Sunday, June 26, 2016

$550,000 - It's Only (Your) Money

What does a half a million bucks buy you in Clallam County? Or, putting it another way, what in Clallam County is worth buying for over half a million bucks? Would you advocate spending that much to get a new park? How about to protect your reputation?

What if you could get both for that one price? Would that be a wise and prudent use of taxpayer dollars?

Please, please check out the recent article at the Port O Call at the link below. It's interesting stuff, and raises a lot of pointed questions. Just how pointed said questions are can be seen by the County's willingness to spend over half a million bucks of your money to try and dull that point - and bury it all under the heading of a "budget emergency."
Well, it's not actually fabulous, but it absolutely
is a cover up.

Then, once you've read the article, and considered the depths of dysfunction and desperation it outlines, ponder a little more about just how many people are likely to come out to a meeting to discuss it on Tuesday, July 5th. It's hard not to think that that date - so close to a big, distracting holiday! - was chosen very intentionally.

Be that as it may, hopefully some people will save some of their fireworks for the 5th...


  1. Is it what they put in the water, around here?

    1. I think the water is full of entitlement piss.

  2. It's the Trumping of our local politics. The entitled, elected few decide that the most important sign of success for our area is their own personal wellbeing. Therefore, the use, or misuse, of public funds for anything that they personally view as worthwhile becomes acceptable. This is certainly the mindset in play at the county courthouse and Port Angeles city hall. "We the people" becomes "Me the people," and everything goes downhill from there, with all sins (lying, hypocrisy, etc.) being forgivable ones.

    1. Predates Trump by a long-shot. Clallam County has been as crooked as a dog leg for decades.

    2. Make Port Angeles Great Again!

    3. Oh, please! It isn't like Port Angeles sucks bad enough, already? You had to go and bring that on?

      Have you seen what happens when people fall for that slogan?

  3. I still find it absurd, despite the legalities, that the "majority" of 2 (out of only 3) commissioners can call the shots for all of Clallam. That's WAY too much power for any 'billie.

  4. It would appear that much of the "budget emergency" could have been avoided if officials had complied with the Public Disclosure Act.
    Open Government Laws should be taken more seriously --- especially by the elected Prosecuting Attorney.

    1. Not sure but it looks like the county permitted a faulty design for a bulkhead and it caused a neighbor's waterfront property to wash away in a freak storm. Then the affected property owner tried to nail down the responsibility for permitting the faulty designed bulkhead. Everyone knew it was the county's fault. I'm guessing the missing emails were proof the county was at fault. So, very likely Deb Kelly told Mark to stall and delay--which he did. Back then the property damage would likely have been around a hundred thousand. Now by slight of hand and deceit the bill balloons to half a million and all these politicians get outed for what they are--slick snake oil salesmen. The very idea, forcing a county park into a neighborhood just to keep people from knowing the county is corrupt. From now on I expect everything they do to have an ulterior motive. All have lost their credibility in the eyes of the community.

    2. Did they ever HAVE credibility?

  5. the same complaints without doing anything but complaining is a waste of everyone's time. You have no candidate you endorse. You have no plan you endorse. You have no purpose in life.

    1. What are you doing besides trolling?

    2. I know. Port Angeles is such a great, inspiring place that is prosperous and welcoming to all.


    3. You clearly haven't been paying attention. Therefore, you're the perfect Useful Idiot for the kleptocrats that run the town I call home.

    4. @5:36AM may be a troll, but scores a point.

      It's one thing for a blog such as this one to be the bell-bringer (my word) of truth for us, but if people don't follow up and put pressure on the local politburo, all the complaining is useless. Look how long these bastards have been doing their dirtywork despite the complaints. Call, write, email, send an anonymous postcard, speak up at public meetings. There are things you can do besides vent.

    5. @Anon 9:18

      And, you know that we are not doing that, already? That we haven't been, all along?

      As you likely know, "speaking up" on the PDN website is problematic. If you say things they don't approve of, they either delete your comments, or disable the ability to "speak up".

      If you write a letter to the PDN, and say anything they don't like, your letter will never be published, and nobody will ever see what you wrote.

      Call? Who, exactly? Cherie Kidd? Paul Gottlieb?

      Email the city council members, and see how long it takes to get a reply. If you get one, at all.

      "Speak up at public meetings"? Have you noticed the City has changed the rules as of late, specifically to outlaw most every form of expression?

      The sum total of all this indicates that getting involved is all but a waste of time. At least, doing anything within the established structures. And most every one in town now knows this.

      The troll scores nothing.

      The only way any meaningful change will ever happen, and the likelihood of that happening any time soon is next to none, currently, is for people to take actions outside of the established systems.

      Otherwise, just move to a place where life is better.

  6. Gentlemen of the Clallam County Commission and members of the press:

    Have just read the proposed settlement agreement in the Lange v Clallam County affair. One of the items leaped out and grabbed my attention. The plaintiff, Scott Lange is made to forswear he will never file a 1983 style action against the county.

    In case you do not know, the 1983 Chapter in the U. S. Code has to do with “conspiracy to deprive.”

    If he is made to swear he will never file such an action you can be sure he has threatened such action.

    This would cause one to think Lange has personal knowledge of such actions taken against him by someone in county government. Since conspiracy takes two or more we need to know who might be the other co-conspirator(s).

    Conspiracy is both a civil offense and it is a crime for which office holders can be removed and possibly incarcerated, depending on the facts of the case.

    Do we know if money changed hands in furtherance of a conspiracy?

    We have a list of suspects who may have been involved if there was a conspiracy to deprive this man of his lawful rights. Some are still in office some are out of office.

    This is all the more reason this case needs to go to trial. The voters/taxpayers have a right to know if some of their public officials are involved in illegal conspiracies.

    If you settle, with this cloud over the proceedings, then you too will have become part of the conspiracy to deprive. This time depriving taxpayers of their right to know.

    Please, ditch this settlement agreement and proceed to trial.

    This is the manner in which you chose to handle the county treasurer just three months ago–why not now.

    If memory serves me correctly two or more of you authorized the county prosecutor to file suit against the county treasurer to have a judge ascertain if she had correctly responded to public records requests. What’s the difference in this case?

    If and when the treasurer files suit against the county for hostile workplace you can bet this episode will high on the list of “proofs.” Here you will have folded in “gender discrimination” when you treat one county official different from another with the only difference being gender.

    Why would you treat one Constitutional office holder different from another?

    If it can be proven that you have personal knowledge of any such conspiracy, or even accusations thereof, then you too are culpable and possibly guilty of a coverup.

    Finally, it is very possible, if there is a criminal conspiracy to deprive then the county taxpayers may be off the hook for the cost of this settlement. That should be reason enough to take this to trial.

    It is my understanding the county has already spent half a million dollars to keep this out of the public eye and is about to spend another half million to settle out of court.

    This will be a permanent black-eye on this county for all time, unless you take this opportunity to root out whatever evil we may have in the bowels of this county’s government.

    At least get to the bottom of these conspiracy accusations before spending any more of the taxpayer’s money.

    Thank you.
    Dale Wilson, taxpayer

    P. S. Today I am posting to Kitsap County Superior Court a Motion for Intervention, pursuant to Rule 25 of the Washington Rules of Civil Procedure. I hope to bring these facts before the court before it approves such a settlement agreement as planned.

    Finally, I hope to prevail upon our Superior Court Judges to empanel a Grand Jury to look further into this matter.