Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wastewaterfront Opportunities!

So the Oak Street deal fell through...Who cares?!?
Our waterfront has plenty to offer even without
a convention center!
For starters, if we just rescale our vision of a new
Marine Center, it's still a possibility!
I mean, we already got wading pools for the kids...
...And the City is gonna build us a swell new beach, too!
We already got us some waterfalls all over town...
...Heck, we even got some underwater waterfalls, too!
And there's plenty of swimming and diving opportunities
all around us!
Don't forget all our big local events, either, like the Duck Derby!
So come on, Port Angeles! Take that frown and turn
it upside down! After all, we're one community that
really knows how to hold things together!


  1. The kind of sardonic (and honest) commentary you'll never see in the PDN. Nice.

  2. Yeah, with things looking better than ever downtown, it's no wonder the PADA doesn't want to give up their autonomy!

  3. The really sad part is...I suspect that if you showed this to, say, members of the Port Angeles City Council, they wouldn't get it at all. Not a clue. They really do seem to think they're not only "doing something," but actually doing something good.

    Like I said, not a clue.

    1. If this is good...I'd hate to see what would happen if they TRIED to do something wrong.

  4. Dang, I wish we were this good. Couldn't stop laughing. Touche' and keep up the good work.

  5. Hats off to Port Angeles Downtown Association
    Opinion by Dale Wilson

    At last, a bit of sanity descends upon the city. Port Angeles Downtown Association turns out to be the adult in the room. They have refused to throw in with the chamber’s cockamamie plans referred to as Port Angeles United. PADA realizes the chamber seeks to gut all other business associations in order to be the only game in town.

    Chamber president; Todd Ortloff says Port Angeles United can still have a united voice without PADA. Then, what will be united is the chamber of commerce and the Port Angeles Business Association. But, that is only if PABA members decide to throw in with PAU. If PABA retires their charter someone will surely pick it up and continue. The voices of dissent will not be silenced. Will PABA allow Russ Veenema to be wholly in charge of all tourist and economic development in town? Surely not, but stranger things happen.

    PABA is a stand alone group which receives no funding from the city. They are the only member-centric group not ruled by a board of directors. Each member’s voice is heard and member concerns are voted upon by the entire membership.

    PAU is merely an attempt at “re-branding” the chamber of commerce. With its abysmal track record it needs more than re-branding--it needs new leadership.

    Over the last decade the city council has given the chamber $3.5 million dollars for tourist development. During that time the total occupancy rate at local lodging properties has never exceeded 50% in any given year. This is considered “failure” in most circles.

    PADA is showing great courage and discipline. Even though the city has hammered them recently for failing to meet their “metrics” the same criticism could be leveled at the chamber and, truth be told, the city council.

    The council has shirked its duty of doing the most good with its Lodging Tax resources. Instead they have presented it to the chamber with no metrics for success. Under the contract with the chamber there is supposed to be a quarterly audit by city officials. None has ever been done. Who is failing to meet their metrics?

    1. With all due respect, Dale...In my opinion, it's simply beyond belief that the PADA people could possibly show "courage and discipline." They just aren't capable of such things.

      However, I do agree that the City Council could say the same negative things about many other groups (and consultants/contractors), as well as about, yes, themselves.

    2. Dale: Not sure what town you're living in or for that matter, what reality zone you're in. Your "loose with the facts" distorted reporting is more akin to tabloid smears than credible journalism. Get your facts straight and your bearings in line with who the players are. PADA is a worthless organization, run by a do nothing group of small minded people attempting to protect with little culture club. What's you're agenda Dale? We know what its not - and that is credible reporting.

    3. Defending the PADA is an utterly indefensible thing to do. If some of the people running it are now a little sorry for being such complete fuck ups, well, that's too little, too late.

      The truly successful businesses in this town - and there are a couple - don't bother with ANY of the so-called business organizations. They're all a waste of time and money, just like our local government.

    4. "Courage" in defying the PAU scam and "discipline" in not getting up in the city's face and showing them their hypocrisy.

  6. CK, Thanks for chiming in.
    We miss you!
    Without you, we're left with dingbat, wingnuts like Dale and his knee jerk rants..

    Reminds me of an old jingle
    "There's nothing like the real thing..."

    1. Hey Tim; At least I sign my stuff. Get out from under Jim's skirt tails and speak for yourself...