Saturday, September 27, 2014

How'd Ya Get Here?

Some of the information that I get running this blog is related to how people found Unearthed in the first place. Some come via a Google search, some of course just type the address in or have it bookmarked. But a lot of people get here by searching for various words or phrases, and I get a list of what those are, too.

Now, not surprisingly, a lot of those terms are variations on a theme: Port Angeles blog, blogs Port Angeles, Port Angeles online, etc., etc.

In the past week or so, here are the search terms that brought people to Port Angeles Unearthed, in roughly chronological order (and eliminating those variations on a theme mentioned above). These are presented exactly as they appeared:

why is port angeles so inbred

red necks in port angeles

judge rick porter in trouble

port angeles conspiracy theory (appeared twice)

scott clausen, sequim, wa

tom harper, arrest

paul gottlieb port angeles

judge porter clallam county

ballot clallam county

sissy bruch port angeles wa (appeared twice)

"sissi bruch"

gay sex personals port angeles

yvonne zimkowski (spelled incorrectly)

barb frederick port angeles

pdn port angeles

tom harper domestic abuse

sissi p bruch bio

why the hell do people live in port angeles (appeared twice)


  1. That last one really just sums it all up, doesn't it?

  2. The question isn't how did you get here, but how do you get out of here? As a home owner, Port Angeles feels like a trap. It's too expensive to live here, and there are few jobs here that pay well, but at this point I can't afford to sell my house and leave because I would lose SO MUCH money considering what I paid for it. I wake up every day feeling sick about it.

  3. Not a single "fete" to be had? Oh, no wait, that's for people searching for the PDN.

    1. Thank you - it's not just me then that notices the massive overuse of that word by the PDN? Not only is that a word so infrequently used in common vernacular that it's jarring to see it in a headline, but they can't be bothered to use a thesaurus to change it up a little sometimes?

  4. Well, to state the obvious, it's unlikely anyone would be searching for Port Angeles and any words or phrases like "hope" or "great schools" or "progressive community." No, we get the troll and Gottlieb and of the stick.

  5. Funny! And, revealing. Russ has done such a great job, right?

    Just to say it, I heard reference to this site shortly after it first started, and very much enjoyed the conversation ( like most, I'll guess) Was disappointerd when it shut down. Happy to see it continuing.

    It is interesting to see Port Angeles in the context of a case study on how to do it wrong. Year after year! It really is amazing that those in majority control think that everything is running so well.

    Oh! Notice so little talk about the urge to merge the Chamber and.. who was left, last we heard?

    Add to the list of failed projects in Port Angeles lately. Oak st, Untied, etc..

    1. You've got it right that Port Angeles has it so painfully wrong. If the city is looking for a "product" to push, I'd suggest they offer themselves up as an example of civic pride and good government to other cities. Then, all those places would have to do is do the opposite of Port Angeles, and they'd probably be on the right track!

  6. Add "dan diguilio port angeles" to the list...

  7. I propose changing the name of Port Angeles to Port Unearthed, then we can all called it P-U for short.

  8. Add "is port angeles depressing" to the list...

  9. It would be interesting to see how many projects Port Angeles gets going, or has tried (as in Graving Dock) to get going are/have been grant funding dependent.

    As much as the dumbo candidates talk about "jobs, jobs, jobs", it seems that the only jobs that ever actually get created in Port Angeles come from taxpayer money. We have the town controlled by the right-wing types who love to put down "big government", but they are oh-so happy to have their town be totally dependent on big government money.


    Along those lines, did you notice that our former City Clerk's husband works for one of the biggest construction companies in the area? Like other city employees who have family members in "private" companies that are big recipients of city contracts, it sure looks bad.

    It isn't beyond possibility that a construction company bidding on a city contract would benefit on insider information as it wrote up it's bid, dontcha think? Not that anybody would really do that, of course.

    If it weren't for all the grant money flowing into Port Angeles, what would Port Angeles look like?

    Search term for Port Angeles: Grant funded project.

  10. There's a new breeze blowing, get involved, stay tuned, vote!

  11. Add "sheila roark miller" to the list...

    1. Sheila has been searched for with "clallam county" and with "port angeles"...

    2. Add "nathan west port angeles" to the list...

    3. Add "complaints against rick porter/port angeles" and "dirt on judge porter"...As well as "bill lowman sequim"...

    4. Add "erosion on bluff port angeles" to the list...

    5. And LOTS and LOTS of hits for various people running for the Charter Review cluster...Er, commission...