Saturday, March 14, 2015

Polling the PDN's Assets

I actually found the results to the PDN's current online "poll" to be kind of interesting. The question is, "What do you think is America's No. 1 problem?" As of this moment, with just shy of 1100 votes in, here are the results:

42.1% say "Government."
20.5% say "Moral decline."
10.1% say "Economy."
9.3% say "Foreign affairs/wars."
6.5% say "Education."
6.0% say "Health care."

Hmmm. I wonder if all that dissatisfaction at the national level speaks to a similar volume of concern with government at the local level? I wonder if the people responding have made the link between problems with "government" and "moral decline"? It sure seems to me that Clallam County is a good example of what happens when those two cross paths. You get immoral, self-serving "leaders" who will likely manage to crash all the other areas of concern listed (economy, education, etc.) and then some.

Since the PDN is now openly stealing ideas from this blog, here's one I'd like to propose to them. Do another poll just like this one, only replace "America" with "Clallam County." And, since the County isn't really in a position to conduct foreign affairs (the Port jaunting off to Parisian trade shows doesn't count) or declare war on anyone, how about replacing that item with something like, "Lack of a professional and impartial local newspaper"? Now those poll results would be something I'd be interested in seeing.

So how about it, PDN? I know for a fact that John Brewer and Paul Gottlieb read this blog. So how about it guys? If you're so proud of your little rag, let's see you call the question of the public. And how about you other readers? Any other thoughts on a poll like this for Clallam County?


  1. Beg Pardon. We have a professional, impartial newspaper here. it's a monthly

    1. Sorry, but...In my personal view, a newspaper is at the very, very least, weekly. I know that Port O Call is out there. But it's once a month, and it's free, and it's a very different animal than a traditional newspaper.

      Also, it's a little hard to swallow the "impartial" part of your description...Which is not intended as an insult, just an observation. Dale seems pretty partial to stirring the pot - which is a good thing.

  2. The PDN is about as likely to willingly open itself up to criticism as Cherie Kidd is likely to admit that Nippon is not, in fact, a local company.

  3. A sad commentary. That a poll reveals virtually no concern about the death, injury, misery and property loss American foreign policy and "endless wars" is creating for millions of ordinary people around the world, it just appalling.

    Consider this recent article, as a "mainstream" example:

    Done in our name. Because we don't have to see it, it doesn't exist.

    You wonder why we have the problems we do, when polls like this show people don't care about what is going on.

    Sure. It is easy to just blame "government". Again, it absolves us of any responsibility for the fact that the government consists of people we have voted for. Or for the fact that we don't vote, and allow the government to become what it is. That we don't actively participate in our government, but just sit in our homes and throw out knee-jerk responses like "government".

    CK, you ask " Hmmm. I wonder if all that dissatisfaction at the national level speaks to a similar volume of concern with government at the local level?"

    I would venture that the situation is the same at both a national, and local level. Most people just accept what the media tells them about what the issues are about, without question. On both a national, and local level. The PDN says the question is about what services to cut, in response to the City spending us all up to the limits.

    Who is asking "How did we get into this mess?". "Why didn't the City listen to the residents who were concerned about the financial implications of all these multi-million dollar non-essential projects the City has been promoting and proceeding with over the last 10 years?"

    Easy to blame the faceless "government", so that you don't face yourself.

  4. No, "government" on a national level doesn't translate to "government" on a local level. At least not around these here parts. The local republican branch are too busy shaking their fingers at Obama and Olympia to worry about "conservatives" McEntire and Peach transferring half-million of taxpayer money to a quasi-public entity to "help the private sector". And where were they when "conservative" Karen Rogers was doing likewise with her Incubator project? Or when Hendricks was threatening to use public drinking water as a bargaining chip to tax businesses that were fleeing the city? These things are ignored because OBAMA! LIBERALS! OMG!

    Also, define "Moral Decline". I'd lay money that means gays. Another conservative hypocrisy. If individual freedom means so much to them, then why would it matter what two grown men or women do in the privacy of their homes?

    1. Just to help with understanding the situation. This from the EDC website: "“The Clallam County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is a private non-profit 501c6 organization assisting businesses in Clallam County since 1985. The Clallam EDC acts as a portal to an expansive network of business contacts, tools, and solutions for both our public and private businesses.”

      A private non-profit that seems pretty dependent on public money, and public control. If you can really call King Jim "public". He seems happy to use public money, time and resources for this private enterprise.

    2. That's what trips me up. It's considered a private entity, and yet as I understand it, it can't survive without public funds. It's a private entity and yet the makeup of it is largely public entities. (Like you said, if you can call them "public".) Honestly, it seems more like an entity to hide public funds so they can be distributed elsewhere without oversight. I hate that I've become so jaded about this place that this is the first thing I'm thinking of, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

  5. Number 1 concern, was not even on the list. NATIONAL DEBT!


  7. No, the real number one concern (also not listed) is how much beer is selling for at Walmart.