Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There's No "Shameless" Without SHAM

Here's a puff piece press released published by the morons at the PDN...

Rayonier Inc. presents $35,000 in grants to Clallam, Grays Harbor nonprofits

Rayonier Inc. gave a total of $35,000 to 26 nonprofit organizations serving communities in Clallam and Grays Harbor counties.

Recipients of the company's 2015 Community Fund grants were recognized at a special awards breakfast hosted by Rayonier at the Olympic Natural Resources Center in Forks earlier last month.

The fund supports a variety of educational, health and forestry programs.

Oh gosh, oh gee! A whole $35,000, spread out between two counties and 26 agencies! Golly, it's clear that Rayonier really, really cares. Right?

Meanwhile, back on Planet Reality...How much will the cleanup of the old Rayonier site wind up costing the City of Port Angeles? How much money? How many years? How many wasted efforts and lost jobs and missed opportunities?

Port Angeles and Clallam County have been looted, raided and ruined in great part by the actions of huge companies like Rayonier, who know a good, desperate community when they see one. They played a huge part in creating and nurturing the ignorance, corruption and poverty that are now endemic there.

Despite the occasional idiotic comment from Cherie Kidd about these "local" companies, we all know they are following the rape and run economic model. They don't care about the town. They aren't invested in any community. They just know it's good cover and PR to occasionally toss a few pennies to the paupers they have left behind. And he! What do you know? It's also a nice tax write-off.

If they really gave a damn about anything other than their own profits, they'd do the decent thing, the responsible thing, and step up fully to clean up their own mess. But we all know that isn't going to happen. So, in the meantime, I wonder how many Port Angeles paupers really buy this Band-Aid, PR whitewash BS? The PDN sure did print that Rayonier press release just as written. Anyone else buying into the feel-good fantasy?


  1. Pee on the peons.

    Thanks Rayonier, for all you've done to this community. We're forever in your debt - literally.

  2. So very generous of them to spend a few pennies to help the devastated communities they once raped...I mean, operated in.

    1. buy some silk stockings for the maiden they raped, kind of thing, eh? Something to ease their guilt -- but not too much.

  3. And now Bank of America is getting out, too, I see...

  4. The city needs to buy the property and spend millions cleaning it up so that we can put a high end car dealership there. For jobs!

  5. BofA is cutting branches all over the country. They have shaved off 15% of them, so far, and plan on cutting another 10% in this round. Expect more closures over the next few years. They're sinking....because they stink.

    1. Good. Downsize these "too big to fail" banks. Customers will be transferred to a smaller, more local bank.

  6. The best money can buy... here.

  7. I see that your beaches are closed AGAIN.

    And speaking of shit...Someone got to this blog in the last 24 hours by searching for "kent myers, port angeles." The classics never die, eh? Maybe Kent is up for another job somewhere?

  8. Yes, It is Morning In Port Angeles.

    10:00 AM, in fact, and there's not a soul to be seen on First Street. Not a single person.

    1. Please note that this was posted at just a little before noon...

    2. Yeah, so what is that timestamp? The time the commenter hits "publish" or the time CK approves it?

    3. Yes, speaking of scams and shams, I feel sorry for the people who fell for all the PDN and Revitalize happy talk, and opened businesses thinking there are people here to patronize them. By the dead dark days of January and Feb, with the Coho out of business for two months, things will be a lot quieter than they are now.

      But, Revitalize will be there, telling us all how everything is great.

    4. But that block party the Revitties are gonna throw is gonna bring peeps downtown like never before. It'll be big! Colossal! Stupendous! Boffo! Really, really Boffo!

    5. Yeah. That'll pay the bills. That will keep my store open.

    6. These downtown events are a waste of time and money. Jamming in the park? beer fest? Who cares? Juan de Fuca and the crab fest can't even make money and has to get the city to bail them out. Arts in action was such a failure they had to quit. If we all boycott this crap maybe it will all go away and REvitalize with it. Things would be better without all this "rah rah come downtown everything's so great" crap.

  9. If the city leadership (spelled Bill Bloor) would grow some cahonies the insurance companies who insured Rayonier at the time could be made to pay for the clean up.

  10. $35k would have been a Christmas bonus to Rayonier CEO.

  11. Per the new waterfront park and other "improvements"...

    From the PDN: "More than $8.5 million has been spent on the improvements."

    Or, to put it another, more quantified way, about a fifth or a sixth of what the City is spending on the Turd Tank.

    1. Clearly money well spent!

      The sidewalks are empty most of the time, and there are only people waiting for the ferry walking about killing time. $8.5 million spent, to accomplish exactly what?

      Coming in on the ferry or on the roads into town, no one can see any of these "improvements". With Hurricane Ridge, the National Park and Rialto Beach to compete against, who thinks 50 foot "pocket beaches" in a seedy little town with views of oil tankers and smoke stacks are going to be a draw?

      Sure, all the usual boosters will be there today. Of course. They have to be.

      But as the photos of the other "improvements" that these "beaches" are an extension of show, few people are drawn to them, even during an unusually warm and dry summer.

      It'll be a hoppin' place when it is cooler and wetter.

      There is a whole other aspect that these "waterfront improvements" reveal, and state to the world. Variations on the theme, and you can decide in which order of priority.

      While state agencies are advising municipal governments to address climate change, rising sea levels, tsunamis and such by NOT putting infrastructure and NOT spending public monies on projects near the water front, Port Angeles tells the world "Screw you all, we know better than you all..."

      That despite all the warnings NOT to build along the waterfront, Port Angeles says to the world " What? Me worry? It isn't our money, anyways. We will just put our hands out and cry poor when our projects fail. This is what we do."

      That Port Angeles can straight faced tell the public it has no money to continue supporting the Webster Fine Arts Center, or any number of other things residents might want. That they can hold meetings to solicit from the public what programmes and services the public is willing to see cut because the City has no money, BUT it can spend $8.5 million on projects that nobody asked for, and that will used by very few. Interesting how NOT building these "artificial beaches" was not presented to the public as part of the "cost cutting" options. Favored projects never are.

      That Port Angeles can cry with it's hands out, saying it is "distressed", but it has $8.5 million, or can put staff time and resources to find, administer and oversee the grants to build "artificial beaches" in the Pacific North West (with literally lethally cold waters) that there was absolutely NO demonstrated need for.

      That Port Angeles' staff and leadership are so out of touch with reality that they see spending $8.5 million in public money on a completely frivolous project, instead of putting staff time to find, apply for and administer grants to, for example, help residents insulate their homes because 30% of Port Angeles residents can't afford to pay their utility bills. ( Instead, Port Angeles RAISES the rates!)

      It is easy to continue adding to this list all the affronts and insults one can see created by what the city staff and local leadership have created with this, once again, stupid project.

      "Pork". Un-needed projects created to benefit a select few.

    2. Your endless "Turd Tank" schtick is getting ... shall we say "worn"?

      And where, might I ask, are the snarky photos?

  12. PORT ANGELES -- A woman who was spotted floating in Port Angeles Harbor after wading in fully clothed committed suicide, an autopsy concluded Wednesday.

    The autopsy was conducted Wednesday morning, one day after she was pulled from the water about 50 yards offshore of the Valley Creek Estuary near the west end of downtown Port Angeles.

    Police identified the woman as 31-year-old Heidi Lynn Richmond, who moved from the Forks area to Port Angeles in April.

    The Clallam County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, which also acts as the office of the county coroner, reported that a pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Richmond determined she had died of drowning in a suicide.

    Witnesses saw Richmond wade alone into the water near the estuary at about 9 a.m. Tuesday fully clothed, according to police.

    Last modified: September 01. 2004 9:00PM"

    She died of hypothermia. Because the water is so cold.

    Are we going to see Cherie Kidd calling for suicide barriers at these new beaches, EXACTLY where this poor person killed herself?

  13. I did drive by the "Jammin' in the Park" event this afternoon. Yes. There were people there. There were far more people in Walmart, judging by how full their parking lot was. And at the Deer Park movies.

    Speaking of what interests the locals, and will get them to turn out, do you remember how packed downtown was to see them blow up that smokestack on the former Pen-Ply site?

    See? Here is a "constructive" comment for those that want more people down town. Once they're finished cleaning up the former Pen Ply site, the Port (who owns the site) should hold weekly " blow up stuff" events there. Bring in an old junker and pack it full of TNT, and after some build up showmanship, blow the thing up. Every week, something new to blow up.

    Or, we can do like our friends and allies in Saudia Arabia do, and have public stonings of women who we don't approve of. Or, if we really want to up the "Gawk factor", we can have public floggings, and then be-headings.

    I know, we say we oppose things like that. How barbaric. It is the reason we go into countries to do "regime change" and fund opposition groups. That is why we are fighting the so-called ISIS.

    But gee-whiz. Our friend and ally Saudia Arabia has been doing public beheadings for far longer than ISIS has existed, and we still invite them to the White House.

    So, if that type of activity is acceptable for the US government and all the "powers that be", I'm sure the loggers,cowboys and racists in the area will turn out in droves.

    Because nothing else seems to be doing it!

    1. From some people showing up to "Jammin' in the Park" to everyone in Port Angeles hypothetically showing up and cheering on public beheadings.

      That escalated quickly...

    2. Sarcasm is a funny thing. Some get it. Some don't.

  14. If the City is going to try to use S'Klallam language words to name those beaches, how about "Place where woman went to die".

    Or, if they're looking for European names, how about "Suicide Beach".

    Or, "The Heidi Lynn Richmond Memorial Beach".