Thursday, September 10, 2015

Recuse - Excuse - Explode

I just don't have time right now to do justice to a posting about the latest shenanigans from Dim King Jim and the County Commissioners, so I'm putting this here as a placeholder until I have time to write up their wrongs properly. But by all means, feel free to comment on this stunning round of recusals, appointments and missed meetings in the meantime. To mix my metaphors, what a rat's nest of a den of vipers the Clallam County Courthouse is.


  1. No kidding!

    So impatient is Dim Jim.

    Why open the position up to interested parties, when you can have your friend and neighbor appointed by your mini-me brown noser?

    Why pretend that you care about what the public thinks, especially after the public has already been objecting to other passed opportunities for open-ness and transparency?

    Crony-ism? Right in your face.

  2. What is really and truly frightening about this whole game is that it shows just how one greedy bully can, with a little effort, essentially seize control of the entire apparatus of county government. All Jim McEntire needs is a willing, compliant yes man for a second vote, and he has that in Bill Peach. That's all he needs. One crook, and one minion. With that, it's irrelevant what the third commissioner thinks, or what "the people" think. He'll have years to run this game before the next election rolls around.

    Of course, McEntire's next election is rolling around this fall. I hope Mark Ozias can win. Which means exactly that. I hope he can win, which is different from being hopeful he can win. Realistically, I think it's a long-shot. Sorry.

    But be sure to vote.

    1. If you look at the precinct results of the primary election you will see that Ozias did not win any precinct. Not one. In fact, he was anywhere close - he just managed to get a few more votes than the guy from Carlsborg.

      We'll have "Diamond Jim" in for another term.

  3. McEntire will play rough and dirty, like he did before. Ozias will likely not.

    McEntire will win, like he did before. Ozias will likely not.

    And this in a county that, if you look at the numbers, actually leans just a bit Democratic.

  4. Democrats sit on their hands and let these yahoos run roughshod. I'm not too sure there is daylight between the two parties locally. They all feed at the same trough--the public trough. Whatever they have planned is bigger than the port's recycling scam and bigger than carlberg sewer, bigger than anything we've seen lately. Follow the money. The timber money. They're still fucking us.

  5. If anyone, for even one moment, thinks these appointments of McEntire's friends and neighbors, “Donnie Hall of Washington D.C.” per his Facebook page and a former Commissioner Phillip Kitchel, is anything other than good old boy cronyism and that they never discussed the matter, they are, as Sarah Palin says, "riding a unicorn, sprinkling fairy dust and looking through a pink kaleidoscope."

    Exactly who is this Donald Hall and what qualifies him to be Clallam County Commissioner Pro-Tem other than being a friend of McEntire’s? Curious, exactly how did McEntire know Mr. Hall would approve the service contract with Kitchel if they had never discussed it? Who approached who about former Clallam County Commissioner Kitchel serving as “consultant” for a trust lands advisory committee and what are his qualifications other than being friend and neighbor to McEntire? Sorry, being a former commissioner is not justification of qualifications.

    I agree with Chapman, this advisory committee formation should be placed before the voters and before McEntire (Hall) and Peach continue to throw taxpayer funds around as the county spends yet another $2,500 per month or $10,000.00 from the General Fund for another “consultant”. I also agree with Norma Turner, there should have been a request for applicants posting with required qualifications for this “consulting” position if McEntire truly wanted to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

    If Commissioner Pro-Tem Hall is going to continue to comment on county politics, he should emerge from the shadows so that everyone can know exactly who he is and where he lives. Is it Sequim or Washington D. C. and why the obfuscation and concealment of an appointed quasi- legislative official’s identity and place of residence? See comments section of PDN;