Saturday, May 24, 2014

Might I Suggest..?

By way of finishing things off on this topic, the following are my endorsements and warnings about the many, many people running for the Charter Review Commission.

Given the obviously high and organized level of involvement from people very involved with the local far-right establishment, I can only surmise that there is some sort of plan afoot out there to try and change the County Charter to make Clallam County even more lopsidedly Republican-friendly than it already is. With our local economy and political scene both already being in the toilet, this would seem to be not a good idea. It'd be like if you were already hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, and then switching to hitting yourself in the head with a sledge hammer. Ouch! That hurts even more.

There will be five people elected from each of the three County Commissioner districts, so I will break these down by district.

Commissioner District No. 1:

Recommended candidates:

TED MILLER. An intelligent, community-minded, progressive guy. Contact Ted at:
BRYON GUNNERSON. Organic farmers are good to me. He was also a generous donor to the Obama re-election campaign. Contact Bryon at:

Candidates to avoid:

SUE FORDE. A long-time, perennial right-wing fringe candidate, and a Republican Precinct Committee Officer (PCO), and the State Committeewoman for the Clallam County Republican Party (CCRP).
BRANDON JANISSE. Another former right-wing crackpot candidate and Republican PCO.
JERRY SINN. Anyone involved with the Concerned Citizens of Clallam County (FourC) is the farthest out of the far-right nuts. Mr. Sinn is very involved with the FourC.
ANITA READY. The 2nd VP of the Republican Women of Clallam County (RWCC).
NOLA JUDD. The treasurer for the RWCC, and a Republican PCO.
JON ALAN KIRSHBAUM. Yet another Republican PCO.

Commissioner District No. 2:

Recommended candidates:

NORMA TURNER. An intelligent, community-minded, progressive woman, and a long-time community/good government watchdog. Contact Norma at:
LINDSEY SCHROMEN-WAWRIN. A volunteer with Streamkeepers and a Green Party member. Contact Lindsey at:
MARCIA FARRELL. Just to break things up a bit, a Democratic PCO. Contact Marcia at:
MAGGIE ROTH. Yes, Maggie Roth. There's no way this thing is going to come together without a Republican or two on it (at the very least), and I think that Maggie, while no genius, is not as harsh or hateful as some of the other Republican choices. So why not try to get her in instead of some of the people on the "Candidates to avoid" list? Contact Maggie at:

Candidates to avoid:

KAJ AHLBURG. The treasurer for the CCRP, and one of the shiftiest people I've ever met. Of all the people in Clallam County I view with suspicion and don't trust, Kaj is right at the top of that list.
GLENN WIGGINS. Glenn's a nice enough guy, but he's as right-wing as they come. He's also a retired timber guy, and, as the former mayor of Port Angeles, one of the people who helped create the fractured community we all have to struggle in today. Oh, and, of course, he's a Republican PCO.
SEAN RYAN. A full-fledged, run for any office open, Dick Pilling-endorsed nut.
JUDI HANGARTNER. The 2nd VP and Membership Chair for the RWCC, and a Republican PCO.
STEPHANIE NOBLIN. In charge of publicity for the RWCC.
SUSAN SHOTTHAFER. Also involved with the RWCC, and gave money to Michelle Bachmann's campaign, as well as the ActRight PAC.

Commissioner District No. 3:

Recommended candidates:

BARBARA CHRISTENSEN. An employee of Clallam County who has education, experience and integrity. Contact Barbara at:
MIKE DOHERTY. He's outta there, and he gave Chapman and McEntire the finger on the way out. Good for you, Mike! Get your last licks in here. Contact Mike at:
CHERYL WILLIAMS. Another good and well-informed employee of Clallam County. Contact Cheryl at:
JOHN MERTON MARRS. There are a lot of idiots involved with the local Democratic Party, but Mr. Marrs is one of the intelligent people involved there. Contact John at:
DEREK MEDINA. Given that Derek's not a Republican, and did take the time to write in here and introduce himself, I'd say he's shown all I need to know. Contact Derek at:

Candidates to avoid:

ROD FLECK. Mr. Fleck works as both the city attorney and the city planner for Forks, and does neither job to great acclaim. He is a good ol' boy from way back.
DON CORSON. Mr. Corson already had his say in County politics when he managed the redistricting for the County a couple of years ago. He's also another retired timber guy, having been a VP at Merrill & Ring.
WILLIAM G. WHITE. One of many, many Republican PCOs running for this Commission.
ANDREW MAY. He's withdrawn from the race - now if we could only get him to withdraw from everything else.

Needless to say, there are more races out there, and there'll be more on them here. I'm also hopeful that I'll have some Q&A from Sissi Bruch soon. In the meantime, feel free to make your pitch here as to why you agree that I've chosen the best possible candidates - or why you think I've missed the boat. Candidates should feel free to participate, too, of course.


  1. While I appreciate the idea of a cheatsheet or endorsements...Maggie Roth???

    1. Thanks for this helpful suggestion list.

    2. I do appreciate the idea of this endorsement list, but it certainly seems like, no matter what, the Republicans will likely have the upper hand, numbers-wise. Which raises the question of what, if anything, people from another perspective can really hope to accomplish in this process?

  2. I don't want Norma on the Charter Review Commission. I want her as City Manager.

  3. I just got an email from Sissi Bruch, who is working on the list of questions I sent her, and will get them back to me ASAP. Stay tuned for those...

    1. I can't wait to see how Sissi thinks she'll pull this one off.

  4. Frankly, it's really insulting that some of the very people who have helped to create the mess we're all in here (tanked economy, polluted environment, failing schools, dead downtown) are stepping up to "help" us even more.

    Do these idiots ever look around and see what they have wrought? Or do they stay in their expensive houses away from it all, only venturing out for the occasional fantasy-land PABA meeting? This town is a wreck. Oh yay, our unemployment numbers went down a little! Except - Oops! - they're still way above the numbers for the state and the country. Any little piece of good news that has come around under their watch is more than balanced with a corresponding piece of bad news.

    So, please, all you self-appointed political and business "leaders" - STOP HELPING. You only make things worse, not better. Give some new people, some new ideas, a chance.

    1. I've reached the conclusion that our City "leaders" should be shamed and ridiculed for the sad situation we're in regarding economic development and the whole PA United thing. Just one word of truth . . . one word of acknowledgement . . . that things need to change would be a start. But for whatever reason, no one at the City level is capable of articulating what the problems are and committing to a course of action to remedy the sad state of affairs that exist in Port Angeles. Do we need new people and leaders - absolutely!! But who would want to serve with the clowns that now occupy the Council? Certainly, not a smart person. PA United - Dead on Arrival.

    2. Like you say, just getting them say that one little word that things here aren't necessarily sunny and quite a task. Denial is the drug all the local so-called leaders are mainlining.

  5. Thanks, CK, on putting the time in on creating this synopsis. I think it is helpful, and I'm hoping this is the beginning of a similar approach to all the serious issues facing the City. Where the real aspects of what is being proposed are flayed open for careful and thoughtful examination.

    Collectively, we can contribute to a better understanding.