Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cherie Kidd Fiddles While Home Burns

Well, all I can say is thank fucking goodness the goddamned Port Angeles City Council have finally decided to address one of the City's most pressing issues: Cussing Council members.

Yes, at the urging of craptastic Cherie Kidd, the City Council adopted new "rules of procedure" for themselves that bar Council members from using profanity. Only that sensible son of a bitch Lee Whetham voted against adopting these new hellishly hazy rules. When Whetham asked if the pissy procedural rules actual spell out or define what profanity is, he got cockblocked by both Kidd and asswipe attorney Bill Bloor. In explaining that he didn't know what the damned definition of profanity would be in the new nutsack rules, Bloor helpfully offered that "I'll have to do some checking on that."

That's classic Bill Bloor bullshit: Help create and pass a piss poor proposal that he himself doesn't know what the fuck it means or does. Shame on the six Council members who voted for this. Oh, and by the way, the new rules also ban audience members from having signs, or anyone engaging in "irrelevant or repetitious speech." The sign ban should worry and offend everyone; the ban on "irrelevant or repetitious speech" should eliminate essentially everything that Mayor Downie and Deputy Mayor Kidd might want to say. Is it repetitious to say that they are both notorious, rambling mushmouths? Is it profane to say they both have a terminal case of verbal diarrhea? Is a t-shirt a sign? So many questions!

MEANWHILE...Back in the real world, 40.7% of tobacco retailers in Clallam County sell to minors. That's nearly half. The Washington state average is 17.1%. So once again, Clallam County is more than twice as bad off as average.

Think about that for a minute. Think about what that means, and symbolizes. While Kidd and Co. are navel gazing and worrying about words, the kids in their community are easily able to illegally buy products that will absolutely harm their health. While the City Council is all hot and bothered over fucking language, the kids in Clallam County are out there literally burning up their futures. Those kids are taking their cue from the Council. If they, as supposedly responsible, elected leaders, don't give a shit about the future, why should the kids?

Stuff like this is batshit crazy. The City Council is way beyond clueless, far past checked out. Good for Lee Whetham for sticking to his goddamned guns, and asking sensible questions. As for everyone else, smoke 'em if you got 'em. Because who the fuck cares, right?

This one is for bird brained, brain dead, clueless
and arrogant Cherie Kidd. I'd say she is a total
embarrassment to the human race, only I'm barred
from doing so, since embarrassment contains the
word "ass" in it.


  1. Do underage stings with city/County law enforcement. I did this when I was criminal justice student. Alcohol sales to minors went way down after this. Should work with tobacco too. Still remember Kidds bobble head mantra about "for the children". Maybe they can focus on the kids rather than have mettings about what is potty language.

  2. I am astounded at the self-centered and out of touch mindset these people have. Given the juxtaposition of these two issues, I have to wonder if Cherie Kidd thinks it's more important for kids not to cuss than it is for them not to smoke. Once again I am gobsmacked by the stupidity of our city council.

  3. Cherie Kidd can kiss my ass.

    Cherie Kidd can fuck off.

    Cherie Kidd can eat shit and die.

    But the one thing that Cherie Kidd absolutely cannot do is to lead or govern in an intelligent manner. She is a complete and utter failure.

  4. Ironic that she's so worried about the flouiride being taken out of the water (what about the kids!?) but it's ok that the kids go buy smokes.

    There was a comment on the PDN article about the new rules that pointed out that if the Council has adopted Roberts Rules that those parliamentary procedures take care of this sort of thing. No additional rules are necessary. Just shows how our so-called "leaders" know nothing and never bothered to learn about running the meetings and doing the job they were elected to do.

  5. Just amazing. With all the problems this town has, and the City Council does nothing about any of it. But silencing free speech? Silencing their constituents? Oh, yeah. They can spend time, meeting after meeting on that.

    What a disgusting bunch.

    I wouldn't care if everything were running smoothly. Who would care (even though free speech is important). But with all the problems that are causing real harm and detriment to the community, you would think these clowns would be embarrassed to show their faces in public.

    They should be.

  6. Thank you Lee. The voice of sanity, in an infectious nuthouse that is our council.
    How is it that the council is continuing to speak about fluoride, when the matter has been settled? How is it that no matter what -- at every turn -- Cherie is trying to curtail First Amendment rights, persecute the homeless, and dictate to the public her pointy headed views, instead of representing "the people".
    It's only getting worse and worse -- and the more people pay attention, the more people are realizing how f*cked *p everything really is around here.
    Wonder what happens if I wear a t-shirt (the next time I speak to the council) that says F*CK YO*?

  7. What is it with the PDN, anyway? Yesterday they had the scowly, jowly woman on the front page, and today it's a close-up off some grubby, filthy fingers and a cigarette. Nice!

    They're obviously working overtime to capture some of the beauty and charm of Clallam County, and putting it out there for all the world to see. Between that and Cherie Kidd's ridiculous antics AND TV show, we ought to be just about done here. As in, done in, for good.

  8. Oh my god...

    What does any of this foolishness have to do with running a city? We've all known for a long time that Cherie Kidd is a dim bulb, but her actions now really do call into question her sanity. At best, the woman has no sense of priorities.

    Is profanity what holds back the economy here? Is profanity the reason so many people here do drugs? Is profanity the reason so few people here have faith or trust in our local elected officials? Did NOAA cite profanity as part of the "lack of quality of life" here?

    As Lee Whetham might say, "Hell, no!"

    This woman is a monster. An egomaniac monster. She is nauseating in her idiocy.

    1. please, what have dim bulbs ever done to deserve to be compared to Kidd?

  9. Living here is like being trapped in some sort of sick sitcom. It's impossible to perceive Cherie Kidd as anything other than a joke.

    But the joke's not funny anymore. I'm feeling trapped, and pissed off, and don't know what to do, frankly. I really don't like feeling this way, but here I am: Hoping that this insane woman will just drop dead and go away. A stroke? A car wreck? Anything to shut her up and make her stop.

    It's not a nice place to be, feeling like you're picking on a little old lady who is out of her mind, but goddamn it, she's doing real, lasting damage to an entire community.

    1. I'm feeling the same way. What else can we do, organize mass civil disobedience? Print up t-shirts with FUCK on them? Use the public comment time to provide Mr. Bloor with a comprehensive list of profane terms?

      Oh look, here's the very first result of a search for "list of profanity", I guess that's the research he had to do...

    2. no,no. WE, the people can say fuck, damn, bitch (first amendment) but the rule is to stop LEE from saying "hell". Like that is even a bleep out by the FCC anymore.
      "Hell yes" (regarding the fluoride vote)is what offended Cherie. She is going to start finding ways to marginalize Lee because he's not following her around like her lapdog, Danny-boy.
      Rewrite the 17 pages of council rules -- and find a way to slip in some silly crap targeted at one councilperson.
      Typical PA poo.

  10. So Kidd OK with lying at council if she does it. However upset if someone says a curse word. Not only did she break the law but she broke one of the ten commandments. What a hypocrite.

  11. Something I have to get off my chest, Fuck You, Council!

  12. Connect the dots. These two issues that CK raises aren't unrelated. Let's go back a few years....

    Max Mania got elected to the city council. He had been considered a long-shot, but won. Then he started asking questions. It was clear he wasn't a fool, wasn't on the take, and wasn't playing nice with the good ol' boys club.

    So the good ol' boys decided he had to be stopped. Remember those bogus ethics charges Brooke Nelson tried to pin on Max? Cherie Kidd was deeply involved in that. (Remember, she was mayor then, and knew all about Brooke's email snooping. She aided and abetted the whole sad affair.)

    But Max held strong and fought back against the bullshit. Nothing stuck to him because the charges were, as stated, all bullshit. Total lies.

    And still he kept asking questions, making trouble for the corrupt network running this town. He tried his best to be a good public servant.

    That being so, when his wife ran for county commissioner, it was assumed that A) You couldn't just write her off like they'd tried to write Max off, she might win, and B) If she was honest and curious like Max, that would also be bad for business (as usual).

    So the good ol' boys did their best to "get" both Max and Dale. Threw everything they could at them. Nothing stuck, but they did eventually get tired of dealing with the redneck reactionaries and left.

    But Dale had been working at the county, overseeing the multi-year, multi-million dollar healthy families grant. The grant helped pay for things like fighting drug use, and cutting down on teen smoking rates. Little things like that.

    With Dale gone, the county lost the grant. Those funds, and those efforts, went away. And here we are today, with a lawless, uncaring community where almost of half of the businesses that sell cigarettes will sell to minors.

    So yes, connecting the dots is pretty easy, really. Cherie is a member in good standing of the corrupt old guard. That corrupt old guard has created a community that doesn't care about their own kids. Rules and laws are broken, the offenders aren't punished, and kids suffer because of it.

    Yet shameless Cherie has the nerve to hold herself up as a pillar of virtue? Not even close, Cherie. Your actions have very directly caused all sorts of negative outcomes. Lives have been badly damaged BECAUSE OF YOU.

    Cussing hasn't caused that damage, Cherie. YOU have.

    1. Cherie Kidd has contributed to the downfall of this town in more ways than can be counted. Thanks for the reminder about the above. One of but many pathetic Cherie screw-ups where she is on the wrong side of the law, of morality, and of history.

  13. Needless to say...The story about the "crushin' the cussin'" has gone out on the wire services and web, letting even more people know just how laughable and behind the times the Port Angeles City Council fucking is.

    1. Well done, Cherie Kidd! You can't buy (embarrassing) publicity like that! You are such a credit to the town, Cherie. Maybe we'll name an empty parking lot after you.

  14. It's not cussing, but...Someone landed here today after searching for this...


  15. This council is merely a true reflection of the local citizenry. Blame your stupid-as-fuck neighbors for voting for them. In case you haven't noticed, this is backwater country, and until the monied folk move in, this is all you'll be getting. Even more in the pipeline BTW.

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