Saturday, February 4, 2017

Adam Chamberlain: STILL a Cowardly Loser

From the Port O Call...

Clallam County Sheriff’s Department, after an exhaustive investigation, referred charges against Adam Chamberlin to the County Prosecutor’s office. County Prosecutor, Mark Nichols said Tuesday he has not made a charging decision yet.

Chamberlin is accused of pepper spraying a family in their car last summer as they were driving on Bean Road.

The investigation shows Chamberlin lay in wait for the family as they visited friends in the area. During the time the family was visiting friends video from a nearby business caught Chamberlin’s vehicle cruising the vicinity several times in a 20 minute period.

According to the complaint filed with sheriff ’s deputies, the family left the home they were visiting and saw Chamberlin sitting in his truck, parked on the roadside, headed south on Bean Road. As the family headed north they pulled even with Chamberlin and asked why he was stalking them. In response Chamberlin allegedly reached out the window of his truck and drenched the family with pepper spray.

Adam Chamberlain: Loony Local Loser

Swabs taken from the family’s car were sent to the crime lab and came back positive for pepper-spray.

Chamberlin is already slated for trial on charges of possession of a sawed off shotgun, possession of 10 stolen cell phones, possession of a “sack full” of data chips taken from other stolen cell phones and for uploading video of a sex act taken from one of the stolen cell phones.

Pursuant to a search warrant served on Chamberlin’s residence Port Angeles police officers confiscated a total of 16 guns from Chamberlin’s residence. Fifteen of them came back “stolen” on the FBI’s NCIC database. NCIC stands for National Crime Information Center. Possession of the sawed off shotgun and uploading racy videos belonging to another are both felonies.

Prosecutor Nichols has been reticent to charge individuals associated with the Facebook group, “Our Town.” He has appeared before the group several times in the last year to make presentations. Chamberlin was one of the administrators of the Our Town Facebook page open by invitation only. It was on this Facebook site where plans were hatched to torch a travel trailer sitting on the side of the road out on Highway 112 a few months ago.


Be sure to call Mark Nichols and let him know that you expect the wheels of justice to grind forward, however slowly. Should that not work, be ready to contact interested parties at the state level, as well as regional media outlets, who are doubtlessly primed to cover yet another bizarre crime story out of Clallam "Brand 'Em or Bulldoze 'Em" County.

As for your local news, be sure to support Port O Call.


  1. Please note that there hasn't been anything about this that I've seen in the PDN.

    1. A great example why you shouldn't waste your time and money with the PDN.

    2. Still nothing in the PDN. You know, our local "news source".

    3. Yes, Adam Chamberlain is STILL a cowardly loser, and there has STILL not been anything about this in the PDN.

      What a bunch of sociopathic losers. Letting criminals run wild and not telling people. That's a real sickness.

    4. And there's been nothing new on the "Daily" Tombstone for nearly a month now...So, yeah, there still needs to be a forum for discussions like took place here.

  2. I'll take a slightly different tack with the "Our Town" support in Port Angeles. Not that I support them, or their actions.

    Obviously, the same mindset that voted for Trump, is the same mindset that created and supports "Our Town". As we saw at the corner of Front and Lincoln, locals decided building a wall was the best way to deal with the "undesirables" that were hanging around there. The "Our Town" group organized "hunting parties" to find and harass people they didn't like, telling them they should leave Port Angeles. To deport those that aren't like them.

    As we've seen, the "our Town" group resorts to rhetoric and bullying to "take back our town". That familiar ring.

    But, however bizarre and un-American these groups and views are, they represent the frustration we see as "the system" fails it's residents. As we see with Prosecutor Mark Nichols failing to keep Port Angeles safe from a repeat criminal.

    As we saw last year with Gavel 'Em Down Cherie Kidd and the Fluoride Four failing to respond to the wishes of the residents.

    As we see with the Grant Whores and the cozy Cronies who have been sucking up tax money by the millions in the name of "economic development", and have nothing to show for it after decades.

    And on. And on, and on. Port Angeles as we know it.

    So, it isn't too surprising frustrated residents are fed up, and will support those talking about doing things differently.

    Of course, being fed up, and taking "vigilante justice" may feel righteous, but civilized society has evolved to be what it is, for a reason. Laws have evolved to be what they are, for a reason. Regulations have been created and adopted, for a reason.

    Society demanded "action" after a murder, a chemical /oil spill, a rip-off contractor, or faulty consumer products. And, society will continue to do so.

    As the supporters of "Our Town" and Trump both say, they want something done about "the bad guys", and are frustrated by the institutionalized cronyism they witness.

    What we see with both "Our Town" and Trump is what NOT to do, to address these problems.

  3. The frustrations that have been criminally manifested by O-T kinda folks are hopelessly misdirected. It's not for lack of brains, rather, most are so uninformed about how things work in our "society" that they are missing essential facts to perform any level of analysis as to why our various problems exist, and who might actually be responsible for aggravating the situation (rather than showing true community leadership and mitigating the problem).

    So yes, merely acting out is definitely what not to do, and that's all this is, acting out.

    If you are concerned about local jobs for your kids (say, something other than being a municipal employee), the homeless and the downtrodden are the very last to be blamed. Look a little higher up.

    In the meantime, please realize that Mr. Nichols isn't interested in justice. He has other values on his desk, and they aren't meant to benefit you or I.

  4. Hey, CK, welcome back! (I hope!) Sorry to hear you're being bugged by "Mr. Everything." That guy is just plain nuts.

    Anyway, looking forward to more here. (I hope!)

    1. Well, thanks for the kind words, but...I'm not actually back, as such. I just didn't want to have the last post be one that's sending people to a dead end. Go to Port O Call instead. They're still up and running.

      As for Scott T. Collins...What is there to say? He obviously doesn't get a whole lot of things. Chief among those is that he hates Jim Jones, and this blog does, too. Seems like he should like that, eh?

      Another thing is that, duh, he only started sending harassing messages here...After I had called it quits. Kind of like picketing a business THAT HAS CLOSED, Scott. Very, very Midnight Cockroach behavior, frankly.

      And, of course, Scott T. Collins doesn't get that he doesn't know WHO I AM. He doesn't get that threatening to expose "me," when he doesn't know WHO I AM is pretty pointless. If that was going to work, Scott, it would have worked by now.

      Finally, he doesn't seem to get that his threats and whiny messages haven't worked, aren't working, and aren't going to work. He wants me to delete ALL of Port Angeles Unearthed. That's not going to happen. It will stay up, no matter what. Even if I were to drop dead, well, gosh, I'm the only one who knows the passwords and access information, so Unearthed would stay up.

      Or, put another way, Port Angeles Unearthed will remain unearthed. There is a lot of good background and information here, for those of a mind to use it. The crooks and scumbags are still roaming free in Port Angeles, so it's still useful to do whatever you can to call them out and expose them.

    2. Those that are trying expose what goes on in Port Angeles owe you a LOT of gratitude, CK.

      Dale works tirelessly, and Port o Call is great. But, it just is not the same as this blog was. Your writing style seems to inspire really interesting responses. The whole package worked.

      Scott? Everybody knows what a dingbat he is. He may think people pay attention to him, but that is like thinking Cherie Kidd has a great voice, and a brain.

    3. Thanks for the kind words. If you could see all the rambling, loony tunes messages I've gotten from the aforementioned Scott T. Collins, you'd know your comment on "interesting responses" was right on the money.

      But, with this blog, I tried to keep it serious, but with a sense of humor. I tried to convey as much information as possible, but not in impossibly big chunks or dry bureaucratic report format. And I monitored it every day, multiple times a day, to keep it current and alive.

      It would be great if someone were to pick up the torch and carry it.

    4. How to pass the torch? It would be great to figure that part out. Someone interested and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of Port Angeles, and maybe off-line tutorials or some kind of over-sight for a period of time by CK to teach the new person/s the writing style?

      Just trying to figure out a way..

  5. Quite obviously the author/moderator of a new local news blog would have to possess the diverse contacts / inside facts that CK has, and that might be the stumbling block for any new effort.

    Dale & the crew at POC are good, but tread the fine line of blog journalism vs. not wanting to really piss off TPTB, because they need TPTB as contacts.

    So that leaves us wanting a smart, knowledgeable, dedicated citizen (or small group), who can write and edit their own work, who has been here a while and knows alot of people around town, has alot of moles in intersting spots, and already knows how the screws turn at city hall so that they can educate the rest of us peasants. A big ask? Or not?

    1. A big ask? Probably. But time will tell.

      Meanwhile, on an unrelated-but-not-unrelated topic...I just got home from the first meeting of a local chapter of the Indivisible movement. (Google it for more information...) Ironically, so many people showed up for this first, barely announced meeting, that it had to be split into two groups, each meeting in a separate room.

      In other words, find a way to find your motivated political agitators - ones that don't have to sell ads to make a living - and you might be halfway to finding an answer to The Big Ask.

    2. "In other words, find a way to find your motivated political agitators - ones that don't have to sell ads to make a living - and you might be halfway to finding an answer to The Big Ask."

      So right, part way there.

      Port Angeles is not so large a place. Options are limited, and people know who their masters are. Finding pure freedom from "influence" has been a quest of the pure of heart for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

      (Listen to the many albums of Matthew Good as he tries, and ties, and tries.)

      With humans, it gets complicated.

      Here, are we exposing the craziness that is Port Angeles to warn others from making the mistake of moving here, or are we trying to make it be different. Better? "Alert status: Red?"

      Dale works so hard to expose all the entrenched cronyism. To warn people away? Or to try to make Port Angeles a viable place to live in?

      What is the goal?

  6. I am also wondering what is up with the print addition story about the assistant police chiefs claim that 15 guns found in Adam Chamberlin bedroom during the execution of a search warrant and came back as stolen when submitted to The FBI were cross checked by the Evidence Tech and found not to be stolen. After Dale Wilson inquired about the cross check the Evidence Tech claimed to have never seen the report or cross checking those NCIC reported stolen guns.When the assistant police chief was asked again about the supposed cross checked guns Dale Wilson was told it was not a good use of police department resources. Really investigating 15 FBI reported stolen guns is not any kind of a priority for our Port Angeles police department? It makes me wonder what types of crimes our police department does find worth investigating.

    1. Try panhandling downtown, Bif, and see how that goes as part of your "law enforcement priority study."

  7. I'm so glad you're back, at least passing through...