Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rational and Nimble Log Rolling

All hail good King Jim!
Yes, in a truly unstunning piece of puffery, King Jim has received another jewel for his crown, having been named by the EDC as their "Individual of the Year."

Does this mean King Jim will be teaching us to fish?
Though we all know of the King's many fine qualities, what were the specific reasons that the EDC made this choice? Let us see...
One reason was for his "drive and dedication" to making the EDC a "more effective organization." Though that hasn't really been put to the test, but...
King Jim also helped "design and craft" the new strategic plan for the EDC. Ah, the King is a craftsman as well! Not a writer, I note, but...

It's youthful dynamos like these three gentlemen who will
help lead Clallam County's economy to new heights of...Zzzzzzz...

Perhaps most importantly, though, wise King Jim was a "forceful voice in reducing the size of the EDC board," which will make it that much easier to stack and manipulate...Oops! I mean, which will make it "more rational and nimble." Nimble, indeed! Just like good King Jim, who is especially nimble when it comes to sniffing out money pies to stick his fingers into. So those of you have made snide comments about the King being somewhat girthful are all wrong. The King is, of course, in fine physical shape - he just has extremely well-padded pockets!
If you need any further reasons for why this deeply meaningful announcement was made, might I suggest that you look at previous postings here, which will tell you all about the 500,000 reasons the EDC now has to kiss the King's...
In case there was any doubt...


  1. It's not enough to rob us of our tax dollars (and therefore of potentially vital government services). Oh no. You just had to go and add insult to injury. With all the ass-kissing these guys are doing, we're right back to gay sex Port Angeles.

  2. Au contrair mon ami. This is a most auspicious award ceremony with the most dangerous players in the room. From left, Larry "Loot" Hueth who took our little home grown saving and loan to Wall Street so we can get the fine service we've come to expect from the banksters. Larry is also the ring leader of the secretive CEO Group with an astonishing assortment of grifters who meet regularly to be schooled by Karen on how to separate the local governments from tax money. In the middle is Luke "The Fluke" Robins who attached himself early to the local hoi poloi so as to be named the chamber of commerce's "Man of the Year" for penning his name to a scam run by Russ "The Rascal" Veenema who actually wrote the letter for which "The Fluke" was named the chamber's man of the year. "The Fluke" is also famous for turning over the local college's $12 million in financial aid to a financial institution on the EAST coast and thereby exposing the entire student body to those credit card carnivores who were cited for "deceptive trade practices" and made to pay upwards of $30 million in fines for ripping off students. To the right with the "deer in the headlights" look is Bill "send them the bill" Greenbacks. He, with all the experience of one who should know better, got roped into McEntire's ambitions early and cannot seem to get his own plans in action for tripping over McEntire's ambition to be in the state house. Yep, this is the crew upon whom all our economic development hopes reside. Good picture to keep over the mantle to remind us of what we're up against.

    1. Anon 8:07 am - Thanks for the background. The guy on the right looks extremely unhappy to be there. The way he's glaring towards the camera, you'd think he was a fugitive or something.

  3. Why? Why do they do this? Why do they even go through these ridiculous motions? Do they think they're fooling anyone? Do they think this has meaning to anyone? Do they think that anyone, other than Jim McEntire and his ego, cares? Why? What is the point? What is the point?

  4. So, on one hand the EDC pleads poverty...On the other, they were pretty quick to sent up some scholarships. Now, nothing against scholarships per se, but, all this tells us is that someone in McEntire's circle of cronies has some college age kids around, and they don't want to pay for their school themselves.

  5. I want to know when these folks are EVER going to recognize reality of what Port Angeles really is.

    Sure, I know. These folks are busy making and funding their own positions. That is what all this is really about. It is about them making jobs for them selves. Economic Development that they are very happy with.

    The rest of the county? Pound sand.

  6. EDC = Egotheistic + Deleterious + Clandestine

    These men should be run out of town with tar and feathers covering their backsides.

    1. Can we rebrand tar and feathers as a form of award? Or, given that this is Port Angeles, where parents brand their own kids, is using the word rebranded too risky?

  7. I bet they put those awards right next to the one saying Port Angeles is one of the top 5 places in the US to live. It is no more valid.

    Let's see if these guys cite these phony awards the next time they run for office, or otherwise have a need to list the awards they have gotten, or given themselves.

  8. Attention EDC folks: The Lincoln Theater is STILL FOR SALE. Scott Nagel would LOVE to talk to you all about a "scholarship"...

  9. So, I see the City Council gave Dale Wilson the finger yet again...Next stop, court. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Bill Bloor, legal numbskull, was pretty dismissive of Wilson. Wonder if he's confident enough to actually appear and represent the City in court?

    1. I see it as the City Council dismissing the wishes of the people they supposedly represent, once again. These are the people who sought votes from the people of Port Angeles saying they would be "open and transparent", that they would " listen to what the people want", and that their "doors will always be open".

      But when Wilson goes to all this effort JUST to get the City Council to have an open and impartial review of the bidders for a contract, they say "Screw you" so defiantly. "Screw you, People of Port Angeles".

      Bloor says the matter is about "council discretion". I'm no lawyer, so I won't venture an opinion in a strictly legal context. But figuratively? Okay, I'll go with that. And based on Bloor's description, it was the Councils' "discretion" to show they care about the publics' perception that they give contracts to their friends. And they decided to give the public the finger, and and to continue as they have.

      But, this issue is not over. Their crony-ism is well documented, and as they walk around town, they must feel the disgust of passers-by who know well who they are, and what they do.

    2. "they must feel the disgust of passers-by who know well who they are, and what they do."

      Yeah, but I doubt they're losing sleep over that.

  10. Wish you coulda seen the clueless Cherie Kidd doing her "Port Angeles is open for business" routine. If she had pom poms she would have been right at home on the sidelines of the high school homecoming game. Sadly, the city is NOT open for business. It is closed to any outside talent that may come in and show a better way forward. To her things are going along smoothly. She is the one who wanted to locate the visitor center in Edna's "Everything Half Off" shop. Clueless Kidd sets the town back a few years every time she bats those overly made up eyelashes. Every time I attend a council meeting I get the feeling I'm entering a bizarro cartoon. I wish we could live stream the meetings. We have our own reality show right here in town. I think we'd be a hit just capturing and streaming the meetings of the various boards around town. A little banjo music in the background. Voice-over by Veenema...

    1. Creeps like McEntire, Tharinger and Gase aren't exactly the brightest bulbs around, but they're not complete, blithering morons.

      Cherie Kidd is a complete, blithering moron. The fact that she was ever elected to office - and was mayor! - tells you all you need to know about the "quality" of "public servants" in Port Angeles. I mean, she is fingers on the blackboard, make your head throb with disbelief stupid.

      And she was mayor! And she'll probably be re-elected!

    2. Live streaming of public meetings? Absolutely. Do you think they would go for it?

  11. Wilson's hearing on his motion for injunction will be in Superior Court Friday, February 6th at 1:30pm. Supposed to be before Judge Melly but could be with Judge Wood. Come on out and watch the fun. Mr. Bloor may even have to do a little lawyering. Don't expect any Frank Capra moments. Wilson ain't no attorney so they may eat him alive but we all remember Daniel in the lion's den.

    1. Wishing Dale well today...Hope we get an update on what happens ASAP...

  12. If part of Dale's pitch is that he was harmed, I don't know how you'd show that. If part of his case is that the public was harmed, I would guess he'd be told he doesn't have standing for that. We'll see.

  13. Judge Melly ruled the contracts are not subject to the provisions for Public Works projects which have a built in protest mechanism. That means the court took the contracts as "Professional Service" contracts which they clearly are not. One does not put out a Request for Proposals for personal service contracts. Wilson will have to appeal Judge Melly's conclusion that the Public Works remedies are not available to him. This will be a long and costly process and, as Wilson said, " I have a paper to publish, my main goal was to prove to the community this process is corrupt" The city showed no proof that this was a professional services contract. Melly did not approve the city's motion to dismiss but said the court could provide no remedy because the contracts have already been signed. And the beat goes on...

    1. THANK YOU for the update...This outcome is not surprising. Wagons were made to be circled.

    2. Occurs to me the only remedy is four new city council persons by the end of the year, three are up for election one is up for retirement. Four is a voting majority. The corruption could stop on a dime or escalate to the stratosphere. What's it gonna be bloggers? Register, run, vote

    3. The case was called, "Wilson V. City of Port Angeles. Judge Melly's court room.
      It is customary for the one bringing the motion to court to get the first opportunity to speak.
      They call it "prosecuting your motion."
      Well as soon as Bloor and I got to the litigant's tables Melly said, "Mr. Bloor let's hear your arguments for dismissal."
      I blurted out, "your honor, in the interest of judicial economy, I have here a Motion to Strike which will save us some time and clear the way for the court to make the proper decision."

      Melly: "Have you served a copy of this motion on Mr. Bloor?"
      me: Yes sir, I am about to do so now (handing Bloor a copy of the motion to strike from the record everything he and his office (and the Cascadia Law Office) had put on the record.)

      Melly: "Mr Bloor you might want some time to look that over, I'll recall the case in a few minutes."

      We sit back down
      In about 15 minutes we are called up to the front again.

      This time I'm ready
      Me: "Your honor since this is my motion I would like the opportunity to establish the theory and prosecute the motion."

      Melly: go right ahead

      Me: It is my sad duty to report to this court and the wider community, our bidding process, at least insofar as spending the lodging tax funds is corrupt. Only this court can clean it up and ensure the local hospitality community gets the best efforts as this money was intended, instead it goes to...

      Melly interupts: "We don't need to hear that right now..."
      And so went the hearing. Bloor was nervous--as was I.

      The judge denied the city's motion to dismiss but said the court had no remedy since the contracts were already signed. I said "Well actually that contract is void, the city failed to give the required two day notice that it was signing a contract, in fact they voted for the contract on Tuesday night and before noon the next day they signed contracts so the contracts are void ab initio" (threw a little Latin on em)

      The final ruling is this: The court views the contracts as Personal Services contracts and not Public Works contracts and therefore the bid protest procedure does not attach. Naturally I disagreed explaining that personal service contracts are for accountants and attorneys and others from whom confidentiality is expected and these are contracts trolling for tourists."
      Melly disagreed.
      There is a small victory in it. By not approving the city's motion to dismiss it keeps my options open to file the actual suit against the city. This would be a long and costly prospect, in time and money, so I don't think I will pursue that unless there is a groundswell of support and encouragement to do so.
      The only reason to do so would be to keep the city's corrupt habits in the news from now until November when we can vote the rascals out.

      This was but a hearing for an injunction until the time my case becomes "actionable" which is 60 days after filing a protest with the city.
      In other words the judge split the baby.

      The take away is this, we have an opportunity to place four new council members on the council this year. We ought to get to work on that if we ever want sanity in the halls of power. Is this a proper goal for Port O Call?

      All in all the hearing went well, I did not embarrass myself (nor the Port O Call)
      Hopefully I am solidifying "The Brand"
      If I am delusional I'm sure you will let me know...
      If you have any questions about the hearing just let me know.

      BTW, Gotlieb was there and there should be a report in the daily on Sunday. He asked me for a quote and I said,
      " I respect the court's decision and respectfully disagree with it."

      Dale Wilson; Publisher
      Port O' Call News

  14. What a crock of shit.
    The EDC and Port Angeles, WA is a cesspool of corruption and deceit.