    And how about the tax base for the town? Instead of worrying about stifling peoples speech, the clowns that think they are leaders in this community should be working o what the impacts are going to be, and what they are actually going to do about it.

    They probably think it is somebody elses' responsibility.

  3. Another giant abandoned industrial site, heavily polluted. That's JUST what this town needs. And it's on the waterfront. AND it's impossible to miss if you're coming in to town, in downtown, or up in the hills.

    A big, ugly eyesore. Maybe the city'll decide they need a second Turd Tank. That's about all it'll be good for.

    1. Stay Tuned! Loss or Opportunity?

  4. One story about a paper mill closing said that the 300 people getting laid off at the mill would result in a 1,000 people in the community losing their jobs. This was a recent closure, elsewhere.

    Hello Cherie?! Is that obscene enough for you?

  5. If the townfolk weren't a bunch of neanderthals, they could turn it into anything they want.